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ODGate Scandal – Breaking News

Angry Attorney demands full compensation

San Francisco chief on warpath… Desperate Depot cover-up again


Report from today’s San Francisco Citizen


22 Dec 09

San Francisco’s recent audit of global #2 office supplier Office Depot’s contract with the city has prompted City Attorney Dennis Herrera to take action today.

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Dirty Depot deflecting denigrators

BullSchmidt blames whistleblower for San Francisco audit exposure


20 Dec 09

Office Depot Business Solutions president Steve Schmidt has blamed Whistleblower David Sherwin for his part in San Francisco Audit Report findings showing $5.75m in overcharges on their contract. Just another 'red herring' from the beleaguered giant?

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ODgate Scandal - Breaking News!

Depot fraud tops $10m in California

Typically dismissive denials re SF audit from their PR machine

19 Dec 09

Like it or not, we will have to get used to these headlines as Office Depot’s fraudulent and systematic overcharging goes mainstream in the US press. Today San Francisco Chronicle tomorrow NY Times and Wall Street Journal?


We have been banging on about Depot deceptions, collusion and conspiracies against their biggest customers, state and local governments and taxpayers since May 2007. Many readers are fed up with these reports, asking us to give them a break, as though the transgressions were historical.


Depot’s fraudulent practices are current, exacerbated by a deceitful management cover-ups. We will continue our crusade to get rid of these incompetents to restore the former good name of Office Depot and the OP industry.

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ODgate Scandal

Latest Depot duo in the dock

Whistleblower to raise criminal proceedings v Odland/Schmidt

7 Dec 09
Ex-Office Depot whistle-blower and SEC cooperating witness David Sherwin of Fort Myers FL) has stated his intent to challenge the SEC filing versus Office Depot.

Specifically, whistle-blower Sherwin intends on amending the SEC filing to include criminal charges against the CEO Steve Odland and BSD President Steve Schmidt. As a cooperating witness and complainant Sherwin has standing with the commission in determining whether civil or criminal sanctions should be sought against Office Depot.

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BullSchmidt’s blame game backfires

Fired California salesman’s attorney fires back at Depot’s false accusations

8 Aug 09
Steve Schmidt the increasingly paranoid president of Office Depot’s BS division last week accused the fired  ex-salesman Earl Ante of managing the overcharging process of City of Berkeley.

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ODgate Scandal Exclusive

Depot’s dirty denials drag on

BullSchmidt gets FAQ’s wrong again, attacks fired salesman over “false lawsuit allegations”

6  Aug 09
You couldn’t make this up! Office Depot has once again posted misleading information on its investors website, this time attacking a  fired employee who refused to take part in their systematic overcharging of government accounts.

This is yet another act of desperation by Steve Schmidt, the increasingly paranoid president of Depot’s Business Solutions Division.

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California creaming with Depot kickbacks?

Nonprofit US Communities under heavy suspicion for collusion, conspiracy and fraudulent practices

5 Aug 09
Recently, on the state level, the National Office Products Alliance (NOPA), the US trade association, issued a press release urging the the California Attorney General to look specifically at Office Depot's Walnut Creek-based US Communities contracts. Regular readers will remember that Proficiency Post broke this story exclusively back in July 2008 covering what we headlined at the time as ‘Nonprofit or Con-Profit?’

The story is about to go mainstream….  

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ODgate Scandal - Breaking News

Ex-Depot rep fired for refusing to falsify facts?

Suing Depot for wrongful dismissal re City of Berkeley fraudulent overcharging investigation

29 Jul 09 (Updated 1500 UK time; 1100 ET)
News came through yesterday which threatens to reopen the City of Berkeley overcharging episode where Office Depot paid $289,000 compensation earlier this year  

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Depot disclose more fraud investigations

Attorney Generals act

in Ohio and California

21 Jul 09

Office Depot announced today on its investors website that the Attorney General of Ohio and California states have initiated civil fraud investigations into its office supply contracts with its biggest customer US Communities.

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ODgate Scandal
Revisited: Conspiracy in the Communities

Nonprofit or Con-profit?

Where do the US Communities
multi-$millions rebates go?

17 Jul 09

US Communities and California Communities the trading partners of are Nonprofit organisations run exclusively by Stephen Hamill and Gerry Burke owners of a for-profit company called HB Capital Resources.

During the course of our investigatory work into the mysterious workings of the ‘Communities’ in July 2008 we discovered articles by who was conducting investigations into ‘an obscure public agency (that) operates outside the public view, often awarding financial benefits to private business. Critics call it a bad way to do the public's Orange County Register’s Brian Joseph business.’

We have decided to revisit the US Communities Conspiracy Case…we think this is going to flush out more fraudulent activity and collusion between Office Depot and its biggest customer.

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