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  • resilient leaders 23Bouncebackability
    Index Leaderboard

    Q4'22 analysis highlights
    resilient Winners v Losers

    Reports are all in for Business Supply players in Q4'22. Predictably they show inflated profits but weak sales recovery v pre-Covid 'norm' Q4'19. Proficiency Index reports the Leaderboard of makers, wholesalers & dealers' 'Bouncebackability' performance. It covers 100 leading paper & printer makers, hygiene, foodservice and packaging suppliers, OP/furnituremakers and retailers Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2022 12 09 at 2.14.03 PMHealthy Hygiene
    market normalizes

    Who won/lost market share?
    Price inflation average +12%

    Hygiene is now #1 business supply category alongside technology. Progressive business suppliers: brandmakers, dealers have pivoted into hygiene, safety, foodservice & packaging, WFH-tech & wellness services. Proficiency Index Q4'22 analysis is almost complete with brand volumes slowing, boosted by double-digit price hikes. Updated for KPTissue, Sappi & Suzano. Diversey delayed to 22Mar

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  • women marketeers top 9 jul16Top 50 Women
    Marketers 2023

    Leaders in creativity, sales,
    brand growth performance

    Marketing to businesses by brandmakers & resellers was traditionally dominated by men. As we celebrate International Women's Day, Proficiency Index recognises the most successful women leaders. This is 16th edition of 'Top 50 Women in Business Supply', the market's real growth achievers, including new entrants from progressive independent dealers.

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  • Screen Shot 2023 02 26 at 2.18.29 PMOffice Mkt Legends
    reunited in renewal

    MegaIndy leaders:Bigeard,
    Meehan+Sargent BOS mtg

    It's 10yrs since the top OP mega-independent dealer champs Lyreco's Eric Bigeard and WBMason's Leo Meehan met with Staples CEO Ron Sargent in Boston. We reflected on past glories, Covid, digital transformation and looked forward to a 'hybrid office productivity' future..Updated 

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  • Screen Shot 2023 02 24 at 2.48.36 PMHybrid work future
    hollows corp space

    Entrepreneurs' rise drives
    up 'officeless' productivity;
    less latency eg. commuting

    The contrast in opinions over the 'hybrid work future' & the 'return to work', is stark. New thinking is positive about the huge rise in entrepreneurial productivity. Old thinking believes a return to corporate office control is inevitable. Are corporations underestimating the hollowing out of office space; the time waste and the need to trust workers' motives? Updated

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Screen Shot 2023 02 17 at 10.28.54 AMALSO adds UK to
European network

€12Bn tech reseller opens
greenfield cloud services

The leading technology provider, ALSO Holdings based in Switzerland continued its growth strategy by establishing a new greenfield operation in the UK. CEO Gustavo Moller-Hergt said "We are responding to customers requests to establish a local access to our cloud and cybersecurity platform"

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yuanquing yang lenovo 23Lenovo slows down

in weak IT market

Mob & Infrastructure Svcs
experience tough quarter

The international PC & mobile giantLenovo reported a big volume drop  in Q3'23, but still maintained its lead as #1 PC maker. "The Mobile group along with the growing Services group progressed aided by inflationary price increases" reported ceo Yuanqing Yang

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Schneider Mark Nestle 22Nestlé flat demand

gets price boost

Global volumes weaken
Health Sciences stronger

Nestlé, the #1 global #1 food & beverage maker reported flat volumes in FY2022 boosted by price increases. Demand predictably continued strong in WFH-consumer markets e.g. coffee, water. "There were signs of recovery in business supply eg breakroom and restaurants" reported ceo Mark Schneider.

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Food fights sysco USFFoodservice fights
rematch & recover

Sysco Up! US Foods' better
New ceo makes EV impact

Foodservice supply leaders to business & restaurants Sysco & US Foods reported steady recoveries, boosted by higher price increases. Activist shareholders pressure at USF caused ceo to resign and with a new ceo in place making an electric impact! Updated 

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Screen Shot 2023 02 16 at 7.21.45 PMFearful FEMSA
to spinoff Envoy?

Seeks sale to minimize
debt & integration costs?

the $27Bn Mexican based convenience store & fuel station chain (Oxxo) that acquired Waxie-NAmerican jansan dealer network in 2020 via its Envoy Solutions subsidiary, has made 32 acquisitions in the hygiene & packaging business. Now surprising its board is exploring strategic alternatives? Has it got cold feet over the daunting integration challenge?

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Lutke toby shopify 21 thumb medium300 0Shopify still strong
with entrepreneurs

Accelerating growth rate.
Heavy growing pain losses 

the specialist MCom platform for business supply entrepreneurs grew less rapidly in Q4'22 with 1M+ independent partners. It has invested in distribution services but is bleeding cash. Can ceo Tobi Lutke match Amazon's delivery execution with Deliverr? AUpdated

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skelton Cliff conduent 23Conduent crash
c o n t i n u e s

Govt business losses but
new contracts optimism?

the much hyped ex-Affiliated Computer Services company, now 6 years split from Xerox, declined further again in Q4'22 The CEO appointed by Chainsaw Carl Icahn is under review but new contract gains may save him. 

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Screen Shot 2023 02 10 at 6.53.55 PMEcolab's higher
hygiene returns

Celebrates partnership
with The Home Depot 

the $14Bn in sales, cleaning & hygiene supplies giant to the health care and food services market, repoprted a good recovery across all categories, in Q4'22. Last week ceo Chris Beck celebrated a new consumer product launch with The Home Depot.... Updated

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Quincey James Coke lookup 21Coke fizzes from
high price hikes

Business & cafe eg Costa
sales come back strongly

Coca-Cola 'Away from Home' (business supply inc. restaurants) market collapsed thru' Covid. CEO James Quincey reported a powerful recovery in Q4'22, but below Q4'19 volume norms. The new 'Touchless' environment is driving drinks delivery and a revival in its Costa coffee  shops Updated 

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Engel john wesco 20One Wesco wired
up w higher prices 

CEO's plan: build, connect,
power & protect the world

he enlarged $21Bn (inc. Anixter) #1 US provider of electrical, security and MRO supplies, reported increased organic sales in Q4'22, boosted by double digit price increases. CEO John Engel reported on powerful strategic progress. Updated

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