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  • MEGATRENDS 2021sq2020s Business
    Supply Market

    ......less Means More
    P r o d u c t i v i t y 

    Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Zoom, Shopify, Uber & Salesforce have M-powered a new entrepreneurial revolution with affordable personal tech & immediate delivery services. Covid accelerated the advance of 2025 trends: #Paperless #Officeless #Touchless #Spotless #Bigless #Wasteless & #Carbonless. WFH told us to connect with users by providing personalised productivity services + integrated same-day delivery. We guide on how dealers can take charge of their destiny? New Report inc. 2020 Market Review published today

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  • Predictions 2021Power Productivity

    or #OPocalypse? 

    Who will seize the single
    source biz supply market?

    What will happen in 2021 with Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Staples, Essendant, Shopify, SPR, Alibaba, Depot, WBMason, HP, U-Line, Imperial, EVO-VOW, Westcoast, Bunzl, Brady, independent dealers, dealer groups, wholesalers, furnituremakers, paper-printermakers, MPS, OP makers; foodservice; hygiene suppliers; packaging; AI, robotics,Tech/cybersecurity; Hybrid-WFH; B2U v B2B marketing trends. PP's 21 predictions updated

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  • customer intimacy heart mobileTop Resellers Review

    Progressives rally
    to WFH/PPE call

    Bigboxes, Leaders, Rising
    Stars, laggards & Top Tips

    The bigbox share of the market tumbled again in 2020. Disintegrating Depot & stalled Staples lost another $2Bn sales as Amazon's  growth rocketed. Progressive indie resellers, MSP's got hammered on OP/MPS & furniture, but their agility enabled to pivot to Hygiene-PPE and service their local WFH market. Updated

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  • Top Performers 2020Best Performers
    Review of 2020

    Leaders, brands, web,
    products, productivity,
    services, ads, greenest.
    'Essentials' winners all

    The #OPocalypse aka perfect storm that impacted the office supply market in 2019, got worse in 2020, with the devastating effect of the Covid catastrophe. Even progressive broadline business suppliers suffered, but escaped with a rapid pivot to PPE-Hygiene-WFH 'essentials' e.g. Amazon, P&G, Lenovo. Proficiency Index reviewsbest performers in each category. Complete

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  • Frost on Boston snowF r o s t  B i t e s
    Favourites 2020

    Review of Best & Worst
    critical events & stories

    This has been a crazy, tragic year for the business supply market. Every cloud has a silver lining. We believe major 2020's trends have accelerated towards a better World: inc. #Paperless #Officeless #Touchless #Spotless #Bigless #Wasteless #Carbonless etc. 

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Screen Shot 2021 01 22 at 6.38.12 PMMinimum Wage

Case for $15/hr

Higher pay, high quality?
Lower pay, low quality?

President Biden's call, as part of his economic recovery plan, is to increase minimum wage to $15/hr. This has sparked huge debate in business circles between the positives, championing higher quality growth; and the negatives, citing higher costs that damage competitiveness. We discuss with case studies...

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staples depot train crashDepot diverts SPLS
to retail retreats...

Prefers Max B2B strategy
& Compucom forfeit sale 

Beleaguered bigbox
Office Depot
has responded to 'vulture' Sycamore Partners, parent of Staples, $2.1Bn takeover offer with an expected rejection. By interpolation, we feel a simple offer by Staples for Depot's run down retail store portfolio may be the best deal for both parties. Here's why...

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disconnected dealers lucyDis-con-nec-ted

dealers in danger

Transactional OP resellers
exposed by hygiene MSP's

Trad OP dealers focused on transactional office supplies are in grave danger during the perfect storm attack of Covid, Amazon and WFH/officeless trends. Tech resellers & hygiene supply specialists aka managed service providers (MSP's) that offer customers single source productivity solutions are winning. Time to reinvent or retire? Updated

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Jones Andrew OTGroupParagon pursuing
predator's path?

OTGroup replaces Horne
with unqualified leaders

First vulture capitalist Better Capital appointed incompetent buy-side managers for its failed mongrel mix SPOT (SPicers/OTeam) and now post collapse, acquirer Paragon under the OTGroup aegis, maybe copying its example, with supply side, bigbox style managers unsuited to growing the business supply direct or wholesale business....

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Screen Shot 2019 02 12 at 12.06.34 PMWhy would SPLS
sell Depot's BSD?

Retail consolidation plans
flag vulture short-termism

$2.1Bn bid for Office Depot states a preference for Compucom to be chopped; and its business supply division (BSD) to be divested post deal. Why? Do they seriously believe the FTC will block, in the new Amazon business supply dominated era? Or is it just playing a charm offensive to facilitate easier approval? Either way, we expect the greedy Depot board to deny the deal

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Screen Shot 2021 01 06 at 1.59.27 PMO/workers' post
Covid options?

Future of offices when
workers have a choice

"Some offices in central employment districts may become housing, and some housing in residential areas may become work spaces" writes NYTimes' Dror Poleg. Some large employers are already experimenting with satellite offices in the suburbs of cities in which they already have a downtown headquarters. How will the future shape up? 

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Swisher Kara Recode 21Top tech trends
advance 10yrs

TWTR, FBk, Apple, AMZN
drive towards an Ecoworld

"Goodbye toxic Tweets! And other Predictions for 2021" by NYTimes' Kara Swisher. Covid forced the kind of work experimentation that would have taken a decade otherwise. We review and comment on her outlook

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Lucy WFH 20 lr"WFH boom is
here to stay"?

Companies get ready
to cut & localize pay

The office job has evolved rapidly during the last 9 months' Covid lockdown. Work from Home (WFH)! Live anywhere! Take a pay cut? BusinessWeek writer Noah Buhayar discusses how the pandemic migration could reshape the US economy. We add our comments

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Frost on Boston snowF r o s t  B i t e s
Favourites 2020

Review of Best & Worst
critical events & stories

This has been a crazy, tragic year for the business supply market. Every cloud has a silver lining. We believe major 2020's trends have accelerated towards a better World: inc. #Paperless #Officeless #Touchless #Spotless #Bigless #Wasteless #Carbonless etc. 

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Screen Shot 2020 12 19 at 12.37.51 PMFakebook attacks
Apple authenticity

Tone deaf Zuck & Co claim
"standing up" for small biz

Mark Zuckerberg is taking the gloves off in his feud with Apple chief Tim Cook. It's opposed to changes Apple has made to protect personal privacy and ironically would support an antitrust complaint v the iPhone maker. You couldn't make this stuff up!?

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