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  • AMAZONIFICATION noose tightens

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    noose tightens

    Bezos '94: 'Everything
    on demand, next hour'
    is reaching reality

    Recent moves by #1 etailer Amazon: expansion of next hour delivery & wholesale business supplies range; and Primeservice for reseller partners continues to be underestimated by the OP market. Please don't

  • Amazon adds 6000 warehouse workers

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    amazon packersAmazon Prime
    Time packers

    Boosts Fulfilment Centers
    in wholesale market push


    Amazon is hiring 6,000 full-time workers across its more than 70 Fulfilment Centers in the US to meet rising demand 

  • Freelancing future is fine - Senator Elizabeth Warren

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    Co working CIC cafeFreelancing
    future is fine 

    On demand economy
    drives part-time norm

    Elizabeth Warren,
    the firebrand Massachusetts senator, disagrees with corporate CEOs on many issues. On one point, however, she may be on the same track. Report from Re/Code's #CodeCon

  • Re/Code's Code Conference - Report Day 1 & 2

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    CodeCon15 Snapchat spiegelCode Conflab
    Day 2 in SoCal

    Top tech execs discuss
    latest digital trends

    Hosted by Re/Codefounders Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, the Code Conference is where digital dynamos gathered at Ranchos Palos Verdes (CA). We report on Day 1&2 today

  • Alibaba will fail to deliver

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    Alibaba DragonAlibaba will
    fail to deliver

    Can its 3rd Party model
    match Amazon's system?

    We are grateful to Jason Cao and Shivum Sharma from Ivey Business Review for their views and analysis. We comment below on the upcoming Amazon v Alibaba battle

  • Twitter in takeover talks with Flipboard

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    McCue Mike flipboardTwitter takeover
    talk w/Flipboard

    Partners in progress stall
    on deal to +100m users


    Twitter has been engaged in talks to acquire Flipboard, in an all-stock deal that would value the social news magazine at over $1 billion.

  • HelloTech rides Uber app wave in personal services

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    hellotechHelloTech rides
    Uber app wave

    Productivity services
    drive into local tech aid

    Many personal services can be summoned with an app now — drivers, carpool buddies, fast food, plumbers, cleaners and handymen— so it makes sense that it would extend to at-home-office tech support...

  • Dealers guide to Periscope & Snapchat

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    periscope actionUp Periscope

    & Snapchat


    Dealer's guide to
    video centric apps

    Video-centric broadcasting e.g. Periscope on Twitter, the #1 business medium; & Snapchat are trending rapidly among progressives.  But there are terrific apps for old fashioned folks too...

  • Dissynergised aka eliminated

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    HP Meg chainsawDissynergised
    aka eliminated

    Corporate disrespect
    for people redefined

    Whether corporations are merging e.g. Staples or Sysco; or splitting e.g. HP, cost reduction is understandably high on the agenda. However, new euphemisms are emerging. The latest an ugly term 'dis-synergise' HP invented for mass people culling. Updated

  • Ace advances at strong pace

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    venhuizen john ace presentsAce advances
    at harder pace 

    Group brand demos
    personal service power

    Brand franchise group, Ace Hardwarerecently reported record results for Q1'15, The helpful place succeeds in face of Amazon...

  • Apple's Jony Ive - Chief Design Officer

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    ive jony apple iwatchApple of Ive:

    design chief

    The 'i' in iGeneration

    broadens creative role 

    Sir Jony Iveis taking an even more important role at Apple. The design mastermind behind the Mac, iPhone, iPad and Watchwill be promoted to chief design officer.

  • DCC Group/Exertis - 2015 Financial Review

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    breen tommy DCCDCC/Exertis
    drives growth

    Divisional disposals to 
    focus on tech core 

    DCC, the $16Bn international business technology services group, reported improved sales and profits for year ended 31 Mar'15.  It's certainly been busy on the acquisitions/disposals front...

  • Nestle taps into direct water deliveries

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    Screen Shot 2015 05 26 at 02.54.03Nestle taps into 
    water delivery

    Direct webstore orders
    to businesses next day


    Nestle's branded water business is on a wave. Its direct bottled water business to homes and offices grew 3x its retail delivery business rate in Q1'15.

  • Everything on demand - the 'Shut-in Economy'

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    amazon user in boxEverything
    on demand

    Personal local services
    drive 'shut-in' economy

    We are grateful to Lauren Smiley for her article entitled 'Shut-in Economy' where she reckons you’re either pampered, isolated royalty — or a 21st century servant.

  • Amazon Prime Now

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    amazon bike courier NYCAmazon Prime

    Now expands

    Next hour delivery
    for local specialists

    Amazon's Prime Now
    service has been expanded to deliver items from a handful of specialist stores in Manhattan, NY.

  • HP v Autonomy v Microtech legal case saga

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    whitman meg HP telescopeHP accused
    of arrogance

    Autonomy attack an
    expedient diversion

    should sue MicroTech rather than make accusations, said Lanny Davis, an attorney working with the reseller in its lawsuit against HP.

  • Amazon analyse European sales

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    amazonlocalAmazon analyse
    European sales

    Plans to collect tax by

    country; ends Lux filter

    Amazonhas confirmed that instead of funneling nearly all its $25Bn European sales through low tax haven Luxembourg, it will  pay in each country in which it operates... 

  • Munchery food delivery service raises capital

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    tran tri muncheryMunchery cooks

    up more capital

    Food delivery service to
    biz start-ups wave rising

    is the latest food-delivery startup to raise cash from hungry venture capitalists joining at least 4 others

  • Microsoft did size up Salesforce

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    microsoft salesforceMicrosoft sized
    up Salesforce

    Chiefs couldn't agree
    on merger valuation 

    As we reported last month, Microsoftchief Satya Nadella did hold serious talks with Marc Benioff led Saleforce.com

  • The Quest for healthy snacks

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    Quest teamThe Quest for

    healthy snacks

    Protein bars and chips
    that are good for you

    Quest Nutition president Tom Bilyeuapperaed on CNBC TV this morning to discuss the tremendous growth of his company's protein packed sugar free snacks. 

  • HP Q2'16 Financial Review

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    Whitman meg hp plungingHP: Hopeless
    Plunge deepens 

    Mystic Meg's turnaround
    tailspins in all 7 divisions


    Old tech giant HP is tailspinning towards a sub $100Bn sales level in 2015 (2010 - $130Bn). Meg Whitman'smanagement musical chairs continued to duplicate costs at the 'navel-gazing', distracted 'dis-synergising' dinosaur

  • Lenovo increases PC market share

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    lenovo yangLenovo levers up
    PC market share

    IBM server & Motorola
    buys weigh on profits 

    Lenovo, the world’s biggest PC maker by sales claimed more share gains in the shrinking market 

  • Snackification: 8 brands to watch

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    Screen Shot 2015 05 21 at 17.56.13Snackification: 8
    brands to watch

    Smaller players driving
    significant sales growth

    In a challenging time for the consumer packaged goods industry, snacks are alive and well according to Information Resources.

  • Ex-United Phipps ships to health care

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    phipps cody united core cropPhipps ships
    to Health Care

    Appointed chief of 'Most
    Admired' wholesale giant

    Ex-UnitedCEOCody Phipps has realised his ambition of stepping up to a larger corporation with a move to lead $9Bn health-care supply wholesaler. Speculation he would join Staples was never on and made little sense

  • HP: Meg Whitman's Mission Impossible

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    HPs Mission ImpossibleMeg's Mission
    m p o s s i b l e

    Deck chair shifter fiddles
    with division as HP burns

    Tech relic
    is struggling to reinvent itself in the age of cloud computing and losing out to a new generation of nimble enterprise-tech firms. Meanwhile CEO Meg Whitman is doodling with logos

  • Best Buy - Q1'16 Financial Review

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    Best Buy montage 2013B e s t  B u y
    beaten back

    Deluded chief losing
    online market share 

    Best Buychief Hubert Jolyand CFOSharon 'Enumerator' McCollam are fond of detailing quarterly reports. They seem to suffer analysis paralysis and miss the BIG market picture...

  • HP confirms control cut in China

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    HP Meg chainsawHP C h i n a
    control cut 

    Data networking deal
    first of many disposals?

    As reported on 27 March, HP concluded the deal to sell control of its data-networking business in China's Tsinghua Unigroup. Will more 'crown jewel' disposals follow?

  • NRA Show: Food & Beverage Show 2015, Chicago

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    Sysco NRAShowFABulous sales

    NRA Show: natural, clean,
    healthy & tasty trends

    The National Restaurant Association's Food Services Showin Chicago was an exciting enjoyable experience with leading brands demonstrating tasty innovations in food services...Full Review later today

  • Salesforce.com Q1'16 Financial Review

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    benioff marc salesforce handWave rising at

    CRM giant's 

    fast forward
    to $10Bn with mobility,
    cloud, social & enterprise

    CRM #1 provider Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff (pic left) brimmed with enthusiasm about its latest growth trends in sales in Q1'16 to 30 Apr'15

  • HP Preferred/Qualified Dealer Program update

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    HP Meg chainsawHaughtily


    Tech relic's arrogance
    towards IDC unqualified

    HP Print's
    charming channel chief Steve Sakamoto presented its Qualified Dealer program at OPI's Global Forum yesterday and was effusive in his support for dealers. Actions speak louder than cheap words however...

  • Staples Q1'15 Financial Review

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    Staples montage 2014Staples: beyond
    office supplies

    'Making more happen'
    proves tough challenge.
    #SPLODGE/FTC update

    the world’s leading OP reseller, showed steady sales trends in its main commercial and etail delivery businesses in Q1'15 ended 2 May'15. Updated

  • Dell doubles down on HP split

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    dell michael smile lrDell doubles
    down on HP

    Distracted tech relic;
    Nutanix commitment?

    Dell has spoken out about HP'supcoming split, suggesting its rival's resellers might defect; its expansion plans in EMEA and possible acquisition of Nutanix...

  • Exertis makes Unlimited move

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    okeefe exertisExertis makes
    Unlimited move

    Paves way for emerging
    vendors to enter channel

    DCC Group
    tech distributor Exertis
    said it will be able to nuture up-and-coming tech firms to crack the channel thanks to yesterday's acquisition...

  • Amazon names Jeff Bezos new shadow tech adviser

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    renz maria amazonAmazon names
    Bezos shadow

    Maria Renz steps up
    tech adviser role 


    Male dominated Amazon
    has promoted a woman for the first time to one of the most coveted roles at the company...

  • Sysco/US Foods v FTC: Merger watch

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    sysco usfoods merger FTCSysco v FTC:

    Fed judge extends
    hearing deadlines

    The federal judge handling the Federal Trade Commission’s challenge of Sysco’s planned purchase of US Foods has scheduled more time for oral arguments in the case.

  • Keurig's Kold reception runs and runs

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    kelley brian GMCR CNBCKeurig's Kold
    reception runs

    Coffee King's crown slips
    w/botched new products

    As reported 8 May, Keurig, the $4Bn leader in coffee brewers for US offices, continued to disappoint with delays announced on its new Kold system. Shares dived 15% (33% YTD) as CEO Brian Kelley's hyped up honeymoon period ends 

  • HP Autonomy case backlash from reseller

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    Lynch Mike HP hot potatoHP Autonomy
    fraud backlash  

    Duped reseller suing IT
    giant for non delivery

    Earlier this month, HP released a massive document spelling out its case in its $5 billion lawsuit against Autonomyexecutives. Now one of the accomplice resellers is countering...

  • PaperlinX - Poles depart wreckage

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    Paperlinx truck crash ravensPaperlinx: Poles
    depart wreck...

    Will papermills continue
    to back ANZA remains?

    Paperlinx has managed to offload another of its European operations without any drama..

  • Yahoo's new CIO leaves the company

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    mayer marissa yahoo walkingMayer's music
    stops at Yahoo

    Revolving door spins;
    Messer Marissa next?

    The new Infrastructure and CIO Mike Kail, who joined the company last August is the latest to leave the embattled house of purple aka Yahoo...

  • Walmart Q1'16 Financial Review

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    MacMillon doug walmart sizingWalmart wake
    up call weakens

    Growth from US N'hood
    & Intnl up. Sam's Club off

    The world’s #1 retailer, Walmart (inc. Asda in the UK) continued its recovery pattern in the US, in Q1'16 with good growth in online and Neighborhood markets..

  • HP Enterprise Group chief eyes exit

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    Whitman meg old hatHP hierarchy
    splitting too

    Music not stopping
    as COO eyes exit

    HP's Enterprise Group boss is planning to depart once it splits in two, according to reports.

  • 'Beach body' Brand Bonanza

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    beach body reaction'Beach body'
    brand bonanza

    Protein World furore;
    best ad campaign '15


    The huge debate around Protein World’s “Beach Body” campaign has made it the big branding story of the year so far, says Marketing Week's Mark Ritson.Here are the 5 response stages...

  • Marketing Create content Lucy loves

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    content marketing lucyCreate content
    that Lucy loves

    7 steps in marketing to
    your main user chooser

    Much admired marketer Jay Baer says "Content marketing strategy isn’t a nice to have, it’s a requirement. So what is it that dealers say they have, but don't have?

  • Amazon: robots picking contest

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    Bezos on kivaAmazon: robots
    picking contest 

    Challenge to automate
    the packing process

    Boston Globe's
    innovation reporter Scott Kirsner, visited Amazon's robotic's division, based in North Reading (MA). He never knew how hard it could be to pick a box of crayons

  • Amazon Primes up independent resellers

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    Amazon Bezos reaches peopleAmazon Primes
    up OP dealers

    Expands range available
    for free shipping service

    The #1 business supplies etail/wholesaler Amazon is working with its local independent resellers army to enable them to deliver under its Prime Membership program.

  • Top 10 Deans of Disruption in Business Supplies

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    Disrupters12 Bezos MeehanD e a n s  of

    Who'll join Bezos as
    in business supply?


    Last week CNBC spotlighted their Top 50 Disruptors in the Business World for 2015. As in previous years, we nominate a new list of 10 power players threatening complacency of the OP status quo...completed Sunday

  • NRA: Food Services Show - Chicago 16-19 May

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    food services showFAB showcase
    for OP dealers

    Preview: Food Services

    Chicago May 16-19

    Progressive dealers like WBMason, Weeks Lerman & Guernsey have moved successfully into food & beverage services. Join 44,000 traders at NRA's Food Services Show in today at McCormick Place and explore the specialist opportunities  

  • Can Google ace Amazon action

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    page larry google 2Can Google ace
    Amazon action

    Launching buy buttons
    on search results pages

    Google is making controversial move toward becoming an online marketplace to rival Amazon and eBay

  • Sysco Bill DeLaney: Why FTC wrong to fight merger

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    DeLaney Bill Sysco"FTC wrong to
    fight merger" 

    Sysco chief DeLaney on

    why good for consumers

    This week, SyscochiefBill Delaney took the stand in the DC District Court to fight for enhanced customer service, faster innovation, greater efficiency in the US food-service market...

  • Start ups growth fuelled by Freelancers

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    Co working CIC cafe

    Freelancers fuel

    start-up growth  

    Women started lower
    % of businesses in '14

    Men started an average of 337,000 US businesses a month last year, up 21% from 2013, Meanwhile, women start up rates fell?

  • Cisco chides HP's divide

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    chambers john cisco tomorrowCisco chides
    HP's divide

    Chambers champions
    Chuck's progression

    HP & VMwareet al got it in the neck from an impassioned Cisco chief John Chambers on his final earnings call before handing over new CEO Chuck Robbins

  • FTC's case against Sysco/US Foods merger

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    sysco delivery guyFTC: half-baked
    case vs Sysco

    Tunnel vision of market.
    Indies want it to happen


    The drawn out FTCcase against the Sysco/US Foods merger continues in court this week. US Foods are ready to pull the merger unless the judge takes the broader view shared by the market...


  • Walmart & Alibaba alliance commences

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    Alibaba DragonWalibaba war
    starts v Amazon

    Alipay alliance 1st move
    in wider collaboration


    It seems #1 retailer Walmart's online inertia is about to get a boost in a long predicted move with mighty Chinese etailer Alibaba. Watch battle commence...

  • WBMason empowers PA/OHmarkets

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    Meehan Leo WBMason Pied Piper2 thumb medium300 300Mason Mpowers
    PA/OH markets

    Acquires leading Lake
    dealer in triple play

    WBMason, the US#1 Mega-regional reseller has completed its 3rd acquisition in the last few days with leading Lake Erie dealer. We spoke with CEO Leo Meehan.Updated

  • Adveo - Q1'15 Financial Review

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    alvarez miranda millan adveoAdveo: adverse
    trends confuse

    Prospects poor: printer
    ink plunges; nothing new


    , the leading mainline European OP wholesaler (inc. ex-Spicers Europe) continued its disappointing sales decline in Q1'15. The outlook continued to be challenging unless new categories are added quickly...

  • Printed Paper prices to rise 8%

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    Paper margin squeezePrinted paper
    prices up 8%+

    Sappi & IP lead market
    plus importer hikes

    Papermaker Sappiwill raise its prices by 8% as rising costs and falling margins have made the business ‘unsustainable’ at current prices.

  • Aramark - Q2'15 Financial Review

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    aramark delivery guyAramark makes
    uniform growth

    Productivity  & Tech

    up profits 

    the $15Bn business services provider in food, FM and uniforms, today reported Q2'15 results with continued sales growth and margin expansion

  • Veritiv Q1'15 Financial Review

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    Veritiv truck sunsetVeritiv: veers

    New paper & packaging
    distribution duo in denial


    the clumsily renamed paper and packaging distribution merger of UniSource and xpedx (ex International Paper), reported declining results for Q1'15. Is the CEO is kidding herself?

  • US Foods prepare to pull Sysco deal

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    sysco usfoods merger FTCUSFoods ready
    pull Sysco deal

    Competitor distracted,
    as FTC case protracts

    A US Foods executive testified in federal court yesterday that it is prepared to abandon a proposed merger with Syscoif the judge grants a preliminary injunction to block the merger.

  • Staples expands in South Africa & Romania

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    Fati dan dacrisStaples expands
    in SA/Romania 

    Single source Partners
    w/Waltons and Dacris 

    today announced new strategic growth partnerships with leading resellers in South Africa and Romania.

  • FAB: Food & Beverage service momentum

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    amazon fresh customerFAB: Food & Bev.
    service moment 

    Market available to those
    who invest in specialists.

    Today's food & beverage service resellers and brand suppliers, face increasing challenges to meet the needs and changing expectations of more diverse consumers e.g. natural & healthy choices. Take Note! 

  • Agile marketing for the digital world

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    Gazelle v BigboxAgile marketing 
    for digital world

    It's about collaboration,
    & culture. Be gazelles...


    We have been banging on about  "Agile marketing" since 2008. In 2012 there was much mention of it. Now It seems to have come of age. We remind readers of the essentials:

  • AOL sale value to Verizon exposes Yahoo

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    mayer and armstrong yahoo aolAOL sale value
    exposes Yahoo 

    Core biz success masks
    Marissa Mayer's misses

    Verizon bought AOL today for $4.4Bn highlighting the progress CEO Tim Armstrong has made in recent years. Meanwhile, rival Yahoo's  core content/ad business has tanked to negative values.

  • Quirky disrupts the invention process norm

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    kaufman ben quirkyQuirky disrupts
    invention norm

    Innovation pipeline to
    progressive resellers

    Ben Kaufman,
    the founder of Quirky, has taken inventors into the 21st century. The NY based firm attracts new ideas, the best ones get produced and sold to the world's biggest resellers

  • Docusign: digital document services

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    krach keith docusignDocusign: digital
    service disruptor

    Ex-Ariba Krach drives
    document management

    DocuSign has raised $233 million from investors to speed global expansion of its digital document management service. "All successful biz will be digital by 2020"

  • Sharp's capital reduction

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    sharp downturnSharp's sharp

    downward spiral

    Shares plunge ahead
    of capital reduction

    Sharp Corp.’sshares plunged yesterday after the troubled electronics company said a restructuring could include an adjustment that would erase much of shareholders’ investments.

  • Amazon's money making machine

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    Bezos amazons robin hoodAmazon's money
    making machine

    How etailer boosts GP
    without buying better;
    speeds customer service

    Stockmarket and industry analysts persistently criticize Amazonfor lack of profits.  Meanwhile, it increased Prime prices, boosted membership and margins; leads in cloud and wholesale business supply services to millions of local resellers...Updated

  • Millennials in majority of workforce

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    Millennials mobilesMillennials in
    majority. So?

    More than 33% of US
    workforce aged 18-34

    WOW! Fortune Magazinereported today a stunning statement of the obvious: the GenX/Y Millenials are now the largest segment of the workforce!

  • Sysco/US Foods merger v FTC Court Hearing

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    DeLaney Bill SyscoSysco/US Foods:
    CE defends deal

    DeLaney tells court it'd
    be stupid to incr. prices

    The 7 day court hearing on the Sysco/USFoods v FTC case started last week and today Sysco chief Bill DeLaney defended his cause...

  • Grainger safety first investment

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    grainger safety specialistGrainger safety
    first investment

    Doubles up on OSHA
    specialist sales team 

    the leading MRO/business supplier confirmed the addition of 40 sales professionals  to its team of QSSP safety experts. It continues to differentaite itself with specialist FM sales people.

  • Wayfair Q1'15 Financial Review

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    wayfair ipo conine shahWayfair wave

    on a rapid roll

    Repeat orders strong;
    34% placed by mobile

    the Boston based international home office furnishings etailer, is blazing a trail as it scales up to meet demand from midmarket consumers and micro businesses. It reported its Q1'15 results today...

  • Time to mobilize service schedules

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    staples easy tech service lucyMobilize your  
    service schedule

    Enable users to ebook
    productivity services

    Scott Eisner of Boston Globe wrote an interesting piece calling for service businesses to invest in scheduling software to enable users to book calls 24/7. OP dealers should follow ASAP

  • DIRTT - Q1'15 Financial Review

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    jenkins scott DIRTTDIRTT designs
    drive growth

    Innovative open office
    builder powers ahead

    DIRTT Environmental Solutions,
    the tech designer and builder of sustainable office interiors announced impressive financial results for Q1'15 2015.

  • Nortek- Ergotron Q1'15 Financial Review

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    Ergotron workfit standup ladyErgotron elevate
    Nortek’s growth

    Sit/stand desks & charge
    carts energize edu sales

    the diversified parent of technology brand Ergotron, recently reported a slower rate of growth gains for Q1'15

  • Whitewave Foods - Q1'15 Financial Review

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    enles gregg whitewaveWhitewve feeds
    healthy growth

    So Delicious Dairy brand
    drives organic sales hike

    Natural and organic company WhiteWave Foods Co. reported strong results in Q1'15, despite foreign-exchange impacts. Shares jumped 8% after the announcement

  • Officewise acquires West Texas dealer

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    herman miller living office deskOfficewise in
    smart move

    Herman Miller dealer
    strengthens in Texas


    Officewise the $30m in sales OP reseller has acquired a neighbouring dealer to consolidate its lead in the West Texas market...

  • WBMason magic marches on

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    Meehan WBM crossing Rubicon 2Mason magic
    marches on...

    Double digit growth;
    plus new partnerships

    the #1US mega-regional $1.5Bn independent reseller continued its strong organic growth supplemented by 2 new acquisitions. We spoke with CEO Leo Meehan...

  • SPOT: For Better or much worse?

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    SPOT the stain waiting to happenSPOT: for Better
    or much worse?

    Wl Whiteway whitewash
    wayward wholesaler?

    Vulture capitalist Better Capital,owners of dual distributor SPOT (Spicers/OfficeTeam) was again thrust in the spotlight when carrier City Link collapsed.  Commentators are asking can it recover from its reputation for failure?

  • Amazon Dollar drone delivery

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    amazon bezos drone deliveryAmazon: Dollar

    drone delivery

    Prime Air positions
    next hour delivery.
    Bezos reveals plans

    Seeking AlphaanalystTasha Keeney has studied Amazon drone delivery plans plans. She reckons it could deliver a package for $1 and still turn a profit. Here are the assumptions updated for US Patent Office report..

  • Gorilla Stationers acquires etailer GZMOE

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    czopek rose gorillaGorilla engage
    etailer GZMOE

    SoCal consolidation
    of OP progressives


    Gorilla Stationers, the Huntingdon Beach (CA) office dealer has acquired etail neighbour GZMOE in Irvine to create a powerful new business supplies enterprise in California. We speak with Rosemary Czopek... 

  • Most Influential People in the Office Market

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    most influential people 2015Proficiency Index Poll

    Most Influential
    People in Office

    Innovators, leaders, icons
    disruptors & designers 

    magazine recently published ‘The 100 Most Influential People’ list. We publish a similar feature and welcome your nominations for the Top 20 in the new personal productivity marketplace… Later today

  • Kimball - Q3'15 Financial review

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    kimball furnitureKimball's core
    focus winning

    Hospitality & commercial
    projects power pipeline

    Kimball International,
    divested of its Electronic Manufacturing Services, announced powerful growth results for its Q3'15.

  • CCL Industries/Avery Q1'15 Financial Review

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    martin geoff cclAvery advances
    at double digits

    Growth initiatives and
    acquisitions up profits 

    CCL Industries, the $2Bn in sales container and label maker,  who acquired Avery in 2013, reported excellent sales and profits results for Q1'15.

  • 'OPeless Pursuit - Paperless path to productivity

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    commodity cliff

    'OPeless Pursuit

    Selling paper & ink free,
    ups cost not productivity.
    Mobilize paperless office!

    Fact: paper-related products demand is in termianl decline and will not return. Most dealers are in denial with OP sales still over 70%+ of sales mix compared with market demand of <25% of business supply spend. What can they do about it?

  • 6 Powerful Personalised emarketing techniques

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    Personalised emarketingPowerful

    Retarget techniques that
    beat SEO hands down

    When it comes to customer acquisition, the next best tactic after search engine marketing (SEO) is retargeting.

  • PaperlinX: Antalis picks up packaging companies

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    Paperlinx truck crash ravensPaperlnX: Antalis
    picks up pieces

    Leader builds packaging
    division to $100m+ sales

    Europe#1 paper merchant Antalis has bought PaperlinX UK’s packaging businesses as the fall out from its collapse continues

  • PEG & Ecomedia merge into Papedis

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    clavadetsher cristophe PEGSwiss roll up


    PEG & Ecomedia in
    defensive merger

    Swiss wholesalers PEG and Ecomedia have announced an $80m in sales merger to tackle the the declining OP market together...

  • Alibaba Q4'15 Financial Review

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    ma jack alibabaAll change at
    anxious Alibaba 

    Mobile monetisation falls.
    COO replaces CEO Lu?

    Alibaba Group
    today announced its financial results for Q4'15 ended March 31, 2015. Chairman Jack Ma is adopting a more conservative approach...

  • Brother - Financial Review - 2015

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    jones phil brother2

    Brother bucks downtrend

    Gains market share
    w/strong large MFD's

    Brother Internationalthe $7Bn strong document services and printer maker, has reported impressive gains in the small and medium sized business market in US/Europe. We spoke with Europe chief Phil Jones...

  • CDW - Q1'15 Financial Review

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    CDW team montage busCDW: Growth
    rate decelerates

    IT services strong in
    Govt & educ markets

    CDW Corporation,
    the $12Bn leading US multi-brand technology solutions provider to business, government, education and healthcare, today announced strong but slower Q1'15 results

  • RRDonnelley Q1'15 Financial Review

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    Screen Shot 2015 02 25 at 16.13.31Donnelley

    OP acquisitions weigh
    down print progress

    R.R. Donnelley,
    the digital and print media giant, reported disappointing financials for Q1'15. It suffered secular decline in OP and relied on acquisitions for revenue growth...

  • Keurig Green Mountain Q2'15 Financial Review

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    Keurig montage 2013King Keurig
    going Kold?

    Doubts raised re CEO
    hype & disappointing
    K2.0 system sales

    Keurig Green Mountain, the $4Bn+, leader in specialty coffee brewers for US homes & offices, disappointed again with slow sales and lower profits in Q2'15. Shares dived 12%, (28% year to date) as CEO Kelley'shoneymoon period ends

  • TechCrunch Disrupt Conference Report - Somabar

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    Somabar app cocktailsIt's Keurig
    for Cocktails

    TechCrunch Disrupt
    shows robot bartender

    'Appy hour comes early! In the very near future one push of a button could get you an expertly made cocktail. Somabar's coming soon...

  • Enjoy personal expert service - start up

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    Screen Shot 2015 05 06 at 16.52.51ENJOY personal
    expert service 

    Ex-Apple & JCP retail
    chief's new venture


    Founded by a team led by retail pioneer Ron Johnson, ENJOY launched today in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City (with Mandy Drury of CNBC).

  • Twitter's Periscope will revolutionize video publishing

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    periscope actionUp Periscope!

    Twitter's live-streaming
    app will revolutionize
    instant video publishing

    Last weekend was major for Periscope. It was one of the biggest weekends for sports of all time. And my Twitter feed looked something like this:

  • Imation Q1'15 Financial Review

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    lucas mark imation productsImation impossible

    Deluded CEO too late
    to stem terminal tailspin

    the former storage media giant, today reported a continued downward slide in its results for Q1'15, plus more action to downsize its redundant businesses

  • Systemax Q1'15 Financial Review

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    systemax sinkingSick Systemax
    slips and slides

    Powerful industrial sales
    killed by miserable Misco

    , the tech-direct marketer including Misco, CompUSA, Circuit City and Tiger Direct brands, reported serious declines in its financial results for Q1'15 to 31 Mar'15

  • HP "Autonomy augmented sales"

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    HP whitman lynchHP: "Autonomy
    augmentd sales"

    Fleshes out fraud claims.
    CYA Meg masking mess?

    HPsaidAutonomy improperly reported $709m in revenue over 2½ years before it bought the UK software maker for $11 billion in 2011...

  • Cody Phipps resigns from United Stationers

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    phipps cody united core cropPhipps parts
    ways w/United

    Guessing game: Where
    is his next big thing?

    United Stationers (aka Essendant)
    announced today that Cody Phipps, has resigned as CEO to pursue another opportunity? We look at his likely options...

  • Microsoft near to Salesfoce

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    micosoft nadella salesforce benioffMicrosoft sizes
    up Salesforce

    Rival approach pushes
    takeover offer closer

    As reported last week, Microsoft is readying an amicable deal with Marc Benioffled Saleforce. This will represent a huge advantage over rivals Oracle, IBM, Amazon and SAP.

  • #SPLODGE: Follow the FTC v Sysco fight for clues

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    staples depot train crashSPLODGE: Follow FTCvSysco fight

    7day Hearing starts now.
    'No national food market

    Today, the FTCand the merging amicable food giants Sysco/US Foods face off in court to decide if it can proceed. Will the FTC see common sense as a precedent for the #SPLODGE deal to proceed?

  • Kapstone Paper & Packaging - Q1'15 Financial Review

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    Stone Kaplan kapstone paperKapstone catch
    Victory packgng

    Flat paper & packaging
    despite of weather probs

    KapStone Paper & Packaging
    today reported Q1'15 results to March 31, 2015 and shortly afterwards announced the acquisition of Victory Packaging...

  • Energizer Q2'15 Financial Review

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    energizer ecoadv batteryEnergizer losing
    market power

    Costly company splits
    & exits from Venezuala

    Energizer Holdings the personal, household care and battery maker, reported disappointing Q2'15 results to 31 Mar'15, ahead of its divisional split 

  • Office Depot/OfficeMax Q1'15 Financial Review

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    Smith Rowland depot chainsawDisintegrating
    Depot defunct

    Chainsaw CEO Smith
    'executes' way to profit


    Office Depot/Max, the bigbox car-crash combo, continued its downward tailspin, according to Q1'15 results to 28 Mar'15. Annual sales rates have fallen 40% since 2007. Thankfully, we've been saved the CEO's woolly webcast rhetoric...

  • Emerge Americas: Technology & Innovation Exchange

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    Emerge americas miami 2015Mobilize your business NOW

    Emerge: 4 new growth
    busines s opportunities

    The CNBC sponsored #Emerge15 Americasexperience kicked off strongly yesterday for 10,000 attendees in Miami. We report on the relevant insights for office marketers..

  • Ingram Micro - Q1'15 Financial Review

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    ingram micro montage 2014Ingram: double
    -digit growth

    Strong sales from PC
    refresh & international

    Ingram Micro,
    the world's largest technology distributor with $46Bn in annual sales, grew strongly again in Q1'15 

  • Alibaba about turn on growth prospects

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    ma jack alibaba pensiveAlibaba's about
    turn on growth

    Chief Ma warns; makes
    changes; freezes hiring 



    It's usually wise to take note of what a public company and its executives say and do just before they release financial results. China's etail giant Alibaba's results are due on Thursday

  • Sysco Foods - Q3'15 Financial Review

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    sysco delivery guy 2Sysco feeds
    strong growth

    Increased food prices
    & acquisition factors

    Sysco Corporation
    today announced strong financial results for Q3'15 ended March 28, 2015 ahead of its court battle with the FTC...

  • Container chaos congests US ports

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    Port container chaosContainer chaos

    congests ports 

    China Crisis! Bigship size
    & alliances clog cargo

    The rapid growth of world’s biggest shippers is overwhelming US ports costing millions to importers and exporters who can’t access their cargo on time.

  • Danwood Group - Financial Review 2014

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    danwood turtle turnedDanwood upside

    down delusion

    Francis fantasy forecasts
    continue during decline

    Last month Danwood Group, once the darling of UK document services market, quietly released 2014 results, again reporting a declining performance. CEO Steve Francis, continued to disrespect the industry without articulating its growth strategy.

  • Sysco/US Foods set to face off with FTC

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    sysco usfoods merger FTCSysco/US Foods
    face off w/FTC

    Hearing to convince
    judge on merger merits

    Starting tomorrow food-distribution rivals Sysco and US Foods have to persuade a federal judge that the market is more diverse than antitrust enforcers claim.

  • Integrate technology with customer service experience

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    customer intimacy redheartIntegrate tech &

    customr service

    Check human touchpnts
    match online experience

    Encounters that users have with brands offline and online can be inconsistent. Make sure the web designers take a user friendly approach...

  • Maple's quest to reinvent food delivery service to business

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    maple meal bike deliveryMaple to make
    chef's choice
    desk delivery

    Behind the scenes of new

    food to biz service future

    Fast Company's Sarah Kessler
    provides the inside story on Maple's $26m quest to reinvent delivery of healthy affordable meals fast in the land of sad desk lunches...

  • Panera plans sandwich delivery to offices

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    shaich ron panera deliversPanera plans
    office delivery

    Bakery chases 

    on productivity service

    Ron Shaich, CEO of Panera Bread
    , said delivery service as a major source of future growth following Starbucksplans

  • WebWatch: Brands beat generic search

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    Lucy loves brandsWebWatch 2015

    B r a n d s beat
    generic search

    User Lucy selects brand,
    webstore before product

    The male dominated OP dealer community has long believed that product price/discount dominates buyer behaviour. Women now make most business supply decisions and a ‘known’ brand/webstore is first in their search process…

  • Etailers' customer service is better

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    Amazon Bezos reaches peopleEtailer customer
    service's better?

    Feel good factor strong,
    like Uber v local cabs

    Forrester Research just completed its Customer Service Index 2015 survey of 18 industries and found that etailers aka online resellers, were rated superior to bigboxes and local dealers...

  • FDA question hand sanitizers

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    woman using hand sanitizer

    FDA harry hand sanitizer makrs

    Questions about safety
    & germ fighting qualities


    The Food and Drug Administration is asking makers to submit additional data about medical hand washes and sanitizers, including the long-term health effects of their daily use on the skin.

  • Brilliant brands beat bigbox label lemmings

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    Big Brands squash big box2Brilliant Brands
    beat Bigbox 
    label lemmings

    Innovation & marketing
    outsmart copycats

    Q1'15 financial results prove again that original brand manufacturers continued their positive growth trends that have emerged in recent years

  • Speed of the essence in the new furniture marketplace

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    delivery guy fastFast Furniture
    delivery please

    S P E E D is of essence
    in the NOW market...

    Same day delivery is defining the new business supplies market. Meanwhile, many furnituremakers are stuck with same-old 3-4 weeks delivery times. Case study of 5 day fast furnituremaker...

  • Yahoo: Marissa Mayer's way or the highway

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    mayer marissa yahoo thismuchYahoo: Mayer's
    way to MilkyWay

    Brain drain, exec exodus
    reaches epic extents

    CEO Marissa Mayer received $45m in compensation in 2014 after 3 years of sales decline, dodgy investments, muddled management 'musical chairs' and expensive executive exits. She cares about this much...

  • Newell Rubbermaid Q1'15 Financial Review

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    Newell montage 2013Newell writes
    big numbers

    Hygiene & commercial
    markers in high demand

    Newell Rubbermaid, leading maker of branded business products and consumer today announced another set of strong sales and profits for Q1'15 ended 31 Mar'15

  • EVO secures new investment funds

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    baldrey rob sign office2office2EVO growth
    fund expands


    attack on UK
    w/sale/contract market


    EVO Group the renamed Vasanta parent of VOW wholesale and contract stationers Supplies Team and acquired o2o, has secured £100m ($155m) for expansion 

  • Clorox Q3'15 Financial Review

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    Screen Shot 2015 02 18 at 20.12.55Clorox sees
    cleaner future

    Chemicals mkr positive
    on growth & innovation

    The $5.5Bn in sales cleaning brands giant Clorox Company reported solid growth results in Q3'15 to 31 Mar'15 

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