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  • Screen Shot 2021 04 01 at 1.21.38 PMThe  G r e e n
    G e n e r a t i o n

    Will Pres Biden's Boost
    supercharge economy?

    After the US presidential election top NYTimes columnist Tom Friedman wrote the key to future US success was for President Biden to deliver real stimulus that enables all Americans to realize their full potential. Moreover, to make sure that the $1.9Tn relief package; and his coming $3Tn green/infrastructure proposal actually deliver as promised.

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  • Screen Shot 2021 03 30 at 1.05.47 PMZoooooming
    back the future?

    New collaborations see
    hot desks, small rooms

    As corporations plan to bring workers back to the office, interior design experts Perkins+Will expect expanded gathering spaces and fewer personal workstations. The #BeyondCovid scenarios look uncannily like collaborative workspaces from progressives in the 90's

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  • Screen Shot 2021 03 30 at 11.27.56 AMNew York's new
    reality  e s t a t e?

    'Decentralised Age' dawns:
    Hybrid worklife confluence

    Remote work is here to stay. Manhattan may never be the same. NYC, long buoyed by a fantastic flow of commuters into towering office buildings, faces a cataclysmic challenge, even when Covid concludes. A new mobile 'office is where you are', 'decentralized age' has dawned. This case study by NYTimes' Matthew Haag is convincing....

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Screen Shot 2021 03 29 at 11.06.47 AMRamping Return
on Investment!

Henkel CMO "Sexiest
tool open to marketers"

While it is important to resist an obsession with short-term thinking, return on investment (ROI) remains a powerful metric for marketers when used correctly, says mighty hygiene & OP maker Henkel's marketing boss Nikki Vadera. More top marketers add their weight to the power of ROI. We discuss....

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Screen Shot 2021 03 29 at 3.20.27 PMApogee acquires
first MPS provider

HP's fading force in UK
direct market shored up

the former roll-up of UK MPS providers was acquired by HP in 2018. Since then CEO's changed as sales sank. New CEO Aurelio Maruggi announced his first acquisition with bold plans to expand in the distressed, canniballized market. 

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Screen Shot 2021 03 27 at 2.33.06 PMIngram incited
by SynnTech?  

SVP Robinson: "Game on"
in the IT distribution race

Ingram Micro
SVP Kirk Robinson says he’s not worried about the competitive threat posed by the blockbuster Tech Data-Synnex merger. Given that both powerhouses are owned by short term vulture capitalists, how can any senior executive be confident against more focused specialists? 

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Screen Shot 2021 03 25 at 1.07.34 PMFuture of work?
Innovative ideas 

Greylock’s Reid Hoffman
& Sarah Guo investments

In the move towards hybrid work, technology will need to make sure remote workers do not become 'second class citizens'. Concepts like a 'virtual office' on a desktop will help with company culture issues that could be challenging #BeyondCovid

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Screen Shot 2021 03 23 at 12.15.17 PMLyreco lights the
way forward in
sustainable supply

Zooming w/past & present
CEO's Bigeard & Lienard

The secret's out! Eric Bigeard, legendary Lyreco ceo until 2010, is back in support of current ceo Greg Lienard in the drive to consolidate its leadership position in Europe & Asia business supply markets. We discussed the recent acquisition of Staples Solutions mainland Europe operations, the market and its sustainability strategy. Complete

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Screen Shot 2021 03 23 at 7.06.56 PMBigbox 'busted
flush'...over & out

Vulture feast finished as
hot EQ-feel beats cold-IQ

Beleaguered bigboxes Staples & Office Depot's 20 years+ foray into Europe is coming to an end. Both acquired by vultures in 2017, sales have diminished from a $7Bn high. Proof if needed that strong independents with the feel and depth of understanding (EQ) e.g. Lyreco, will outsmart cold impersonal pretenders (IQ). Updated

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Screen Shot 2021 03 26 at 6.30.08 PMCompucom crash
damages Depot 

Malware incident disrupts
client service & revenues

ODP Corporation updated markets today on the malware incident that hit subsidiary CompuCom Systems on March 1. While it has made progress in remediating systems CC expects downtime to result in a loss of revenue & extra costs which will adversely impact Q1'21 results

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veritiv truck crashVeritiv's veritable
v vulture view?

Market cap multiplies as
sales sink. Who's suitor?

Leading US paper & packaging wholesaler Veritiv was formed back in 2014 (ex-xpdx/Unisource combo). Sales were then $9Bn, today $6Bn and sinking fast. Meanwhile, market cap has tripled this year. It's 40% owned by VC shareholders, so who wants it? Japan's veritable KPP or Bain backed Imperial Dade? Watch this space...

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HP death of the printerCannibalized MPS.
Print RIP. MTS go!

Quocirca report misreads
inexorable digital drive

Analyst Quocirca reports on recent changes in the managed print services (MPS) market, opining that players must react to changes caused by Covid. It all feels too optimistic and wishful? In reality, consumers know printing adds cost compared with the new virtual, digital world of communications....

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Screen Shot 2021 03 02 at 11.19.50 AMFurnituremakers
fall as WFH fires

Corporate office collapse,
as home suppliers surge!

Furnituremakers Review Q4'20: Covid killed the corporate furniture and interiors supply market. Leading makers reported 30%+ demand declines. Meanwhile, WFH suppliers like Amazon, Wayfair (pic left) exploded with record revenues. We review leaders and the new developments emerging during the crisis that will accelerate the Worklife Confluence & ergonomics movement Updated for Haworth, Steelcase & Herman Miller Complete

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