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Screen Shot 2019 07 04 at 5.09.14 PMWalmart's Jet set
bet a  B I G  loser

Apes Amazon biz supply
move after 13 years inertia

The mighty Walmart invested heavily in ecommerce by buying jumped up Jet.com back in 2016. Since then it has fallen further behind leader Amazon and is burning $1Bn in losses. Now it is trying to follow Amazon in business supplies. Recode's Jason DelRay reports and we comment....


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Top Frost Bites

Dealers decision time dilemma

Screen Shot 2019 06 25 at 2.31.10 PMDealers' decision
day dilemma: sell,
merge or invest?

How wholesalers hold key
to biz supply growth plans

Back in 1994, the OP wholesalers led the stockless dealer drive that fueled the expansion of single source supplier success. Now with uncertainty surrounding wholesalers' future, its decision time for dealers. We explore the options available for those who are committed to becoming broadline business suppliers. Refreshed & Reviewed 


Staples stokes up supplier #STRESS

vulture staples removerStaples stokes up
supplier #STRESS

Combined buying squeeze
expected to gain $250m

As indicated at Essendant's CORE event in Feb, Staples has combined purchasing power and demanded substantial cost price reductions from vendors. The big question is will savings be invested in dealer growth plans  or pocketed by vulture capitalist owner Sycamore Partners? We discuss... Updated


Will Depot Federate or fragment dealers?

Beacham Wayne SPR ABC12Will ODP Federate
or frustrate Dlers?

Will angst over wholesalers'
plans fuel acquisition drive?

Office Depot
made its 10th dealer acquisition in May, since its Federation drive started in Oct'17. PP sources understand another batch may join in Q3. Given Depot's fragile market capitalisation, what are wholesalers doing to defend a potential dealer exodus? Updated


Sycamore strips Staples assets again

vulture staples removerSycamore strips
SPLS $150m divi 

Framingham HQ sold and
leased back at market rate

Sycamore Partners
owner of Staples continues to reduce its equity exposure whilst increasing the debt load and operating costs of the reseller by selling and leasing back the Framingham HQ near Boston. We review the negative effects on the bigbox player....


SPOT Group 2018 Financial Review

Moulton jon terminatorCan SPOT stop
the bleeding?

Will Vulture Better Capital
terminate or divest the dog

Vulture capitalist Better Capital owner of SPOT, the mongrel mix of Spicers & Officeteam, has reported 2018 financial results. As expected it continued to bleed losses from mismanagement of a dealer group contract and huge paper price increases. Surely, CEO Jon Moulton (pic left) will terminate its tortuous tenure soon?


Will hot desking kill your company?

Screen Shot 2019 06 20 at 1.28.43 PMWill hot desking
kill your business?

Forbes writer rails against
old workplace organisation


Forbes contributor Simon Constable opines "How Hot-desking Will Kill Your Company". Where has he been for the past 10 years? New collaborative and flexible workspaces are really hot right now....


Newell Brands beyond nervous

Screen Shot 2018 09 17 at 7.08.34 PMNewell Brands in
never never land

What's latest w/Sharpie
& Rubbermaid assets?

The collapse of the Newell house of brands post the disastrous $16Bn Jarden acquisition in 2016 continues. The uncertainty hanging over the heads of executives leading valuable assets is palpable. What's next for brands like Rubbermaid, Papermate/Sharpie, Dymo, Elmers? We discuss.... later today


It's about Hygiene Harry, not JanSan Joe

Screen Shot 2018 12 04 at 12.04.07 PMMarket is about
Hygiene Harry,
not Jansan Joe

Time dealers stepped up
from commodity selling

Over the past 25yrs OP dealers have graduated to the FM supplies market via JanSan supplies. Their 'cherry picking' commodity pricing approach has largely failed. Time to shift to a specialist hygiene & safety supplies service, exemplified best by progressive resellers. We discuss their successes....Updated


Procurement path to commoditization

supplier squeezeProcurement push

Supply Chain process killing
creativity in race to bottom

The paperless office trend & secular OP market decline; exacerbated by global economic slowdown & toxic tariffs has fuelled the power of 'low-pricing' procurement people. This has accelerated the commoditization trend, killing innovation that drives higher productivity and lower operating costs. Complete


Office Depot's deceit exposed

office depot vultures break upDeceitful Depot's
disguise downed

Analysts expose empty
organic growth claims

Office Depot CEO Gerry Smith
repeated claims of organic growth in its business supply division (BSD) at the Q1'19 Investor's earnings call. As PPNews reported at the time, real sales, excluding acquisitions, were well down. Now Wall Street is punishing the hollow hype...


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