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  • resilient leaders 23Bouncebackability
    Index Leaderboard

    Q4'22 analysis highlights
    resilient Winners v Losers

    Reports are all in for Business Supply players in Q4'22. Predictably they show inflated profits but weak sales recovery v pre-Covid 'norm' Q4'19. Proficiency Index reports the Leaderboard of makers, wholesalers & dealers' 'Bouncebackability' performance. It covers 100 leading paper & printer makers, hygiene, foodservice and packaging suppliers, OP/furnituremakers and retailers Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2022 12 09 at 2.14.03 PMHealthy Hygiene
    market normalizes

    Who won/lost market share?
    Price inflation average +12%

    Hygiene is now #1 business supply category alongside technology. Progressive business suppliers: brandmakers, dealers have pivoted into hygiene, safety, foodservice & packaging, WFH-tech & wellness services. Proficiency Index Q4'22 analysis is almost complete with brand volumes slowing, boosted by double-digit price hikes. Updated for KPTissue, Sappi & Suzano. Diversey delayed to 22Mar

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  • women marketeers top 9 jul16Top 50 Women
    Marketers 2023

    Leaders in creativity, sales,
    brand growth performance

    Marketing to businesses by brandmakers & resellers was traditionally dominated by men. As we celebrate International Women's Day, Proficiency Index recognises the most successful women leaders. This is 16th edition of 'Top 50 Women in Business Supply', the market's real growth achievers, including new entrants from progressive independent dealers.

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  • Screen Shot 2023 02 26 at 2.18.29 PMOffice Mkt Legends
    reunited in renewal

    MegaIndy leaders:Bigeard,
    Meehan+Sargent BOS mtg

    It's 10yrs since the top OP mega-independent dealer champs Lyreco's Eric Bigeard and WBMason's Leo Meehan met with Staples CEO Ron Sargent in Boston. We reflected on past glories, Covid, digital transformation and looked forward to a 'hybrid office productivity' future..Updated 

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  • Screen Shot 2023 02 24 at 2.48.36 PMHybrid work future
    hollows corp space

    Entrepreneurs' rise drives
    up 'officeless' productivity;
    less latency eg. commuting

    The contrast in opinions over the 'hybrid work future' & the 'return to work', is stark. New thinking is positive about the huge rise in entrepreneurial productivity. Old thinking believes a return to corporate office control is inevitable. Are corporations underestimating the hollowing out of office space; the time waste and the need to trust workers' motives? Updated

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hurts resellers

Unfriendly, immobile
webstores lose sales

Webstores that aren’t mobile-friendly are seeing up to a 10% dip in organic traffic, according to the new Adobe Digital Index.

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SPR montage 2012SPR: growth

gains flatten

GPC: Industrial supplies
demand down. Auto OK

Genuine Parts Company (GPC)
parent of SPRichards and Motion Industries today reported flat sales and profits growth for Q2'15 to 30 Jun'15. SPR was boosted by OfficeMax OP contract gains...

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lore marc jet logoJumped Jet
set for crash

Hyped copycat etailer
launches webstore Tues.

Despite steep losses and looming competition with Amazon, etailer Jet.com  is in talks for capital infusion that could value it at $3 billion

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Bezos amazons robin hoodAMZNIFICATION
wider & tighter

Bezos' 20th Anniversary:
Everything on demand
vision reaches reality

The ultimate disruptor Amazon celebrated its 20th Anniversary on Wednesday with a blow out Prime Day sale. Most damaged resellers are in denial e.g. Grainger; dismissing them as unprofitable. Don't underestimate Robin Hood...

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Productivity to lucy 2013The productivity
metrics problem

Data doesn't reflect time,
money saving innovation

chief economist Hal Varian says sluggish US/UK productivity doesn’t reflect a high-tech wave of innovations that save people time and money. We agree and discuss why...later today

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otto schrader hans tabletOtto offload  
Office to Printus 

Amazon business supply
market lead forces sale

 the #2 German business supplier confirmed the long rumoured purchase of embattled Otto Office.

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uber delivery bagUber overtakes
taxis & couriers

On demand easy service
UPSets trad slow leaders

UPS/FedEx and taxis are losing business delivery and travelers to ride-hailing services like Uber, a survey by Certify shows.

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Staples BTS mobileBTS'15 spend
trends dodgy

NRF/ICSC retail surveys
mislead shopping prefs.

National Retail Federation amd International Council of Shopping Centres
have published pessimistic reports on the 2015 Back to School season. Why in such a strong economy?

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Cogan andrew knollKnoll knocked
back in office

shifts toward higher

margin home market

Knoll,  the leading office furnituremaker, announced slower growth results, but higher profits for Q2'15.

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Grainger team montage 2014Grainger grinds
out slow growth 

Industrial supply market
challenged by Amazon

WW Grainger, the $10Bn in sales, leading North American broadline supplier of FM, maintenance and business supplies today announced slow Q2'15 financial results.

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