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  • Lucy wfh iphone deskYour MCommerce 
    imperative call!

    All generations intolerant
    of substandard webstores

    Business consumers in hybrid working situations are all losing tolerance with substandard mobile webstore experiences writes Raconteur's  Oliver Pickup. Business supplies dealers have been tardy in transition and must wake up to the fact that industry leaders eg Amazon & Wayfair get 70% of their business from mobile device users. Action please!

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  • Most admired leaders 2018New Biz Supplies
    Benchmark Index

    16 categories to measure
    Best Practice CRM sales

    Proficiency Index
    has for 30yrs+ measured dealers' sales performance v best practice benchmarks. The benefits have enabled sales people to identify gaps in customer demand in order to maximise sales potential and improve customer productivity. We have updated the Index over 16 new business supply categories...

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  • Productivity stairway to heaven2Essentials of the
    New Business
    Supply Market

    Users' wants and needs:
    Personalised productivity

    We've decided to challenge OPI's pessimistic 'State of the OP Industry' report by providing a guide to the huge hybrid working opportunities that abound in the 'New Broadline Business Supply Market'. The report published yesterday covers: personalised B2U/WFH marketing, the broadline 16 business categories, MCommerce, CRM analysis and the integrated same day delivery winners...Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2021 05 17 at 12.25.37 PMWhat users really
    feel about MSP's?

    CRN Essential reports on
    outsourcing inc. MPS hype

    We hear a lot about the growth of managed services market (MSP's/MPS), but little from users about what they really think of the outsourced services model. The latest CRN Essential report features exclusive data that reveals the good, bad and ugly of how over 300 UK IT decision makers feel...

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  • Screen Shot 2021 05 15 at 1.44.29 PMProductivity watch
    for hybrid working?

    Surveillance an unwelcome
    intrusion v trust & privacy

    Software can track workers’ keystrokes, mouse movements, and website visits; screenshots can check attentiveness all in the name of productivity. However, this 'quantity' measure pales in comparison to the 'quality' of results motivated by trust and ownership....

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Amazon Bezos reaches peopleAmazon adds
75,000 workers 

Pays top rate, sign bonus,
+benefits to lure vax'd ppl

Amazon today announced that it is hiring 75,000 people in its fulfillment and logistics network across the US & Canada as it continues to expand its footprint and serve customers taking total employees count to 1.35M 4X the total 5 years ago

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Screen Shot 2021 05 13 at 12.06.47 PMInflation fueled
price liberation

High demand for hygiene,
packaging outstrips supply

Rising prices for lumber & pulp reflect rising demand meeting a supply shortage that cannot be immediately increased. Supply chains are creaking after a year of relative inactivity in paper related industries, semiconductor chips, furniture and equipment markets, exacerbated by an acute shipping container shortage. How long before a correction?

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Screen Shot 2021 05 13 at 9.55.09 AMAlibaba advances
China mkt charge

New services mirror AMZN
initiatives in Alexa & Cloud.
Abandons Depot US plans?

China's Alibabathe $100Bn+ in sales, MCommerce giant rebounded from Covid with 40%+ growth rates in Q1'21. CEO Daniel Zheng provided details of new services in cloud, grocery delivery & voice assisted ordering that mirror Amazon's innovations. It appears now, it may have abandoned US development plans with Office Depot?

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martin geoff CCLCCL label sales'

healthy recovery

Essentials market demand
offsets weak Avery badges

CCL Industries,
 the $5Bn in sales specialist labelmaker, reported a sustained ecovery in Q1'21 with Covid 'essentials' market channel sales offsetting the non-essential market collapse e.g. Avery business/events market. 

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Screen Shot 2021 05 12 at 7.53.15 PMSuzano surges
in pulp & paper

Higher Price boost sales
mainly from China market 

Suzano the Brazilian based pulp and paper producer, reported powerful growth in sales, primarily from exports to China, that recovered quickly from Covid. CEO Walter Schalka comments on a strong performance boosted by higher prices

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Weadick Kevin Zoro 21Grainger zooms
w/Zoro broadline 

Winning indtl market share
with endless assortment

Industrial & business supplies giant Grainger, $12Bn in sales reported positive Q1'21 results recently driven largely by Zoro its endless assortment webstore. President Kevin Weadick talks with Industrial Distribution about its winning market share strategy

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Lores Enrique hp 20Can HP A m p l i f y
dealer marketing? 

Adds Wolf Security to drive
PC-Print-MPS differentials

Over the past year, apart from the protectionist Printergate and D2C Instant Ink plays, HPInc. has made increased efforts to support the dealer channel with the Amplify differential marketing program & now Wolf Security to defend PC & MPS applications

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Screen Shot 2021 05 11 at 1.03.18 PMPulpFriction pump
prntr paper prices

Hygiene & packaging pivot;
+ huge container shortage,
threaten office & edu mkts

Paperless offices & schools? The return to normal working in corp offices and classrooms may face an acute shortage of paper if current supply trends continue. Paper prices are set to soar driven by huge demand for pulp used in the hot hygiene and packaging markets. The acceleration of the digital office and schools is nigh!

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Screen Shot 2021 05 11 at 11.13.09 AMDomtar deal done
w/Asia P&P family

Paper Excellence purchase
hides #1 importer's return

As reported last week,
Domtar, the leading US papermaker and active protectionist against foreign imports, has ironically sold out to Canada's Paper Excellence owned by Jackson Widjaja, grandson of the mighty Asia Pulp & Paper empire. The sinking US printer paper market is now out of US ownership and focused on repurposing to packaging & hygiene markets...

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Atkinson Peter MacFarlaneMacFarlane powers
packaging market

Organic growth plus acqns
drive double digit gains

UK packaging giant MacFarlane Group held its AGM today and reported strong organic growth in Q1'21 plus new acquisitions's progress. CEO Peter Atkinson commented on the relentless progress of the group...

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