• Screen Shot 2024 03 12 at 2.59.37 PMAs B2B mktg fades...
    Ur B2U imperative

    Do content creators know
    customers better than you?

    Reaching consumers where they are, not expecting them to find you, has always been the key to selling products or services. "This is more true when it comes to the Gen Zcustomer, in their 20s, the fast growing and  valuable cohort, especially women, the majority decision makers" writes Meagan Loyst founder of GenZ VCs

  • Screen Shot 2024 02 09 at 6.04.40 PMHalting  H y P a c
    market normalizes

    Volumes flat. Prices flatter
    Who's winning mkt share?

    Hygiene, Foodservice & Packaging (HyPac) is now #1 business supply category alongside technology. Progressive business suppliers & brands have pivoted into hygiene, safety, food service, packaging and wellness services. Proficiency Index'sQ4'23 analysis shows volumes recovering slowly, but prices flattening. Updated for Sappi, KPTissue, ABM, OptiGroup and DSSmith

  • Vulture cap crash 2022

    Save capitalism!
    Rid vulture caps

    After many flops, high-risk 
    IT/OP investments destroyed

    The Telegraph commentator Andrew Orlowski opines on the demise of venture capitalists.with a piece headlined "To save capitalism, get rid of venture capitalists". He highlights prime examples including WeWork & FTX. We of course can highlight numerous cases that have destroyed the office supply industry and summarize here....

  • Screen Shot 2024 02 18 at 10.15.54 PM2023: Time Return
    to the Office died?

    Experts share WFH/Hybrid
    work trends expected in '24

    WFH numbers have held steady throughout most of 2023 in the US & UK. And according to expert researchers in office work trends, they're expected to continue at c50-60% of 2019 levels as company leaders adjust to huge property cost savings and productivity gains available 

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ODgate Scandal – Breaking News

Florida fire
Office Depot

Will president Schmidt blame the economy again for this loss?

28 Feb 10

Memos from the Hillsborough County auditor reveal that the Florida Department of Management Services (DMS) has decided to terminate the current office supply contract with Office Depot through the U.S. Communities.

When will other state agencies wake up to the dodgy Depot dealings with US Commuities contracts?

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