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  • Screen Shot 2022 01 16 at 4.10.21 PMPackaging power
    propels biz market

    Ecom product care drives
    rapid growth, VCap interest

    The hygiene & packaging market looks alot like the glorious 80/90's days in OP. Consolidation of regional independents in a market with 10%+ growth fuelled by WFH/ecommerce, led by the major players e.g. ULine and venture capital funds. We review, analyse leaders and trends....

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  • staples depot train crashKaluzny skins SPLS
    Smith drains ODP

    Myopic mercenary moves
    maximise selfish interests

    Former bigbox giants Staples & Office Depot ($52Bn sales 2007) have been destroyed by a mix of incompetence and vulture capitalist's greed. Today, aggregate sales are $19Bn sinking at a $2Bnpa rate.  What are the motivations of Sycamore's Stefan Kaluzny and Depot's ceo Gerry 'Bizarro' Smith? We review and comment... 

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  • Screen Shot 2022 01 15 at 5.46.12 PMCan dealers svc

    hybrid workers?

    More lower value webstore
    orders delivered same day

    Corporations are adjusting rapidly to the hybrid work future. Flexible work is here to stay. How will dealers adapt to a new norm where empowered users order business supplies online, in smaller quantities, expecting the immediate home delivery advanced by Amazon? What will they do to upgrade webstores and broaden ranges to minimise the higher cost to serve? We discuss....

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  • Screen Shot 2022 01 14 at 9.40.00 AMDepot's charade
    'split' game over

    Phantom 2nd bidder for
    retail biz to stall Staples?

    ODP Corp aka Office Depot
    has decided to delay previously announced plans to split into two public companies to "mull over sale offers for its retail division", sending its shares up 10%. This bigbox game of charades is a joke; a disintegrating mess run by a bunch of self serving simpletons...

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  • MEGATRENDS 2022sq2022 Business
    Supply Market

    ......less Means More
    P r o d u c t i v i t y 

    Are we heralding in the Roaring 20's? Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Shopify have M-powered a new entrepreneurial revolution with affordable personal tech & immediate delivery. Covid advanced 2025 trends: #Paperless #Officeless #Touchless #Bigless #Wasteless & #Carbonless. WFH told us to connect with users by providing personalised productivity services + integrated same-day delivery. We guide on how dealers can take charge of their destiny? New Report inc. 2021 Market Review published today!

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England simon nuvian 22Nuvias extends
UC in Germany

Facilitates hybrid working
networks across Europe 

Nuvias Group 
unified communications (UC) arm has bought value-added-distributor in Germany to grow the mainland Europe market. The acquisition bolsters its services for WFH customers building on partnerships with vendors such as Zoom and Logitech to offer improved collaborative tools

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Screen Shot 2022 01 09 at 5.34.06 PMDouble-digit price
hikes boost sales

Bigbox, DIY, delivery firms'
inflation spikes customers

Yes, Covid concerns continued to depress consumer confidence, but WFH consumer serving businesses' fortunes were boosted hugely with reports of double-digit% revenue increases and 50%+ profit hikes. We review the major retailers e.g. Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Tesco; transporters eg.UPS, FedEx; and fading IT makers e.g. HP. Don't be deceived by the bare numbers reported....

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Screen Shot 2022 01 09 at 6.35.18 PMCleaning market's
bright prospects

Health & safety conscience
drives consumer demand

The global commercial cleaning products market size is anticipated to reach $36Bn by 2028 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 10%pa from 2021 according to Reasearch & Markets.com We analyse the segments of opportunity in the SMB market

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Screen Shot 2022 01 07 at 2.33.04 PMHP's hollow hype
on hybrid working 

SkngAlpha analyst sucked
in by tech giant's rhetoric?

Seeking Alpha
analysts seem keen on HP's recent PR onslaught championing its new 'Hybrid Work' credentials. Truth is, HP's portfolio of PC's lag leaders Lenovo, Dell and Apple; and printers are becoming increasingly redundant in the paperless WFH environment. 

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Screen Shot 2022 01 07 at 11.32.16 AMWanted! Easier 

user experience

Gartner Predicts: Buyers
dictate selling strategy?

Leading organizations are increasing revenue and improving customer experience (UX) by becoming more collaborative, unified and digital-optimized across all of their customer interactions. Application leaders must make strategic technology investments that transform digital selling functions according to leading market researcher Gartner. We analyse.... 

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Screen Shot 2022 01 06 at 1.04.20 PMLogitech bets BIG
on WFH tech arena

'Metaverse' huge moment
envisions Bracken Darrell

 all kinds of tech accessories: mice, keyboards, cases, cameras, you name it. When Bracken Darrell took over as ceo in 2013, he restructured the company around growth, making acquisitions like Blue microphones, and invested heavily in software. Now he sees huge opportunities in designing tools for consumers lifestyle online behaviour aka the metaverse...

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Kinam Kim samsung chip chiefSamsung soars
on chip demand

Consumer Electronics stall

Galaxy 5G mobiles weaken

Global electronics giant Samsung's semiconductor chief Kinam Kim (pic left) reported tremendous results in Q4'21. Chip sales continued to surge in a higher demand, under served global market whilst consumer electronics and mobiles were disappointing

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Hardy James CCSMedia 21CCS elevated by
"Learning" ethos

UK's #1 indie broadline
biz reseller tops $300m

UK leading independent broadline business services provider CCS Media has achieved its five-year ambition of hitting the £250m ($325m) revenue mark, MD James Hardy told CRN: "There's no magic formula - we've just listened and improved". We discuss plans to double revenues again over the next 5 years... 

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Screen Shot 2022 01 06 at 9.50.50 AMHenkel: Under the
radar. Underrated

Leading adhesive/cleaning

brands maker's progress

Henkel AG & Co. is one of those below-the-radar businesses that are intrinsically important to many other producers. This primarily chemical company massively underperformed the market in 2021. "But that gives a potential upside of 15%-30% on its market capitalisation" opines Wolf Report on Seeking Alpha. We analyse the report and ceo Carsten Knobel's plans...

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Screen Shot 2022 01 05 at 7.59.17 PMC E S  2 0 2 2
Hot Consumer
E l e c t r o n i c s 

Samsung, Jabra, Targus,
Pickwheel, Magna Icon etc

A foldable smartphone, a tablet with light-powered wireless technology, a foot-controlled electric carrier and multiple empty booths greeted press and industry analysts attending CES 2022’s Unveiled event. in Las Vegas. CRN's Wade Tyler Millward selects and reviews 18 hot innovative products

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