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  • Screen Shot 2020 09 17 at 11.49.01 AMThe 8 traits of

    resilient dealers

    Pivoting from survival to
    long term sustainability

    Learning about the stellar results from implementing best practices often sparks inspiration for distributors. Practices that get a lot of attention include CRM, mobile webstore design, digital marketing, same-day delivery, strategic pricing, inventory and supplier management; plus many more to optimise profitability. We discuss MDM's strategic advice  

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  • OPocalypse now Mar17OPocalypse Now!

    Pivot to WFH-B2U
    delivery schedule

    Plan: Provide Personalised,
    Productivity Services, today

    Feeling 'OPeless? As the pandemic continues to ravage the world, its tough to look #BeyondCovid. We continue to urge makers & distributors to refresh and plan beyond the OPocalypse. Without question hygiene, safety supplies, packaging, ergonomics, foodservice & sustainability will be the new demand drivers. We explore opportunities and update reports published in March & April

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  • MPS thornThe Melting Print
    Services market

    Covid's business disruption
    adds perfect storm debris

    Recent research reports from Keypoint & 360 agree that the Managed Print Services (MPS) market will grow at an average of 8%+pa through 2024. Amazing stuff given that most of the market leaders reported -30% declines during Covid hit 2020, following double digit declines in 2019. We summarise the details, analyse and comment on the content 

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  • Lucy blonde maskHow serious are
    PPE pretenders?

    Can transactional dealers
    transform to personalised
    hygiene service providers?

    Social media and LinkedIn particularly is awash with OP dealer reps touting PPE/hygiene and back to work supplies. Is this short term opportunism or the start of a serious shift from the old transactional world of office supplies, to the new era of 'managed personalised productivity services' business users need in the new hybrid WFH or corporate office era? We explore.... Updated

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  • women marketeers top 9 jul16Top 20 Women
    Marketers 2020

    Leaders in creativity
    & brand effectiveness

    Marketing to businesses by brandmakers & resellers has been dominated by men. Now many of the most successful businesses are increasingly inspired by women. PP lists the most prominent women marketers in business supply this year  We received a suprisingly strong response given the quiet market inc. some notable new nominations from indy dealers. We publish the 'Top 20 Women in Business Supply' today  Updated

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Polk Dennis synnexSynnex growth
surge subsides

$23Bn tech giant to split
distribution from services

US based Synnex, a leading IT distributor, that plans to separate into two independent companies, reported flat Q1'20 sales reversing impressive 2019 growth rates

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