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  • Screen Shot 2021 09 12 at 10.30.21 PMStaples strips to

    "heartless" shell

    Vulture's cosmetic fixes
    fail to cover core collapse

    It's now 3 months since vulture capitalist Sycamore Partners owned Staples parted ways with chief Sandy Douglas. Meanwhile, proxy chairman John Lederer has assumed control without appointing a replacement? Will it ever happen and how will this affect the future of its $14Bn business delivery interests inc. wholesaler Essendant? Updated

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  • Personalised emarketingB2U marketing

    for B2B resellers

    3 affordable direct digital
    strategies to reach users

    Business supply resellers (B2B) need to make digital connections and provide personalized experiences when selling to users (eg. Lucy, beyond the trad buyers. Here are 3 strong digital ways for dealers to reach Lucy (B2U marketing) provided by experts Mike McLaren of MerkleB2B and Julia Doheny of B2B International. We discuss...

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  • Bezos Amazon atop mountain"You can't be fired
    buying from AMZN"

    Dealers undrstate contract
    leakage by Godzilla's grab

    continues to grow its broadline business supplies category to an estimated $60Bn+ worldwide in 2021. Our conversations with contract OP dealers indicate a huge underestimation of Amazon's penetration in corporate accounts. Moreover, it is now #1 wholesaler to dealers in all the major marketplaces.... Updated

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  • Productivity stairway to heaven2Beyond paperclips

    to personalized
    productivity tools

    Transactional dealers pivot
    to managed srvc providers

    2021 will be the 10th year running we have urged OP dealers to move from the paper dominated office supply market towards the paperless office where users need tools & services to help gain productivity e.g. IT, hygiene, ergonomics. Here's our latest practical guidelines & progressive dealer case studies to aid your transition...Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2021 07 22 at 3.50.33 PMBouncebackability
    Index leaderboard

    Q2'21 results analysis show
    healthy growth v laggards

    Reports are flowing in fast for business supply players in Q2'21 and predictably show strong positive growth v Q2'20, but how do they compare with the pre-Covid 'norm'? Proficiency Index reports the leaderboard of vendors, wholesalers and dealers' 'Bouncebackability' performance v Q2'19. Updated daily... Full commentary inc. Target, Walmart, Home Depot, PFG/Vistar

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vistar truck roadPFG/Vistar: food

to biz rebounds

Major fresh food provider
bought to boost sales 50%

Performance Food Group
 the leading US food & beverage services wholesaler reported a huge organic sales increase in Q4'21 as businesses/restaurants returned towards normal. The major acquisition of fresh food broadline leader will boost sales by 50% in 2022. 

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Screen Shot 2018 08 29 at 3.31.10 PMSamsonite saved

as travel returns

US market slow hit by
tariffs, scandal & Covid

Global luggage leader Samsonite after a spectacular fall from travel bans in 2020 recovered lost ground in H1'21. Can new CEO Kyle Gendreau carry forward after the fraud investigation scandals of 2020?

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Cornell Brian Target 21Target's terrific

high ticket to ride 

Success! 'Essentials' order
online, delivered same-day

$100Bn+ in sales Target, reported terrific Q2'21 results from continuing strong 'essentials' demand. CEO Brian Cornell described key success factors as: higher traffic, ticket values and maintained online ordering in food, bevs & WFH improvement categories from personalised Shipt same-day delivery!

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Screen Shot 2021 08 18 at 10.52.30 AMThe E-waste
recycle route

'Reverse Logistics'
service for resellers

“Reverse logistics”—the process of handling returned merchandise—has become increasingly complex. Resellers have to determine whether each returned item is fit to go back on shelves, can be refurbished, or must be scrapped. Florida based goTRG provides an international service that lifts, separates and recycles responsibly

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Menear Craig HD smileHDepot's WFH/DIY

high wave weakens

PRO boosted by HD Supply
acquisition. DIY refits slow

Home Depot
 the $150Bn+ home & business improvement supplier continued to benefit from the Covid lockdown with huge DIY demand, and a strong recovery in its PRO business supply activity, especially SMB. More homes are being retro-fitted to office space for WFH execs and student's remote learning. 

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McMillon Doug Walmart 21Walmart growth
weak & wavering

Ecommerce flat 11%/sales.
Internation'l down ex-Asda

US #1 retailer Walmart reported flattening sales inQ2'22, including online demand & delivery. It continued to copy Amazon's 
initiatives albeit with less success & benefited from store collection and higher ticket values 

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tillis jason robert imperial smileImperial doubles
up in California

39th acquisition questions
Bain's integration strategy

VC Bain Capital owned Imperial Dade, continued its rapid roll-up of regional hygiene, food service & packaging suppliers in the US. Its latest moves stretch coast to coast along a path pioneered by Bunzl. The big question now is whether Bain will back brand and systems integration or asset strip and flip?

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bianco dino KPT thumb other250 0KP Tissue rolls
back  s l o w l y

Business market returns.
New products launched

KP Tissue 
(ex-Krugerthe Canada based leading international brand tissue maker, suffered a huge drop in demand in both consumer & business supply markets as retailers de-stocked from the abnormally high demand during the Covid year 

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Kapel Marcovici Danielle RajaRaja packs up
Depot Europe

Vulture Aurelius' 5yrs asset
stripping exorcise finalised

Vulture capitalist Aurelius acquired 
Office Depot Europe in Sept'16, has finally completed the sale of al its failing parts. European packaging powerhouse Raja Group moved into the OP market 2 years ago, with the acquisition of some Staples European assets. Now it has doubled up by buying Depot's carcass

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commodity cliffPaper-Printerless
market on pause

#OPocalypse: Diminishing
demand gets temp respite

Most leading OP, Paper & Printermakers have now reported Q2'21 results. Printer paper is down 70%+ since 2008. The shift to hygiene & packaging products is huge. The Covid crash caused users to accelerate the move towards digitisation as print diminished. We analyse results to date...inc Verso, Smurfitt & KP Tissue

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