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costolo-dick-twitterTwitter: real-time
info’ network

It's not social media. It’s the best
permission marketing tool ever!


27 Sep’12

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was interviewed recently by Business Week’s Charlie Rose about its redesign and its mobile strategy. Here are the highlights...

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twitter_bird_follow_me__SmaManufacturer and dealer alert!

Twitter critical

Brands need to include in their
marketing and promo strategy


8 Jun’11

Progressive marketers can be forgiven for occasionally jumping on bandwagons seemingly loaded with gold given the hype surrounding some launches.

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twitter-marketing-promotion1Open webstores 
to Twitter and Facebook

Measure user likeabilty and engagement


By Lucy Jermyn
15 Sep 10

Brands i.e. resellers and manufacturers, wishing to take their social media strategies a stage further must tailor their approach towards hardcore advocates - and make sure webstores are open and easier to reach

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twitter-marketing-promotion1Tweetbeat – 8 Guidelines

Avoid bitter
on Twitter

Differentiate personal from
the professional in social media.


12 Dec 09

If Gillette 's PR man spotted rival brand King of Shaves' founder, Will King, in a pub, it is highly unlikely that he would take the opportunity to inform him that his products are 'cheap plastic pieces of rubbish'.

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Sweet Tweet success of 2009

“Twitter’s the media winner in year of economic jitters”


21 Dec 09

Non other than Clare Beale the editor of Campaign magazine and lead advertising columnist in The Independent declared today that Twitter was the media success story of 2009. Here are her comments:

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What a Cyber- Tweet Day!

OP resellers activity

reaches record levels

1 Dec 09 (Updated)
Yesterday  has become known as Cyber Monday as 97 million Americans return to  work and went online to look for bargains following the Thanksgiving weekend holiday.

The OP resellers have been busy with ‘Sweet-Tweet’ deals, especially the pure internet players with gift incentives.

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ppnew on mobile US 2018

ppnew on mobile UK 2018

"Tomorrow's News Today,

not yesterday's news tomorrow."

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