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  • stairway to heaven 2017WFH Winners
    expose Losers

    Personalised productivity
    service providers to users
    gain local brand identity

    amazing 40% growth to reach $10Bn in business supplies during the Covid quarter exposed the huge deficiencies in service levels from traditional OP dealers.  Amazon became the default 'first call' supplier for 'Everything WFH supplies'. In spite of its dominance, many responsive progressive dealers pivoted powerfully to the new immediate market standards. We highlight the winners....Updated

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  • Gazelle leaps bigboxLess means more
    P r o d u c t i v i t y

    Wake up to new Touchless
    Paper/Officeless, Spotless
    Wasteless business world

    There's no doubt after 5mos of Covid lockdown & 'WFH' that future trends have been brought forward. Consider the acceleration in technology use by all ages: MCommerce, less commuting, Zoom meetings & conferences; hygiene, safety, health & wellness awareness; protective packaging. Moreover the shift towards a greener more sustainable world. We discuss the trends. Updated

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  • commodity cliffPrint/papermakers
    plunge off a cliff

    OPocalypse: Diminished

    Most leading OP, Paper & Print makers reported severe sales declines in Q2'20. Printer Paper demand is down 60%+ since 2008; another -30% in Q2;the shift to hygiene and packaging is huge. We analyse Q2 results.  Updated today for Domtar

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  • office depot sinking ship350 2Deceitful Depot
    deeper and down

    New 'ODPCorp' 'Max B2B'
    Smith's 'deckchair shifting'
    cliches on a sinking ship

    Newly named ODP Corporation (ex-Office Depot-OfficeMax), sank at a deepening rate in Q2'20. OP core sales were crushed with hygiene essentials in retail & online softening the decline. We analyse CEO Gerry 'Smudger' Smith's hollow & misleading commentary and update on the 'white knight' life saver.

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  • jones yancey snr TSR 20Will SPR investors

    expand biz supply?

    Is narrowline 'holesaler
    just a buying group play?

    After many failed attempts Genuine Parts finally sold SPRichards to an Investor Group led by TSR's enterprising chief Yancey Jones (pic left). What's the plan? Will it continue a buying group bias or invest in broadline business supply to compete with Amazon? We review

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Screen Shot 2020 08 03 at 11.10.32 PMEd Barnshaw:

Mad M a n k i n d
P e r s o n i f i e d

Shock death of Quality guy.
Larger than life, fun legend

Sadly Ed Barnshaw (pic left, on left), the UK business supply entrepreneur and ex-owner of Quality Office Products died yesterday in a tragic fall accident. Like many of his numerous friends and colleagues, we pay tribute to an unforgettable character who lit up the OP industry over the past 20 years. He will be greatly missed. RIP

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binnie steve sappiSappi's sinking
paper demand

Packaging steady with
Covid crushing sales

Sappi, the South African based international papermaker, reported another set of disappointing results, made worse by Covid. Whilst acknowledging the business is under pressure what is CEO Steve Binnie's (pic left) reinvention strategy?

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Screen Shot 2020 08 04 at 3.59.23 PMDepot dumpster
filled by Aurelius

Euro exodus etc: Viking
Spain sold. Bin France?

Vulture capitalist Aurelius acquired Office Depot's $2Bn Euro operations in 2017 with a growth strategy fanfare. Sales in 2019 were down 50%; then Covid accelerated its death rattle. Disposals in Central Europe, Nordics; now Spain twice, next France, has destroyed its dodgy commitment and accelerated its disposal programme.

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redondo antonio navigatorNavigator's paper
demand disrupted 

Tissue & Pulp resilient
relief for Covid vol crash

Portugal's Navigator Company, the leading quality brand papermaker, reported a huge drop in paper demand in Q2'20. Stronger tissue demand and pulp production offset some of the damage to sales and profits

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Salmon Tom berry lrBerry acquisition
disguises decline

Protectiv packaging maker
losing hygiene mkt share?

Leading protective packaging maker Berry Global Group reported slow Q3'20 organic growth. The $6Bn acquisition of RPC boosted sales and profits hiding underlying weakness in its core business

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Screen Shot 2018 09 17 at 7.08.34 PMNewell Brands'
house of cards?

Will ex-Max messer Ravi
reinvent or wreck vendor?

Newell Brands,
a leading house of business & consumer brands, continued to report deeply declining sales in Q2'20. Can CEO 'Ridiculous' Ravi Saligram lover of hollow corporate cliches turn it around? Early 'fiddling' tactics are not promising

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usui minoru epson sadE p s o n  i n k s
printer  p l u n g e

High-cap eco tanks flat
VCom & wearables down

a leading printer and visual presentation products maker continued to decline in all its product categories in Q1'21 ended 30 June.. CEO reported the damaging effect of US tariffs and Covid for its market depression

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yamana shoie konica ceoKonica's crashing
MPS demand

Plunging print worsened
by Covid hit US & Europe

Konica Minolta
the $10Bn Japanese MPS/printer group published deeply declining sales in Q1'21 ended 30 Jun'20. It looks unlikely that it will resume an acquisition drive to compete with Xerox/HP's moves for the few large MPS providers remaining?

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Bezos Amazon atop mountain

wins WFH supply

Covid crisis custom made
for end consumer delivery

phenomenal sales growth accelerated at 40% in the Covid hit Q2'20, 2X 2019 rates. Business Supplies growth was boosted by WFHome deliveries of 'essentials' inc. tech, hygiene & food supplies. The 'Everything Store' became consumers 'first call' broadline supplies provider

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cook tim iPad ProApple aces with
WFH Macs/iPads

Services & Watch surge
outstrips weaker iPhones

the ultimate personal productivity tool designer, reported strong sales & profits in Covid hit Q3'20 boosted by WFH sales of Macs & iPads. Surging Services & the Apple Watch (stormed to $30Bn+pa sales) offset slower sales of iPhones

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