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  • Screen Shot 2019 10 19 at 1.16.26 PMMason Maximizes
    delivery service

    Owned Trucks designed to
    optimize driver productivity

     iconic branded fleet of 1000 trucks are being enhanced: 2 yrs ago the first electric vehicle customised for multi-category supplies e.g. water. Now the launch of the 'Maximizer' designed to optimise the 'One Source Wonderful' business supply proposition. We spoke with fleet manager John DiLuna... .Later today

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  • Screen Shot 2019 10 16 at 10.52.12 AMCast away the
    'OPeless Island!

    Ominous call for reps &
    dealers lost/shipwrecked

    WBMason CEO Leo Meehan's crescendo call to the salesforce and vendors was sooo moving. He morphed the metaphors from the Titanic & Castaway disasters to inspire laggard reps to transition from OP to the new Business Supply categories.... NOW! Later today

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  • johnsen walter acme nyse lrA c m e United
    loses sharpness

    Shifts focus to safety
    tools & First-aid kits

    Acme United
    today announced slower sales growth in Q3'19 financial results. Sales of core cutting tools slowed whilst moving successfully into first aid & safety products....

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  • Screen Shot 2019 10 19 at 8.17.41 AMWBMason: Best
    in Show Awards

    FM, Hygiene, Refreshments,
    Foodservice, Wellness &
    Ergonomics eclipse OP

    annual 3 day reps & consumer show at Foxwoods highlighted the huge shift in category mix from simple OP to broadline business supplies. Over half the display & demo space was taken by more enterprising productivity providers. We highlight the best in show...

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  • kaluzny stefan sycamoreEssendant exits
    auto/ind business

    Vulture Sycamore offloads
    acqs from Cody Phipps era

    Vulture capitalist Sycamore Partners owners of OP wholesaler Essendant & reseller Staples continued its asset stripping process with the sale of auto & industrial assets acquired over the past 12 years by United Stationers ill advised leaders

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Screen Shot 2019 02 15 at 7.14.56 PMPepsi powers
#FaB growth...

Super snacks sales in
US, Euro & Americas

the giant food & beverages marketer to consumers and business with $65Bn in sales continued to outperform its rivals in excellence & ethical trading in Q4'18

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Sargent staples starboard stranglehold#SPLODGE: FTC
to OK merger

Starboard on activist
work at Staples & Yahoo

Starboard Value chief Jeffrey Smith appeared on CNBC today to comment on his investments in Staples, Office Depot & Yahoo.  He was less than convincing about his constructive interests... updated

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King Justin staples easy#SPLODGE: King
quits Staples 

Protests over Starboard
short term opportunism

The former CEO of Sainsbury’s Justin King has resigned from the board of Staples, in protest at its capitulation to activist investor Starboard Value, 

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Sargent staples starboard strangleholdStarboard force 
Staples change

Is ex-retail accountant
relevant to reinvention?

has accepted Starboard Value's nominee Kunal Kamlani to its board, a move that prompted a rebuke from another director...

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sargent Staples not so easy#SPLODGE: Will
FTC force Depot
contract sell-off?

Market doubts depress
shares sub-

Staples' bid


The Staples takeover value of Office Depot was $11/share. Today the share price is stuck at $9.24. Is the market having doubts about the FTC decision? Will Staples sell off the toxic contract division to appease them?

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bezos-ice-bucket-challengeBezos’ Ice Bucket Bigbox Challenge

Amazon chief rivals Bill Gates for originality; makes mighty moves v Google, Staples & Alibaba

1 Sep'14 (Updated)

Last Friday, we visited the new Seattle headquarters of 'Relentless Robin Hood' himself Jeff Bezos. Amazon has increased its workforce to 130,000+, 25000 of which work in the South Lake Union district. Here follows the 12 points Q&A session

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bezos-jeff-amazon-relentlessRelentless.com aka Amazon

At 20 Amazon is rising rapidly. Can its tree grow to the sky?

30 Jun’14 (Complete 19:00ET)

The current issue of The Economist and yesterday, CNBC-TV focused on the ‘Everything store delivered same-day’ phenomenon we know as Amazon. We discuss and analyse their reports here...

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AMAZONIFICATION-Bezos-squashing-RESELLER-brandsAmazonification! How much is it really hurting?

Bashing bigboxes, whacking wholesalers; injuring indies etc.

No matter how much we beat the drum about the Amazon threat on OP wholesalers’ and resellers’ lifeblood, the majority don’t seem to get how deeply damaging the beast has become? Apologies, follows this morning

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Disrupters12-Bezos-MeehanA m a z o n ‘ s
A n t i t h e s i s 

Personalised productivity services  the answer to ultimate disruptor.

27 May’14 (Complete)
Over the past 40 years most independent dealers' response to bigbox/massmarketers has been to try and match size/buying power. The most successful progressives have done the opposite with huge success…

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Bezos-amazon-river-viewAmazon attack accelerates again

Wholesale stealthy slaughter in biz supplies gets recognition

13 May’14 (Updated)

Forbes’ next feature article is headed “Amazon’s Wholesale slaughter’;Industrial Distribution is running a June conference on ‘Facing the Amazon attack’;Proficiency Post has warned about the #AmazonEffect for 8 years as 'Godzilla' eats OP dealers' and wholesalers' lunch. The press is getting it, will dealers?

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