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Paper based demand dives
Hygiene, FaB, Pkg, Furn Up!

Proficiency Index latest research based on broadline business supply market vendors & distributors' half year results indicate paper related products (30% mix) demand is down 10%+; & broader categories inc. hygiene, refreshments, tech, furniture, foodservice & packaging supplies (70% mix) are up 4%; i.e. overall business supplies market is flat in 2019. We analyse trends.... Updated




We estimate the US market 2019 sizes for each of the broadline business supplies categories as follows:

  • Office supplies inc paper $77Bn declining at 10% volume in 2019
  • Office Furniture $15Bn growing at 4%
  • Hygiene & Jansan $35Bn growing at 3.5%
  • Safety supplies $10Bn growing at 2.1%
  • Beverages & Foodservice to business $60Bn growing at 6%
  • Packaging supplies $60Bn growing at 4%

  • Total $259Bn flat overall

More to follow later today


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