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  • Inflation bubble manThe Proficiency

    I n f l a t i o n Index

    +15% average price hikes
    boost profits by +30/40%!

    The Q1'22 reporting season is almost complete. Proficiency Index have analysed results and separated out the price inflation element, from real volume performance. This week Walmart, Home Depot, DCC-Exertis, Bunzl,  Macfarlane & Target all 
    reported boosted profits fueled by high price hikes; 75 companies analysed to date

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  • Personalised emarketingAmazon: Ultimate

    Is Everything Store liable
    for everything it supplies?

    "What Amazon doesn't know can hurt you" writes NYTimes Moira Weigel. Amazon has become hugely profitable $800Bn GMV sales organisation that overtook Walmart last year. It largely turns a blind eye to products sold on its platform. How responsible is the 'Everything Store' for everything it supplies?

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Screen Shot 2022 03 23 at 11.35.48 AMBruneau building
or buying growth?

Will VC backed Euro etailer
expand into Germany/UK?

JM Bruneau,
the $500m sales, Paris based OP etailer, expanded into Luxembourg, Spain & Italy via acqu'n, backed by VC Equistone.
Last Oct, another VC Towerbrook took ownership. The big question is will it pursue more geo-acquisitions or an organic growth strategy and what is the service differential?

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Screen Shot 2022 03 22 at 3.10.02 PMReturns Quandary:
Own v Outsource? 

Pick-up services trend as
brands disown authority

After testing, reverse logistics vendor Narvar will expand a service that lets consumers schedule a courier to pick-up returns from their homes. More impersonalization, after recent announcements by Office Depot that it will outsource core delivery and returns responsibility, motivated by cost reduction, not customer satisfaction? We discuss best practice ownership models ...

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hilleard unbalancedOPIs 'New Normal'
narrative nonsense

Blatantly obvious advice
useless for hybrid workers

and Martin Wilde Associates
just announced new B2B (?) end-user research on the ‘new normal’ workplace in the US?  Save your money,  Proficiency Post has reported consensus insights from leading corp ceo's, business supply leaders and WFH execs on the hybrid working future and services needed. Tomorrow's News Analysis Today, not yesterday's news tomorrow... 

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watt graeme softcat 21Softcat soars high

CEO Watt: 30%+ growth
as workers return to office

UK #1 tech reseller Softcat reported 30%+ sales growth across tall product and market channel segments in its first half2022. CEO Graeme Watt was optimistic about future growth given new major contract wins and return to office of employees and customers

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costco bus delivery driverCostco owns 85%
ecom deliveries

Best practice example
aligns w/AMZN & Target

After lagging leaders Amazon, Target & Walmart in Ecommerce for years, giant business supplier Costco invested large in systems inc. webstores & rapid delivery. 2yrs ago it acquired a logistics firm, renamed Costco Logistics and now delivers 85% of online orders...

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Screen Shot 2022 03 21 at 2.11.56 PMNew hybrid work
office reimagined

"Providing pro workspace
without the peer pressure"

It's 2 years since country leaders told people they must work from home (WFH). Employees have since learnt to live without daily commutes to offices in city centres and have largely embraced hybrid working. Businesses are still thinking through what it all means in practice.

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Screen Shot 2022 03 20 at 3.12.33 PMInflation inflamed!

What are causes?

Covid? Supply chain costs?
Putin's putsch? Oil cartels?

What's causing high inflation costing consumers an extra 10%+ and for how long will it last? Economic growth and employment rates are strong; and businesses aren't complaining, boosting profits by hiking prices indiscriminately eg FedEx/UPS. We review top economists' analyses...

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Fisher Mark EnvoyEnvoy envelops
12th acquisition 

The FEMSA v Bain battle
blazes in hygiene supply

The hygiene and packaging market is on fire with M&A activity happening almost weekly! Bain Capital's Imperial Dade, FEMSA's Envoy and BRADY Industries lead the way in consolidating regional jansan dealers. Envoy just announced its 12th acquisition in NJ; next week Imperial's 48th?

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Screen Shot 2022 03 21 at 10.48.34 AMAveryDenn catch
linerless labels IP

"Innovations that advance
circular economy goals"

Avery Dennison,
 the $8.4Bn labels & RFID tags maker has acquired the linerless label technology developed by a UK company. "This will fulfill two of our main 2030 sustainability goals: to deliver innovations that advance the circular economy, and to reduce environmental impact in operations and technology,” enthused Noel Kasmi, VP marketing.

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Tillis Bob Jason imperial 21Imperial Dade buys
#1 Canada w/saler

Bain Cap's hygiene reseller
adds 47th acq, nears $5Bn

Bain Capital
backed Imperial Dade, the hygiene, foodservice & packaging reseller roll up, has acquired the Canadian division of US #1 paper & packaging wholesaler Veritiv.  One big step closer to a massive $10Bn in sales, full merger that Proficiency Post has  been speculating for years?

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"Tomorrow's News Today,

not yesterday's news tomorrow."

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