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Screen Shot 2019 07 04 at 5.09.14 PMWalmart's Jet set
bet a  B I G  loser

Apes Amazon biz supply
move after 13 years inertia

The mighty Walmart invested heavily in ecommerce by buying jumped up Jet.com back in 2016. Since then it has fallen further behind leader Amazon and is burning $1Bn in losses. Now it is trying to follow Amazon in business supplies. Recode's Jason DelRay reports and we comment....


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Top Frost Bites

Global Slowdown happening - Prepare!

Screen Shot 2019 03 04 at 11.56.31 AMBatten down for
global slowdown

Leaders growth decelerates
in Q1'19 biz supply markets

Economic data across advanced global economies have deteriorated since Q3'18, indicating fading growth and the need to prepare for slowing demand reports the Financial Times. Gear your business to help customers save money & time... Provide Managed Productivity Services! Here's how.... Updated


Death of Independents greatly exaggerated

productivity stairway to heaven 2017Death of Indie
dealers greatly 


Market trends turn against
impersonal, cold bigboxes

Does size matter? The office market over the past 35yrs has been dominated by bigboxes & Amazon #1 in business supplies, points to a continuation. But emerging trends show the big guys in deep decline & Godzilla grinding. The rise of progressive resellers providing 'personalised productivity services' embracing mobile technology, can & will succeed.. Updated


BSA's Industry Week plan quashed

Screen Shot 2019 04 20 at 11.25.07 AM'Industry Week'
plan quashed 

Plan B? Go for IDC
'Biz Productivity' show

The Business Supplies Asctn (BSA) plan to rationalise vendors' heavy schedule of 20+pa shows & create an 'Industry Week' has been quashed. Understandably, leading wholesalers & resellers wouldn't cooperate. Great idea, so what's Plan B?  We feel thought be given to a more customer centric 'Business Productivity Show'  for the IDC. We spoke w/BSA presBarry Lane... Updated


When will Half source 'Holesalers become whole?

Holesale warehouseWhen will half-
source 'holesalers
become Whole?

'93 Stockless Dealer vision
blinded in business supplies

In 1993, US#1 wholesaler United led the 'stockless dealer' revolution. Most progressive dealers in US/UK followed. Today, only Amazon Essendant to a lesser extent, maintain a broadline business supplies service. Meanwhile, the 'narrowliners' are failing, threatening small dealers' survival. We review latest positions... Complete


Etailers escape from market reality

Screen Shot 2019 05 21 at 2.25.45 PMEtailers escape
from reality...

Casual customer dating
does not sustain growth

Five years ago, we reported that the rapid OP etailer expansion was peaking, as a result of Amazon's aggression and the incidence of high customer churn from its disloyal 'casual dating' model. Progressive resellers exercising a deep customer intimacy model have achieved sustained success as etailers escape the market... Updated again today


Dealers decision time dilemma

Screen Shot 2019 06 25 at 2.31.10 PMDealers' decision
day dilemma: sell,
merge or invest?

How wholesalers hold key
to biz supply growth plans

Back in 1994, the OP wholesalers led the stockless dealer drive that fuelled the expansion of single source supplier success. Now with uncertainty surrounding wholesalers' future, its decision making time for dealers. We explore the options available for those who are committed to becoming broadline business suppliers. Updated


Has Amazon ascent apexed?

Bezos Amazon atop mountainHas Amazon's
ascent apexed?

Growth decelerates from
30%+ to 12% in biz supplies

Seeking Alpha analyst Bluesea Research opines that Amazon's "revenue slowdown provides a big opportunity for investors". We review the article and highlight opportunities for independent resellers. Updated again


Alibaba to grab Office Depot?

Screen Shot 2019 04 29 at 1.05.04 PMWill A l i b a b a
grab  D e p o t?

China partner to rescue
desperate one cheaply?

, the Chinese based global ecommerce marketplace giant, formed a 'collaborative partnership' with Office Depot last month. What is Alibaba's intent given that it has yet to penetrate the US market successfully? Complete



Office Depot disintegration deceives analysts

Depot sinking shipDepot deception
deludes analysts 

Bullish view re:Workonomy,
Compucom ignores reality

Seeking Alpha
analyst Value Adventurer
 headlines 'Office Depot: Oversold on short term executional issues'. Has VA been living under a stone? Since 2007 Depot/Max core sales have plummeted from $25Bn sales to a current $9Bn in 2019. Moreover, all recent moves made by CEO Gerry Smith have failed to lift off, as sales/customer service standards decline...


Will Amazon's CRaP strategy crater?

Bezos unhappy stretchedWill AMZN's CRaP
strategy crater?

Do private label ex-China &
split delivery plans bode ill?

etail growth rate has slowed dramatically over recent quarters. Meanwhile, it's cutting its 'CRaP' defined products; shifting to imported private label; cutting back on small vendors; and splitting deliveries into multiple drops. We discuss the consequences...Updated


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