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  • Lucy wfh iphone deskYour MCommerce 
    imperative call!

    All generations intolerant
    of substandard webstores

    Business consumers in hybrid working situations are all losing tolerance with substandard mobile webstore experiences writes Raconteur's  Oliver Pickup. Business supplies dealers have been tardy in transition and must wake up to the fact that industry leaders eg Amazon & Wayfair get 70% of their business from mobile device users. Action please!

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  • Most admired leaders 2018New Biz Supplies
    Benchmark Index

    16 categories to measure
    Best Practice CRM sales

    Proficiency Index
    has for 30yrs+ measured dealers' sales performance v best practice benchmarks. The benefits have enabled sales people to identify gaps in customer demand in order to maximise sales potential and improve customer productivity. We have updated the Index over 16 new business supply categories...

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  • Productivity stairway to heaven2Essentials of the
    New Business
    Supply Market

    Users' wants and needs:
    Personalised productivity

    We've decided to challenge OPI's pessimistic 'State of the OP Industry' report by providing a guide to the huge hybrid working opportunities that abound in the 'New Broadline Business Supply Market'. The report published yesterday covers: personalised B2U/WFH marketing, the broadline 16 business categories, MCommerce, CRM analysis and the integrated same day delivery winners...Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2021 05 17 at 12.25.37 PMWhat users really
    feel about MSP's?

    CRN Essential reports on
    outsourcing inc. MPS hype

    We hear a lot about the growth of managed services market (MSP's/MPS), but little from users about what they really think of the outsourced services model. The latest CRN Essential report features exclusive data that reveals the good, bad and ugly of how over 300 UK IT decision makers feel...

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  • Screen Shot 2021 05 15 at 1.44.29 PMProductivity watch
    for hybrid working?

    Surveillance an unwelcome
    intrusion v trust & privacy

    Software can track workers’ keystrokes, mouse movements, and website visits; screenshots can check attentiveness all in the name of productivity. However, this 'quantity' measure pales in comparison to the 'quality' of results motivated by trust and ownership....

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binnie steve sappiSappi's sinking

paper sales abate

Packaging strong growth
esp.US/SA Europe weaker

Sappi, the South African based international papermaker, reported another set of disappointing results in its Q2'21 made worse by Covid. Whilst acknowledging the business is under pressure what is CEO Steve Binnie's (pic left) reinvention strategy?

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king andrew mondi presMondi packaging 

powers over paper

Paper market depressed.
Container board prices rise

Mondi Group,
the €7Bn in sales international paper & packaging maker reported strong packaging and weak papaer sales in Q1'21. CEO Andrew King commented on itsbroad range of innovative, sustainable packaging solutions, and higher average containerboard prices 

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Piourde Mario cascades brandCascades Packng
demand boosted

WFH tissue sales weaken
Paprinsa deal completed

Leading Canadian tissue & packaging board maker Cascades reported mixed results in Q1'21. CEO Mario Piourde's optimism was dented by Covid's negative affect on business tissue sales but boosted by higher packaging demand especially in foodservice

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veritiv truck crashVeritiv totaled in
a terminal tailspin

Hygiene & Pckng ease fall
Will Bain Cap/KKP rescue?

the leading US paper & packaging wholesaler, continued its terminal tailspin. As an 'essentials' supplier its sales decline rate v competitors is shocking. New ceo Sal Abbate has taken over yet nothing changes. Recent large share price movements indicate a take over rescue bid is imminent? Who's interested?

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Leahy Christine CDWCDW resurgent in

Gov-Edu markets

SMB market recovery from
WFH enablement + UK-CA

CDW, the $20Bn international reseller of IT products & services, reported a strong recovery in Q1'21. US Education plus SMB sector demand was huge, offset by weak Corp markets. CEO Christine Leahy commented positively about its integrated solutions prospects 

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vistar truck roadPFG/Vistar: food
to biz recovering

Reinhart acquisition boosts
convenience stores sales

Performance Food Group, the leading US food & beverage services wholesaler reported increased organic sales in Q3'21, offset by Covid lockdown hurting its Vistar food & snacks supply to businesses. 

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Screen Shot 2021 05 05 at 1.46.38 PMDepot's divide
& distract deal

'Bizarro' Smith's schtick:
'Fiddle while Boca burns'

Beleaguered bigbox ODP Corp (ex-Depot-Max) ceo Gerry 'Bizarro' Smith, continues to 'shift deckchairs on a sinking ship' with moves aimed to distract from resurrecting a business that has now lost a $1Bn in sales in each year of his 4 year tenure. Now he plans to split Depot in two....??

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Smith Gerry Depot Deckchair 21Deceitful Depot
deeper and down

ODPCorp & "Max B2B" ceo
Smith's deckchair pivoting
BS cliches on sinking ship

Beleaguered bigbox ODP Corp (ex-Office Depot-OfficeMax) continued to sink at double-digit rates in Q1'21. OP core sales were crushed with hygiene essentials online softening the decline. We analyse Captain Gerry 'Bizarro' Smith's deception & misleading commentary. Full analysis of webcast & critique completed

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systemax global indSlimline Systemax
sustains strength

Global Ind Supply gains 
private label PPE contract

 the newly focused industrial supply reseller, withdrew from the IT business, to focus on US w/Global Industrial Supply. Sales were down earlier in the year but recovered strongly from winning new contracts 

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Screen Shot 2021 05 05 at 2.44.04 PMHP's Printergate
protection scam 

Euroconsumers to sue for
antitrust obsolescence 

Brussels-based Euroconsumers is seeking major compensation from HP Inc. as damages for consumers based in Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Brazil for failed compatibility of its printers with 3rd Party cartridges. It also demanded HP immediately stop this unlawful, detrimental and anti-competitive practice.

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