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  • Screen Shot 2019 11 06 at 5.23.48 PMShared HP/Xerox
    investors united?

    Merger likelihood lifted by
    big common shareholders

    "Shared investors make HP-Xerox deal ‘more likely" states an expert analyst. Besides activist 'Chainsaw' Carl Icahn over 23% of shares in each company are shared. Will the "no brainer" merger provoke the hedging HP board to react with a discounted bid for sinking Xerox next week? The dinosaur dance drags on.....

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  • Screen Shot 2019 12 05 at 11.00.18 AMOP  d e a l e r s'
    S u c c e s s i o n
    P l a n  p l i g h t

    Since 2017: 20 big regional
    resellers sold to bigboxes

    The slowing US economy; the secular decline in paper-related office supplies; and the tardy transition to the buoyant business supply has put severe pressure on regional family OP dealers. Slowing demand and Staples & Depot's acquisition drive fuels uncertainty: sell or invest?  We discuss the future options for the Top 50 dealers in the US and UK. Later today...

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  • Screen Shot 2019 12 05 at 1.47.55 PMIs Jeff  B e z o s
    s p a c e d  out?

    Losing control of AMZN?
    Concedes 10th own-goal

    Throughout 2019 we have chronicled the major strategic & tactical missteps we believe CEO Jeff Bezos' etailer Amazon has made. Just this week, the NY Times reported the massive amount of packages that go missing from sub-contracted delivery firms via theft or unreliability. This is the 10th own goal conceded this year. Is Bezos losing control?

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  • paperworld 2017Brandmakers: Are

    shows worthwhile?

    Trade Expo limited effect:
    Poor engagement, demos
    by reps, low interest & ROI

    Industrial Distribution
    writer Paul Kiesche asks the headline question about Trade Show effectiveness. We have witnessed the same diminishing experience with OP Expos over the past 20 years ranging from plummeting Paperworld to dealer group events. Networking & private meetings are the order of the day. We revisit the topic...

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  • florness don fastenalFastenal fading

    Decelerating demand +
    tariffs turning for worse?

    , the $5Bn in sales, US reseller of MRO & vending supplies, continued to slowdown in November from its rapid double digit pace of growth in early 2019. This is usually a leading indicator for slowing business and consumer demand in Q4'19. Watch this space...

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Breakthrough12-brilliantBREAKTHROUGH’12 Conference

7 Dec'11, Ricoh Arena, Coventry

Innovative leaders

on show at Ricoh

Gear everything for OPS success


5 Dec'11 (Updated)

Just 2 days to go before the brilliant BREAKTHROUGH Marketing Conference which precedes the spectacular Spicers ‘Everything for the Office’ show at the Ricoh. We feature the most successful, the fastest growing independents in the Office Productivity Services (OPS) industry. Reserve your place today... FREE ACCESS to view the programme here...


The #1 wholesaler in the US United Stationers and the fastest growing OPS reseller Innovative Office Solutions of Minneapolis (MN) in the US will headline the BREAKTHROUGH Marketing Conference. Yes, Laura Gale, the SVP of marketing at the most innovative OP wholesaler on the planet; and Jennifer Smith, owner and CEO of the fastest growing reseller in the US, who tripled sales in 4 years to $50m+, will demonstrate their success models to inspire your future growth.


Mark Heath, owner of Bluefish Office Products in Northampton will co-present its partneership plans with the world's #1 software specialist in the OP industry, ECi Software Solutions. ECi's CEO Ron Books and COO Trevor Gruenewald will demonstrate its latest core and surround technology support, for resellers using Bluefish at its case study.


Alan Ball, CEO of Spicers UK/Ireland will sum up this session by demonstrating support for independent dealers in delivering an irresistible mix of marketing and technology services to inspire growth


Make your future brilliant at BREAKTHROUGH!


Click here to book your places today


09:00-09:30 Arrivals and Coffee

09:30 – 10:15

Peter Frost

Proficiency Group

BREAKTHROUGH Marketing - 2011 Market Review - Top Performers - Megatrends 2012-15... The intro theme - Your Office Productivity Services future


Jennifer Smith

Innovative Office Solutions

The Innovative OPS success story -
Tripling sales in 4 years

10:45 – 11:05 Coffee Break

11:05 – 11:50

Laura Gale

United Stationers

User research... Innovative Branding… Integrated Marketing for OPS resellers

11:50 – 12:30

Mark Heath

Bluefish Office Products

Driving the Office Productivity Services

agenda in practice

Ron Books,

Trevor Gruenewald

ECi Software Solutions

Software Support for the OPS reseller growth
Including Case Studies

12:30 – 12:45

Alan Ball


Spicers OPS reseller support services

12:45 – 13:00

Peter Frost

Proficiency Group

Your OPS marketing plan starter kit

13:00 Lunch



Jennifer Smith - CEO, Innovative Office Solutions, Minneapolis, USA

Innovative are based near Minneapolis, probably one of the most progressive states featuring BestBuy, Target, 3M HQ’s in addition to some hot competitors in S&T, Bertelsons and BuyOnlineNow. CEO Jennifer Smith is a high energy, progressive leader living up to the company slogan “Be Innovative”.  Innovative grew 20% in 2009 to $28m; up 25% to $38m in 2010; and running at $50m in 2011; picking up new regional and state contracts with a reinvigorated professional sales team. Jennifer’s leadership on eco-productivity is exemplary as a visit to their green and welcoming offices prove. The lean, clean and green champion.


Laura Gale - VP Marketing, United Stationers, Chicago, USA

“It’s time for you to own your marketplace and wield your marketing power in partnership with United!” proclaimed VP Marketing at United's Vision conference in May. “The comprehensive marketing support we offer enables you to compete and beat the bigbox players,” she continued.


Laura went on to describe the brand design services; OrbitPoint contract management system; the Smart Deals emarketing program; the Smart Search optimisation software; and the new ecommerce webstore-front to be launched in conjunction with MBSDev.


Laura reaffirmed the 7.7% growth being enjoyed by progressive resellers participating in the Integrated Marketing program; and the CRM strategy of Retention; Growth and Acquisition to support sustained growth with existing and new clients.


Laura’s leadership in creating United’s world-class suite of marketing programs has been remarkable. This was best illustrated by the 3rd renewal of the ‘Marketing Power” pack for 2012; its enthusiastic reception from the United account managers and the increasingly positive response from resellers. Moreover, the Vision’11 conference ‘entrepreneur’ sting was the most creatively powerful we’ve witnessed.


Laura will update delegatesc on United's progress using the Innovative case study to illustrate the practical benefits to dealers


Mark Heath - CEO, Bluefish Office Products, Northampton, UK

Bluefish  is one of the largest privately owned office providers in the UK and the leading independent office products supplier for Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.


Based in central Northampton and established in 2000 by Mark Heath, who was pleased to carry on an office specialist service tradition, first practiced by his father Peter with his Northampton company, Arkle in the 80’s.


Now with 65 employees and an annual sales approaching £20 million Bluefish has the experience of working with with every type of business - small to medium.


Mark is clearly focused on providing customers with low-cost office supply service and embraces the latest technology and marketing to achieve his goals.


Ron Books - CEO, ECi Software Solutions, Fort Worth, USA

OP industries #1 software solutions company.

Ron has served 10 years with ECi, taking over as CEO in 2008. A hands-on CEO Ron spends most of his time engaged with its 3000 OP resellers in US, UK and Europe. Ron will co-present with Trevor Gruenewald, COO who joined the company over 12 months ago.


ECI’s focus is not only to provide software solutions for dealers back office operations but to equip resellers with the latest emarketing tools to maximise CRM, personalised email campaigns driving users to well designed open webstores to maximise sales and profitability. His greatest challenge is to help resellers understand the tremendous functionality available within the systems available.


ECi started in the US by acquiring the #1 back office systems provider DDMS; it later added Britannia and recently Acsellerate the CRM tool service provider. It now has over 2000 OP dealers using its software. Recently it developed EC Interactive as its latest generation total software including ecommerce.


In Europe ECi acquired Interactive Solutions the Progress software developer, Integrity and eBuzz and services up to a 1000 OP dealers mainly in the UK.


Over the past year, ECi has acquired another surround technology firm called FM Audit, that provides the software for MPS resellers; and just recently acquired Digital Gateway, a similar software house focused in the office equipment sector.


Ron and Trevor will partner with Mark Heath in demonstrating their most recent developments in ecommerce, CRM, MPS, webstore design and optimisation.


Alan Ball - CEO, Spicers UK&I, Sawston, UK

Europe’s #1 OP wholesaler

Alan joined Spicers in November 2009 at a time of huge change in its leadership. He has set about transforming the wholesalers support services to help re-energise the independent dealer community

Alan has held senior management positions in FKI, GE and Wolseley. Before joining Spicers he was the Managing Director and Plc Executive Director for PTS, part of the BSS Group, a FTSE 250 business. In that time grew sales from £300m to around £700m and Alan oversaw the opening of 120 new locations, 2 acquisitions and several new ventures – including renewable energy where the business went from zero sales to over £20m in two years.


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