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Productivity to lucyProductivity in
US/UK rising

Obsolete measure omits
new services/gig economy

Both US & UK productivity growth has accelerated and is increasing faster than government stats suggest. The ubiquity
of personal technolgy makesthe trad  'manufacturing index' measurement doubtful in the burgeoning new services & gig economies


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When will Half source 'Holesalers become whole?

Holesale warehouseWhen will half-
source 'holesalers
become Whole?

'93 Stockless Dealer vision
blinded in business supplies

In 1993, US#1 wholesaler United led the 'stockless dealer' revolution. Most progressive dealers in US/UK followed. Today, only Amazon Essendant to a lesser extent, maintain a broadline business supplies service. Meanwhile, the 'narrowliners' are failing, threatening small dealers' survival. We review latest positions... Complete


WBMason's 'Come Buy With Me' Philly Show Preview

Screen Shot 2019 06 05 at 12.31.03 PM'Come Buy with 
me' @WBMason

5 Consumer shows of
customer appreciation

US #1 megadealer WBMason commenced its 2019 series of consumer shows in Philadelphia yesterday. 'The Come Buy with Me' theme continue in Baltimore, Cleveland, Boston and Foxwoods over the Summer/Fall season. We spoke with marketing director Matt RogersFull report here


Etailers escape from market reality

Screen Shot 2019 05 21 at 2.25.45 PMEtailers escape
from reality...

Casual customer dating
does not sustain growth

Five years ago, we reported that the rapid OP etailer expansion was peaking, as a result of Amazon's aggression and the incidence of high customer churn from its disloyal 'casual dating' model. Progressive resellers exercising a deep customer intimacy model have achieved sustained success as etailers escape the market... Updated again today


EVO Group up for sale?

Screen Shot 2019 06 04 at 2.10.50 PMEVO Group posts
'For Sale' sign?  

Wholesaler VOW/ Banner
direct duo appoints adviser


The UK/Ireland dual distributor EVO Group, the $600m in sales (inc. VOW wholesale/Banner direct), has apponted a strategic adviser.  As reported by Proficiency Post on 23 March, we suspect this move as a prelude to a sale or break up by VC owner Endless. We discuss the options... 


Has Amazon ascent apexed?

Bezos Amazon atop mountainHas Amazon's
ascent apexed?

Growth decelerates from
30%+ to 12% in biz supplies

Seeking Alpha analyst Bluesea Research opines that Amazon's "revenue slowdown provides a big opportunity for investors". We review the article and highlight opportunities for independent resellers. Updated again


Office Depot : turning around or tailspinning?

OD sinking ship300Depot turnaround
or tailspinning?

Analyst argues ailing ship
is holed but not sinking?

Seeking Alpha
analyst Daniel Tacken
opines that "Office Depot is valued for distress, but the business is turning around". We review his case that the patient is "transforming itself into a relevant business retailer". Complete


Amazon purges small resellers

bezos jeff amazon chainsawAMZN purges
small resellers

Will cutting CRaP negate
customer fulfilment rates?

In March, Amazon paused orders from thousands of suppliers with no explanation. A temporary panic ensued. Now a larger, more permanent purge is coming that will upend the relationship between the giant etailer and many of its long-time vendors.


ISG: Epic dealer group merger details

EPIC gentile maggioEpic I S Group
readies to roll...

Merger plans: Execs, HQ,
all confirmed for Q3 action

US dealer groups TriMega, ISG & Pinnacle who agreed in principle to combine forces as a 'megagroup' of 1000 dealers in January, have announced merger details. The name is Independent Suppliers Group (ISG). We speak with leaders Dave Guernsey, Mike Maggio and Mike Gentile.... Later today


Adveo's autopsy?

phoenix risingAdveo's autopsy?

Is vulture capitalist capable
of resurrection rhetoric for
ex-Europe OP wholesaler?

Vulture capitalist Sandton’s acquisition of former $1.5Bn in sales, wholesaler Adveo’s subsidiaries in France, Belgium & The Netherlands has been approved by the Spanish courts. Will the Phoenix fly or flop? Do we believe its "long term investment" promise, or is it just another typical 'flip & flog' exercise? 



NeoCon 2019 Review

Screen Shot 2019 06 03 at 4.27.21 PMNeocon: Flexible
workspace future

What's Next in productive
and collaborative interiors?

The 51st Edition of NeoCon, the US leading interior design & furniture show at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago was held this week. We reviewed most of the exhibits & latest products. We highlight the best. Updated


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