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  • Screen Shot 2020 12 15 at 10.58.22 AMMega Merger
    mania mounts

    Record pace maintains
    inc regional consolidation

    Over 50 megadeals have been agreed year to date matching the number in all of 2020 and that pace is likely to continue, according to M&A experts. Merger volume is expected to keep record pace in 2nd half of year. We review the M&A activity in the business supplies market and speculate on those in the pipeline.... Updated again today 

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  • Screen Shot 2021 07 20 at 11.25.23 AMOptimism rising on
    US/UK economies

    High start-ups fuel growth.
    Inflation only negative fear

    Amidst all the negative commentary surrounding rising inflation in US/UK economies we read two positive articles over the weekend that were positively bullish.  One from The Telegraph based on the WFH tech revolution and rapid growth in UK start-ups and the NYTimes focused on the latter in the US....

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  • Screen Shot 2021 07 14 at 5.10.59 PMPartnerless,


    Bigbox BS! Vendors' deals
    marred by anti-marketers 

    A disturbing trend in recent years has been the rise of soulless, bigbox buyers baulking at innovative marketers' new product proposals. Merchandisers say yes! Procurement pros say no! What do they know? Meanwhile, growth driven marketers like Amazon say "Yes.what's the question?". When will this vulture backed nonsense end? We discuss....

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  • Screen Shot 2018 10 30 at 1.24.38 PMI n f l a t i o n
    C o n f l a t i o n?

    Increased prices & profits
    distort trends...beware!

    Like the surge in corporate profits that we see in the Q2'21 results season to date, the rise in inflation is largely a matter of arithmetic. The world shut down a year ago and is now reopening. This was always going to distort the figures and could lead to exaggerated forecasts of higher inflation 

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  • Productivity to lucyThe Productivity
    Paradox puzzle

    How WFH skew metrics.
    Industrial stats redundant
    in a hybrid work economy

    Productivity stats in US & Europe accelerated in the 2020 Depression...how and why? As we've reported repeatedly over the past 10yrs+, industrial productivity measures are redundant in the 'Information' economy where workers input hours are immeasurable, especially now, in the 'WFH/Officeless' hybrid world. In truth, productivity has been rising strongly throughout the web inspired economy. We discuss inc. Sunday Times David Smith's article today

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Screen Shot 2021 06 24 at 12.24.45 AMAMZN destroys
electronic returns?

Accused: 'Sent PCs/TVs
to landfills, not reycled"

Amazon is destroying thousands of unsold laptops, televisions and other electronics every week, an ITV  investigation has revealed..Secret footage from its Dunfermline (Scotland) shows returns marked "Destroy" rather than recycle or repurpose for charities or schools

"Tomorrow's News Today,

not yesterday's news tomorrow."

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