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  • supplier squeezeProcurement push

    Supply Chain process killing
    creativity in race to bottom

    The paperless office trend & secular OP market decline; exacerbated by global economic slowdown & toxic tariffs has fuelled the power of 'low-pricing' procurement people. This has accelerated the commoditization trend, killing innovation that drives higher productivity and lower operating costs. Later today

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  • Screen Shot 2019 06 24 at 10.51.18 AMPackaging power
    collapsing trend?

    International Paper, PCA
    market caps hit by cuts

    The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA)
    has published the May 2019 Containerboard Monthly report. According to the report, production in May decreased 6%  compared to May 2018 and down 4.5% year-to-date. We discuss what this slowdown means for the packaging market...

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  • lamneck ken insight suitInsight saves
    PCM's pretence

    Struggling tech reseller
    acquired by larger rival

    Insight Enterprises
    he $7Bn IT solutions provider is set to acquire PCM, its struggling international rival in a $600m deal. PCM has been losing market share and exiting core markets over the past year. 

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  • Screen Shot 2019 06 24 at 3.55.46 PMDepot trials new
    Compucom chief

    Hires 3rd hi-techy guy for
    hi-customer service need?

    Office Depot 
    today hired its third CEO at CompuCom, since it acquired the collapsing technology services provider in Oct'17. It continues to hire IQ/techy types, rather than much needed customer service leaders that can motivate its people & customers

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  • Productivity leaders 20182019 Champions
    of Productivity 

    Will lean stocking dealers
    surpass stockless etailers

    We're conducting the Proficiency Index Dealer Productivity 2019 Half Year Review, the most universally accepted indicator of dealer profitability. We invite dealers to email sales forecast for 2019/current employee numbers (FTE's) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 30 Jun please. We'll finalise the championship leaderboard on 8 July

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Sweet Tweet success of 2009

“Twitter’s the media winner in year of economic jitters”


21 Dec 09

Non other than Clare Beale the editor of Campaign magazine and lead advertising columnist in The Independent declared today that Twitter was the media success story of 2009. Here are her comments:

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christmas-montage-questionNominations please

Poll 2009


Who was your star… your 
turkey… your wisemen… 
your cracker… your scrooge?

8 Dec 09
Enter into the Christmas spirit early. We invite you to nominate your Christmas  Characters for the tough and turbulent 2009.

Last year the poll attracted 400+ rersponses. There are 5 categories and we list last years top nominations:

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Dirty Depot deflecting denigrators

BullSchmidt blames whistleblower for San Francisco audit exposure


20 Dec 09

Office Depot Business Solutions president Steve Schmidt has blamed Whistleblower David Sherwin for his part in San Francisco Audit Report findings showing $5.75m in overcharges on their contract. Just another 'red herring' from the beleaguered giant?

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Democratic Marketing

with consumers

Collaboration with the local community and customers creates ideas that work


19 Dec  09 (Completed)

‘Democratic marketing’ – by passing the agency process to put the creative brief out to consumers and independent creatives - is gaining popularity among brands such as Peperami. Are we about to see a seismic change in marketing services procurement, especially in the OP market?

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ODgate Scandal - Breaking News!

Depot fraud tops $10m in California

Typically dismissive denials re SF audit from their PR machine

19 Dec 09

Like it or not, we will have to get used to these headlines as Office Depot’s fraudulent and systematic overcharging goes mainstream in the US press. Today San Francisco Chronicle tomorrow NY Times and Wall Street Journal?


We have been banging on about Depot deceptions, collusion and conspiracies against their biggest customers, state and local governments and taxpayers since May 2007. Many readers are fed up with these reports, asking us to give them a break, as though the transgressions were historical.


Depot’s fraudulent practices are current, exacerbated by a deceitful management cover-ups. We will continue our crusade to get rid of these incompetents to restore the former good name of Office Depot and the OP industry.

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best-buy-launchThe best webcast of the year

Best Buy boosted

Strong gains in home office supply. Towards ‘customised connectivity’ services

16 Dec 09
Best Buy, the world’s #1 consumer electronics retailer announced Q3’09 earnings more than quadrupled on a strong jump in sales.

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ODgate Scandal

Latest Depot duo in the dock

Whistleblower to raise criminal proceedings v Odland/Schmidt

7 Dec 09
Ex-Office Depot whistle-blower and SEC cooperating witness David Sherwin of Fort Myers FL) has stated his intent to challenge the SEC filing versus Office Depot.

Specifically, whistle-blower Sherwin intends on amending the SEC filing to include criminal charges against the CEO Steve Odland and BSD President Steve Schmidt. As a cooperating witness and complainant Sherwin has standing with the commission in determining whether civil or criminal sanctions should be sought against Office Depot.

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king-brag-video-stillExclusive interview with Kings


on top course

NOI Supply acquisition accelerates growth plans

8 Dec 09

Last week the brilliantly named North Carolina Lonesource acquired NOI Supply the £12m in sales supplies division of Nashville Office Interiors. dealer

We spoke with dynamic Lonesource chiefs Brad and Stacey King about the acquisition and their future plans to reach $100m in sales.

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CEO-montage-Who is OP’s…

C E O  of

the Decade?

Leaders from HP, Lyreco, 3M, Spicers,
SPRichards, Staples and United nominated

4 Dec 09

As we discussed Fortune Magazine’s selection of Steve Jobs of Apple as CEO of the Decade was undisputed. We received 835 nominations for the equivalent in the OP marketplace and it was a very close run contest. Here are the results and the winner is:

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What a Cyber- Tweet Day!

OP resellers activity

reaches record levels

1 Dec 09 (Updated)
Yesterday  has become known as Cyber Monday as 97 million Americans return to  work and went online to look for bargains following the Thanksgiving weekend holiday.

The OP resellers have been busy with ‘Sweet-Tweet’ deals, especially the pure internet players with gift incentives.

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"Tomorrow's News Today,

not yesterday's news tomorrow."

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Latest Frost Bites

Procurement path to commoditization

supplier squeezeProcurement push

Supply Chain process killing
creativity in race to bottom

The paperless office trend & secular OP market decline; exacerbated by global economic slowdown & toxic tariffs has fuelled the power of 'low-pricing' procurement people. This has accelerated the commoditization trend, killing innovation that drives higher productivity and lower operating costs. Later today


Will hot desking kill your company?

Screen Shot 2019 06 20 at 1.28.43 PMWill hot desking
kill your business?

Forbes writer rails against
old workplace organisation


Forbes contributor Simon Constable opines "How Hot-desking Will Kill Your Company". Where has he been for the past 10 years? New collaborative and flexible workspaces are really hot right now....


Paper market crashes off cliff

commodity cliffPaper market
crashes off cliff

Economic slowdown, price
hike failures, kill demand,
margins squeezed = losses

A perfect storm hits the printed paper market! The paperless office trend, the slowing global economy; higher producer prices; business users rejecting increases; have all killed demand. The market is awash with unwanted paper. We discuss what's next? Updated


Are Broadliners narrowing their focus?

Screen Shot 2019 06 13 at 10.25.56 AMAre broadliners

narrowing focus?

Wholesalers discuss future
direction at annual events

After attending three of the biggest distributors partner events in May, CRN's Marian McHugh concludes they no longer consider themselves as 'just a broadliner' anymore. We discuss and comment on their plans... Updated


How personalisation powers sales

Personalised emarketingPersonalisation

powers sales

Forbes report highlights
AI as essential ingredient

The majority of executives interviewed in a survey conducted by Forbes Insights and Arm Treasure Data say artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology are important in executing their personalization strategy for growth....


When will Half source 'Holesalers become whole?

Holesale warehouseWhen will half-
source 'holesalers
become Whole?

'93 Stockless Dealer vision
blinded in business supplies

In 1993, US#1 wholesaler United led the 'stockless dealer' revolution. Most progressive dealers in US/UK followed. Today, only Amazon Essendant to a lesser extent, maintain a broadline business supplies service. Meanwhile, the 'narrowliners' are failing, threatening small dealers' survival. We review latest positions... Complete


Distributors lack vision in digital drive

Screen Shot 2019 06 05 at 2.23.50 PMLack of vision
drags disties
digital drive

MDM attacks inertia in
business supply markets

Modern Distribution Management's Mark Dancer
has published a White Paper on the '2019 Outlook for wholesale distribution'. "Distributors are facing a 'vision cliff' that is holding back progress", he writes. We discuss...


Jan-san Industry Report by Apruve

jansan womanJanSan Report
junk information

Apruve ratings exc. leading
performers eg. AMZN Bunzl


Apruve the B2B payment solutions provider, has published a welcome performance report on 70 JanSan Industry webstores. Unfortunately, the well intentioned analysis loses credibility, by excluding leaders like Amazon, Bunzl and Grainger; and by overrating unfriendly user experiences like Office Depot? We critique...


Office Depot : turning around or tailspinning?

OD sinking ship300Depot turnaround
or tailspinning?

Analyst argues ailing ship
is holed but not sinking?

Seeking Alpha
analyst Daniel Tacken
opines that "Office Depot is valued for distress, but the business is turning around". We review his case that the patient is "transforming itself into a relevant business retailer". Complete


Adveo's autopsy?

phoenix risingAdveo's autopsy?

Is vulture capitalist capable
of resurrection rhetoric for
ex-Europe OP wholesaler?

Vulture capitalist Sandton’s acquisition of former $1.5Bn in sales, wholesaler Adveo’s subsidiaries in France, Belgium & The Netherlands has been approved by the Spanish courts. Will the Phoenix fly or flop? Do we believe its "long term investment" promise, or is it just another typical 'flip & flog' exercise? 



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