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  • Screen Shot 2022 11 27 at 1.08.32 PM'Shrinkf l a t i o n'
    deceit exposed

    Brandmakers downsize
    quantity & inflate prices

    Meet the man on a mission to expose sneaky price increases. Edgar Dworsky (pic) has become the go-to expert on 'shrinkflation' where products or packaging are manipulated so consumers get less for their money. NYTimes writer Clare Toeniskoetter went to many pharmacies and supermarkets near Boston (US) to examine product examples 

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  • Hygienic Office 21Healthy Hygiene
    mkt momentum?

    Who's winning mkt share?
    12%+ avge price inflation

    Hygiene is now #1 business supply category alongside technology. Progressive business suppliers: brandmakers, dealers have pivoted into hygiene, safety, foodservice & packaging, WFH-tech & wellness services. Proficiency Index Q3'22 analysis is nearing completion with brands' volumes slowing, boosted by double digit price hikes. Complete

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  • Productivity stairway to heaven2Can dealers pass
    productivity test?

    From OP to personal svcs
    in hygiene, FS, pkg supply?

    We've written exhaustively about the need for OP dealers to convert from 'transactional' product suppliers to 'personalised productivity services' providers inc. hygiene, foodservice & packaging. Amazon is winning the transactional battle with same day delivery of broadline business supplies to WFH users. Can dealers pass the 3pt conversion test? We discuss and highlight the best practice services providers? Complete 

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  • industrial supplies invasionIndustrial supply
    market resurgent!

    Edu, H/Care, Infrastructure
    investments boost growth

    Q3'22 financial reports for leading industrial supply distributors are nearing completion e.g. Fastenal, Motion, MSC, Grainger, Wesco, Arrow, Berry, DXP show double-digit sales growth boosted by price hikes; and higher profits. Proficiency Index reviews the performance of the Top 20 US distributors in 2022 with insightful analysis and discussion with leaders, progress and plans for 2023. Updated

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  • OPeless Island'OPeless, OPaque
    reports hide dive

    Top10 leaders' misleading
    market over terminal trend

    Proficiency Index
     is reaching the conclusion of Q3'22 reports analysis. It has become obvious that many OP market CEO's, who have failed to reinvent their companies, are in denial; and desperately trying to mislead the market over their incompetence. We highlight the Top 10 losers and contrast with Top 10 winners... 

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depot max blood drain storesDepot's deep
dive still alive

Geared for the grate if
saviour Staples denied

Office Depot's stockmarket cap has fallen 16% since the #SPLODGE deal was announced. Investors don't think the merger will happen. Mercenary management is frozen, hoping the deal happens. Can it survive if Staples don't arrive? Complete

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uber fresh deliveryGig Economy
growth doubts?

Uber sharing revolution
skeptics challenge trend

Despite the hoopla over Uber, AirBnB and the sharing economy, Americans are becoming less likely to be self-employed, hold multiple jobs, according to data reports

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schultz how starbx coffeeStarbux mobilize

Schultz's digital initiative
takes shape in 4k cafes

Mobile Order & Pay, Starbucks’  iPhone
app that enables customers to order ahead, is one of several game-changing initiatives it believes will deliver world-class service and convenience.

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Lee JayY samsung LRSamsung: Apple 
aper to creator?

Can new leader Jay Lee
dethrone the innovator?

Samsung's heir apparent Jay Y. Lee wants to transform the world’s biggest tech company into most innovative. Samsung reports Q2'15 results on Thursday...

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Productivity stairway to heaven26 Reasons to
be Optimistic

Stop the gloom & doom.
Start providing personal
productivity services


Arthur Brooks wrote a highly relevant op-ed in NY Times calling for leaders to stop choosing darkness over optimism. He was talking politics. We feel this could equally apply to how OP dealers fear their future in the burgeoning business supply market.

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amazon bezos jeff leave in dustAMZN wins web
war w/Walmart

Retailer's total web sales

<<etailer's 2015 increase

After a stellar Q2 earnings report,  #1 etailer Amazon hit a huge milestone by becoming more valuable than the biggest retailer in the world, Walmart. We review comparisons and prospects 

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native ads coffeeNative naturally
high click rates

In-context mobile tweets
work better than banner

'Native' advertising is one of the hottest topics in digital media, less disruptive and more effective than pop-ups and banners, especially on mobile users Twitter accounts

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HP Sprout 3D Logical adHP Sprout 3D ad:
Lovely & Logical

Biz ad: 'Further Faster'
parodies performance

HP is mounting a major PR/TV ad campaign ahead of its major company split. The contrast between the Sprout and the faceless 'Further (aka fatter) Faster' couldn't be more stark. We discuss...

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Amazon sumo v walmartAmazon worth
>>>> Walmart

Jeff Bezos now 5th
richest man in world

Investors loved Amazon Q2'15 results (sales $110Bn) so much, the etailer is now worth more than world's #1 retailer, Walmart (sales $486Bn). We discuss why...

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burns ursula xerox logoXerox sales

slide again

Services stall; DocTech
down; low expectations

Xerox Corporation reported disappointing results for Q2'15 as "expected" by the CEO Ursula Burns. When will its much heralded services drive produce growth? When will expectations rise?

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