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  • stairway to heaven 2017WFH Winners
    expose Losers

    Personalised productivity
    service providers to users
    gain local brand identity

    amazing 40% growth to reach $10Bn in business supplies during the Covid quarter exposed the huge deficiencies in service levels from traditional OP dealers.  Amazon became the default 'first call' supplier for 'Everything WFH supplies'. In spite of its dominance, many responsive progressive dealers pivoted powerfully to the new immediate market standards. We highlight the winners....Updated

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  • Gazelle leaps bigboxLess means more
    P r o d u c t i v i t y

    Wake up to new Touchless
    Paper/Officeless, Spotless
    Wasteless business world

    There's no doubt after 5mos of Covid lockdown & 'WFH' that future trends have been brought forward. Consider the acceleration in technology use by all ages: MCommerce, less commuting, Zoom meetings & conferences; hygiene, safety, health & wellness awareness; protective packaging. Moreover the shift towards a greener more sustainable world. We discuss the trends. Updated

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  • commodity cliffPrint/papermakers
    plunge off a cliff

    OPocalypse: Diminished

    Most leading OP, Paper & Print makers reported severe sales declines in Q2'20. Printer Paper demand is down 60%+ since 2008; another -30% in Q2;the shift to hygiene and packaging is huge. We analyse Q2 results.  Updated today for Domtar

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  • office depot sinking ship350 2Deceitful Depot
    deeper and down

    New 'ODPCorp' 'Max B2B'
    Smith's 'deckchair shifting'
    cliches on a sinking ship

    Newly named ODP Corporation (ex-Office Depot-OfficeMax), sank at a deepening rate in Q2'20. OP core sales were crushed with hygiene essentials in retail & online softening the decline. We analyse CEO Gerry 'Smudger' Smith's hollow & misleading commentary and update on the 'white knight' life saver.

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  • jones yancey snr TSR 20Will SPR investors

    expand biz supply?

    Is narrowline 'holesaler
    just a buying group play?

    After many failed attempts Genuine Parts finally sold SPRichards to an Investor Group led by TSR's enterprising chief Yancey Jones (pic left). What's the plan? Will it continue a buying group bias or invest in broadline business supply to compete with Amazon? We review

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Cogan andrew knollKnoll knocked
out by Covid

Office systems: Fully WFH
boosted. Lifestyle weaker

a leading office furniture brand, reported a huge decline in sales and profits in both the office & lifestyle market in Q2'20. CEO Andrew Cogan outlined his strategy for the changing marketplace and how recent acquisition Fully will positively impact WFHome sales.

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Screen Shot 2020 07 23 at 4.18.20 PMAlibaba ads office
supplies in US mkt 

Who'll deliver to customers
via its unfriendly webstore?

 $72Bn in sales, primarily serving the China e-marketplace ($1Tn in gross merchanting value), is making its long awaited move in the US office supply market. The clunky webstore is up and running, but brand sources are difficult to identify; and delivery methods opaque. Will Office Depot be 'Faking Care of Business'

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Hsu mike KCK-Clark high on
consumer hygiene

Covid crisis hurts business
towels & tissues demand

Kimberly-Clark (K-C) the global personal hygiene brandmaker, reported strong Q2'20 financial results boosted by huge consumer demand for towels & tissues caused by Covid pandemic. Personal care & professional markets suffered though. CEO Mike Hsu comments on progress across all segments and markets

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Pesonen Jussi UPM 20pngUPM print paper
demand crashes

Mill closures, strikes add to
misery of market collapse

UPM Kymmene,
the world’s #3 papermaker, reported its worst quarter for years with sinking printer paper demand, exacerbated by mill closures. Labelmaking demand was the only bright spot. CEO Jussi Pesonen comments on the continued collapse

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jape alan unilever20Unilever leaner,
cleaner, greener

Hygiene giant WFH chief
reports Covid resilience

the $60Bn hygiene, personal care, food & refreshments giant reported resilient financials during Covid hit Q2'20. WFHome CEO Alan Jape commented on progress of his 4 strategic priorities beyond Covid 

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McPherson DC grainger cuts tapeGrainger claims
market gains??

FM leader's demand down
saved by strong PPE supply

Grainger, the $11Bn+ in sales, leading international broadline industrial & business supplier reported declining demand in Q2'20. "Sales were boosted by PPE supplies and we gained market share" claimed CEO DGMacPherson .

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Screen Shot 2020 07 20 at 2.41.18 PMHygiene & safety
supplies > OP mkt

IT, coffee, water, PPE, Pkg,
ergonomics exceed paper

The Covid crisis has punctured the OP market. It has accelerated growth categories in IT, hygiene, safety, refreshments, food care & ergonomics. The health, wellness & environmental care market is making the trad paper related supplies market look redundant; a huge risk to dealers that have not adapted to the new market dynamics. 

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silly number nonsenseNonsense numbers
from NPR OP study

US market +10% in May?
Stable demand thru 2022?

reputation for reliable research is in extreme doubt after it claimed +10% OP growth in May? Moreover, it forecasts stable demand thru 2022? Most resellers will confirm that demand was down -30%+ with OP, MPS, furniture & breakroom crashing. IT, Hygiene & PPE were strong but most OP resellers are only narrowly represented. Updated

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lorenger jeff HNIHON-Allsteel's
furniture crash

Contract & refurb sales
crushed by Covid crisis 

HNI (HON + AllSteel)
, the $2Bn US furnituremaker, reported a Covid induced demand slowdown in Q2'20 in both contract & office supply markets, with CEO Jeff Lorenger cautious but confident about long term direction

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nadella satya msoft cloudMighty Microsoft

higher on Cloud

Satya Nadella heralds in
"everything remote world"

reported powerful results again for Q4'20. Since CEO Satya Nadella took over 5yrs ago the reinvention and focus on personalization and mobile technology via Azure Cloud & Dynamics business software has produced powerful & sustained results

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