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  • Screen Shot 2021 04 01 at 1.21.38 PMThe  G r e e n
    G e n e r a t i o n

    Will Pres Biden's Boost
    supercharge economy?

    After the US presidential election top NYTimes columnist Tom Friedman wrote the key to future US success was for President Biden to deliver real stimulus that enables all Americans to realize their full potential. Moreover, to make sure that the $1.9Tn relief package; and his coming $3Tn green/infrastructure proposal actually deliver as promised.

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  • Screen Shot 2021 03 30 at 1.05.47 PMZoooooming
    back the future?

    New collaborations see
    hot desks, small rooms

    As corporations plan to bring workers back to the office, interior design experts Perkins+Will expect expanded gathering spaces and fewer personal workstations. The #BeyondCovid scenarios look uncannily like collaborative workspaces from progressives in the 90's

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  • Screen Shot 2021 03 30 at 11.27.56 AMNew York's new
    reality  e s t a t e?

    'Decentralised Age' dawns:
    Hybrid worklife confluence

    Remote work is here to stay. Manhattan may never be the same. NYC, long buoyed by a fantastic flow of commuters into towering office buildings, faces a cataclysmic challenge, even when Covid concludes. A new mobile 'office is where you are', 'decentralized age' has dawned. This case study by NYTimes' Matthew Haag is convincing....

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jelenick craig costco whCostco comps
escalate again 

Slower online adoption
now accelerates growth

Leading international $160Bn home & business supplier Costco experienced roller coaster demand during Covid. After a slower spring, double-digit growth boosted by an improved ecommerce experience for essentials has accelerated performance.


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hilleard unbalancedNPD: Nonsense
Propagated Drivel  

OPI ridiculously headlines
"Resilient US OP market"?

"In 2020, the US office supplies industry generated $12.6Bn in sales, down 0.3% v 2019" according to The NPD Group. Leading US print/papermakers, furniture & OP makers/wholesalers & dealers mostly reported 20-30% declines with only Amazon a star exception. How could OPI allow this unbalanced nonsense to go unchallenged?

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Screen Shot 2021 03 03 at 1.23.15 PMTech's Rising Star
Resellers in 2021 

Magnificent 7 profiles of
high performance growth

How have some of the UK’s fastest-growing and most profitable resellers and MSPs been transforming their businesses during Covid? This question is the crux of CRN Rising Stars 2021, which profiles 7 high-performance businesses sponsored by Agilitas

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johnsen walter acme nyse lrAcme safety
first success

Strong WFH demand
Moves into Med supply

Acme United announced stronger Q4'20 financial results boosted by powerful sales of First Aid & Safety products in support Covid survival effort. CEO Walter Johnsen reports on its continued market share gains

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veritiv truck crashVeritiv totaled in
a terminal tailspin

Hygiene & Pkng ease fall
Will Bain Cap/KKP rescue?

the leading US paper & packaging wholesaler, continued its terminal tailspin. As an 'essentials' supplier its sales decline rate v competitors is shocking. New ceo Sal Abbate has taken over yet nothing changes. Recent share price movements indicate a take over rescue bid is imminent? Who's interested?

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neri antonio HPE gripHPE  H o l l o w

Progress Ebbs

Complacent CEO deflects
reality of revenues reverse

Tech relic HP Enterprise ceo Antonio Neri, continued to hype progress & divert attention from disappointing results in its opaque Q1'21 report. What's happening to drive growth? Losing share in a growth market w/services that enterprises don't want?

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Baumann Matthias OWorldGroupBaumann's new
Office World

How the group will adapt
to WFH/hybrid working &
the fast B2C market shift

Office World Holdings'
 ceo Matthias Baumann recently completed a merger with Offix to form the new €400m Office World GroupWe interviewed Baumann about progress and plans for the consolidated group of retailers, wholesale suppliers & MPS providers. Complete

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Screen Shot 2021 03 02 at 9.12.03 AMTarget's terrific
high ticket to ride 

Success! 'Essentials' order
online, delivered same-day

Leading $94Bn US retailer Targereported terrific Q4'20 sales from 'essentials' demand. CEO Brian Cornell described key success factors as: higher ticket values, traffic and tripled online ordering in food, beverages and home improvement categories from personalised Shipt delivery or pick-up same day!

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Screen Shot 2020 05 18 at 5.31.30 PM3 D  P r i n t i n g
leaders  c r a s h!

3D Systems & Stratasys
dive deeper & deeper

3D printing leaders Stratasys (MakerBot) & 3D Systems continued to report deeper declines in demand and losses in Q4'20. The bubble has truly burst + HP has yet to successfully shift in the industrial market. The Covid crisis just exacerbated their terminal decline. Updated

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Screen Shot 2020 07 10 at 10.48.54 AMHealthy Hygiene
market momentum

Covid mitigation challenge
Q4'20 Suppliers' Results

The #Paperless #Officeless #Touchless & #Spotless future is happening BIGTIME! Business suppliers: makers, dealers inc.designers & managed services providers have pivoted to sell customers PPE, hygiene supplies, WFH technology, air purifiers & office planning services for social distancing. We review and analyse Q4'20 results to date inc. Bunzl, Cascades, Veritiv on 3Mar Updated daily

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