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Online advertising is now the #1 advertising choice in the UK, overtaking TV ads for the first time in Q2'09. Similar positive trends are occurring in the US too. Internationally, online ad spending is expected to reach 15% of the total (20-25% in the US/UK) by 2014.

Proficiency Post (PP) is the #1 read for OP executives and sales people internationally. PP is first for breaking news analysis, better informed and the industry's champion of best practice marketing. We reach 31000 readers with the twice weekly PP News.

Banner ads are available on proficiencypost.com in various sizes and positions.

Ads can be purchased to run for a set period or set number of impressions and clicks. Ads are either set to display on every page or in a random sequence with other ads. We can also set you ad to display against particular sections on the site. Please contact us if you would require you ad to only display in particular sections of the site.

We currently offer 2 advertising positions on the site.

Side Banners

Side banners are currently displayed stacked on the right hand side of the website. These banners can be of various heights with a standard 160px width. The first top right position holds the must value, being always visible on every page. Other side ads are then stacked down the side of the site and are visible as the reader scrolls down the page.

A selection of side banner ad size are diaplyed below.

Full Side banner 2015 sizes


Half Side banner 2015 sizes


quarter Side banner 2015 sizes


3rd Side banner 2015 sizes

File Formats

Adverts can be displayed in either .jpg, .gif or .png formats. These can either be animated of static ads.

We will be happy to help you create an ad for use on the site. Please contact David Wickstead on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ad Rates

Ad Position Size 1 month 3 months
Full Side ad Top position 200 x 600 £400 £800
Half Side ad Top position 200 x 300 £300 £600
Third Side ad Top position 200 x 200 £250 £500
Quarter Side ad Top position 200 x 150 £200 £400
Full Side ad stacked position 200 x 600 £300 £600
Half Side ad stacked position 200 x 300 £200 £400
Third Side ad stacked position 200 x 200 £150 £300
Quarter Side ad stacked position 200 x 150 £100 £200


All ads are guaranteed a minimum of 10000 impressions per month.

All ad artwork must be appoved and agreed suitable by before hand. We reserve the right to cancel any ad at any time.

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