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  • Lucy wfh iphone deskYour MCommerce 
    imperative call!

    All generations intolerant
    of substandard webstores

    Business consumers in hybrid working situations are all losing tolerance with substandard mobile webstore experiences writes Raconteur's  Oliver Pickup. Business supplies dealers have been tardy in transition and must wake up to the fact that industry leaders eg Amazon & Wayfair get 70% of their business from mobile device users. Action please!

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  • Most admired leaders 2018New Biz Supplies
    Benchmark Index

    16 categories to measure
    Best Practice CRM sales

    Proficiency Index
    has for 30yrs+ measured dealers' sales performance v best practice benchmarks. The benefits have enabled sales people to identify gaps in customer demand in order to maximise sales potential and improve customer productivity. We have updated the Index over 16 new business supply categories...

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  • Productivity stairway to heaven2Essentials of the
    New Business
    Supply Market

    Users' wants and needs:
    Personalised productivity

    We've decided to challenge OPI's pessimistic 'State of the OP Industry' report by providing a guide to the huge hybrid working opportunities that abound in the 'New Broadline Business Supply Market'. The report published yesterday covers: personalised B2U/WFH marketing, the broadline 16 business categories, MCommerce, CRM analysis and the integrated same day delivery winners...Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2021 05 17 at 12.25.37 PMWhat users really
    feel about MSP's?

    CRN Essential reports on
    outsourcing inc. MPS hype

    We hear a lot about the growth of managed services market (MSP's/MPS), but little from users about what they really think of the outsourced services model. The latest CRN Essential report features exclusive data that reveals the good, bad and ugly of how over 300 UK IT decision makers feel...

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  • Screen Shot 2021 05 15 at 1.44.29 PMProductivity watch
    for hybrid working?

    Surveillance an unwelcome
    intrusion v trust & privacy

    Software can track workers’ keystrokes, mouse movements, and website visits; screenshots can check attentiveness all in the name of productivity. However, this 'quantity' measure pales in comparison to the 'quality' of results motivated by trust and ownership....

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Screen Shot 2021 02 09 at 9.48.30 AMAramark business

services battered

Uniforms undone less as
Covid crunched demand

 the global $16Bn business services provider in food, FM & uniforms reported some recovery from depressed revenues in Q2'21. CEO John Zillmer plans to "elevate the hospitality culture" and transform customer orientation were massively disrupted 

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Screen Shot 2020 12 14 at 2.39.29 PMISGroup's SMART
growth initiatives

Supplier partners promote
inc. Newell, HON & Acco

Independent Suppliers Group
, today commenced its SMART Solutions virtual series of key supplier presentations aimed at accelerating growth in the new hybrid working future. We discussed plans with ceo Mike Gentile

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Smith Gerry Depot BizarroODP specious ceo
Smith goes Bizarro!

Prez trappings: ChiefofStaff
expose BS reality showman

You could not make this stuff up! Remember, Steve Odland's reign at Office Depot (2005-10)? We thought no ceo could be more dishonest? Now the current ceo Gerry 'Smudger' Smith's 4 year reign at newly contrived ODP Corp has proved even more deceitful & delusional. Smith's BS arrogance has gone Bizarro!

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Energizer drum burstEnergizer elevates
battery  p o w e r

New US distribution boosts
organic growth inc auto

Energizer the enterprising personal care & battery supplier to businesses, maintained strong organic sales growth in Q2'21. It has regained extra battery power with expanded US distribution under the new ceo.

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Hybrid Office workers 21Furnituremakers
fall as WFH fires

Corporate office collapse,
as home suppliers surge!

Furnituremakers Review Q1'21: Covid killed the corporate furniture market. Leading makers reported 30%+ demand declines. Meanwhile, WFH suppliers like Amazon, Wayfair (pic left) exploded with record revenues. We review leaders and the new developments that accelerated the B2U, Worklife Confluence & Ergonomics movement Updated daily

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Screen Shot 2021 05 10 at 10.11.16 AM3 D  P r i n t i n g
boat still afloat?

3DSystems H/Care boost
Stratasys sales bottom out

3D printing leaders Stratasys (MakerBot) & 3D Systems reported a slower rate of decline and losses in Q1'21. The bubble has truly burst + HP has yet to successfully shift in the industrial market. Optimism is still rife from the ceo's

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dirrt vr screenDisrupted DIRTT's
deep depression 

Desperate CEO still no
sign of turnaround plan?

DIRTT Environmental Solutions
, the tech design/installer of sustainable office & residential interiors, has seen a dramatic demand dive since the founder management departures of 2018/19. The new CEO blames previous management, and even thru Covid depression, has yet to communicate a viable plan for recovery

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kimball furnitureKimball's corp
sales depressed

Health care & hospitality
hurt by Covid collapse

Hospitality, health care & office furnituremaker Kimball International, announced slower growth results for its Q1'21. The National brand of office furniture is fueling growth recovery 

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harris Joanne StaplesStaples senior
execs reshuffle

CCO & CTO depart as
SBAdvantage struggles

Staples Business Advantage's 
corporate supply division has suffered from the Covid induced lockdown this last 15 months, just like main competitors. Now we understand that Chief Commercial Officer Joanne Harris has departed along with some other senior executives....

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Pinnacle montageNew larger dealer
group's Depot bid?

Pinnacle members working
w/wholesaler to fund deal?

No smoke with out fire? PP Sources inform that a group of larger US OP dealers (up to 20) have considered acquisition of the beleaguered bigbox ODP Corp's (Depot BS division) $4.5Bn in sales, delivery business. We await details of backers' names in terms of funding and wholesaler support, if indeed it proceeds? Breaking...the approach may have fizzled?

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