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Lucy-Dealer-splitProficiency Index US/UK dealer and user study

Disconnected… dealer priorities and user wants

Mind the gap! .................... Match the market needs.

13 Aug 09 (Completed 1300 UK time; 0800 ET)
We have just completed the annual Proficiency Index survey of ‘What do women want in business’ (9 Aug‘09). During the course of the survey our research team thought it would interesting to discuss dealers current top priorities and see how they matched up with businesswomen’s main concerns.

We also asked them what was important to them; their favourite stores and their awareness of local suppliers. We publish the fascinating results here.


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Top Indexes

Mobile Webstore Masters 2019

mobile webstore masters 2016Mobile Webstore
M a s t e r s 2019

The progressive resellers
that get what Lucy wants

We've hammered home the mobile webstore imperative for 9 years now. Yet still less than 20 resellers in US/UK have responded to Amazon, Wayfair & Staples moves that drive huge sales volumes with users. We review leaders' progress inc. Staples' new webstore... Updated later today 


Dealer Productivity Championship 2019 - Leaderboard Half Year

Productivity leaders 20182019 Champions
of Productivity 

Will lean stocking dealers
surpass stockless etailers

We've concluded the Proficiency Index Dealer Productivity 2019 Half Year Review, the most universally accepted indicator of dealer profitability. Dealers have submitted sales forecasts for 2019/current employee numbers (FTE's). We'll finalise the numbers and publish championship leaderboard... Updated


OP, Paper & Printer-makers Q1'19 Financial Review

commodity cliffOP/Papermakers'
plunge persists...

Paperless, printless trend
forces race to reinvent or
ruin for old brand leaders

Most leading OP, Paper & Print makers have now reported a Q1'19 sales slowdown. We analyse the market, comparative performance and any plans for reinvention. Paper demand is plunging, but price hikes disguise the decline, spiralling down 50% since 2008 Complete & updated for HP results today


Papermakers protectionist propaganda persists

commodity cliffPapermakers'
hype persists

Inventory bubble inflates
as market prices plunge

The Big 3 US papermakers' cartel behaviour persists. After the Georgia Pacific mill closure saga induced panic buying ahead of a phantom March price increase, distributors stocked up. Now with demand dead, mills are hyping near capacity limits price increase claim, when prices are tumbling? Updated today inc. Sappi, Smurfit & McFarlane results



Sustainability Superstars 2019

hindmarch simone commercial 2017Sustainability

'World Environment Day'
focus: cutting Air Pollution

'World Environment Day 2019'
was hosted by Hangzhou city in China on 5 June. The theme was cutting 'Air Pollution'. We invited dealers, distributors and manufacturers to submit details of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and progress. We highlight the criteria and will review progress throughout July inc. case studies. Updated


Wholesalers Benchmarks 2019

Screen Shot 2019 07 02 at 10.55.11 AMWholesalers'

MDM Report highlights
slower economic trends

Modern Distribution Management's (MDM) 14th annual economic benchmarks for wholesalers report examines sales, inventory levels, gross margin, productivity and other critical benchmark data trends for 19 sectors in the distribution industry. We benchmark best practices in business supplies.....Updated


Businesswomens' Annual Buying Survey 2019

Lucy mobile montage v3What Lucy wants
in business supply

Mobile webstores, One click,
human personalized touch.
Light, hygienic workspaces

Proficiency Index's 15th Annual Businesswomen Buying Survey, primarily users (typically Lucy) with executive power, is more valuable than ever. It provides even greater insight into the latest trends in mobile shopping for business.....Report complete


Furnituremakers Q2'19 Financial Review

Screen Shot 2019 06 13 at 2.59.44 PMContract furniture
market on a roll

Worklife WELLness fires
up ergonomic innovation

Furnituremakers Review Q2'19: The transactional/replenishment market continued to slowdown. Meanwhile, contract interiors demand is strong with CEO's giving a positive outlook. We review leaders' performance & latest trends....


Top 25 IT Distributors 2019

tech innovationTop 25 UK Tech

Most enjoy strong growth
in Europe's hottest market

The UK's Top 25 IT distributors generate collective sales of £11.3Bn ($14Bn) according to research by CRN's sister publication Channel Partner Insight (CPI). We discuss leaders' trends in products and services in Europe's top technology market


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