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  • Screen Shot 2022 12 09 at 2.14.03 PMHealthy Hygiene
    mkt momentum?

    Who's winning mkt share?
    12%+ avge price inflation

    Hygiene is now #1 business supply category alongside technology. Progressive business suppliers: brandmakers, dealers have pivoted into hygiene, safety, foodservice & packaging, WFH-tech & wellness services. Proficiency Index Q4'22 analysis is underway with brands' volumes slowing, boosted by double digit price hikes. Updated for IP, Stora, Berry, Grainger, Honeywell, Amazon & Clorox. Next week Newell, Unilever, Sealed Air

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  • Screen Shot 2023 01 27 at 10.26.52 AMThe $100Bn Battle
    in Business Supply
    market. Who wins?

    VCs: Advent; Pvte: CNG;
    Public: FEMSA; or AMZN?

    The Broadline Business Supply market is hot with growth activity as the #OPocalypse occurs. The new '$100Bn Battle' no longer includes dinosaur bigboxes Staples & Depot. It involves real 'venture' capitalists eg. Advent; public giants e.g. FEMSA & Grainger; and encouragingly major private forces e.g. CNG, Lyreco, WBMason & Raja. Who wins v Amazon? We analyse and compare leaders' growth plans. Complete

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  • Vow bleadingWill EVO live long &
    amplify VOW offer?

    Can hurt half source hybrid
    'holesaler fulfil biz supply?

    EVO Group just held a joint show for customers. Headlined EVOLive & VOW Amplify and supported by 80+ vendors, it attracted hundreds of visitors to Leeds United FC stadium. The BIG question: Does 'EVO know how to grow VOW' into a broadline business supply wholesaler in support of progressive dealers' 'lower cost to serve' goal? The dealers' jury is still out. We report... Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2023 01 20 at 10.56.16 AMWill CNG broaden
    biz supply range?

    Will narrowline SPR acq'n
    open one source strategy?

    Central National Gottesman (CNG),
    the $9Bn privately owned (Wallach family, Andrew and Kenneth, pic left) paper and packaging distributor acquired US#2 OP wholesaler SPR on 11Jan. The big question, apart from distribution system synergies: will it adopt a broadline business supply wholesale strategy, absent this century; and open up opportunities for single source supply 'stockless' dealers? We discuss...Complete

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  • OPocalypse now Mar17OP <10% demand;
    60% channel sales

    UK wh/salers/dealers 7yrs
    back v US biz supply mkt

    Proficiency Index
    completed its MEGATRENDS review of the business supply market in 2022. In both US & UK trad paper related office supplies fell below 10% of business demand. Yet, the latest survey of OP dealers show average sales mix was still >60%. Moreover, it confirmed US channel leaders were c7yrs+ ahead of UK in range breadth i.e. low hygiene, foodservice and packaging. We analyse market trends and advise ... Complete

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Gazelle leaps bigboxHalf Year Review

Hot Year for

Dinosaurs in denial as
gazelles leap ahead

We have reviewed the Q2 financials of over 80 public company makers, wholesalers and resellers. There's a definite pattern of performance between the agile gazelles and the disintegrating dinosaurs. We compare... complete

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Apple v Samsung copycatShame old, same

old Samsung...

First iPhone, then iPad
this time Apple Watch


The battle between Apple and copycat Samsung continues in shameless style. The latter cannot seem to emerge from the leaders shadow and continues to ape the innovator's designs...

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WBMason LPGA Symetra FenwayMason sponsor
Symetra Tour

Promising LPGA golfers

compete in Brockton 

WBMason, the #1 US mega-independent reseller, launched its sponsorship roll-out of the LPGA's Symetra Tour on Friday at the historic Thorny Lea course, in its home city of Brockton (MA). We spoke with CEO Leo Meehan inc. latest acquisitons

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bezos jeff amazon freshAmazon Fresh 

attack on Tesco

Time UK dealers took
top biz etailer seriously


Amazon has risen like a rocket to reach #1 business supplier ahead of Office Depot/Viking combined. Now as in the US, it threatens UK's leading supermarket Tesco with same day delivery.

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SCA boat female brandsSCA's shift to
female focus

Switch from paper to

personal hygiene brand


SCA makes some of the world’s best known personal care products,  but is only now putting  its  marketing focus on female consumers, according to CMO Nicola Coronado.

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WBmason boston mgt teamMason Monster
'Best' in Boston

21st Productivity Show
attracts 1500 to Fenway

The 3rd Productivity Show at WBMason's spiritual home in Boston was in keeping with 'The Best' theme headlining its 2015 marketing campaign. The sunshine, venue and atmosphere was brilliant and beautiful...complete

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baker peter crystal rock 2 thumb medium300 300Crystal Rock-ed.

UBE execs axed.

Water Co. writes off
failed OP dealer buy

Crystal Rock,
the US Northeast regional water and coffee distributor bought the ailing Universal Business Equipment (CT), 2 years ago. The last of the 7 WBMason defectors to UBE in 2010 are now ousted...

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lucy iphone coffeeThe rise & RISE
of iPhone reads

Future books won't be
driven by Kindles/iPads

Apple iPhones
are not only the most popular 'browse & buy' device, they are superseding iPads & ereaders e.g. Kindles as the preferred reading medium...

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lucy towel disp lr

Paper: a bright
hygienic future

Packaging & cleaning
sustains market growth


The global paper packaging market today is $300Bn and has been growing at a 4.4% annually since 2012. Prospective growth rates in packaging and hygiene markets are expected to continue at similar level...

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lenovo yangLenovo profits

halved, jobs cut

Plunging PC/tab market
tanks. Rebound planned

PC giant Lenovo is taking "decisive actions" to transform its business as it suffered a whopping 51% drop in first-quarter net profits...

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