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  • OPocalypse now Mar17Beyond OPocalypse to

    A Higher Hygiene
    & Wellness Market

    Pandemic to personal
    productivity protection

    Before the Coronavirus pandemic tragedy the OP market was collapsing with paper & printer makers running below half 2010 demand levels. The 'Essentials' supply focus is a stark reminder that unless business suppliers' service includes hygiene & safety, refreshments, foodservice, IT & packaging products, the future is bleak. Every cloud has a silver lining.... Weekend

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  • Screen Shot 2020 03 24 at 2.40.03 PM'Essentials' ease
    dealers doom

    Hygiene, water, IT, packg
    supplies save deliveries

    The CV shutdown of all businesses except 'Essentials' supply by national & local government in US & UK would normally close office supply dealers. Those progressive resellers that have embraced broadline business supplies, have continued inc. home delivery, even though it means more, smaller individual drops at higher cost to serve....

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  • Screen Shot 2020 03 22 at 3.56.33 PMMask up delivery
    service workers!

    Support front-line food &
    hygiene supply teams

    "The coronavirus (CV) pandemic shows the need to overhaul how to treat delivery & frontline customer service teams" writes Business
    Diana Enriquez. Good advice for dealers in business supply to ensure service teams 'mask-up' to reassure customers & get CV tests if they sense the symptoms... Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2020 03 23 at 3.04.20 PMHygiene Suppliers
    heighten delivery

    Leaders: P&G, 3M, Clorox,
    KC, Purell, EcoLab respond

    The Coronavirus pandemic has hammered consumers & business supply demand with worse to come. Meanwhile, food & beverage, pharmacy & home technology suppliers are booming inc. makers & distributors that responded to the urgent need for greater personal protection & higher hygiene standards.. We review case studies... Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2020 03 19 at 1.39.09 PMBuybacks v
    B a i l  O u t s?

    Greedy or Needy?
    Can share purchase
    plans be justified now?

    , the tailspinning US #1 paper merchant just announced a share buy back plan at a time when sales & profits were crashing pre CV. Meanwhile, many corporations are calling for bail out support from government as survival becomes their priority. How do they reconcile this greed with the CV pandemic about to explode across the US?

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owen andi HM neoconHerman Miller

momentum fades

Growth rate diminished
US & Intnl orders weak

Herman Miller, the leading upscale furniture maker, reported a major growth decline in its fiscal Q3'20. Like rival Steelcase it saw a slowdown in demand for project furniture

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Screen Shot 2020 03 17 at 8.25.12 PMFacemasks: a
must or minor?

Surgeon General misled
people over protection?

"Why US government telling people you don’t need masks backfired" writes Dr. Zeynep Tufekci in NY Times. To help manage the shortage, the authorities sent a message that made them untrustworthy. She lists reasons why masks work based on the successful practices 

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Fedex truck crash off roadFedEx: fatefully
falling off road

5% rate rise disguises
decline & Amazon loss

FedEx CEO Fred 'Smug' Smith reported bare bones Q3'20 results to 29 Feb. It again suffered serious declines in sales & profits, inspite of price increases. 'Smug' continued his excuses & arrogance towards the media and losing out to Amazon, USPS & UPS with an outdated, inferior service model

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watt graeme softcat boxS o f t c a t  soars 
past $1Bn sales

Gaining UK market share
w/strong upside potential

the UK's fast growing #2 IT reseller, reported tremendous progress in the Half1'20 fiscal year. CEO Graeme Watt talks about passing $1Bn full year revenues and the uncertainty ahead from the Coronavirus pandemic

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costco bus delivery driverCostco invests
in user delivery

Advances webstore &
distribution development

Major international consumer & business reseller Costco has increased its investment in ecommerce and consumer delivery service with the acquisition of third party delivery firm.

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DAngelo Joe HDSupplyHD Supply's 
growth steadies

FM demand hurt by
economic slowdown

HD Supply,
a leading US industrial distributor today reported steady growth rates in Q4'19. CEO Joe D'Angelo commented on the recovery from declining sales earlier in the year, but no forecast was provided given the coronavirus uncertainty

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Screen Shot 2020 03 18 at 1.34.59 PMD i x o n s drops
CarPhone brand

Closing stores, cutting jobs.
CEO reacts late to demise

Embattled electronics retailer Dixons Group self styled saviour CEO Alex Baldock's 2 year tenure looks tenuous after a series of own goals and market share decline. Moreover, he continues to hype dull performance, but only now, has decided to drop the anachronistic
Car Phone Warehouse brand with severe consequences

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amazon delivery woman recAdvantage
A m a z o n

Adds 100k workers to
meet soaring demand

Many hygiene product makers & distributors are reacting to huge demand caused by the tragic Coronavirus pandemic. Progressive broadline suppliers that provide immediate & flexible user delivery e.g. Amazon, WBMason are gaining market share, with the former adding 100,000 workers to its service force,

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ASDA storeWill Walmart
sell  A s d a?

Private Equity firms bid
for UK#3  supermarket

World #1 retailer Walmart is proceeding with the planned sale of its UK #3 supermarket chain Asda after attracting initial bids from 3 buyout firms. This after the proposed merger with UK #2 Sainsbury's failed to be approved by UK competition regulators

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WB customer intimacy heartCoronavirus Alert!

Starbux & Mason's
rapid response

Grab & Go, home delivery,
higher hygiene & spacing


Last month we highlighted the Starbucks & WBMason user experiences as the ultimate role models of personalized productivity. Today we highlight the same duo as first responders to the Coronavirus pandemic. Their dynamic leadership and customer intimacy principles are shining examples of how agility and flexibility can help consumers in crisis. 

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