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  • MacMillon doug walmart sizingWalmart awoken
    & aping Amazon

    Organic growth steady.
    Web sales 7% US sales mix

    The world’s #1 retailer, Walmart (inc. Asda UK) continued its steady 2 years recovery pattern in Q3'20, with above average market growth online, but a tiny & deficient offering compared with Amazon's rapid delivery service...

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  • Screen Shot 2019 09 10 at 3.43.14 PMChainsaw Carl
    takes HP stake

    Xerox activist builds secret
    shareholding to lever deal

    Breaking News! 
    As Proficiency Post reported in June, activist 'Chainsaw' Carl Icahn, lead shareholder in Xerox has confirmed a substantial secret stake in HP, the old tech giant it bid for last week. As suspected, is Chainsaw engineering a reverse bid for Xerox? 

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  • Screen Shot 2019 11 12 at 2.53.08 PMAmazon's Flea
    Market meltdown

    YTD'19 8 unforced errors.
    Is Bezos losing control?

    Since Amazon's self described 'CRaP' (Can't Realize a Profit') strategy was revealed in Jan'19, 8 service/quality missteps have emerged, attracting attention from WSJ, WashPost & FTC. We review the latest, deeper developments e.g. Nike brand withdrawal today & raise the big question: Has genius Jeff Bezos lost interest and control of the supply business? 

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  • Screen Shot 2019 10 17 at 11.01.08 PMTech Data's take
    over completed

    Vulture capitalist follows
    HNA investment in Ingram

    As PP reported 17 Oct,, global #2 tech wholesaler
    Tech Data
    has agreed to be acquired by VC Apollo Global for a reported $5.4Bn. Interesting that China VC HNA Group took over #1 wholesaler Ingram Micro in 2016, but now wishes to offload!? 


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  • energizer bunny drumEnergizer powers
    up strong growth

    Big boost from acquisitions
    in battery/autocare supply

    Energizer Holdings
    the enterprising personal care & battery supplier to businesses, reported strong sales growth in Q4'19 boosted by two major acquisitions,

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It’s Earth Day on 22 April. We
highlight the industry’s greenest


18 Apr’12

To commemorate Earth Day on 22 April many leading business magazines are profiling sustainability shakers and movers from the corporate world. With due respect to leaders like Dell, Brother, HP and Staples we profile 12 superstars of sustainability in the independent OPS marketplace....

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bezos-jeff-bitesAmazon: Bezos'
business beliefs

Top 10 leadership lessons from
the guy that’s eating your lunch


18 Apr’12

With the passing of Apple’s Steve Jobs, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is now tech’s leading philosopher-CEO…

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FSi-montageProficiency Profile

FSi: Go for Gold

Four more marketing steps
towards the $100m sales quest


11 Apr’12 (Updated)

Charlotte (NC) based FSI (ex Forms & Supply) is one of the top 5 US OP resellers. Later this year it celebrates its 50th anniversary with a series of consumer shows. We spoke with director Mark Leazer...

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Dunn-Brian-Best-BuyB e s t  B u y ’s
Dunn departs

Did the Blueshirt lifer suffer
from the Peter Principle?



10 Apr’12

World #1 electronics retailer Best Buy has fired CEO Brian Dunn. Dunn who went from showroom to the corner office, had struggled to gain traction internationally. Moreover, Dunn became defensive and in denial about amazing Amazon, as we have reported over the past year…

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Breaking News:

D e p o t

Deceit and obfuscation rules
over failed ‘best pricing’ practices


3 Apr’12

More details emerged yesterday concerning the termination of Office Depot's National School Supply Contract….

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best_buy-BrowseBest Buy reacts

to Amazon attack

CEO Dunn in denial with

diversionary downsizing
and multichannel spin?


29 Mar’12 (Complete)

Best Buy, the world’s leading consumer electronics retailer, today reported another set of disappointing results for Q4’12 ended 3 Mar’12. We were reminded once again of CEO Brian Dunn’s (pic below) defensiveness in dealing with analysts at the webcast…

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Dunn-Brian-Best-BuyCan Best Buy
battle back?

Results out this week. Has it
addressed ‘best browse’ jibe?


27 Mar’12

Brian Dunn is a Best Buy lifer, that rarest of CEOs who went from the shop or showroom floor to the corner office. He sold TVs in a Minneapolis store. Now he runs the company that sells more flat screens than any other retailer anywhere, Wal-Mart included.

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Depot’s white
wash, won’t wash

Propaganda partner attempts

to minimize USC contract loss


25 Mar’12

On Friday OPI published a story headed ‘Schools contract didn't achieve expected sales’ leaving readers with a false impression of Office Depot’s recent heavy losses…

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Proficiency Profile

Penketh's: the
OPS progressive

Personalized productivity

p r o v i d e r  o f  h i g h

performance workplaces


21 Mar’12 (Complete)

Last week, we visited Penketh’s, one of the UK’s top 3 progressive OPS resellers. It was joy to review the tremendous progress they have made in the past few years…

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Depot dismissed
from schools contract

US Communities severs all ties


19 Mar’12

In another massive blow to the beleaguered bigbox player Office Depot, U.S. Communities (USC) has announced the termination of the National School Supply Contract through lead agency Fairfax County Schools (VA)...

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