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  • Screen Shot 2019 05 21 at 2.25.45 PMEtailers escape
    from reality...

    Casual customer dating
    does not sustain growth

    Five years ago, we reported that the rapid OP etailer expansion was peaking, as a result of Amazon's aggression and the incidence of high customer churn from its disloyal 'casual dating' model. Progressive resellers exercising a deep customer intimacy model have achieved sustained success as etailers escape the market...

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  • Screen Shot 2019 05 21 at 10.44.17 AMStanley's Smart
    factory project

    New Craftsman tools plant
    opening in Summer 2020

    Stanley Black & Decker
    , the $14Bn tools, storage & OP maker plans to open a new Craftsman manufacturing plant in North Texas. This follows the launch of its Manufacturing 4.0 Centre of Excellence centre in Connecticut last month

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  • Screen Shot 2019 05 21 at 9.51.36 AMExertis Plugs
    bold progress

    International expansion
    drive v top broadliners

    UK Based tech reseller Exertis held its annual 'Plug In' partner event last week, in the illustrious surrounds of Silverstone race track. New group MD Tim Griffin outlined his differentiation plans v international powerhouses Ingram & TechData....


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  • menear craig.HDHome Depot's
    growth sliding

    PRO wholesaler model
    outpaces slow DIY sales

    Home Depot
    the $108Bn+ home & business improvement supplier again reported slower growth in direct sales. In contrast its $3Bn PRO (ex Supply Works) wholesale division is gaining strength with business service providers....

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  • HP death of the printerPrinters plunge
    in Europe Q1'19 

    Context research confirms
    brand leaders sales trends

    Sales of printer hardware through distributors in West Europe (WE) were sharply down by 4.2% in Q1 2019, according to the latest distribution data published by CONTEXT.

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Screen Shot 2019 02 15 at 7.14.56 PMPepsi powers
#FaB growth...

Super snacks sales in
US, Euro & Americas

the giant food & beverages marketer to consumers and business with $65Bn in sales continued to outperform its rivals in excellence & ethical trading in Q4'18

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Sargent staples starboard stranglehold#SPLODGE: FTC
to OK merger

Starboard on activist
work at Staples & Yahoo

Starboard Value chief Jeffrey Smith appeared on CNBC today to comment on his investments in Staples, Office Depot & Yahoo.  He was less than convincing about his constructive interests... updated

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King Justin staples easy#SPLODGE: King
quits Staples 

Protests over Starboard
short term opportunism

The former CEO of Sainsbury’s Justin King has resigned from the board of Staples, in protest at its capitulation to activist investor Starboard Value, 

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Sargent staples starboard strangleholdStarboard force 
Staples change

Is ex-retail accountant
relevant to reinvention?

has accepted Starboard Value's nominee Kunal Kamlani to its board, a move that prompted a rebuke from another director...

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sargent Staples not so easy#SPLODGE: Will
FTC force Depot
contract sell-off?

Market doubts depress
shares sub-

Staples' bid


The Staples takeover value of Office Depot was $11/share. Today the share price is stuck at $9.24. Is the market having doubts about the FTC decision? Will Staples sell off the toxic contract division to appease them?

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bezos-ice-bucket-challengeBezos’ Ice Bucket Bigbox Challenge

Amazon chief rivals Bill Gates for originality; makes mighty moves v Google, Staples & Alibaba

1 Sep'14 (Updated)

Last Friday, we visited the new Seattle headquarters of 'Relentless Robin Hood' himself Jeff Bezos. Amazon has increased its workforce to 130,000+, 25000 of which work in the South Lake Union district. Here follows the 12 points Q&A session

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bezos-jeff-amazon-relentlessRelentless.com aka Amazon

At 20 Amazon is rising rapidly. Can its tree grow to the sky?

30 Jun’14 (Complete 19:00ET)

The current issue of The Economist and yesterday, CNBC-TV focused on the ‘Everything store delivered same-day’ phenomenon we know as Amazon. We discuss and analyse their reports here...

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AMAZONIFICATION-Bezos-squashing-RESELLER-brandsAmazonification! How much is it really hurting?

Bashing bigboxes, whacking wholesalers; injuring indies etc.

No matter how much we beat the drum about the Amazon threat on OP wholesalers’ and resellers’ lifeblood, the majority don’t seem to get how deeply damaging the beast has become? Apologies, follows this morning

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Disrupters12-Bezos-MeehanA m a z o n ‘ s
A n t i t h e s i s 

Personalised productivity services  the answer to ultimate disruptor.

27 May’14 (Complete)
Over the past 40 years most independent dealers' response to bigbox/massmarketers has been to try and match size/buying power. The most successful progressives have done the opposite with huge success…

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Bezos-amazon-river-viewAmazon attack accelerates again

Wholesale stealthy slaughter in biz supplies gets recognition

13 May’14 (Updated)

Forbes’ next feature article is headed “Amazon’s Wholesale slaughter’;Industrial Distribution is running a June conference on ‘Facing the Amazon attack’;Proficiency Post has warned about the #AmazonEffect for 8 years as 'Godzilla' eats OP dealers' and wholesalers' lunch. The press is getting it, will dealers?

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Jeff Bezos is the Modern day Robin HoodAmazon Effect 

Bezos: Modern day Robin Hood?

Amazon chief robs bigboxes to give to the entrepreneur

27 Apr’14 (Updated)

We’ve written prolifically about the imminent World#1 in business supplies Amazon. The motive? To alert dealers to their greatest threat, flying stealthily under the radar, directly to users. We now provide insight from another angle on the Walmart of the Web…

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Cost Cutting King - Jeff Bezos, AmazonCostcutter King Bezos' Amazon slashes prices

AWS cloud services, Kindle, business supplies all reduced 

6 Apr'14

The ‘Cloud Wars’ took last week's headlines as Amazon followed Google in slashing storage prices, but that was only part of the Godzilla’s attack...Tuesday, sorry

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Jeff Bezo pulls Zappos etail moveAmazon Effect!

Is Wayfair home office supply next?

Will Jeff Bezos pull off another Zappos specialty etail move?

6 Feb’14

Amazon, the #1 massemarketer has made many small acquisitions in past 2 years, but not a big one since Kiva Systems and Zappos shoes. Will the near $1Bn home furnishings specialist Wayfair be its next scoop? Tomorrow

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Amazon's Sunday deliveryTHE NEW BIG ISSUE!

Amazon effects Sunday delivery

Stealth attacker set to provide business supplies service in UK

25 Jan’14
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ ‘everything in-store, same-day delivery @ lowest prices’ vision took another big step forward with this latest announcement. Here is the first in a new BIG ISSUE series called The Amazon Effect! 

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Devious DepotSpecial Exclusive Report

Devious Depot:  motions denied

Moves against Whistleblower thrown out by Federal Judge

2 May’13
The Proficiency Post investigative team has obtained a copy of an April 9th Court Order through a Freedom of Information request. Will Office Depot’s actions endanger the Depot/Max merger?

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United Stationers v Office DepotUnified case builds v Depot

Lawyer line up lengthens for California court battle

3 Mar’12
The meeting minutes of the Stockton Unified School District (CA) revealed that attempts at a settlement have failed in the huge overcharging fraud case against Office Depot...

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not yesterday's news tomorrow."

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Latest Frost Bites

Etailers escape from market reality

Screen Shot 2019 05 21 at 2.25.45 PMEtailers escape
from reality...

Casual customer dating
does not sustain growth

Five years ago, we reported that the rapid OP etailer expansion was peaking, as a result of Amazon's aggression and the incidence of high customer churn from its disloyal 'casual dating' model. Progressive resellers exercising a deep customer intimacy model have achieved sustained success as etailers escape the market...


Etailers maul Mall retailers

Bezos godzillaEtailers maul
mall retailers

Death by 1000 cuts
for department stores

Seeking Alpha analyst Wolf Richter reports on the rise and rise of ecommerce at the expense of retail stores especially, the mall locations. We discuss and analyse his findings... Later today


Is it all clicking for Wayfair?

Screen Shot 2019 02 22 at 9.25.47 AMIs it all clicking
for Wayfair?

Skyrocketing sales. What
about service & profits?

, the #1 US furniture reseller is a newly minted Fortune 500 entrant. It has two visionary founders, 2,300 data geeks, and skyrocketing sales. Now it just needs to turn a profit" writes contributgor Jeffrey O'Brien. We discuss his article plus its growing delivery service issues weighing on the brand


Amazon v Walmart War - Who's winning?

Amazon v walmart sumoAMZN v Walmart
War. Who wins?

US #1 retailer online sales
tiny compared w/Godzilla

 steady growth trend has attracted praise from financial press. However, its important to get real when comparing progress v #1 Amazon. Godzilla's US sales online are 6X v Walmart from faster webstore experience & delivery service. We compare the key metrics.....Updated


Will tariffs trump private label lemmings?

Screen Shot 2019 05 14 at 8.35.32 AMWill Tariffs trump
PLabel lemmings?

China Trade War threatens
price hikes for bigboxes

The huge hike in tariff rate to 25% proposed on Chinese imports will almost certainly be passed on where possible to consumers. However, will businesses resist particularly on paper-related private label products? Updated



Disconnected dealers - 2019 Update

disconnected dealer2Disconnected
dealers act now!

Old motive: High GP's;
New: User productivity

Late last century, normal OP dealer motivation was maximising margins and maintaining relationships with stationery buyers. Enter the digital 2000's, Amazon has led the market with personalised service beyond the buyer to Lucy, the typical user chooser, with faster delivery service across a broader business supplies selection. Time to go beyond the buyer! Complete



Will Bain expand hygiene further or flip?

Screen Shot 2019 05 02 at 6.13.13 PMWill Bain expand
hygiene interests
further or flip? 

Bought & IPO'd HDSupply;
Next: Diversey & Imperial?

VC Bain Capital an original investor in Staples has invested in the FM/Hygiene supply market in recent years. In 2017, it bought a top hygiene brand Diversey from Sealed Air and last week took a majority stake in Eastern US jansan reseller Imperial Dade. What's the plan? We look at the options to invest further or flip? Complete


Alibaba to grab Office Depot?

Screen Shot 2019 04 29 at 1.05.04 PMWill A l i b a b a
grab  D e p o t?

China partner to rescue
desperate one cheaply?

, the Chinese based global ecommerce marketplace giant, formed a 'collaborative partnership' with Office Depot last month. What is Alibaba's intent given that it has yet to penetrate the US market successfully? Complete



Fastest delivery speed winner? WMT, TGT or AMZN?

amazon prime deliveryFastest delivery 
speed winner?

Analyst: "WMT & TGT
steps ahead of Amazon"

"Traditional  retailers "Walmart and Target are a step ahead of Amazon in delivery moving to same-day" according to retail equity analyst John Zolidis. Keep up, Amazon have been delivering same day to the world's major cities progressively since 2014.


Will Amazon's CRaP strategy crater?

Bezos unhappy stretchedWill AMZN's CRaP
strategy crater?

Do private label ex-China &
split delivery plans bode ill?

etail growth rate has slowed dramatically over recent quarters. Meanwhile, it's cutting its 'CRaP' defined products; shifting to imported private label; cutting back on small vendors; and splitting deliveries into multiple drops. We discuss the consequences...Updated


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