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  • haworth steve evo19H o w  N o w
    D o w n  V O W?

    EVO fails to expand range
    to serve Biz Supplies mkt

    VOW, the leading UK OP wholesaler, part of the EVO Group, continued its 10yr long decline in 2021 in spite of acquisitions, the collapse of rival Spicers; and ignorantly missed, broadline business supply expansion opportunities. Moreover, losses continued. What happened to VC owner Endless' much lauded investment in growth initiatives? 

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  • Hygienic Office 21Healthy Hygiene
    mkt momentum?

    Who's winning mkt share?
    12%+ avge price inflation

    Hygiene is now #1 business supply category alongside technology. Progressive business suppliers: brandmakers, dealers have pivoted into hygiene, safety, foodservice & packaging, WFH-tech & wellness services. Proficiency Index Q3'22 analysis is nearing completion with brands' volumes slowing, boosted by double digit price hikes. Complete

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  • Productivity stairway to heaven2Can dealers pass
    productivity test?

    From OP to personal svcs
    in hygiene, FS, pkg supply?

    We've written exhaustively about the need for OP dealers to convert from 'transactional' product suppliers to 'personalised productivity services' providers inc. hygiene, foodservice & packaging. Amazon is winning the transactional battle with same day delivery of broadline business supplies to WFH users. Can dealers pass the 3pt conversion test? We discuss and highlight the best practice services providers? Complete 

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  • industrial supplies invasionIndustrial supply
    market resurgent!

    Edu, H/Care, Infrastructure
    investments boost growth

    Q3'22 financial reports for leading industrial supply distributors are nearing completion e.g. Fastenal, Motion, MSC, Grainger, Wesco, Arrow, Berry, DXP show double-digit sales growth boosted by price hikes; and higher profits. Proficiency Index reviews the performance of the Top 20 US distributors in 2022 with insightful analysis and discussion with leaders, progress and plans for 2023. Updated

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  • OPeless Island'OPeless, OPaque
    reports hide dive

    Top10 leaders' misleading
    market over terminal trend

    Proficiency Index
     is reaching the conclusion of Q3'22 reports analysis. It has become obvious that many OP market CEO's, who have failed to reinvent their companies, are in denial; and desperately trying to mislead the market over their incompetence. We highlight the Top 10 losers and contrast with Top 10 winners... 

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Screen Shot 2022 10 07 at 11.58.36 AMPro-Link brand's
'Ace' growth plan

Cleaning specialist group
provides personalized svcs

The OP & Hygiene supply industries continue to be populated by 'buying groups' that offer little market share benefit for brand makers. Meanwhile, there are a number of progressive, marketing driven groups determined to differentiate themselves from transactional giants with a personalized, productivity growth agenda. We discuss Matt Herriot, Pro-Link ceo's progress and plans... Later today

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heinrich micbhael gartenGarten fresh food

service to offices

Healthy, nutritious lunches
& snacks vending...on-site

was founded by Michael Heinrich in San Francisco in 2014 with a vision to provide healthier, nutritious food and snacks to businesses, in-office or WFH. Through acquisition and organic growth it has grown rapidly in its quest fto improve the  well being of workers

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Screen Shot 2022 09 06 at 1.34.04 PMDPA: Distribution
Partners' ambitions

1100 member group's plan
for industr'l supply growth

Distribution Partners America (DPA)
buying group's ceo Zac Haines discusses the biggest challenges facing the organisation post Covid and the initiatives and plans to combat them. We plan to discuss progress with Haines this week and will update asap

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Screen Shot 2022 08 08 at 1.40.29 PMOffice furniture is
dead. Long live
office furniture

MillerKnoll merger max's
brands hybrid challenge

Ben Watson is overseeing the merger of Herman Miller and Knoll, with the belief that good design means good business. “The moment we’re in now, is the most intense that I’ve ever been in my career in furnishings” he said. NYTimes' Ben Birk reports

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Screen Shot 2022 06 23 at 11.16.24 AMUline: the ultimate
packaging power

"I love product" Liz Uihlein
CEO of $8.8Bn family firm

, the leading packaging supplies distributor based in Pleasant Prairie (WI) has grown 7X in the past 10 years. The Uihlein family run powerhouse has a passion for products & customer service exemplified by CEO Liz Uihlein and continues to invest and hire hundreds of new workers

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Screen Shot 2022 05 20 at 1.54.58 PMCCS Media sales
soar past £300m

Academies & flex working
fuel phenomenal growth

UK's leading independent office supplier CCS Media 
will break through the £300m ($375m) this year. Another year of powerful double digit growth. We speak with CEO James Hardy about long term investments in people development and creating an "authenticaaly positive business"

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Lee Thai SHI ceo LRSHI's Thai Lee on
"Owning my future"

Largest minority & woman
owned business in the US

SHI International, based in Somerset (NJ) is a largely unknown, rapidly rising superstar, IT solutions provider. SHI’s ceo Thai Lee of thelargest minority and woman-owned business enterprise in the US shares 'The 5 things that contributed to her Success' 

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Screen Shot 2022 04 12 at 2.02.03 PMAscend 'upcycles
batteries infinitely'

Powering the low carbon,
circular economy EV future

There's a common perception products made with recycled materials are not as good as new materials. When it comes to recycling electric vehicle (EV) lithium-ion batteries, Ascend Elements Q&A session here, aims to reverse that view; from 'grave to cradle' aka Upcycling!

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Screen Shot 2022 04 11 at 1.30.17 PMServiceNow CEO:
simplify enterprise

McDermott's SaaS platform
#1 in workflow automation

The $15Bn SaaS powerhouse ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott proclaims: "We’re in a Market Of One. We are the workflow automation market leader, on our way to becoming the “platform of platforms”. CRN's Joseph Kovar interviews the ex-SAP chief on the meteoric rise of the software systems integrator 

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Screen Shot 2022 03 25 at 12.02.28 PMLonghorn lights up 
Worksmart future

Austin business supplier's
ambitious TX growth plan

Independent Supplies Group (ISG)
introduced a new Spotlight feature focused on prominent members successfully deploying the marketing services of the group. We spoke to ceo Marcia Winkler and VP Mike Winkler about progress and plans...Weekend

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