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  • Inflation bubble manThe Proficiency

    I n f l a t i o n Index

    +20% average price hikes
    boost profits by +40-50%!

    The Q2'22 reporting season is reaching a conclusion. Proficiency Index has analysed results to date and separated out the price inflation element from real volume performance. For example, Stora, Grainger, Navigator, IP, UPS, & Veritiv, all reported inflated profits fueled by high price hikes; a total of 80+ companies analysed to date...Updated

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  • Hygiene clean office 21Healthy Hygiene
    market momentum

    How've leaders fared post
    Covid peak? Q2'22 analysis

    The #Paperless #Officeless #Touchless future is happening bigtime! Now hygiene is the #1 business supply category alongside tech. Progressive business suppliers: brand makers, dealers & MSP's have pivoted to sell customers hygiene, safety, foodservice & packaging, WFH-tech and wellness services.. We analyse Q2'22 reports, inc. this week Veritiv, KP Tissue & Suzano

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  • Economy normalising 22Normal economic
    times imminent?

    Jobs and demand strong
    Inflation falls. Recession?

    "How this economic moment rewrites the rules. Jobs aplenty. Sizzling demand. If US headed for recession, it's taking an unusual route, with many markers of a boom" writes NY Times Ben Casselman. We discuss the article as it affects the business supply market...

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  • smith gerry depot deckchair shifter 21Depot's deceitful

    ODP 'Bizarro' Smith's pure
    BS disguises price inflation

    Beleaguered bigbox ODP Corp (aka-Office Depot-OfficeMax) reported another double-digit organic decline in Q2'22; -22% down on pre Covid 'norm' Q2'19; and down $5Bn since 2017. We analyse ceo Gerry 'Bizarro' Smith's deceptive report; the hollow and vague Varis&Veyer diversions plus his verbose BS commentary and Q&A session attended by the same one analyst again!

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  • Screen Shot 2022 07 31 at 1.12.59 PMIf Economy shaky,

    why profits strong?

    Inflation hurts consumers
    but hikes business margins

    Consumers are gloomy, but mostly working; the economy is slowing down to 2019 norms; the Fed wants it to keep slowing; and the recession obsessed Wall Street analysts are convinced the end is nigh. Meanwhile, strong profits are being reported in Q2'22 by Corporate America inc. business supply leaders, with optimistic outlooks for FY'22

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Screen Shot 2022 06 29 at 1.40.32 PMLate FedEx follows
electric truck drive

Joins UPS, Amazon, USPS
w zero CO2 emission plans

At last, FedEx Corp has 150 BrightDrop zero-emissions trucks rolling on LA highways as it transitions towards EV deliveries. New CEO, 31yrs veteran Raj Subramaniam's major task is to transform the laggard into a leader, given the 'same as the old boss' critics' pessimism..

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Gershwind eric MSC ll smileMSC Indl supply
revenues resilient

Higher sales of hygiene
safety get price boost

MSC Industrial Supply
, a leading $4Bn MRO distributor reported continued double digit growth in Q3'22. CEO Erik Gershwind was positive about demand forecasts and higher profitability ahead of the market index

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hybrid office zoom mtg 22What do hybrid
offices look like?

Augury's space designed
for personalised skillsets

Like many, technology firm Augury ditched its NY City office during Covid. With few people coming in, and most working remotely, paying rent on an empty office was a waste. But the need for an office didn’t go away completely, so it consulted its people before designing a new hybrid working environment, reports Fast Company's Nate Berg. 

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Lederer John StaplesStaples' 5th Anniv
of vulture control?

What has Sycamore's agent
Lederer achieved? Industry
chiefs review and comment

In June'17 vulture capitalist Sycamore Partners bought Staples for $6.9Bn. The industry quaked! What has happened since? Proficiency Post chronicled its demise from $16Bn down to a current $8Bn with the ex-powerhouse a shell of its former self. What do leading vendors and IDC think? We surveyed and report here to date

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Screen Shot 2022 06 27 at 2.52.38 PMTDSynnex stalled.
Losing mkt share?

#1 $60Bn tech wholesaler
integration slows progress

the #1Global IT wholesaler that merged with TechData last summer, was seriously disrupted by Asian supply problems, after benefiting strongly during WFH. CEO Rich Hume commented opaquely about marginal organic growth in its Q2'23 financial review. Updated

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tillis jason rob imperial warehouseBain's Imperial 
initiates integration 

Opens new Alabama DC.

'Strip & flip' Q answered?

VC Bain Capital appears to have answered a big question on its investment plans with Imperial Dade, the hygiene, food service and packaging ("HyFoPack") distributor roll up?  Will it 'strip & flip' or invest in integrating systems and distribution facilities? It just opened a huge new Alabama warehouse led by the integration team....

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smith Jennifer Innovative 22Innovative invests

in industrial supply

Acqs single source ecom
platform to target $180m

Leading US business services provider Innovative Office Solutions has acquired a large Minnesota industrial ecommerce reseller. We discuss its continuing investments in broadening expertise in hygiene & packaging markets with CEO Jennifer Smith and marketing leader Jason Player...Updated 

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Screen Shot 2022 06 27 at 11.11.12 AMMason's Blizzard

blasts Buffett's DQ

Fed Judge rules Water label
doesn't infringe Trademark

Warren Buffett
owned Dairy Queen (DQ) had issues with business supplier WBMason's labeling of its 'Blizzard' branded water, but the Minnesota federal judge ruled 'no customer confusion'. DQ sued in 2018 but WB's lawyers were always confident claims were "ridiculous". PP dives inside the saga...Updated

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clark dave amazon biz 21Amazon replaces
WW delivery chief

17yr 'Fresh' grocery leader
promoted to drive profits

Dave Clark
, long time head of Amazon Worldwide Consumer division is leaving on July 1 to become chief executive of supply chain technology startup Flexport. CEO Andy Jassy has apponted another veteran to replace him, who established the 'Fresh' grocery delivery business back in 2007. 

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smith fred fedex 22FedEx: fueled by
huge price hikes

UPS duopoly hides market
share loss to Amazon&Co

Retiring FedEx chief Fred 'Smug' Smith made his final report on inflated Q4'22 results today. Three rounds of high price hikes boosted sales, disguised a serious market share decline. It's losing large to UPS & Amazon; and the 'market cap gap' has widened to $89Bn compared with similarly sized UPS? The future seems same old, same old under his successor? 

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