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  • stairway to heaven 2017WFH Winners
    expose Losers

    Personalised productivity
    service providers to users
    gain local brand identity

    amazing 40% growth to reach $10Bn in business supplies during the Covid quarter exposed the huge deficiencies in service levels from traditional OP dealers.  Amazon became the default 'first call' supplier for 'Everything WFH supplies'. In spite of its dominance, many responsive progressive dealers pivoted powerfully to the new immediate market standards. We highlight the winners....Updated

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  • Gazelle leaps bigboxLess means more
    P r o d u c t i v i t y

    Wake up to new Touchless
    Paper/Officeless, Spotless
    Wasteless business world

    There's no doubt after 5mos of Covid lockdown & 'WFH' that future trends have been brought forward. Consider the acceleration in technology use by all ages: MCommerce, less commuting, Zoom meetings & conferences; hygiene, safety, health & wellness awareness; protective packaging. Moreover the shift towards a greener more sustainable world. We discuss the trends. Updated

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  • commodity cliffPrint/papermakers
    plunge off a cliff

    OPocalypse: Diminished

    Most leading OP, Paper & Print makers reported severe sales declines in Q2'20. Printer Paper demand is down 60%+ since 2008; another -30% in Q2;the shift to hygiene and packaging is huge. We analyse Q2 results.  Updated today for Domtar

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  • office depot sinking ship350 2Deceitful Depot
    deeper and down

    New 'ODPCorp' 'Max B2B'
    Smith's 'deckchair shifting'
    cliches on a sinking ship

    Newly named ODP Corporation (ex-Office Depot-OfficeMax), sank at a deepening rate in Q2'20. OP core sales were crushed with hygiene essentials in retail & online softening the decline. We analyse CEO Gerry 'Smudger' Smith's hollow & misleading commentary and update on the 'white knight' life saver.

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  • jones yancey snr TSR 20Will SPR investors

    expand biz supply?

    Is narrowline 'holesaler
    just a buying group play?

    After many failed attempts Genuine Parts finally sold SPRichards to an Investor Group led by TSR's enterprising chief Yancey Jones (pic left). What's the plan? Will it continue a buying group bias or invest in broadline business supply to compete with Amazon? We review

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WB customer intimacy heart

Mason's Mass


Acquires 2 more dealers

to make it 13 buys in 2015

, the US #1 mega-independent reseller has acquired 2 more OP dealers in Massachusetts to consolidate its stronghold in the Northeast. We spoke with CEO Leo Meehan

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Moulton jon terminator#SPOT owner's
CityLink scandal

Better Capital director
faces criminal trial

Three former directors of City Link including a director of Better Capital face criminal trial following firm's shock Christmas Day collapse

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WHSmith slideMessy WHSmith
slip sliding away

Cost cuts culture: ‘What
Horrible Stores shambles

WHSmith, UK’s #1 High Street & travel location retailer, reported results for full year ended Aug 31st. CEO Stephen Clarke has continued Kate Swann’s 10 years of growth-less complacent ommentary

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Staples sargent Depot smith sawWill Staples sell
Depot contract?

Exploring asset sales to
win FTC antitrust review

As we revealed from the outset, Staples is exploring the sale of assets to help resolve US antitrust officials’ concerns about its planned takeover of Office Depot. Perhaps Depot's toxic contract division?

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uber fresh deliveryUber couriers

live Chicago/SF

Now delivery service a
fast low cost option

UberRush, the app enabled courier service  tested in New York, is now available in those two additional cities, the company said Wednesday.

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gelsinger Pat vmware tee"Half IT top 100

will disappear"

VMWare's CEO makes

dire market prediction

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger says that the Dell-EMC deal is part of 'tectonic shift' that will see over 50% of IT top 100 vanish

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dell michael 2015Michael Dell on
EMC/VMW deal

Opens up on future, debt
& management changes


After Dell announced its blockbuster plans to merge with EMC for $67bn on Monday, the question of what would happen to the storage/cloud giant was finally answered by Michael Dell

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wilson james XPDWilson moves

to rescue XPD

'Looter' Langdown &
SPOT's Whiteway acts
of collusion foiled?

James Wilson's 
back at newly formed XPD Group with a plan to join forces with Superstat Group to secure the future of its members from acts of sabotage by pseudo-wholesaler SPOT's CEO Jeff Whiteway...

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Whitman meg hp plungingHP tumbles thru
shadow of Dell?

Meg mugged by Michael
move to one source tech

A year ago HP CEO Meg Whitman was in merger talks with EMC CEO Joe Tucci. Immediate plans were made to split HP into hardware and software to facilitate "agility". Kerpow! Dell arrives to gazump HP with an integrated IT plan and now she's trashing her rival...

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Fastenal Blue truck teamFastenal's fast
growth stalled

Vending sales strong;
energy sector weak

Fastenal Company
, a leading US reseller of MRO, vending supplies, reported slower growth for Q3'15

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