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ODGate Scandal: Breaking News

Depot’s denials
d i s m a n t l e d

Fraudulent overcharging process

upheld by new audit findings


15 Sep’11

Whistleblower David Sherwin claims that new revelations in Dallas and Detroit have upheld the findings against Office Depot in April 2010 by Jim Barnes and the Hillsborough County (FL) audit staff.

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Will OPI dishonour

Depot’s dirty deeds?

Griffin calls for recognition of

Whistleblower Sherwin’s zeal


6 Sep’11

Diane Griffin, owner of Radstons Office Supply (Hercules, CA) has emailed OPI calling them to demonstrate journalistic courage and balance its unhealthy bias towards fraudsters Office Depot. Here are the full details...

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Breaking News
ODGate Scandal

Now, Depot does
Detroit for $5.2m

Inspector reports public schools
district fraudulently overcharged


1 Sep’11

Office Depot, the deeply troubled #2 global office reseller, continued to be riddled with allegations of systematic and fraudulent overcharging of state and local government departments. Last week it was, Dallas, this week its Detroit…next week Denver?

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ODGate Scandal Latest News

D e p o t  d o e s
Dallas for $1.8m

Auditor’s report released on
US Communities contract


29 Aug’11

The Dallas County Auditor released its findings earlier today relating to investigations into Office Depot’s office supplies contract…

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Breaking News!

Depot a disgrace

Florida County Palm'd off for Texas


30 Jul’11

Old habits die-hard! As much as we wish to move on from the ODgate Scandal saga , CEO Neil Austrian perpetuates or tolerates its deceptive practices by robbing its home state.

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Breaking News

Depot shacking up with sharks?

Financial partners tied
to bank seized by FDIC


9 Jul’11

You could not make this stuff up! Office Depot desperately seeking to boost sales with small businesses, announced yesterday, a small business loan program. Problem is…





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Depot death
rattle and roll…

Colorado catches and
fines cheating contractor


7 Jun’11

Yesterday was an extremely bad day in the office for Office Depot. Rated a junk stock by Nomura; fined heavily by the Colorado state Attorney General; and the last remaining US sales executive talent resigned. Is this curtains?

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NY 7th state
to investigate

Attorney Generals close in on
Office Depot’s frequent frauds


16 May 11

Office Depot whistleblower David Sherwin disclosed on yesterday that he was informed of the NY AG investigation through Nicholas Suplina, an assistant Attorney General in New York.

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Feds to flush out
frequent fraudsters

Did Depot directors deliberately

deceive to spike share price?


7 Apr’11

A new Federal action lawsuit alleges Office Depot and officers & directors participated in an illegal fraudulent scheme to enrich themselves and manipulate the company's stock price.

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Depot lambasted
by legal actions

Beleaguered bigbox battered
and besieged by bitter shareholders


7 Apr’11

The vultures are circling Boca Raton, the palatial global headquarters of Office Depot. The Annual Shareholders Meeting scheduled in 2 weeks could be a bloodbath.

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