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  • CO2 Net ZeroESG: Genuine or

    Environment rating doubts.
    HP#1 Nwk v IBD only #19?

    Environmental, Social & Govt (ESG)
    is synonymous with commitment to 'net zero' carbon emissions, ethical and green trading. Sadly, as with many corporate policies, claims don't match practices. A great example is HP, rated #1 by Newsweekfeatured only #19 in IBD's Top 100. We analyse why, along with other big business supply brands...Updated

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  • Officeless man 2020.png Workplace? Office
    is where you are!

    Hybrid hikes productivity.
    Can dealers svc AZUREs?

    The digital age driven by 
    Apple, Google & Amazon exploded from 2007, sparked a new entrepreneurial revolution where smart mobiles enabled 'anywhere, paperless, officeless' working. Welcome to the new Age of the AZURE Workers. How can resellers service their needs? How can they compete without user friendly webstores and same day WFH delivery? Complete

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  • Screen Shot 2022 09 13 at 2.23.32 PMThe Gateway to
    a Healthier World

    ISSA's North America
    Cleaning Show Preview

    The ISSA Show North America
    returns to McCormick Place, Chicago (Oct10-13) in what promises to be a terrific 600 vendors' show with education sessions, guest speakers, and networking with hygiene supply professionals. We speak with ISSA director John Barrett about expectations....

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  • Screen Shot 2022 09 07 at 9.56.12 AMWill Hygiene market
    suffer OP tumult?

    Rapid rollups raise doubts
    on motivations of acquirers

    The "It's like déjà vu all over again"
     quote may aptly describe the rapid rollups happening in the hygiene, foodservice & packaging supply market right now. Public company/VC backed players Imperial, Envoy and BradyIFS are acquiring regional dealers monthly. The big question: will the consolidation process mirror the OP bigbox market 30yrs ago and end in tears of disintegration? Later today

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  • Lucy home working 21What Lucy wants
    in business supply

    • 1 click mobile webstores
    • Personalized delivery
    • Hybrid, hygienic offices

    Proficiency Index's 16th Annual Businesswomen 12 Pt Buying Survey (resumes from 2019), primarily users (typically Lucy) with executive power, is more valuable than ever. It provides greater insights into the latest trends in WFH, hybrid work and mobile shopping in business ... 
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donatell0dave oracleDisaffected Dave
joins HP exodus 

Donatelli back with Hurd
to run H/ware at Oracle


We reported in March month that Dave Donatelli was leaving HP for Oracle. Once a Meg Whitman favourite, he soon was at odds with her short term selfish outlook... 

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ellison larry oracle cloudOracle's head
in the Cloud?

Laggard Ellison disses
& fingers competitors

reported disappointing results and as expected from flamboyant founder, Larry Ellison threw a few barbs at his major competitors.

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FM Show BIFMFM's Search for
better spaces

Facilities Show readies
for flexibility & mobility

The 3 day UK Facilities Show closed today after attracting iover 10,000 professionals. How well are seminar leaders and exhibitors adapting to the new mobile/BYOD workforce?

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safety health expoSafety & Health
Expo Review

Innovation theme drives
new protection services

The 3 day Safety & Health Expo closed today at ExCeL London attracting 40,000 visitors to the combined FM & Service Management shows.

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workplace wellness Lucy heartW o r k p l a c e
W e l l n e s s
W a v e  is UP!

Ergonomics, health &
safety e.g. Fitbit & Stir

Today's highly successful IPO for Fitbit; the launch of the Apple Watch; the latest innovations at NeoCon; are powerful symbols of massive interest in health &wellness that lead to greater personal productivity...later today

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park james fitbitFitbit's Surge
on high Charge

Healthy IPO opens
up 50% at $6Bn+ 


the maker of wearable fitness-tracking devices, priced its initial public offering at $20 a share, but opened up at $30+ this morning 

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systemax sinkingSystemax stir

& mix up Misco

Turmoil at top after
poor results sequence

Systemax, the embattled IT reseller group, has fired its Misco EMEA chief and enlisted a new ex-Insight VP...

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labrosse JP stir standStand Up for

NeoCon15: Exciting
ergonomic & wellness
movement elevated

#NeoCon15 created a perfect storm of interest around the personal productivity movement: the omnipresence of sit/stand furniture; the wellness wave; and the confluence of worklife... Updated

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whiteway jeff draining spicers bloodWhiteway
SPOT stain

Disingenuous diatribe
to Superstat members

CEO Jeff Whiteway of SPOT (aka Spicers/OfficeTeam) the UK dual distributor, presented at Superstat Annual Conference recently. He described its 'disastrous' year under Better Capital's ownership and tried to convince dealers about future commitment... later today

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uber crowd deliveryDemocratising
delivery @AMZN

Adopting Uber like app
to speed low cost service

In its ceaseless quest to speed delivery, Amazon wants to turn the US into a nation of couriers with its new 'On my way' service' or Super Uber-men...

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