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  • Betts terry CCS deskCCS Media sales
    soar past £250m

    Academies & flex working
    fuel phenomenal growth

    UK's leading independent
     office dealer CCS Media
    will break through the £250m ($300m) revenue this year. Another year of powerful double digit growth. We speak with CEO Terry Betts about the investment in people development and results... On Monday

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  • Screen Shot 2019 12 05 at 11.00.18 AMOP  d e a l e r s'
    S u c c e s s i o n
    P l a n  p l i g h t

    Since 2017: 20 big regional
    resellers sold to bigboxes

    The slowing US economy; the secular decline in paper-related office supplies; and the tardy transition to the buoyant business supply has put severe pressure on regional family OP dealers. Slowing demand and Staples & Depot's acquisition drive fuels uncertainty: sell or invest?  We discuss the future options for the Top 50 dealers in the US and UK. Weekend Review

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  • Screen Shot 2019 12 05 at 1.47.55 PMIs Jeff  B e z o s
    s p a c e d  out?

    Losing control of AMZN?
    Concedes 10th own-goal

    Throughout 2019 we have chronicled the major strategic & tactical missteps we believe CEO Jeff Bezos' etailer Amazon has made. Just this week, the NY Times reported the massive amount of packages that go missing from sub-contracted delivery firms via theft or unreliability. This is the 10th own goal conceded this year. Is Bezos losing control? Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2019 11 06 at 5.23.48 PMShared HP/Xerox
    investors united?

    Merger likelihood lifted by
    big common shareholders

    "Shared investors make HP-Xerox deal ‘more likely" states an expert analyst. Besides activist 'Chainsaw' Carl Icahn over 23% of shares in each company are shared. Will the "no brainer" merger provoke the hedging HP board to react with a discounted bid for sinking Xerox next week? The dinosaur dance drags on.....

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  • paperworld 2017Brandmakers: Are

    shows worthwhile?

    Trade Expo limited effect:
    Poor engagement, demos
    by reps, low interest & ROI

    Industrial Distribution
    writer Paul Kiesche asks the headline question about Trade Show effectiveness. We have witnessed the same diminishing experience with OP Expos over the past 20 years ranging from plummeting Paperworld to dealer group events. Networking & private meetings are the order of the day. We revisit the topic...

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Screen Shot 2019 06 25 at 10.32.14 AMStaples picks up
Pittsburgh dealer

Acquisitions by Douglas'
team reach $600m sales

Staples Business Advantage has made its second acquisition this year and 4th in total since CEO Sandy Douglas was appointed by Sycamore Partners in April 2018. We spoke to Douglas about the latest office dealer to join the organisation....

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cycber week 2019CyberWk shatters
shopping records

Mobile transactions 40%
online mix & > retail traffic

The National Retail Federation and Adobe reckon US consumers shopped 'CyberWeek' from Wednesday through Monday spending $9.4Bn yesterday, making  a total of $20Bn up 14% on last year's event. We analyse the results...

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neri antonio HPE gripHPE launches
GreenLake hub

Whole software portfolio
offered as a subs service

HP Enterprise (HPE) CEO Antonio Neri claims it has reached the "next milestone" in in a transformation into an 'as-a-service' company with the new GreenLake Central platform. HPE is desperately playing catch up with cloud driven rivals...

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Screen Shot 2019 12 01 at 12.37.51 PMDepot's Dance
of the Deluded

Smudger Smith & Co
'Elf' themselves again

Office Depot's
had a year to forget... again. CEO Gerry 'Smudger' Smith arrived in Jan'17 with a "transformation" fanfare for selling managed IT services to SMB's. In 3 yrs, Smudger's led a real sales sink of 15%; a 40% profits plunge; & a 50% market cap crash to a meagre $1.2Bn. Is time running out for the delusional chief? Complete

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Steve Haworth EvoEVO rolls into

Dual distributor doubles
back into dying market?

Leading UK dual distributor EVO Group (Vow wholesale/Banner direct) appears to have made a backwards move into manufacturing by acquiring a paper rolls company. We hope to speak with CEO Steve Haworth to understand why?

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lynch mike autonomy shadyHP fraudster to
be extradited?

Ex-Autonomy chief Lynch
to stand trial in US courts

US authorities have formally requested the extradition of Mike Lynch, the ex-Autonomy boss who sold the company to Hewlett Packard in an ill-fated $11Bn deal, to face charges including securities fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy.

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Screen Shot 2019 12 01 at 4.17.22 PMBlack Friday
sales surge

Online spend topped
Mall traffic shoppers.
40% buy via mobiles

The CyberWeek shopping bonanza kicked off on Wednesday and Adobe Analytics reckons total sales over the holiday period may top $20Bn with online purchases growing c15% maintaining the 2019 momentum....

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Screen Shot 2019 11 29 at 10.07.12 AMTech Data taken.
Tops Buffett bid

Both IT wholesalers now
owned by Venture Caps.

Private equity firm Apollo Global Management was forced to raise its bid for TechData to $6Bn after Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway came in with a rival offer.  It is unlikely that Buffett will counter bid handing over another wholesaler to vulture caps......

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Screen Shot 2019 11 29 at 1.03.58 PMCyberWeek start
surges 14% v '18

5 Trends shape shopping.
Will malls continue crash?

Shoppers spent $4.2Bn online on Thanksgiving Day, a 14.5% increase from last year, according to data released by Adobe Analytics, which monitors the online transactions of 80 of the top US 100 etailers. Will consumer spend hold up until Cyber Monday?

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Screen Shot 2019 11 29 at 1.25.22 PMDigital dealers
BOSS Awards

VOW connections clean up
at group & personal levels

The winners of the BOSS Industry Awards 2019 were announced last night at its big night in the City of London. Progressive dealers were prominent and the VOW wholesale connection dominated the dealer group and individual professionals recognition level...

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