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  • retail-gloom-lady-cart.pngR e t a i l
    R e t r e a t
    R e t u r n s

    Bigbox & trad dealers
    face death by 1000 clix

    The financial media e.g. CNBC, WSJ, FT has been rhetorical in promoting the 'strong consumer' during 2019, almost to the point of denial of the economic slowdown. Now facts are being reported from leading 'WATCH' retailers that confirm sales growth has stalled, hit by tariffs and economic uncertainty. We preview and analyse Q4'19 results. Updated

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  • Icahn chainsaw carlHP's hopeless
    Xerox defence

    Intimidating Icahn leaves
    Lores frozen in headlights

    The absurd $33Bn bid by Xerox driven by Chainsaw Carl Icahn for the 6X larger HP Inc. should not be happening, HP's board is behaving like an underdog talking about an unconvincing "undervaluation" rather than dismissing the dinosaur copier giant, or more positively counterbidding and taking over Xerox's better equipped direct salesforce

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  • target off targetTarget's tumbling
    Q4 sales trends 

    Electronics hit & slower
    BOPUS growth v AMZN


    Leading US retailer Target reported decelerating sales growth trends in recent quarters compared with 2018. Q4'19 sales, including the Christmas-Thanksgiving holiday, sales fell in organic terms for the first time in recent years

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  • Screen Shot 2020 01 13 at 12.56.57 PMPurell's pure
    hygiene plans 

    GOJO's new CEO Jaros'
    germ fighting growth aim


    Effective 1 Jan GOJO Industries, the Purell hygiene brand maker, named Carey Jaros as CEO. We interview Carey about her plans to accelerate the growth of the 'Purell Solution', to holistically fight the spread of illness causing germs. Tomorrow

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  • 2020 predictions2020 Predictions:

    OPocalypse or

    Who will lead the single
    source biz supply market?

    What will happen with Amazon, Apple, Staples, Essendant, SPR, Depot, WBMason, HP/Xerox, Uber, Imperial Dade, SPOT (Spicers-OfficeTeam), EVO/VOW, Westcoast, dealers, groups, wholesalers, manufacturers in 2020. Here are our predictions.... Complete

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veritiv truck crashVeritiv's virtual
crash looming?

Double digit dive; lame
leaders; takeover target?

the leading US paper & packaging wholesaler, continued its terminal tailspin with sales and market cap plunging. The exUnisource-xpdx combo has announced senior management changes whilst CEO Mary Laschinger's tenure looks tenuous ahead of a probable 'fire sale' to its main rival? 

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Screen Shot 2019 12 09 at 2.48.37 PMCrafty Chainsaw
hypes HP/Xerox
growth potential

Icahn & Co pitch $1.5Bn+
sales from dinosaur duo?

Activist Carl 'Chainsaw' Icahn investor led Xerox has started meeting with HP shareholders to make the case for its proposed $33B merger. We understand Chainsaw's exaggerated call on synergy savings, but to throw in $1.5Bn in sales growth for the drowning dinosaur duo is pure fantasy....

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AMAZONIFICATION Bezos squashing RESELLER brandsAmazon business
supplies blazing 

RBC Cap analyst claims
B2B div underestimated

Highly respected tech analyst Mark Mahaney of RBC Capital Markets reckons the rapidly growing Amazon Business division is hugely underestimated by investors. Mahaney says sales will reach $30Bn by 2023. Proficiency Index forecasts Amazon's business supplies in total globally will exceed $40Bn in 2019. We compare numbers & discuss 

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Bezos godzillaBezos bites Trump
over JEDI decision

Pentagon pushed to take
Microsoft's inferior service

CEO Jeff Bezos has accused President Trump of launching “behind-the-scenes attacks” against Amazon, that caused the loss of the $10Bn cloud services contract to a less qualified Microsoft. 

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Betts terry CCS deskCCS Media sales
soar past £250m

Academies & flex working
fuel phenomenal growth

UK's leading independent
 office dealer CCS Media
will break through the £250m ($300m) revenue this year. Another year of powerful double digit growth. We speak with CEO Terry Betts about the investment in people development and results... On Monday

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Screen Shot 2019 12 05 at 1.47.55 PMIs Jeff  B e z o s
s p a c e d  out?

Losing control of AMZN?
Concedes 10th own-goal

Throughout 2019 we have chronicled the major strategic & tactical missteps we believe CEO Jeff Bezos' etailer Amazon has made. Just this week, the NY Times reported the massive amount of packages that go missing from sub-contracted delivery firms via theft or unreliability. This is the 10th own goal conceded this year. Is Bezos losing control? Updated

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Screen Shot 2019 11 06 at 5.23.48 PMShared HP/Xerox
investors united?

Merger likelihood lifted by
big common shareholders

"Shared investors make HP-Xerox deal ‘more likely" states an expert analyst. Besides activist 'Chainsaw' Carl Icahn over 23% of shares in each company are shared. Will the "no brainer" merger provoke the hedging HP board to react with a discounted bid for sinking Xerox next week? The dinosaur dance drags on.....

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Screen Shot 2019 12 10 at 1.48.59 AMDesperate Depot:
partnership pose

Procurement pressure to
"differentiate optimally"?

Office Depot Europe
recently held its annual vendor conference in Noordwijk, Netherlands. The 'competitive partnerships' theme was a euphemism for squeezing better terms with little sign of strategic recovery from its vulture cap owner Aurelius' induced terminal tailspin and asset strip. 

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paperworld 2017Brandmakers: Are

shows worthwhile?

Trade Expo limited effect:
Poor engagement, demos
by reps, low interest & ROI

Industrial Distribution
writer Paul Kiesche asks the headline question about Trade Show effectiveness. We have witnessed the same diminishing experience with OP Expos over the past 20 years ranging from plummeting Paperworld to dealer group events. Networking & private meetings are the order of the day. We revisit the topic...

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florness don fastenalFastenal fading

Decelerating demand +
tariffs turning for worse?

, the $5Bn in sales, US reseller of MRO & vending supplies, continued to slowdown in November from its rapid double digit pace of growth in early 2019. This is usually a leading indicator for slowing business and consumer demand in Q4'19. Watch this space...

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