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  • MEGATRENDS 2021sq2020s Business
    Supply Market

    ......less Means More
    P r o d u c t i v i t y 

    Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Zoom, Shopify, Uber & Salesforce have M-powered a new entrepreneurial revolution with affordable personal tech & immediate delivery services. Covid accelerated the advance of 2025 trends: #Paperless #Officeless #Touchless #Spotless #Bigless #Wasteless & #Carbonless. WFH told us to connect with users by providing personalised productivity services + integrated same-day delivery. We guide on how dealers can take charge of their destiny? New Report inc. 2020 Market Review published today

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  • Predictions 2021Power Productivity

    or #OPocalypse? 

    Who will seize the single
    source biz supply market?

    What will happen in 2021 with Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Staples, Essendant, Shopify, SPR, Alibaba, Depot, WBMason, HP, U-Line, Imperial, EVO-VOW, Westcoast, Bunzl, Brady, independent dealers, dealer groups, wholesalers, furnituremakers, paper-printermakers, MPS, OP makers; foodservice; hygiene suppliers; packaging; AI, robotics,Tech/cybersecurity; Hybrid-WFH; B2U v B2B marketing trends. PP's 21 predictions updated

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  • customer intimacy heart mobileTop Resellers Review

    Progressives rally
    to WFH/PPE call

    Bigboxes, Leaders, Rising
    Stars, laggards & Top Tips

    The bigbox share of the market tumbled again in 2020. Disintegrating Depot & stalled Staples lost another $2Bn sales as Amazon's  growth rocketed. Progressive indie resellers, MSP's got hammered on OP/MPS & furniture, but their agility enabled to pivot to Hygiene-PPE and service their local WFH market. Updated

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  • Top Performers 2020Best Performers
    Review of 2020

    Leaders, brands, web,
    products, productivity,
    services, ads, greenest.
    'Essentials' winners all

    The #OPocalypse aka perfect storm that impacted the office supply market in 2019, got worse in 2020, with the devastating effect of the Covid catastrophe. Even progressive broadline business suppliers suffered, but escaped with a rapid pivot to PPE-Hygiene-WFH 'essentials' e.g. Amazon, P&G, Lenovo. Proficiency Index reviewsbest performers in each category. Complete

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  • Frost on Boston snowF r o s t  B i t e s
    Favourites 2020

    Review of Best & Worst
    critical events & stories

    This has been a crazy, tragic year for the business supply market. Every cloud has a silver lining. We believe major 2020's trends have accelerated towards a better World: inc. #Paperless #Officeless #Touchless #Spotless #Bigless #Wasteless #Carbonless etc. 

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Screen Shot 2020 12 18 at 1.58.09 PMUS Economy
progress report

Covid impact on GDP, jobs,
start-ups, goods & services

Nearly a year after the Covid outbreak, the full impact on the US economy is unclear. Some of the most obvious indicators are in conflict: As some companies e.g 'essentials' suppliers, report enormous gains, nearly 10M more Americans are now unemployed and 1M+ filed new unemployment claims last week. We analyse the data...

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Screen Shot 2020 12 18 at 4.15.41 PMDepot->OTGroup:
Frying pan to fire?

Veteran executive exits to
mongrel mix distributor

A near 20 year veteran sales executive from Office Depot Europe contracts team will join the newly formed phoenix organisation OT Group as sales director. It will be interesting to see if loyal Spicers UK dealers get more support in future than from failed previous management?

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keane jim scase handsSteelcase stuck

with depression

Collaboration specialists
suffer Covid crisis spacing

the global leader in collaborative office furnishings, continued to report depressed demand caused by the Covid WFH lockdown in Q3'21 ended 31Oct'20. Sadly, CEO Jim Keane's outlook for Q4 continued downcast as the crisis worsened

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Screen Shot 2020 09 14 at 4.46.38 PMFedEx: carried by
UPS cartel deal?

Repeat rate hikes disguise
Ecom share loss to AMZN

CEO Fred 'Smug' Smith continued to report 'barebones' Q2'21 results to 31Nov''20. Two rounds of unnecessary, high price hikes boosted sales & profitability. We estimate it lost market share to Amazon, USPS & UPS with a lagging service model

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johnsen walter acme nyse lrAcme advances
in medical supply

Progressive OP maker
pivots into health & safety

Acme United,
the leading cutting tools maker, continued its diversification into the hygiene, heath & safety supply market with the acquisition of a medical supply specialist. Ceo Walter Johnsen shows the way for OP makers to reinvent themselves into growing markets

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owen andi HMillerHerman Miller

fighting back

Retail creativity offsets
continued corporate crash

Herman Miller
, the leading upscale furniture maker, recovered some of the  huge corporate demand losses in the Spring. CEO Andi Owen reported strong WFH demand, new home office concept stores and progress in its new gaming partnership with Logitech 

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baldock alex dixonsDixons PC sales
boosted by WFH 

CEO Baldock continues
dodgy market share claims

Embattled European electronics retailer Dixons Carphone received a welcome boost from WFH demand for PC's and technology sales in 1st half ended 31 Oct'20. Self styled saviour CEO Alex Baldock continued to proclaim "We’re winning online, and have rapid market share gains to show for it". We analyse and compare with Amazon & Best Buy

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Screen Shot 2020 12 16 at 4.03.18 PMDDDanger signs
from 3D printers

Plastic particles present
toxic risks to WFH users

Researchers are asking new questions about potential health risks to 3D printer users and consumers, especially children, of products manufactured with this emerging technology.

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Bunzl driver deliversBunzl higher in
hygiene supplies

2020's 6th acquisition in 
safety, foodservice & pkg

 the $12Bn in sales, international business supplies wholesaler, updated the market on its powerful Q4'20 progress. Moreover, it confirmed its latest (6th in 2020) acquisition of a Canadian hygiene and food service group

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Screen Shot 2020 12 15 at 12.59.48 PMChina's Economy

& exports explode

US Trade War won in spite
of tariffs taxing consumers

China’s exemplary Covid response was a ‘magic recipe’ for economic growth & exports to the US. Imports from China increased 50% in November especially in WFH equipment: PC's eg. Lenovo; PPE e.g. 3M, & business supplies inc. screens, monitors, air purifiers. We review latest reports

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