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  • Screen Shot 2022 01 16 at 4.10.21 PMPackaging power
    propels biz market

    Ecom product care drives
    rapid growth, VCap interest

    The hygiene & packaging market looks alot like the glorious 80/90's days in OP. Consolidation of regional independents in a market with 10%+ growth fuelled by WFH/ecommerce, led by the major players e.g. ULine and venture capital funds. We review, analyse leaders and trends....

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  • staples depot train crashKaluzny skins SPLS
    Smith drains ODP

    Myopic mercenary moves
    maximise selfish interests

    Former bigbox giants Staples & Office Depot ($52Bn sales 2007) have been destroyed by a mix of incompetence and vulture capitalist's greed. Today, aggregate sales are $19Bn sinking at a $2Bnpa rate.  What are the motivations of Sycamore's Stefan Kaluzny and Depot's ceo Gerry 'Bizarro' Smith? We review and comment... 

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  • Screen Shot 2022 01 15 at 5.46.12 PMCan dealers svc

    hybrid workers?

    More lower value webstore
    orders delivered same day

    Corporations are adjusting rapidly to the hybrid work future. Flexible work is here to stay. How will dealers adapt to a new norm where empowered users order business supplies online, in smaller quantities, expecting the immediate home delivery advanced by Amazon? What will they do to upgrade webstores and broaden ranges to minimise the higher cost to serve? We discuss....

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  • Screen Shot 2022 01 14 at 9.40.00 AMDepot's charade
    'split' game over

    Phantom 2nd bidder for
    retail biz to stall Staples?

    ODP Corp aka Office Depot
    has decided to delay previously announced plans to split into two public companies to "mull over sale offers for its retail division", sending its shares up 10%. This bigbox game of charades is a joke; a disintegrating mess run by a bunch of self serving simpletons...

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  • MEGATRENDS 2022sq2022 Business
    Supply Market

    ......less Means More
    P r o d u c t i v i t y 

    Are we heralding in the Roaring 20's? Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Shopify have M-powered a new entrepreneurial revolution with affordable personal tech & immediate delivery. Covid advanced 2025 trends: #Paperless #Officeless #Touchless #Bigless #Wasteless & #Carbonless. WFH told us to connect with users by providing personalised productivity services + integrated same-day delivery. We guide on how dealers can take charge of their destiny? New Report inc. 2021 Market Review published today!

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staples depot train crash#SPLODGE

Will Sysco/FTC judge
ruling derail Staples?


The $6Bn merger of Staples/Depot became less likely after a federal judge blocked the $8Bn Sysco/US Foods merger, according to our sources. The case is a parallel precedent...

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bunzl truck downBunzl buying
bundles along

Business supply 

spreads even  w i d e r


Bunzl, the global distribution group, roll up continued far and wide in 4 more countries  Beware the wretched stretch...

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Lucy mobile montage v3Mobiles take
market share 

Optimized webstores

gain at laggards cost


Smartphones account for more ecommerce orders and traffic worldwide, with shoppers using tablets and personal computers less often, according to the latest Demandware Shopping Index.

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sysco truck crashSysco/FTC fight
stop'd by judge

US Foods $8Bn merger
crashes. SPLODGE next?

Sysco's merger with US Foods was blocked by the judge who said the national food distribution giants would reduce competition. He is out of touch with the real world/rivals who would love it...

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lucy tweeting mobile 2TWTR enables
targeted ads

New marketing tool
to max relevant reach

is letting marketers to target users based on the apps they have installed on their smartphones

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freelance marketing officeBest workplaces
for millennials

First Fortune 100 list:
Top GenY employers 

Fortune and Great Place to Work have published their first-ever ranking of the best workplaces for millennial workers — a list of who scored highest for majority workforce under 35yrs old.

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thulin inge 3m presenting3M Capitalizes

on safety market

Big growth commitment
in personal protection

The mighty 3M announced another major move in the personal protectional market with a $2.5Bn buy from from private equity firm KKR.

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bain adam twitter cannesTwitter tops
Cannes AdFest

Adam Bain ecstatic
re CEO Jack Dorsey


CNBC covered the #CannesLions #1 ad innovation & creatitivity festival today inc. excellent interviews with marketing leaders of top brands Twitter, Facebook and Google....

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Alibaba DragonAlibaba aborts
US webstore

Main event fails after
12 months & sold off

Alibaba Group
is selling its etailer 11 Main, after its first major foray into the US market failed to gain traction. Amazonification at work...

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apple bite blackberryBlackberry


Sales now only 15%

of 2010 levels


Old smartphone  maker, Blackberry terminal decline continued to accelerate at 30% in Q1'15. Software sales were strong but for how long?

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