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  • Screen Shot 2021 09 12 at 10.30.21 PMStaples strips to

    "heartless" shell

    Vulture's cosmetic fixes
    fail to cover core collapse

    It's now 3 months since vulture capitalist Sycamore Partners owned Staples parted ways with chief Sandy Douglas. Meanwhile, proxy chairman John Lederer has assumed control without appointing a replacement? Will it ever happen and how will this affect the future of its $14Bn business delivery interests inc. wholesaler Essendant? Updated

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  • Personalised emarketingB2U marketing

    for B2B resellers

    3 affordable direct digital
    strategies to reach users

    Business supply resellers (B2B) need to make digital connections and provide personalized experiences when selling to users (eg. Lucy, beyond the trad buyers. Here are 3 strong digital ways for dealers to reach Lucy (B2U marketing) provided by experts Mike McLaren of MerkleB2B and Julia Doheny of B2B International. We discuss...

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  • Bezos Amazon atop mountain"You can't be fired
    buying from AMZN"

    Dealers undrstate contract
    leakage by Godzilla's grab

    continues to grow its broadline business supplies category to an estimated $60Bn+ worldwide in 2021. Our conversations with contract OP dealers indicate a huge underestimation of Amazon's penetration in corporate accounts. Moreover, it is now #1 wholesaler to dealers in all the major marketplaces.... Updated

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  • Productivity stairway to heaven2Beyond paperclips

    to personalized
    productivity tools

    Transactional dealers pivot
    to managed srvc providers

    2021 will be the 10th year running we have urged OP dealers to move from the paper dominated office supply market towards the paperless office where users need tools & services to help gain productivity e.g. IT, hygiene, ergonomics. Here's our latest practical guidelines & progressive dealer case studies to aid your transition...Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2021 07 22 at 3.50.33 PMBouncebackability
    Index leaderboard

    Q2'21 results analysis show
    healthy growth v laggards

    Reports are flowing in fast for business supply players in Q2'21 and predictably show strong positive growth v Q2'20, but how do they compare with the pre-Covid 'norm'? Proficiency Index reports the leaderboard of vendors, wholesalers and dealers' 'Bouncebackability' performance v Q2'19. Updated daily... Full commentary inc. Target, Walmart, Home Depot, PFG/Vistar

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doheny ted sealedair boxSealed Air: super

packaging power

Ecommerce spikes demand
Touchless tips automation

Sealed Air Corporation
the $5Bn maker of protective packaging for Food & FM products reported strong results in Q2'21. CEO Ted Doheny credited its 'Reinvent' strategy for profitability improvements and the resilence of its product protection market


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Rendle Linda Clorox smileClorox cleaning 
comps collapse

Chemicals maker losing
hygiene market share?

Clorox Company,
the $8Bn in sales, cleaning brands giant, reported declining sales in comparison with the Covid hygiene boosted Q4'20. New CEO Linda Rendle's optimism in Q3 was dented, now attention has turned to a cost saving agenda 

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tillis jason rob imperial warehouseImperial Dade's US
roll-up goes west

Bain Cap backed hygiene
group +'s 38th acquisition

VC Bain Capital owned Imperial Dade, continued its rapid roll-up of the hygiene, food service & packaging supply market in the US. The latest big move in Colorado intensifies its takeover trail coast to coast pioneered by Bunzl with many copycats in pursuit e.g. FEMSA & Brady

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meehan leo wbmason pres 17'Your One Source
Business Supplier'

WBMason's vendor meet
date to reveal growth plans

US#1 independent mega dealer WBMason has announced details of its annual vendor meeting, after the 2020 renewal was Covid cancelled. We discuss the agenda with ceo Leo Meehan when he will review lessons learned from the disruption; the WFH pivot; & plans to service the needs of the 'new normal' business supply market...

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Rubbermaid hygen systemNewell's home

run in hygiene 

Rubbermaid rebounds to
reinforce writing recovery

Newell Brands,
 a leading house of business & consumer brands, sales growth accelerated in Q2'21, with powerful WFH demand for home appliances, hygiene and writing products.. Can ex-OfficeMax ceo Ravi Saligram maintain momentum in the seconfd half of 2021?

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Taylor David PG handsupP&G's powerful

hygiene growth

Resurgent brand force in
WFH/business supplies

Procter & Gamble (PG), the leading personal, home & business care brandmaker, reported healthy Q4'21 results. Powerful marketing & ad campaigns are winning market share in towels, tissues & detergents eg Charmin, Dawn, Bounty, Tide & Febreze

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Lalonde Ramon Resolute thumb other250 0Resolute not so
resolute in tissue

Wood/pulp product prices
boost strong sales growth

Resolute Forest Products
 the leading Canadian paper, pulp and tissues maker reported blockbuster Q2'21 financial results. Core paper & tissue sales were weak, over compensated by strong demand for wood and pulp inc higher prices

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Poly Office peoplePoly pulls back

Pandemic plunge

New ceo counting on new
video & headsets revival

Poly (ex-Plantronics) 
the former leader in audio & video comms for business, reported a sales recovery in Q1'22. The new ceo has written off substantial goodwill on the failed Polycom deal and now presides over a relaunch

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bezos jeff amazon worriedAMZNIFICATION
d e c e l e r a t e s

Services/3Pty sellers strong
Direct prod't growth slows

 phenomenal sales decelerated for the first time in 24 months in Q2'21, returning to 2019 growth rates. Business Supplies growth softened in WFH delivery of 'essentials'. The 'Everything Store' is consumers' 'first call' broadline business supplier and still gaining increased market share. Results analysis complete

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redondo antonio navigatorNavigator's paper
pulls back plunge

Tissue/Pulp resilient relief
v Covid crushed demand

Portugal's Navigator Paper Company, the leading quality brand papermaker, reported a recovery in  paper demand in Q2'21 but still well below the Q2'19 norm. Higher tissue demand and pulp prices offset some of the damage to sales and profits

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