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Most think OP; Biz supply
brands stand for a great
experience... delivered!

Old OP brands like Acco, Esselte, Avery, IP & HP once dominated the market. Today's big brands Apple, Microsoft, Keurig, Fellowes, Humanscale, EcoLab, PFG, Amazon & WBMason stand for tech, refreshments, hygiene, ergonomics & food service delivered. Here are the Top 30 business service brands that stand for 'personalised productivity' improvement… Updated




Brand Standing Champions

Last year Nike proved the epitome of Brand 'Standing for Something and Sacrifice Everything' with its Kaepernick 'Dream Crazy' 'JustDoIt' campaign. Meanwhile, Google scored a massive own goal by not turning up for the hearing with senator's alongside Facebook & Twitter. Such arrogance because it holds 93% market share.

Here are few examples of international brands and what they stand for:

• Coca Cola: sell happiness

• FedEx: live up to our promise

• McDonalds - Loving it

• Microsoft: productivity, personalised

• Nike: Can do attitude...Just do it! (pic right)

• Nordstrom: focus on the customer needs

Starbucks: personalised drinks, entertaining refreshment experience (Howard Schultz, founder, pic right)

• Ford: consistency

• Volvo: safe

• Ferrari: fast

• AT&T - mobilizing your world

Business Service Brand
Standing Champion nominations

Here are our nominations for the best brands in the PPS marketplace worldwide and what they stand for:


1. Staples: 'that was easy' (Now an obscure 'It's Pro Time or Worklife)

2. Amazon: Everything in store at lowest prices, same day/next hour delivery.

3. WBMason: One Source Wonderful, customer intimacy, personalised integrated delivery, same-day (see right)

4. Commercial Group: managed productivity services & zero carbon emissions

6. Innovative: Personal productivity service partner

7. Grainger: Full service integrity FM supply specialist

8. CDW: IT services provider to corporate/public market

9. Marco: Managed tech services provider

10. Uber: immediate delivery service at low cost

11. Guernsey - managed productivity services

12. Wayfair - home office furnishings service online

13. Westcoast - low cost fulfilment and services wholesaler


1. Apple: cool simple, brilliantly designed technology

2. Avery/CCL - labels unlimited including multipurpose bottles

3. Beats: cool sound headsets

4. 3M: innovative ideas in safety, clean air and hygiene (was tape & Post-it)

5. Safco: creating your comfort zone

6. Logitech: innovative tech accessories

7. DIRTT - worklife confluence, simple wall erection/compartmentalisation systems

8. Steelcase: collaborative workspaces

9. Herman Miller: high quality design ergonomic seating

10. Humanscale: Ergonomic furniture concepts (CEO Bob King, pic right)

11. Plantronics/Poly: wireless headsets

12. Keurig: personalised single serve beverages

13. Kimberly Clark: hygienic tissues e.g. Kleenex

14. Sealed Air: product, food and personal protection

15. GoJo: hand sanitisation with Purell

16. Rubbermaid: cleaning, food storage recycling & waste management

17. Mondelez: healthy snacks

18. EcoLab: Hygiene, food & water services

19. Fellowes: personal ergonomics, organisation & wellness (pic right)

18. Nestle: Coffee, water and snacks

20. PepsiCo - Refreshments & Frito Lay snacks

21. P&G - Laundry, cleaning & Febreze

22. Clorox - cleaning & hygiene materials

23. Stanley - tools, storage  and office accessories

24. Varidesk - low cost sit/stand ergonomic work stations for SMB market

25. Essity - Tork towel & tissue dispensers

26. Duracell - Extra Power. Extra Life

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