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  • OPocalypse now Mar17Beyond OPocalypse to

    A Higher Hygiene
    & Wellness Market

    Pandemic to personal
    productivity protection

    Before the Coronavirus pandemic tragedy the OP market was collapsing with paper & printer makers running below half 2010 demand levels. The 'Essentials' supply focus is a stark reminder that unless business suppliers' service includes hygiene & safety, refreshments, foodservice, IT & packaging products, the future is bleak. Every cloud has a silver lining.... Weekend

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  • Screen Shot 2020 03 24 at 2.40.03 PM'Essentials' ease
    dealers doom

    Hygiene, water, IT, packg
    supplies save deliveries

    The CV shutdown of all businesses except 'Essentials' supply by national & local government in US & UK would normally close office supply dealers. Those progressive resellers that have embraced broadline business supplies, have continued inc. home delivery, even though it means more, smaller individual drops at higher cost to serve....

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  • Screen Shot 2020 03 22 at 3.56.33 PMMask up delivery
    service workers!

    Support front-line food &
    hygiene supply teams

    "The coronavirus (CV) pandemic shows the need to overhaul how to treat delivery & frontline customer service teams" writes Business
    Diana Enriquez. Good advice for dealers in business supply to ensure service teams 'mask-up' to reassure customers & get CV tests if they sense the symptoms... Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2020 03 23 at 3.04.20 PMHygiene Suppliers
    heighten delivery

    Leaders: P&G, 3M, Clorox,
    KC, Purell, EcoLab respond

    The Coronavirus pandemic has hammered consumers & business supply demand with worse to come. Meanwhile, food & beverage, pharmacy & home technology suppliers are booming inc. makers & distributors that responded to the urgent need for greater personal protection & higher hygiene standards.. We review case studies... Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2020 03 19 at 1.39.09 PMBuybacks v
    B a i l  O u t s?

    Greedy or Needy?
    Can share purchase
    plans be justified now?

    , the tailspinning US #1 paper merchant just announced a share buy back plan at a time when sales & profits were crashing pre CV. Meanwhile, many corporations are calling for bail out support from government as survival becomes their priority. How do they reconcile this greed with the CV pandemic about to explode across the US?

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dell michel pres hands downDell delivers
slower growth

VMWare powers ahead.
Storage & servers down

Dell Technologies
reported slower growth in core categories in Q4'20 but a return to profitability after a roller coaster year of distractions. VMWare continues to be the consistent high growth performer

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Verso Mill smokeVerso Paper
plunges again

Mill closure & asset sale.
Board seeking saviour

Verso Paper, the $2.7Bn papermaker, has engaged strategic financial advisers to consider a possible merger or sale. Q4'19 results confirm its difficult position including a mill closure and sale of another to match declining demand

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Screen Shot 2020 02 27 at 2.08.50 PMMondi momentum
marred by market

Paper plunge + low prices
& less packaging power

Mondi Group,
the €7Bn in sales international paper & packaging maker reported weaker demand & profits in H2'19, resulting from reversal of price increases enjoyed in the first half 2019

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johnsen walter acme nyse lrAcme United's

safety success

US core strength boosted
by First Aid acquisition

Acme United
today announced stronger Q4'19 financial results. Sales of core cutting tools e.g. Westcott scissors held up, whilst moving successfully into First Aid & safety products....

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Keurig lady coffeemakerKeurig brews up
hot coffee results

Dr. Pepper brands' steady.
'Drink well, Do good' plan

Keurig Dr. Pepper,
the $11Bn beverage giant confirmed progress in integrating its house of beverage brands in Q4'19 results. Meanwhile, core coffee results were stronger, but still in need of extra shot of espresso

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veritiv truck crashVeritiv crashes in

terminal tailspin

Diving demand & prices
bode badly. Fire Sale?

, the leading US paper & packaging wholesaler, continued in a terminal tailspin. All segments inc, packagong & facility supplies were in freefall. How much longer will investors tolerate incompetent management of this imploding acquisition target?

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Piourde Mario cascades brandCascades Tissue
price hurts sales

Pvt label makers' merger
expects huge synergies

Leading Canadian tissue & board maker Cascades reported slower sales growth as softer pricing hit a buoyant hygiene market. CEO Mario Piourde is more optimistic about the market in 2020

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Barry Corie BBY 20Best Buy beaten
back on growth

Complacent CEO in denial
re mkt share slide v AMZN

Best Buy,
the $44Bn US electronics retailer continued its anaemic real growth trend. CEO Corie Barry's Q4'20 report maintained her predecessor's "strong" hype re average online growth rate and outlook. Are analysts making a silk purse out of a pig's ear?

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antalis truck taillightsAiling Antalis
avoids reality

Market crash. Late action.
ReOrg but no reinvention?


Europe's #1 paper merchant, Antalis has yet to report Q4'19 results, that are expected to confirm a continuing slide in demand. The CEO has announced a reorganisation involving cost cuts, blaming market uncertainty; with no growth or reinvention strategy, as it steers towards the sunset

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Depot sinking shipDesperate Depot's
deceitful downfall

'Smudger' Smith's ship
sinks deeeper & dowwn

Office Depot/OfficeMax,
sank deeper in Q4'19. Core sales plunged, disguised by acquisitions; the toxic takeover of Compucom; and the failure of its dodgy services strategy. We analyse CEO Gerry 'Smudger' Smith's hollow hype & misleading Q&A session. Still waiting for Chinese web giant Alibaba or a white knight to come to the rescue?

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