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  • Screen Shot 2022 11 27 at 1.08.32 PM'Shrinkf l a t i o n'
    deceit exposed

    Brandmakers downsize
    quantity & inflate prices

    Meet the man on a mission to expose sneaky price increases. Edgar Dworsky (pic) has become the go-to expert on 'shrinkflation' where products or packaging are manipulated so consumers get less for their money. NYTimes writer Clare Toeniskoetter went to many pharmacies and supermarkets near Boston (US) to examine product examples 

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  • Hygienic Office 21Healthy Hygiene
    mkt momentum?

    Who's winning mkt share?
    12%+ avge price inflation

    Hygiene is now #1 business supply category alongside technology. Progressive business suppliers: brandmakers, dealers have pivoted into hygiene, safety, foodservice & packaging, WFH-tech & wellness services. Proficiency Index Q3'22 analysis is nearing completion with brands' volumes slowing, boosted by double digit price hikes. Complete

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  • Productivity stairway to heaven2Can dealers pass
    productivity test?

    From OP to personal svcs
    in hygiene, FS, pkg supply?

    We've written exhaustively about the need for OP dealers to convert from 'transactional' product suppliers to 'personalised productivity services' providers inc. hygiene, foodservice & packaging. Amazon is winning the transactional battle with same day delivery of broadline business supplies to WFH users. Can dealers pass the 3pt conversion test? We discuss and highlight the best practice services providers? Complete 

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  • industrial supplies invasionIndustrial supply
    market resurgent!

    Edu, H/Care, Infrastructure
    investments boost growth

    Q3'22 financial reports for leading industrial supply distributors are nearing completion e.g. Fastenal, Motion, MSC, Grainger, Wesco, Arrow, Berry, DXP show double-digit sales growth boosted by price hikes; and higher profits. Proficiency Index reviews the performance of the Top 20 US distributors in 2022 with insightful analysis and discussion with leaders, progress and plans for 2023. Updated

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  • OPeless Island'OPeless, OPaque
    reports hide dive

    Top10 leaders' misleading
    market over terminal trend

    Proficiency Index
     is reaching the conclusion of Q3'22 reports analysis. It has become obvious that many OP market CEO's, who have failed to reinvent their companies, are in denial; and desperately trying to mislead the market over their incompetence. We highlight the Top 10 losers and contrast with Top 10 winners... 

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costin richard bannerBanner rebrand:
baseless botch?

Brand values shredded
by doodling designers



Evo Group confirmed recently its direct businesses Supplies Team and Banner Business Services will be known as Banner. Welcome news, but a pity it couldn't maintain its trusted image.

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cyberattacker faceGrainger joins

List inc: Target, Staples
Google, Yahoo & HDepot

W.W. Grainger, the $10Bn MRO supplier, 
reported that on June 2 it discovered a cyberattack during which “limited information” on its network was accessed.

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sargent staples ship steers stormy watersStaples stand-

alone stalled?

Hollow analysis ignores
'specialist' reinvention

Seeking Alpha
analyst Doyle Publishing writes 'Staples: Why Would You Buy This?' on the basis that the merger does not happen. We discuss its findings.

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aiken bob unitedEssendant drives
wholesale wider

Expands beyond OP into
transportation market


Essendant, (ex-United Stationers) the leading business supply wholesaler, confirmed the acquisition of Nestor Sales, a wholesaler to the transportation industry. We speak with Bob Aiken (pic left)

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pettis reichental 3D MakerBot3D Makers sued
for false claims

S/Holders & customers
out misrepresentations

Leading 3D makers 3D Systems & MakerBot (owned by Stratasys) are being sued separately by shareholders...

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microsoft azure nadellaMicrosoft admits
its BIG mistake 

CEO Nadella resolves not
to maintain narrow focus

Microsoft missed the shift to mobile because it was focused on the PC, CEO Satya Nadella said in an interview with ZDNet. The same is true of HP, but they have already lost their leadership position 

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Game Changers Top 107 Marketing 

essentials you

need to know

What do you stand for
: OP or productivity?

Marketing Week's Mark Ritson
op-ed is always thought provoking. Here he advises marketers on 7 essentials to succeed. Marketing orientation first, selling second...

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Lucy mobile montage v3Business supply
buyers mobilize 

Most valuable Lucy uses
iPhone; Sally desktops

Business supply buyers are shifting rapidly to mobiles away from desktops/tablets according to resarch by Demandware. Sadly, apart from bigboxes only 5 OP indy dealers have mobile webstores

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noahs spring water cap canNoah's fresh

spring water 

Recyclable, resealable
Cap Can Al packaging


Noah’s Water, has added a new shimmering alumininium packaging format for its new Spring Water line

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Fastenal Blue truck teamFastenal's fast
growth slows

Vending sales strong;
energy sector slows...

Fastenal Company
, a leading US reseller of MRO, vending supplies, reported slower growth for Q2'15 

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