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  • Screen Shot 2019 10 19 at 1.16.26 PMMason Maximizes
    delivery service

    Owned Trucks designed to
    optimize driver productivity

     iconic branded fleet of 1000 trucks are being enhanced: 2 yrs ago the first electric vehicle customised for multi-category supplies e.g. water. Now the launch of the 'Maximizer' designed to optimise the 'One Source Wonderful' business supply proposition. We spoke with fleet manager John DiLuna... .Later today

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  • Screen Shot 2019 10 16 at 10.52.12 AMCast away the
    'OPeless Island!

    Ominous call for reps &
    dealers lost/shipwrecked

    WBMason CEO Leo Meehan's crescendo call to the salesforce and vendors was sooo moving. He morphed the metaphors from the Titanic & Castaway disasters to inspire laggard reps to transition from OP to the new Business Supply categories.... NOW! Later today

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  • johnsen walter acme nyse lrA c m e United
    loses sharpness

    Shifts focus to safety
    tools & First-aid kits

    Acme United
    today announced slower sales growth in Q3'19 financial results. Sales of core cutting tools slowed whilst moving successfully into first aid & safety products....

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  • Screen Shot 2019 10 19 at 8.17.41 AMWBMason: Best
    in Show Awards

    FM, Hygiene, Refreshments,
    Foodservice, Wellness &
    Ergonomics eclipse OP

    annual 3 day reps & consumer show at Foxwoods highlighted the huge shift in category mix from simple OP to broadline business supplies. Over half the display & demo space was taken by more enterprising productivity providers. We highlight the best in show...

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  • kaluzny stefan sycamoreEssendant exits
    auto/ind business

    Vulture Sycamore offloads
    acqs from Cody Phipps era

    Vulture capitalist Sycamore Partners owners of OP wholesaler Essendant & reseller Staples continued its asset stripping process with the sale of auto & industrial assets acquired over the past 12 years by United Stationers ill advised leaders

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Complete UK montage 2015Complete ramps
rapid roll-up plan

Latest big buys Irongate &
Bluefish power-up platform

UK #1 independent OP dealer Complete Business Solutions has tripled sales in the past 5 years to reach $150m (£120m). We discussed progress of latest acquisition Bluefish and plans for more buys and brand integration with CEO Rich Coulson...Updated

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Screen Shot 2019 08 27 at 9.27.13 AMCan Shopify fulfil
like AMZN's FBA?  

ECom platform passes
eBay, invests in logistics

Rapidly growing ecommerce platform Shopify is investing in logistics systems to service the rapid growth in sales of its network of small & medium businesses. Can CEO Tobi Lutke replicate some of the success of Amazon with its 200 FC's around the world? 

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Screen Shot 2019 08 26 at 10.56.37 AMHP's Lores gets
big thumbs up!

Can 30yr Printing veteran
& channel champ reinvent

HP Inc.
channel partners are looking forward to working with incoming CEO, Enrique Lores (replacing Dion Weisler, pic left), given his deep technology experience with the channel business, especially in terms of recurring revenue. Moreover, given declining printing demand how will he devise a reinvention strategy

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Screen Shot 2019 08 22 at 4.34.15 PMECi intensifies
leadership grip

Bowerfind Acselerates CRM,
analytics drive. Nxt MCom?

Industry systems leader in US/UK, ECi Software Solutions with 1600 dealer installations, appointed a new distribution chief Brian Bowerfind 2 years ago. We discussed progress of developments adoption since his arrival, best practices and the key challenges that lie ahead.... Updated

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Screen Shot 2019 08 23 at 2.03.57 PMB a t t l e  of the
B u b b l e s º º º 

Sparkling Water wars as
Pepsi, Coke, Nestle attack

La Croix
, the early darling of fizzy water is losing ground to big soda, and its management strategy is being scrutinised. Big soda brands Coke, Pepsi and Nestle Waters are investing in the popular category and causing a rethink. We discuss Bloomberg Businessweek's insightful report 

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Screen Shot 2019 06 13 at 4.08.34 PMBlaisdell's Give
Something Boost

SF Bay Area dealer growth
drive consolidates in NoCal

, the leading office dealer based in Oakland (CA), continued to blaze a trail in Northern California. It acquired Give Something Back in Jan, and we spoke to owners Margee & Mike Witt about integration progress and plans. Coming on Tuesday

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Screen Shot 2019 04 24 at 1.18.58 PMJet Boosted
JB  O f f i c e

LA dealer on course
to double sales in '19

We met with Julian De Salay owner of JB Office the Chatsworth (CA) based office supplier at EPIC & Essendant's CORE events. We discussed his successful formula for rapid growth recognised by Inc. magazine and plans for the future in a highly competive market.... Updated

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managed services man cloudRise & Rise of the
Mega MTS dealer 

Top 7 Managed Productivity
Service Providers' profiles

MPS is dying! Long live "Managed Technology Services' providers that drive productivity improvement for customers. We profile the Top 7 independent resellers that are leading the US market and making regional acquisitions to fuel expansion... Complete

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Screen Shot 2019 03 30 at 3.23.51 PMMeituan's modern
delivery  m o d e l

China's Food service apes
apes Deliveroo/Just Eats

Bloomberg Businessweek's
front cover splashes 'The Greatest Delivery Empire on Earth' referring to China's leading food & supplies delivery service, Meituan. We analyse the story and compare w/US & UK equivalents 

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Screen Shot 2019 03 28 at 1.29.31 PMServiceNow stars
w/Compass Grp

Digital workflow NOW tool
unlocked lost productivity 

Leading digital workflow productivity provider to the enterprise market ServiceNow recently reported stellar results. We discuss with CEO John Donahoe his "make work better for people" mantra & report on Compass case study

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