• Amazon delivery woman customerB2B v B2C benefits:
    The Real Question?

    Oldschool mgn myopia 


    New priority: user productivity

    Amazon's meteoric growth in business supplies since 2006, accelerated through Covid to reach $120Bn worldwide in 2024. Its invasion of the corp market by delivering direct to WFH users has probably been the most disruptive market move this century. Is B2B marketing dead? Probably! So why don't resellers provide 'personalized productivity services' direct to users in business? Updated

  • Deer in headlights 24OP/Paper industry
    paralysed; in denial?

    Bigbox-less. Wholesaler-less.
    Dealer-less. Hopeless future?

     We've been talking to progressive leaders pivoting away from the dying OP market. Today there are less than 30 UK dealers over £5M sales; webstores are woeful compared with Amazon; few are serving the growing WFH/hybrid workers; ailing wholesalers are narrow range, reactionary and uncompetitive; bigboxes dead. Meanwhile, is the industry in denial about the OPocalypse? We review... 

  • Screen Shot 2022 09 29 at 3.02.23 PMThe D2C Boom in
    Business Supply

    Direct marketing & delivery 
    boosts consumer demand

    Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) webstores thrived during Covid when customers couldn’t visit retailers, boosting demand and brand awareness. Some brands who historically counted on wholesale partners, leaned more heavily towards D2C. So what's happening now with D2C retail v wholesale in the business supply market? We update the Proficiency Indexstudy from 2023.....

  • Personalised marketing 24The P r i m a c y of

    Will business use AI tools to
    provide more human svc?

    A report from The Weber Shandwick Collective found consumers value a far more personalised and less coldly robotic service. Large companies should understand customers want a more human interaction, especially with queries and problems. We review the worst and best practices in the business supply market...

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Screen Shot 2023 11 17 at 4.39.28 PMAmazon drives into
auto-retail market

Hyundai combo enables
personalised entry point 

'Death by Amazon fears in the auto retail sector are called overstated' by investment analysts. It looks very much like the Hyundai partnership resembles similar broadline moves where its 'one-click' personalised buying experience enhances users' entry point, for dealers that participate. Over 4M resellers,  selling $700Bn of goods on Amazon can testify this development....

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