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  • Screen Shot 2020 05 24 at 2.05.44 PMThe Paperless,
    O f f i c e l e s s
    Touchless future

    'Less is more' in the new
    #BeyondCovid eco world

    The global Covid lockdown will likely reignite trends that emerged over the past 20 years. The printer 'paperless' plunge; 'officeless' orientation; and now the 'touchless' trend towards higher hygiene & safety. Moreover, a resurgence in sustainability practices to cut carbon emissions; and ironically, greater human touch. We analyse these movements Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2020 05 26 at 4.14.51 PMGlocalisation Up!

    Globalisation down

    Bigger the world economy.
    More power, small players

    In 1994, John Naisbitt wrote the Global Paradox book, that successfully predicted the growth of independent businesses. #Glocalisation paralleled that prediction where products/services were created for global consumption and personalised to suit local culture. This trend is rising thru Covid. We discuss the many successful brand case studies. 

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  • perfect storm clooneyPrint/papermakers
    hit perfect storm

    OPocalypse: Diminished

    Most leading OP, Paper & Print makers have reported severe sales declines in Q1'20 to date. Printer Paper demand is down 60%+ since 2008; the exodus to hygiene and packaging is huge. We analyse the market and update on a daily basis. Updated for Konica Minolta today

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  • Screen Shot 2020 05 19 at 2.29.38 PMThe Office is Dead!
    Long live the office

    Professional identity to be
    lost w/o physical interface?

    "Farewell, office. You were the last boundary between work and home" writes NYTimes columnist Jennifer Senior. "The office shaped identities in ways workers never knew". Yes, the 'Officeless'  trend started 10yrs ago, but the power of physical community & teamwork contact should not be underestimated...Updated

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  • Delivery driver blue lucyHigh order values.

    Low CostToServe 

    Broad biz supply from one
    source drives productivity

    A primary focus for OP dealers has been lowering buying price to achieve GP% improvement. Progressive dealers in broadline business supply have achieved greater success by 2X order values & lowering cost to serve. We highlight examples... Updated

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Screen Shot 2020 05 18 at 3.18.10 PMRight sized pack'g
prods productivity

Asda study cuts waste,
increases delivery capacity

UK subsidiary, Asda has acquired an automated packing system to tackle oversized packaging & congestion in its warehouse operations. This is a must have to drive productivity & sustainability in the business supply market. 

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Screen Shot 2020 05 17 at 7.48.47 PM'W o r k p l a c e'

word doesn't work

Omnipresent 'Office is
wherever you are'  in the
business supply market

Over recent years several attempts have been made to redefine the evolving office based market. The industrial 'Workplace' term has become a popular tag. Forget it! In the new ubiquitous mobile world, 'office' & 'business supply' are more relevant in meeting growing demand for 'personalized productivity services'

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Screen Shot 2020 05 18 at 4.47.44 PMRavaged retail
saved by etail

Non essentials plummet.
Online spending up 45%

Overall retail spending in April plummeted 9%, the biggest ever drop in US history. Online sales grew 20%+ as total sales tumbled caused by the Covid lockdown. 

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productivity over stationery 2013From Products

to Productivity

Your ABC guide to new
Business Supply market

The 40yrs old OP industry has reached OPocalypse! Paper related supplies have declined for the past 10 years. Meanwhile, the broadline Business Supply market has grown at 4% pa featuring IT, hygiene, safety, ergonomics, refreshments, packaging & foodservice supplies. Progressives have responded, trad dealers have not. Here is your guide to the shifting landscape. Updated

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Screen Shot 2020 04 02 at 2.09.23 PMOnline biz boom.
Winners & losers

Can new players challenge
leaders in delivery service?

"Online sales have surged since March as Covid caused Work from Home (WFH) activity soared & 'non essential' retail stores closed" writes NYTimes' Nathaniel Popper. We discuss his review, analyse trends, winners & losers in the business supplies marketplace 

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Screen Shot 2020 05 18 at 5.31.30 PM3D  p r i n t i n g
leaders c r a s h!

3D Systems/Stratasys
sink deeper & deeper

3D printing leaders Stratasys (MakerBot) & 3D Systems continued to report serious declines in demand and losses in Q1'20. The bubble has truly burst plus HP's yet to be successful shift into the industrial market. Moreover, ex-HP print chief VJoshi as retired at 3DS after failing to turn it around

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depot max blood drain storesDesperate Depot
dismiss 13000 jobs

A massive 34% workforce
slashed mainly in stores

Coincidentally, 34 years after Office Depot 'superstores' were founded, current management plans to slash 34% of its workforce, mainly in retail. Depot's rapid retreat from retail plans to accelerate with over 300+ stores set to close before 2023 

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Screen Shot 2020 05 13 at 4.40.06 PMB2B marketing
R.I.P. Go B2U!

#BeyondCovid WFH will
be a long term practice

PP has been banging on about the death of B2B & B2C marketing distinctions for 10yrs. Central business buyer's power has diminished; decentralised to decision makers, typically user chooser, Lucy. The Covid induced WFH trend won't reverse. Marketers need to reach Lucy like Amazon does, that's B2U marketing! Here's how...Updated 

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depot gagged man leavingDepot winding
down in Europe?

Vulture Capitalist Aurelius'
commitment on test watch

Vulture capitalist
acquired Office Depot's European operations in Feb'17, then a $2Bn in sales, with a growth strategy fanfare. Sales in 2019 were down 50%; then Covid accelerated its death rattle. Disposals of Central Europe, now Nordics; next France will challenge its dodgy commitment.

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martin geoff CCLCCL label sales
hit roller coaster

Essential market demand 
unable to contra Covid 

CCL Industries,
the $5Bn in sales specialist labelmaker (inc. Avery), reported declining demand in Q1'20 with Covid 'essentials' market channel sales unable to offset non essential market declines 

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