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  • Lucy wfh iphone deskYour MCommerce 
    imperative call!

    All generations intolerant
    of substandard webstores

    Business consumers in hybrid working situations are all losing tolerance with substandard mobile webstore experiences writes Raconteur's  Oliver Pickup. Business supplies dealers have been tardy in transition and must wake up to the fact that industry leaders eg Amazon & Wayfair get 70% of their business from mobile device users. Action please!

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  • Most admired leaders 2018New Biz Supplies
    Benchmark Index

    16 categories to measure
    Best Practice CRM sales

    Proficiency Index
    has for 30yrs+ measured dealers' sales performance v best practice benchmarks. The benefits have enabled sales people to identify gaps in customer demand in order to maximise sales potential and improve customer productivity. We have updated the Index over 16 new business supply categories...

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  • Productivity stairway to heaven2Essentials of the
    New Business
    Supply Market

    Users' wants and needs:
    Personalised productivity

    We've decided to challenge OPI's pessimistic 'State of the OP Industry' report by providing a guide to the huge hybrid working opportunities that abound in the 'New Broadline Business Supply Market'. The report published yesterday covers: personalised B2U/WFH marketing, the broadline 16 business categories, MCommerce, CRM analysis and the integrated same day delivery winners...Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2021 05 17 at 12.25.37 PMWhat users really
    feel about MSP's?

    CRN Essential reports on
    outsourcing inc. MPS hype

    We hear a lot about the growth of managed services market (MSP's/MPS), but little from users about what they really think of the outsourced services model. The latest CRN Essential report features exclusive data that reveals the good, bad and ugly of how over 300 UK IT decision makers feel...

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  • Screen Shot 2021 05 15 at 1.44.29 PMProductivity watch
    for hybrid working?

    Surveillance an unwelcome
    intrusion v trust & privacy

    Software can track workers’ keystrokes, mouse movements, and website visits; screenshots can check attentiveness all in the name of productivity. However, this 'quantity' measure pales in comparison to the 'quality' of results motivated by trust and ownership....

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bezos jeff amazon HQ reflectsAmazon accedes
to hybrid working

Tech giants lean towards
2days/wk WFH standard

plans to allow its corporate employees to work from home two days a week in a significant change to its previous return to work guidance. Meanwhile, Apple & Google have announced similar patterns of hybrid working 

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Screen Shot 2019 10 23 at 6.15.13 PMGrainger gains 
w/branch network 

Defies trad trends trying
to wrest AMZN's control?

Leading industrial & business distributor Grainger's ceo DG Macpherson said yesterday he has no intentions e gains of paring down its branches or adding DCs amid the rapid rise of ECommerce. Given its strong local presence will its market share gains achieved be a match for Amazon's accelerating dominance?

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Screen Shot 2020 12 14 at 2.39.29 PMISGroup sets up
wholesalers' war

Can SPR narrow biz supply
comp w/ESND broadline?

Leading US dealer group Independent Suppliers Group (ISG) has set up its RDC purchasing program with #2 OP wholesaler SPRichards. We understand broadline business supplies wholesaler Essendant, already first call with many members, has reacted with a revised proposal? We discuss with ESND president Harry Dochelli 

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staples depot train crashStaples stick.
Depot twist?

'Bizarro' Smith's board
can ill afford retail sale? 

vulture parent Sycamore Partners penchant for retaill consolidation knows no bounds. The huge potential synergies of slamming Staples, Depot & Max stores together is irresistible. But, can ODP's ceo Gerry 'Bizarro' Smith afford to lose half its $8Bn volume and still survive in the business supply market? Updated

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Screen Shot 2021 06 03 at 6.45.56 PMO/Depot France
disposal decided

Good news! Failed bigbox
acquired by French group 

The fate of Office Depot France, the failed bigbox contract OP reseller, has been decided by the Lille commercial court. Owner vulture capitalist Aurelius has just the UK Viking operations to dispose of now. Who will be the likely buyer? 

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Collins Smee Jo XeroxXerox invests &
divests dealers?

Confusing strategy aims
to roll & control SMB's?

What's going on at downsizing dinosaur Xerox? Whilst offloading direct sales from Business Solutions division to large regional dealers in the western US, it seems to be doing the opposite in other parts of NAmerica? It just acquired a third small dealer in alifornia following acquisition of Digitex & Groupe CT? 

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neri antonio HPE grip thumb other250 0HPE  H o l l o w

Progress Ebbing?

Complacent CEO deflects
reality of softer recovery.
Aruba SaaS the catalyst?

Tech relic HP Enterprise ceo Antonio Neri continued to hype progress & divert attention from disappointing but improving results in its Q2'21 report. What's happening to drive market share growth? Perhaps, the Aruba SaaS cloud business can be the catalyst?

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tillis jason robert imperial smileImperial's coast to
coast acquisitions

Bain Capital backed group
adds 35th+36th acquist'ns

VC Bain Capital owned Imperial Dadecontinued its rapid roll-up of the hygiene, food service & packaging supply market in the US. Its latest moves in Florida & California  are blazing a trail coast to coast pioneered by Bunzl with many copycats in pursuit e.g. FEMSA & Brady

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redondo antonio navigatorNavigator's paper
plunge persists

Tissue/Pulp resilient relief
v Covid crashed demand

Portugal's Navigator Paper Company, the leading quality brand papermaker, continued to report a huge drop in paper demand in Q1'21. Stronger tissue demand and pulp production offset some of the damage to sales and profits

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Screen Shot 2021 06 01 at 4.19.09 PMSwiss won't roll
over v EU elite

European majors keen
to trade freely with UK 

"Switzerland is right about the EU – UK must also go it alone" writes admired economist Roger Bootle. "EU's essential problem in its relationship with both Switzerland and the UK stems from its ambitions for uniformity and integration". We discuss his opinion as Britain's economy roars back from Covid and Europe's major economies want a piece of the action...

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