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  • OPocalypse now Mar17Beyond OPocalypse to

    A Higher Hygiene
    & Wellness Market

    Pandemic to personal
    productivity protection

    Before the Coronavirus pandemic tragedy the OP market was collapsing with paper & printer makers running below half 2010 demand levels. The 'Essentials' supply focus is a stark reminder that unless business suppliers' service includes hygiene & safety, refreshments, foodservice, IT & packaging products, the future is bleak. Every cloud has a silver lining.... Weekend

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  • Screen Shot 2020 03 24 at 2.40.03 PM'Essentials' ease
    dealers doom

    Hygiene, water, IT, packg
    supplies save deliveries

    The CV shutdown of all businesses except 'Essentials' supply by national & local government in US & UK would normally close office supply dealers. Those progressive resellers that have embraced broadline business supplies, have continued inc. home delivery, even though it means more, smaller individual drops at higher cost to serve....

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  • Screen Shot 2020 03 22 at 3.56.33 PMMask up delivery
    service workers!

    Support front-line food &
    hygiene supply teams

    "The coronavirus (CV) pandemic shows the need to overhaul how to treat delivery & frontline customer service teams" writes Business
    Diana Enriquez. Good advice for dealers in business supply to ensure service teams 'mask-up' to reassure customers & get CV tests if they sense the symptoms... Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2020 03 23 at 3.04.20 PMHygiene Suppliers
    heighten delivery

    Leaders: P&G, 3M, Clorox,
    KC, Purell, EcoLab respond

    The Coronavirus pandemic has hammered consumers & business supply demand with worse to come. Meanwhile, food & beverage, pharmacy & home technology suppliers are booming inc. makers & distributors that responded to the urgent need for greater personal protection & higher hygiene standards.. We review case studies... Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2020 03 19 at 1.39.09 PMBuybacks v
    B a i l  O u t s?

    Greedy or Needy?
    Can share purchase
    plans be justified now?

    , the tailspinning US #1 paper merchant just announced a share buy back plan at a time when sales & profits were crashing pre CV. Meanwhile, many corporations are calling for bail out support from government as survival becomes their priority. How do they reconcile this greed with the CV pandemic about to explode across the US?

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Xerox MPSXerox maintains
MPS momentum

Roll up race with HP
& regional specialists

Copier giant Xerox maintains its roll up of MPS specialists in its race with HP and the top 8 US regional specialists. The big question in the market is the conflict between Xerox's direct sales force and its SMB channel partners. Does Xerox's management care?

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Premier PaperPremier's push
in display signs

Japan Paper's merchant
expands UK distribution

Japan Pulp & Paper's UK merchant Premier Paper has rolled out a nationwide DC expansion as it makes moves into new display & sign markets to respond to evolving client demand.

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Screen Shot 2020 03 06 at 10.36.50 AMUS Foods makes
S m a r t  move

Accelerates growth in Indie
market via Cash'n'Carry

US #2 Foodservice provider USFoods has agreed to acquire a network of 70 cash'n'carry stores operating in the western states. This move expands its strategy to concentrate on serving independent restaurants 

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clamshell pkg lampOverpackaging
offends users

MORI Poll finds brands
risk lost sales for excess

In a world where sustainability is front of mind, recent research conducted by MORI, sponsored by leading paper & packaging group, Mondi, sounds a warning bell for excessive packaging. Younger people particularly are prepared to switch from brands that over package.

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jelenick craig costco whCostco: consistent
growth champion 

Gains market share v WMT
Hygiene supplies Feb surge

Costco Wholesale,
the $150Bn broadline consumer & business supplies reseller, reported stronger growth rates in Q2'20,. Its work on weak webstore is paying dividends with increased growth achieved over the later Thanksgiving weekend. Moreover, in February sales were boosted by panic buying of 'virus fear' supplies

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Screen Shot 2020 03 05 at 11.12.31 AMHP rejects Xerox
"open to combo"

CEO Lores limp "limited
organic growth potential"
Canon calls out "can't do"

interviewed HP CEO Enrique Lores about its rejection of Chainsaw Carl Icahn led Xerox $35Bn bid. David Faber asked straight questions about blocks, synergies, a HP counterbid and upside benefits? Lores' answers were limp and unconvincing. It looked like a dinosaurs' death rattle with Canon threatening to end its $5bn relationship too.

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hume rich tech dataTechData trends
into real reverse

Losing market share in US,
Europe & Asia v regionals

Tech Data,
the $37Bn in sales global #2 tech wholesaler reported disappointing results for Q4'20.. The former growth leader in 2018 has reversed course and losing share to regional rivals in US & Europe. Now in the hands of vulture capitalists. What's next?

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Yuan Eric ZoomZ o o m Video 
Comms zoom

Video collaboration giants
outpaced by cloud upstart

Video collaboration specialist Zoom's (CEO Eric Yuan, pic left) launched a successful IPO in April and continued its relentless progress with outstanding sales and profits growth in Q4'20, outstripping traditional competition

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managed services man cloudThe Rise & Rise of
Mega MTS dealers

Top Managed Productivity
Service Providers' profiles

MPS is dying! Long live "Managed Technology Services' providers that drive productivity improvement for customers. We profile the Top 8 resellers that are leading the US market and making regional acquisitions to fuel expansion... 

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Depot jumping shipDepot executive
exodus extends

Smudger Smith's "World
Class" team jump ship

In November Office Depot CFO Joe Lower, resigned after a years service. Under CEO Gerry 'Smudger' Smith's 3 year tailspinning tenure, he has failed to assemble a settled executive team. Now his lauded CCO has departed. Who's next?

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