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  • Screen Shot 2021 04 01 at 1.21.38 PMThe  G r e e n
    G e n e r a t i o n

    Will Pres Biden's Boost
    supercharge economy?

    After the US presidential election top NYTimes columnist Tom Friedman wrote the key to future US success was for President Biden to deliver real stimulus that enables all Americans to realize their full potential. Moreover, to make sure that the $1.9Tn relief package; and his coming $3Tn green/infrastructure proposal actually deliver as promised.

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  • Screen Shot 2021 03 30 at 1.05.47 PMZoooooming
    back the future?

    New collaborations see
    hot desks, small rooms

    As corporations plan to bring workers back to the office, interior design experts Perkins+Will expect expanded gathering spaces and fewer personal workstations. The #BeyondCovid scenarios look uncannily like collaborative workspaces from progressives in the 90's

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  • Screen Shot 2021 03 30 at 11.27.56 AMNew York's new
    reality  e s t a t e?

    'Decentralised Age' dawns:
    Hybrid worklife confluence

    Remote work is here to stay. Manhattan may never be the same. NYC, long buoyed by a fantastic flow of commuters into towering office buildings, faces a cataclysmic challenge, even when Covid concludes. A new mobile 'office is where you are', 'decentralized age' has dawned. This case study by NYTimes' Matthew Haag is convincing....

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Screen Shot 2021 03 19 at 6.41.55 PMProductivity in
hybrid working

Google Cloud advisor's
high performance tactics

In 2020, a roundup of go-to productivity tips for working from home was one of our most popular pieces on Forbes. Nearly one year later, as many prepare to shift to a hybrid work environment, Google’s executive productivity advisor Laura Mae Martin offers a fresh set of tactics for how to prepare.

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Screen Shot 2021 03 19 at 2.52.19 PM"Faster Insights"
by Pinterest CMO 

Separate data collection to
improve strategic decisions

Pinterest CMO Andréa Mallard
reckons that ‘Marketers are misunderstanding the value of insight’. The social media platform’s top marketer argues that insights and data should be used to inform ideas, not to provide answers. We discuss... 

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Screen Shot 2021 03 19 at 1.09.30 PMABM's enhanced
clean progress

Hygienic facility services
recovery underway

ABM Industries,
the leading US facilities management services provider reported recovering results in Q1'21. CEO Scott Salmirs commented on the acceleration in work orders for virus protection and 'EnhancedClean' services

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amazon prime now manSameDay delivery
an essential need

Amazon, Starbucks, Target
lead the new local frontier

More online shoppers are selecting same-day delivery at checkout. Dealers can thank Amazon, Starbucks & Target and Covid for shifting and satisfying consumer expectations. According to Digital Commerce 360/Bizrate Insights survey up to 40% of buyers request the fastest delivery option.

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Screen Shot 2021 03 20 at 1.43.47 PMWayfair's woeful
service issues

Simon's case highlights
impersonal ignorance

Leading $14Bn in sales, furniture etailer Wayfair is enjoying a stellar year with booming WFH demand. However, its notorious customer service issues continue as the latest Simon's example highlighted by Boston's WCVB TV's Ben Simmoneau prove

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vultures in graveyardStaples stripped
bare by Cerberus

Lyreco sweeps up vulture's
carcasses after 4yrs waste

The inevitable has happened, vulture capitalist Cerberus has agreed to sell Staples Solutions' mainland European operations to market leader Lyreco. Meanwhile, the other vulture Aurelius is similarly engaged with asset stripping Office Depot. The bigbox bandwagon is bust!

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Screen Shot 2020 09 15 at 5.24.29 PMFedEx: fueled by
UPS duopoly deed

Repeat rate hikes disguise
Ecom share loss to AMZN

ceo Fred 'Smug' Smith continued to report 'barebones' Q3'21 results to 28 Feb'21. Two rounds of unnecessary, high price hikes boosted sales & profitability. We estimate it lost market share to Amazon, USPS & UPS with a lagging service model

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Screen Shot 2021 03 18 at 11.04.37 AMRicoh's race
towards MTS

Printing plunge pushes
document services drive

Leading Japanese printermakers e.g. Canon, Konica, Kyocera and Ricoh are reacting to plunging demand with acquisition drives into the managed technology services market. Ricoh has been the most prominent in Europe and just announced its latest MTS provider purchase in the Netherlands

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owen andi HM thinkingHerman Miller's

hybrid work hedge 

WFH/Retail concepts offset
corp office demand crash

Herman Miller
the leading upscale furniture maker, continued to suffer 30% demand declines in the US contract market.  Optimistic ceo Andi Owen focused on strong WFH retail demand, DWR home office concept stores and progress in its new gaming partnership with Logitech 

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Screen Shot 2021 01 25 at 2.22.14 PMNPD's US Retail
outlook obvious?

Recovery will embrace new
WFH/Mcom hybrid norms

“The consumer is preparing to migrate back to pre-Covid life, and retail needs to look beyond 2020 to understand what behaviors will remain and which will evolve,” said Marshal Cohen, NPD’s chief retail market advisor. Sounds like a statement of the obvious at a time of still great economic uncertainty...

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