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  • Screen Shot 2023 06 05 at 5.23.45 PMHybrid work is
    W o n d e r f u l !?

    ‘Stay forever’ mantra drives
    productivity & life balance


    Working from home (WFH) is part of the worklife balance that Generation Z demands, putting new pressures on employers, writes The Times' James Hurley. “Hybrid work will stay with us for ever,” Ronni Zehavi, ceo of HiBob states. Meanwhile. high profile business leaders argue there is a "loss of creativity". Who's right? We discuss....
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  • Screen Shot 2023 05 27 at 10.47.59 PMIs the 'Greenwash'
    ghost game over?

    Recycled paper pretenders'
    sham sustainability stories?

    There's been much PR and social media postings by makers and distributors promoting their sustainability credentials. How much is genuine and how much is sham posturing aka 'greenwash'? Certainly there are doubts about printer paper claims given the toxic journey between makers, distributors, users, mailing and recycling. We explore....Updated

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  • smith gerry depot deckchair shifter 21Depot distraction
    #24: Fed'n fudge? 

    'Bizarro' Smith's delusional
    dialogue disguises demise

    Beleaguered bigbox ODP Corp (aka-Depot-Max) has leaked that more acquisitions under its faux 'Federation' distraction platform can be expected. With many dealers under pressure post-Govt Covid relief, could major Mid-Atlantic and Carolinas' resellers be in play? We discuss ceo Gerry 'Bizarro' Smith's latest attempt to distract attention away from its dire demise...

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  • End is near callS t o c k l e s s

    Higher wholesaler pricing
    imperils dealer's survival

    Is the end nigh for stockless dealers? Back in the 2019 'normal' days, dealers were struggling with a slowing economy. Then, Covid crashed the corp office market. Then, Government relief ran out last year. Now consolidation is happening? Moreover, wholesalers raised prices above inflation squeezing dealers competitiveness? The BIG question is how will transactional dealers survive? Should we expect larger progressives to lead an acquisition wave in the business supply market? We investigate latest market views. Later today ...

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  • disconnected dealer box lucy walkAre limping locals 
    resting on laurels?

    User disconnected? Weak
    webstores? Transactional
    not productivity svcs driven

    'Buy Local' 
    campaigns have been promoted by dealer groups for 30 years, largely as defensive plays v bigbox attacks. But, what user benefits do they offer in terms of personalized productivity gains v the increasingly local and faster Amazon army of resellers? We discuss and offer guidance...Updated

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Pseudo or genuine local serviceMarketers must
lead customer

Multiple brand touchpts
makes it an imperative


Marketing Week's Russell Parsons makes a powerful case for CMO's to take responsibility for consistent messaging in an increasingly fragmented marketplace...

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lexmark rooke cliff pushLexmark lifeline
to print dealers

Looks to train MPS skills
in declining market

Lexmark has identified document management as the next area of growth in managed print services (MPS) and wants to educate its partners on how to stay afloat in a declining print market.

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mayer marissa milky wayYahoo exit door
revolves again

Can Marissa Mayer lead,

motivate/retain talent?

A top deputy of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has left at a time of rising impatience with the CEO’s turnaround efforts. This time its her CMO apponted in 2012...

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Complete UK montage 2015Complete: 2020
services vision

Business supply leader to
acquire 10 resellers 2015

On Thursday, we visited Richard Coulson, CEO of leading UK business supplier Complete Office Solutions, nr Leeds. He's in process of acquiring its 9th & 10th acquisition YTD to fuel its 100% growth in 2015. We profile progress and prospects... Updated

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lucy unhappy onlinePop-up ads

Why don't self serving
publishers get intrusion?


One of the most irritating causes of abandoned online shopping-carts is website publishers penchant for selfish pop-up promotions and rotating flash ads interruptions. Stop it! Later today

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reed sam treehouse plabelTreehouse Fds
on takeover trail

Natural 'better for you'
makers target markets


Manufacturers of frozen foods and those processing products perceived as 'better-for-you' snacks are two market segments where TreeHouse Foods is interested in exploring an acquisition.

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amazon fresh customerAmazon 1 hour

Boston delivery

Takes the service fight
to OP leaders home city

Amazon has leased new warehouse space on the outskirts of Boston, to provide one-hour deliveries in the Boston area.

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sandberg sheryl fbk smileFBK follows
in local services

COO Sheryl Sandberg
explains SMB social plans


This week, Facebook announced new features that allow SMB's to beef up their pages, inc. making it easier for users to send business messages.

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amazon prime delighted customerProtective Pckg

positive outlook

Online shopping drives
growth says R&M report


Factors such as rising income levels of population, improving middle class, urbanization are enhancing the affordability of using protective packaging according to Research & Markets report.

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dixons carphone jamesDixons drive  
double digits

Mobile, fitness & HDTV's
compete with Amazon


UK's leading electronics retailer Dixons Carphone has enjoyed a 10% sales boost and continues to benefit from the collapse of mobile phone rival Phones4U.

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