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    Consolidation. Death of independents. Size matters. We've heard all these 'bigness wins' calls over the past 40 years. Yet there's been a massive and broader contra-trend with the mega rise of micro-breweries, distilleries, banks & tech service providers to business. We explore the opportunities and success secrets for dealers in beating bigboxes in business supply. Updated

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    There appears to be a wave of thinking from blog marketers reviving loose and redundant B2P aka Business to People marketing, away from traditional B2B methods. As we have championed for 20 years, the ultimate in personalised CRM marketing is B2U or Business to UserChooser typically Lucy, practiced by Amazon and progressive business supply resellers. 

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    "Live chat exposes fatal flaws in bigbox marketing" writes Hubspot's Jon Dick. "We live in the age of speed & convenience, info' is accessible 24/7, everything available on-demand. We want it all we want it now". But, we want human personalised knowledgeable response when we have a query. Big opportunity for local dealers...

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  • Screen Shot 2020 06 23 at 1.05.52 PMHealthy Hygiene
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    #BeyondCovid: Major virus
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    The Paperless, Officeless, Touchless future is happening. Business suppliers inc. designers & managed services providers are rushing to sell employers fever scanners, box lunches & office planning apps for social distancing. Is it too soon to tell if they will work. We discuss NYTimes' Natasha Singer & Julie Creswell's report

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Marketing Conference

Your new decade agenda:

Provide personalised

productivity services!

Wednesday 21 April 2010 at Kempton Park

Conference Centre, Sunbury on Thames, UK

18 March ‘10

What a terrific line up we’ve assembled for the 5th Annual BREAKTHROUGH Marketing Conference to be held on Wednesday 21 April 2010. After 3 years in the Midlands we’ve moved the venue closer to London and Heathrow Airport.

We’ve chosen the new prestigious and highly accessible Kempton Park Conference Centre in Sunbury on Thames. (Junction 1 on the M3 out of London).


Last year’s conference was acknowledged as our best yet with a global brand leader cast of office reseller champions including Staples, Lyreco and WBMason. This year promises to match the content and beat yhe take-away value.


Headline speakers are all champions of marketing and providers of value added services. They are all progressive and improved the profitability of long term customer relationships:


  • CodyCody Phipps (pic right) president of United Stationers, US #1 business supply wholesaler including brand, marketing, IT support services. The most innovative wholesaler on the planet
  • George Adams new CEO of Spicers, Europe’s #1 OP wholesaler
  • Adrian Butler new MD of VOW, UK’s #2 OP wholesaler
  • Rob Vale, European chief of Staples, Europe and global #1 OP reseller.
  • John Moore, MD of Office Depot the UK’s #1 OP reseller
  • Simon Moate CEO of office2office the UK’s #1 business services provider
  • Mark Heath, MD of Bluefish, the low-cost office provider
  • Jasmine MontgomeryMD, VII the brand and marketing to women guru
  • Tony Ellison CEO Shoplet.comprobably the best webstore experience in the world.

We are awaiting confirmation on one more champion and will announce details shortly. We will be holding a Wholesaler FORUM too to discuss the future role of OP wholesaling.


To attend the Breakthrough 10 conference please go to subscrition and select the Breakthough option you require.

"Tomorrow's News Today,

not yesterday's news tomorrow."

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