• OPocalypse now LARGEOPocalypse Now!
    Who will survive?

    Bigboxes bleed. Dealers die.
    W/salers holed. Mkt implodes!

    Proficiency Post 
    has chronicled the demise of the OP market since 2010. The relentless rise of Amazon to grab 30% of the market; and the failure of bigbox, trad wholesalers and dealers to respond by expanding into the huge broadline business supply market. Meanwhile, we've championed the deeds of progressive players who we believe will survive...Updated
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    Proficiency Post, is enjoying its 20th year, providing a ons source, breaking news analysis of the $500Bn+ broadline business supply market... first. PP promotes best practice stories that drive personalised productivity services for pro' user choosers. PP analyses the whole market, not just the declining OP segment (<20% total) covered by rivals. Please subscribe to PP and get the whole story, not just recycled press releases. Tomorrow's News Today!

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  • Screen Shot 2023 10 20 at 6.46.52 PM'Different' is done.
    Better is Better!

    Mushy marketing messages
    miss the key user choosers

    There has been a rapid rise in meaningless marketing messages in recent years e.g. different, quality, solutions, bigger, personal, local etc. Where are the specific benefits? Where are the savings in time, money and space, that drive users' productivity? We review the business supply markets' best and worst messages and make recommendations....Updated

  • Screen Shot 2020 05 17 at 7.51.20 PMIs 'Workplace'
    the Wrongplace?

    Office is where you are
    not 19thC workhouse?

    The broadening. growing Business Supply Market is referred to by many as the 'workplace' to replace the 'office'. Is this a backward step? We think so. Workplace conjures images of Victorian Workhouses. Surely, the 'office' is a better term to describe the new mobile, flexible, anywhere, collaborative environment. Here's why...

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sysco USFoods merged logosFTC sues Sysco

to stop merger

Ironically, US Foods deal
would aid competion

FTC states that Sysco merger with US Foods would mean higher prices, diminished service for restaurants and customers. Sysco chie Bill Delaney believes the facts are in his favor...

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