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sues Depot…

Multiple, multistate $M claims

in systematic overcharging scam


4 Nov’12

Office Depot whistleblower David Sherwin is suing his former employer under the False Claims Act for fraudulent systematic overcharging of government agencies…

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Depot’s dirty
deeds detour

Phantom 'pass-through
scam' partner used in Texas


25 Oct’12

Old habits die-hard! Office Depot has revived the dodgy ‘Epylon’ pass-through scam it used prolifically in San Francisco 3-4 years ago to masquerade unethically as an independent dealer


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Depot to feel
Houston heat

Auditors urged to pursue Depot
and USC for systematic fraud


8 Oct’12

Whistleblower David Sherwin has urged City of Houston Auditor’s Office to hold both Office Depot and U.S. Communities accountable for overcharges amounting to $5m+....

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Breaking News
ODGate Scandal

Depot: $1m fraud
deal with Detroit

DPS overcharges claim of $5.2m
cut after vendor negotiation


27 Aug’12

The Inspector General in 2010 investigated Detroit Public School’s claim that Office Depot had overcharged by $m’s. We update you on the investigations and audits being conducted in 11 states.

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Culver honor
code credited

Divulging Depot’s dirty deeds
inspired by Academy’s morals


3 May’12

Whistleblower David Sherwin credits his years at Culver Military Academy (IN) as his guiding moral compass in exposing Office Depot's systematic fraudulent overcharging schemes.

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Crime pays? State awards
Depot new contract after

being robbed $5m


22 Apr’12

You couldn’t make this stuff up! Washington State Enterprise Services agency announced it has issued new contracts for purchasing office supplies to the most unethical OP supplier on the planet….

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Breaking News:

D e p o t

Deceit and obfuscation rules
over failed ‘best pricing’ practices


3 Apr’12

More details emerged yesterday concerning the termination of Office Depot's National School Supply Contract….

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Depot’s white
wash, won’t wash

Propaganda partner attempts

to minimize USC contract loss


25 Mar’12

On Friday OPI published a story headed ‘Schools contract didn't achieve expected sales’ leaving readers with a false impression of Office Depot’s recent heavy losses…

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Depot dismissed
from schools contract

US Communities severs all ties


19 Mar’12

In another massive blow to the beleaguered bigbox player Office Depot, U.S. Communities (USC) has announced the termination of the National School Supply Contract through lead agency Fairfax County Schools (VA)...

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ODgate Scandal:
Breaking News!

D e p o t  does
Dallas for $1.8m

Assisting Texas neighbours
with similar fraud investigations


13 Mar’12

Dallas County has today released emails revealing that it assisting the City of Houston and Maricopa County in ongoing fraud audits-investigations of Office Depot.

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