• bezos jeff amazon worriedFTC accuses AMZN
    illegal protection

    Is chair Khan's attack
    aping EU's aggression?

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is suing  Amazon, stating that its online store, marketplace and services to merchants illegally stifled competition. “Today’s lawsuit seeks to hold it to account for these monopolistic practices and restore the lost promise of free and fair competition,” said Lina Khan, the chair of the F.T.C.

  • Screen Shot 2023 09 25 at 5.59.05 PMFrom Printer paper
    to Pizza boxes...

    Business supply market
    top sellers overturned

    The #OPocalypsehas happened! 15yrs ago communication papers and ink were dominating the top 10 selling products. Today? Gone!. The shift towards tech, hygiene, foodservice and packaging supplies has been relentless. Often wrongly described by bigbox relics as 'adjacencies', these categories are mainstream with e.g. Clorox, tissues and pizza boxes topping the business demand charts. Analysis later today

  • Screen Shot 2023 09 15 at 5.29.15 PMSupermkt shames

    Unilever, PepsiCo, Nestle
    named as cheating culprits 

    During Covid the big international supermarket chains inc. Walmart, Tesco, Carrefourcame under critical consumer group pressure for over-inflating prices. Many diverted attention to the source of the problem: the brand makers who boosted profits by over hiking price increases and/or reducing pack sizes stealthily aka 'greedflation'. Carrefour has decided to expose the cheaters....

  • vulture cap painVulture voracity
    e.g's highlighted

    High retail failures expose
    murky role of pro advisers

    Vulture capitalists e.g. Hilco, Aurelius, Cerebus, Better Capital and Sycamore Partners have been responsible for asset stripping leading resellers in the business supply market over the past 10 years. Recent failures in the UK involving Wilko, backed by Hilco and advised by PwC, have drawn attention to the dodgy collaborations. The Times' Oliver Shah analyses and comments...

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coca cola blatterCoRRuPTioN
at Coca Cola?

Distorting research to
foil anti-sugar lobby


A major scandal has emerged exposed by the The Times highlighting Coca Cola's funding of scientific research trying to manipulate the anti-sugar lobby, a major cause of obesity deaths...

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