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ODgate Scandal rages

Resign call for
California official

Whistleblower accuses
procurement chief of failure

to uphold state law


8 Mar’12

Today, Office Depot whistle-blower David Sherwin has called on the California DGS, State Procurement Officer, Jim Butler to immediately resign his position.

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Depot CUF linked
to California scam

Asinine Austrian fails to elevate
ethics code and violates law


29 Feb’12

Office Depot’s obsession with incompetence and unethical behaviour knows no bounds. They have returned to plunder the California State contract they lost in 2010, illegally…

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ODGate Scandal:
Special Report

Depot damaged
and drowning...

More fraud investigations to

plague and sink it in 2012?


19 Feb’12

May’12 marks the 5th anniversary of self-destruction for the beleaguered ex-#1 bigbox Office Depot. Instead of abating, the fraud investigations are expected to escalate …

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ODgate Scandal News

in Seattle-2

City to audit Office Depot’s
fraudulent overcharging


13 Dec’11 (Updated)

Today the Seattle Times reported that the City of Seattle would investigate allegations, first reported in PP News on 30 Nov’11 by whistle-blower David Sherwin, that Office Depot overcharged it by $millions. Why is CEO Neil Austrian abdicating responsibility?

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ODgate Scandal Breaking News

S h a m e l e s s
i n  S e a t t l e

Whistleblower claims Depot’s $Millions in fraudulent overcharges spreads west


30 Nov’11

Office Depot whistleblower David Sherwin has just announced that he believes that the City of Seattle has been a victim of another $Millions overcharging scam...

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Determined Dave
to deliver justice

Whistleblower Sherwin’s relentless
resolve to expose Depot’s dirty deeds


15 Nov’11

One month ago, Office Depot whistleblower David Sherwin announced tragically, that he was terminally ill. We have spoken several times since and he will be redoubling his efforts to bring the fraudulent, fading force to proper justice…whatever it takes...

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ODgate Scandal News

Depot demands 
fraud story erasure

Threatens legal action v publisher of US Communities conspiracy report


16 Oct’11 (updated)

Office Depot today threatened Business Insider with libel suit and forced it to take down the article that was critical of its collusion on the US Communities contract before it lost the business in December’10. We get whistleblower David Sherwin's reaction...

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ODgate Scandal

Depot’s USComm
collusion revisited

Fraudulent overcharging and
commission kickbacks exposed

14 Oct’11

Stephanie Maier of Pajamas Media has written a terrific expose on the US Communities and Office Depot conspiracy we first reported with Rick Marlette’s analysis in February 2008. The stink is not going away from Depot's denials and deceit...

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Depot faces the 
heat in Houston

US Communities contract under
scrutiny from fraud investigators


13 Oct’11

The City of Houston Controller's office has informed whistle-blower David Sherwin that they are opening an investigative audit of Office Depot for pricing fraud/overcharging on the US Communities contract.

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D a l l a s
does Depot

Is US Communities still colluding
to cover up past overcharging?


25 Sep’11

Office Depot, the battered and beleaguered bigbox, will be hit with more bad news on Tuesday when Dallas County dumps its supplies  contract…

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