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  • Screen Shot 2020 05 24 at 2.05.44 PMThe Paperless,
    O f f i c e l e s s,
    Touchless future

    'Less is more' in the new
    #BeyondCovid eco world

    The global Covid lockdown will likely reignite trends that emerged over the past 20 years. The printer 'paperless' plunge; 'officeless' orientation; and now the 'touchless' trend towards higher hygiene & safety. Moreover, a resurgence in sustainability practices to cut carbon emissions; and ironically, greater human touch. We analyse these movements Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2020 05 26 at 4.14.51 PMGlocalisation Up!

    Globalisation down

    Bigger the world economy.
    More power, small players

    In 1994, John Naisbitt wrote the Global Paradox book, that successfully predicted the growth of independent businesses. #Glocalisation paralleled that prediction where products/services were created for global consumption and personalised to suit local culture. This trend is rising thru Covid. We discuss the many successful brand case studies. 

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  • perfect storm clooneyPrint/papermakers
    hit perfect storm

    OPocalypse: Diminished

    Most leading OP, Paper & Print makers have reported severe sales declines in Q1'20 to date. Printer Paper demand is down 60%+ since 2008; the exodus to hygiene and packaging is huge. We analyse the market and update on a daily basis. Updated for Konica Minolta today

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  • Screen Shot 2020 05 19 at 2.29.38 PMThe Office is Dead!
    Long live the office

    Professional identity to be
    lost w/o physical interface?

    "Farewell, office. You were the last boundary between work and home" writes NYTimes columnist Jennifer Senior. "The office shaped identities in ways workers never knew". Yes, the 'Officeless'  trend started 10yrs ago, but the power of physical community & teamwork contact should not be underestimated...Updated

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  • Delivery driver blue lucyHigh order values.

    Low CostToServe 

    Broad biz supply from one
    source drives productivity

    A primary focus for OP dealers has been lowering buying price to achieve GP% improvement. Progressive dealers in broadline business supply have achieved greater success by 2X order values & lowering cost to serve. We highlight examples... Updated

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doye phil SBLSBL Doye thinks
outside the box

Ex-Kelway chief plans to
rebrand MoD specialist

After giant IT reseller CDW acquired Kelway in 2016, the latter's founder bided his time before acquiring SBL, the Ministry of Defence tech services provider in 2019. Now one year later he plans to rename the company in line with its original roots and corporate customer focus...

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jelenick craig costco whCostco comps
continue strong 

Free sample incentives
set to return in June

Leading international reseller Costco Wholesale experienced a demand surge when the Covid crisis broke in February with a double digit growth surge in March. Sales returned to their normal strong pace in April with a number of in store promotions set to resume

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dell michael futureD e l l  delivered, 
driven by VMWare

Core categories down.
WFH networking strong

Dell Technologies
reported declines in core servers and storage categories in Q1'21, but a return to profitability. VMWare continues to be the consistent high growth performer, responding to coporates need for WFH IT networking and security 

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prices amid Covid

New CEO plays into AMZN
hands. Watch FedEx follow

United Parcel Service (UPS
) is adding “peak” surcharges for customers inundating its delivery network with packages & oversize items during Covid. This unprecedented move to recover a flood of shipments & higher costs seems dumb. Watch fading FedEx copy & crash, playing into the hands of #1 ecommerce delivery service Amazon

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WBMason Meehans unstoppableHow WBMason
homered WFH

'One Source Wonderful'
embraces home delivery

US #1 independent business supplier W.B. Mason "didn’t do home deliveries until Covid forced its hand" reports WSJ's Drew Fitzgerald. CEO Leo Meehan: "We found something we like". We review the interview & comment on how WB's same day, personalised delivery will beat Amazon & Staples in its growing marketplaces.

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hume rich tech dataTechData tanks
in WFH market

Losing market share in
Euro & Asia v regionals

Tech Data, the $37Bn in sales global #2 tech wholesaler reported disappointing results for Q1'21. The former growth leader in 2018/19 has reversed course and losing share to regional rivals in US & Europe. Now in the hands of vulture capitalists. What's next?

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Screen Shot 2020 05 27 at 8.26.45 PMPoly plummets

post Plantronics

CEO exits, interim chief
writes off the kitchen sink

Poly (ex-Plantronics),
ex-leader in audio & video coms for business, reported disastrous sales in Q4'20 including huge losses from the extravagant, failed Polycom merger. Complacent CEO Joe Burton has departed to be replaced by an interim chief, who has written off substantial goodwill on the deal

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lores enrique hpHP inks Heavier
Printing plunge

PC's demand decline &
price hikes disguise depth 

Old tech giant, HP Inc's printer sales continued to plunge at a rapid rate in Q2'20. Management is in complacent denial after another weak performance. Will long serving CEO Enrique Lores be able to reinvent the fading force given the distraction of the postponed Xerox merger?

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industrial supplies invasionHow'll distributors
endure depression

Afflink VP looks at market
openings #BeyondCovid

"Aside from wondering which distributors will or won't be OK during this downturn, it's worth examining which markets are providing opportunities today and post Covid" opines supply chain group Afflink's VP Marketing Michael Wilson. We review and comment on histhoughts by market segment

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Screen Shot 2020 04 23 at 4.18.45 PMAmazon leads in
online deliveries

Overtakes USPS, UPS
as FedEx fades away

As Amazon accelerated its 20%+ annual growth in products delivery to $160Bn in 2019, it largely used USPS, UPS and FedEx for delivery. It's same day delivery ambitions overstretched the leaders causing Amazon to drop fossilized FedEx and drive its own fleet plans. In just a few years it now leads the ecommerce logistics world 

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