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  • zuckerberg damagedFakebook facing
    fantastic fatal fall? 

    WSJ/Whistleblower expose
    Zuck & Co's corruption

    "Would I like to write about anything else in tech except Facebook? I would. Can I write about anything else in tech but Facebook? I cannot" opines Kara Swisher, NYTimes much admired tech columnist. We discuss her opinions and review the shenanigans that have characterized its devious leadership

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  • Screen Shot 2021 10 05 at 3.03.04 PMNeoCon: Design
    for New Normal!

    Gold Awards for Teknion,
    Steelcase, Darran, AllSteel

    We review the latest & greatest from the international furniture fest #NeoCon2021 in Chicago.  We report on best in show awards and interviews with big brand leaders and discuss their vision, strategy and market differentials.. 

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  • Dochelli Harry ESND 21ESND escalates
    lower cost logistics

    Systems investments: CRM,
    Distribution & Digital mktg

    US #1 business supplies wholesaler Essendant has made major investments in marketing and logistics designed to add value and lower 'cost to serve' for its dealer partners. We discussed details with president Harry Dochelli and development of its business categories portfolio now dominated by hygiene and food care supplies... Updated

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  • Hygiene clean office 21Hygiene Hole?
    Mind the gap!

    60% biz supply demand:
    hygiene, food, pkg service.
    Dealers sales mix <30%

    We've reported for 10yrs+ about the disconnect between dealers and users' one-source business supply demand needs. Now latest reports confirm the huge gap between what businesses want and what OP dealers supply. We highlight the best practice champions closing the gap rapidly... Updated

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  • Productivity to lucyThe Productivity
    Paradox persists

    How WFH skew metrics.
    Industrial stats redundant
    in a hybrid work economy

    Productivity stats accelerated ithrough the 2020/21 Depression...how and why? As we've reported repeatedly over the past 10yrs+, industrial productivity measures are redundant in the 'Information' economy where workers input hours are immeasurable, especially now, in the 'WFH/Officeless' hybrid world. In truth, productivity has been rising strongly throughout the web inspired economy. We discuss inc. Sydney Ember's NYTimes article...updated

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bianco dino KPT thumb other250 0KP Tissue rolls
back  s l o w l y

Business market returns.
New products launched

KP Tissue 
(ex-Krugerthe Canada based leading international brand tissue maker, suffered a huge drop in demand in both consumer & business supply markets as retailers de-stocked from the abnormally high demand during the Covid year 

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Kapel Marcovici Danielle RajaRaja packs up
Depot Europe

Vulture Aurelius' 5yrs asset
stripping exorcise finalised

Vulture capitalist Aurelius acquired 
Office Depot Europe in Sept'16, has finally completed the sale of al its failing parts. European packaging powerhouse Raja Group moved into the OP market 2 years ago, with the acquisition of some Staples European assets. Now it has doubled up by buying Depot's carcass

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commodity cliffPaper-Printerless
market on pause

#OPocalypse: Diminishing
demand gets temp respite

Most leading OP, Paper & Printermakers have now reported Q2'21 results. Printer paper is down 70%+ since 2008. The shift to hygiene & packaging products is huge. The Covid crash caused users to accelerate the move towards digitisation as print diminished. We analyse results to date...inc Verso, Smurfitt & KP Tissue

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Hygiene clean office 21Healthy Hygiene
market momentum?

How've leaders fared post
Covid peak? Q2'21 analysis

The #Paperless #Officeless #Touchless future is happening bigtime! Now hygiene is the #1 business supply category alongside technology. Business suppliers: brandmakers, dealers & MSP's have pivoted to sell customers hygiene, safety & packaging supplies, WFH tech and wellness services.. We analyse Q2'21 results to date..Updated inc. KP Tissue, Resolute 

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vultures in graveyardAurelius' ODE
of Misadventure

H1'21 report: Tailspinning
tale of Depot's termination

Vulture capitalist Aurelius who acquired Office Depot Europe, then its biggest investment in Sept'16, has confirmed its obvious intention to sell the remaining carcass of its disastrous venture. In its latest report, CEO Matthias Täubl even tries to disguise the -25% drop in revenues compared with 'norm' 2019

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Screen Shot 2021 08 12 at 4.01.14 PMMarco the master
MSP of Minnesota 

Best of Business award
in 5 areas of expertise

Twin Cities Business Journal
named leading US managed services provider Marco as a 2021 Best of Business company in five areas of expertise. This is just further recognition for one of the most admired MSP's in the US. CEO Doug Albregts (pic on right) who succeededlegend Jeff Gau earlier this year commented on the deserved recognition 

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Silva Eduardo Padilla FEMSA headFEMSA refreshed
from hygiene hit 

Essentials optimism rises:
SE/SW Paper acqs boost

the mighty $23Bn Mexican based convenience store & fuel station chain (Oxxo) that acquired Waxie-North American jansan + 2 FM/Paper suppliers in 2020, reported Q2'21 results. We analyse and review progress & plans

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Gallagher Phil AvnetAvnet advance
trend sustained

New CEO accelerates
pre Covid tech demand

the slimmed down $18Bn in sales, leader in electronics distribution & services reported a sustained sales recovery in Q4'21 with Europe & Asia to the fore. New ceo Phil Gallagher (pic left) has made a powerful impact...

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Screen Shot 2021 08 11 at 3.35.26 PMAmazon accepts
faulty goods rap

3Pty sellers can expect
tighter control standards

 has agreed to pay compensation for faulty products sold by third-party traders on its marketplace platform. This will directly affect thousands of 3Pty business supply resellers who sell dodgy private labels e.g ink and toner and office equipment distributors. Expect Amazon to up their control standards...

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yunquing yuan lenovo redLenovo lengthens

lead in PC market

PC's, Mobile, Data Ctrs in
strong recovery post Covid

Hong Kong based, international PC & mobile giant Lenovo reported excellent results for the 4th consecutive quarter, extending its lead as #1 PC maker. The Mobile group rebounded strongly following the temporary closure of its Wuhan factory

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