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Screen Shot 2018 11 12 at 7.55.33 PMProgressive
Resellers at
EPIC Expo'18

Interviews with members
A&W Supply, AZOR & Pulse

At EPIC Event & Expo for ISG/TriMega members we were struck by the buoyant mood despite the perfect storm of the Amazon attack, wholesalers' withdrawal, STRESS disruption & the OPocalypse. We interviewed 3 progressives on future prospects....Later today

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wayfai conine shah officeThe Wayfair Way
designed for Lucy

Ethos: imagining workspace
"innovating better together"

Is Boston’s Wayfair the next Amazon in its specialty space?The home & office furniture etailer harnesses customer metrics to personalise a broadline service that has produced explosive sales growth forecast to reah $6.6Bn in 2018. We speak with CMO Ed Macri

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best buy mts provider

Best Buy battles
back v Amazon 

Personalised tech services
differentiate bigbox giant

Bigbox electronics retailer, Best Buy was dying, but now its bouncing back. It's not just selling electronics. It's providing “personalised technology services' to consumers at home and in business....

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naphtali gary anglo faceAnglo advances
managed services

Gary Naphtali talks about
fall & rise of London's best

Gary Naphtali
has been a progressive name in the UK OP market for 30 years. In 2016 he led a management buy out of Anglo Office. After losing some large contracts, he's powering back pursuing his single source 'managed productivity services' vision. We met with him on Tuesday.... later today

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phaure hawkins oracleOffice  O r a c l e
symbolise success

London's most progressive
business services provider?

Last Wednesday, we visited the progressive business services reseller Office Oracle in Charlton, SE London. Its positive spirit and energy was infectious, a typical throwback to the glory days of Copygraphic, Dudley & Cartwright Brice. We met with dynamic duo Matt Phaure & James Hawkins ...

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fellowes john jamieFellowes' Family
of Reinvention 

A continuous commitment
to innovative 'productivity'

John Fellowes
is the 4th generation leader of Fellowes Brands founded by Harry back in 1917. Originally the Bankers Box storage company and now reinvented via organisation, shredding, purifiers and now ergonomic furniture into a modern day productivity powerhouse ...Complete

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schultz howard sbx open doorsStarbux' Schultz
opens the future  

Coffee King on Presidency,
sustainability & roasteries

Howard Schultz, the poor Brooklyn kid turned coffee billionaire tipped to run for US president, is making himself a black Americano at a new Starbucks opening halfway up a Costa Rican volcano.

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hellawell martin softcatSoftcat success
factor affirmed

CEO Hellawell champions
high collaborative culture

Softcat CEO Martin Hellawell has told CRN magazine how the reseller's culture has fuelled the firm's remarkable growth.

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coughlin ron hp lrHP's PC chief
Coughlin, un-PC?

Criticizes competitors: poor
security & premium fade

HP Inc's Personal Systems
president Ron Coughlin goes on the record with CRN to discuss why competitors have poor security and why Apple is losing its premium status. We discuss...

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bezos jeff post movieAmazon's Bezos
walks red carpet

World's richest guy mixes
w/stars of 'Post' screening

Amazon founder & CEO Jeff Bezos rubbed elbows at an after-party for the Golden Globes. In December, he walked the red carpet, along with Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, at a screening of “The Post” in Washington. We review NYTimes' latest profile of the genius....

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