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  • Google Financial Review Q3'15

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    Screen Shot 2014 10 17 at 14.46.20Google go-go

    machine slows

    Is Express delivery investment
    v Amazon harming margins?

    31 Jan'15

    Slower growth in Googleadvertising, heavy spending to compete with Amazon in search and delivery seems to denting confidence in the web giant…
  • Xerox Q4'14 Financial Review

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    xerox management team 12Xerox sales

    sliding again

    Services growth stalled in
    spite of signings success?


    30 Jan'15
    Xerox Corporation reported disappointing results for Q4’14. When will its much advertised services drive produce growth?
  • WESCO - Q4'14 Financial Review

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    WESCO TruckOne Wesco

    powers forward

    Strong US sales from integrated

    services and new capital projects


    30 Jan'15

    WESCO a leading provider of electrical, industrial, and MRO supplies, today announced Q4’14 results...

  • Newell Rubbermaid - Q4'14 Financial Review

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    Newell montage 2013Newell writes

    big numbers

    Latin America, hygiene &
    commercial in high demand

    30 Jan'15
    Newell Rubbermaid,leading maker of business supplies products and consumer brands today announced another set of strong sales and profits for Q4’14 ended 31 Dec’14...
  • Amazon Q4'14 Financial Review

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    AMAZONIFICATION Bezos squashing RESELLER brandsAmazon attack

    accelerates again

    Sales growth in business supplies

    /services 28%; GP up to 29.5%.

    Invests hugely in new FC's/IT


    29 Jan'15

    Amazon.com, the world’s #1 etailer maintained its mighty sales momentum in Q4'14 with $89Bn an increase of $15Bn. This Godzilla, stealth attacker has grown nearly 4x to $20Bn in business supplies in 5 years, without independent dealers reacting. Jeff Bezos continued to invest heavily in distribution...

  • Vistaprint/Cimpress - Q2'15 Financial Review

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    keane rob vistaprint productsV i s t a p r i n t
    ventures forward

    Marketing + price increases
    drive growth + acquisition


    29 Jan'15
    Vistaprintnow renamed Cimpress, the leading online provider of professional marketing products and services to small businesses once again reported strong sales growth for its Q2'15 ended 31 Dec'14
  • Canon Q4'14 Financial Review

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    tanaka tosh canonCan C a n o n
    check collapse?

    Printers, copiers & camera
    demand slipping and sliding

    30 Jan’14
    Canon reported financial results for Q4’14 ended 31 Dec’14, that appeared in denial about the secular demand declines and gloomy prospects in its core businesses...
  • Merciless Moulton a mercenary loser at Better Capital

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    Moulton jon terminator




    SPOT owner driving Spicers

    down City Link road to ruin

    SPOT's (aka Spicers/Officeteam) vulture capital owner, toxic terminator Jon Moulton was accused of illegally 'trading when insolvent' during the City Link liquidation hearing, after 2700 employees were fired on Christmas Day. We discuss latest press reports... 

  • SCA Q4'14 Financial Review

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    johansson jan scaSCA surge in

    personal care

    Tissues sales boosted
    by purchase in China

    29 Jan'15
    SCA, the Swedish personal care, tissue and forest products giant reported strong record sales and profits for Q4'14. The Tork brand owner is making strong headway in the US and China
  • International Paper - Q4'14 Financial Review

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    IIP packaging aircraft carrierP: Printer paper
    plunge persists

    Flat packaging can't
    offset fall. Profits OK.


    International Paper, the world’s #1 papermaker reported disappinting results again for Q4’14 ended 31 Dec'14. Packaging now represents 80% of sales. Profitability was maintained from cost cutting
  • Apple Q1'15 Financial Review

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    Apple 5S montage 2013Apple aces high

    business market

    Personal productivity tools
    outpace same-old Samsung


    the world’s #1 business tech provider, announced blockbuster results for Q1'15 ended 27 Dec'14. According to latest research it now dominates progressive companies’ technology usage soon to be expanded by the IBM connection, ApplePay and AppleWatch..

  • Yahoo Q4'14 Financial Review

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    mayer marissa yahoo thismuchYahoo’s Mayer

    masks poor core

    Alibaba $40Bn stake sale diverts

    focus from CEO incompetence


    27 Jan’15

    Yahoo’s complacent chief Marissa Mayer continued to convolute her declining performance with market pleasing news about Alibaba…

  • Lexmark Q4'14 Financial Review

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    lexmark rooke cliff pushLexmark levers

    MPS mket share

    Strong software


    offsets printers decline

    Lexmark International,
    surprisingly reported better financial results again in Q4’14 after a long run of downward trends in sales and profits

  • VOW Green Light Show Report

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    VOW-greenlight-montage-2015VOW: Green

    Lights the way

    UK’s leading OP wholesaler

    switches on 400 resellers 


    27 Jan’15 (Complete)

    VOW UK’s #1 OP wholesaler held its biggest dealer show ever on Friday in Birmingham (UK). The Green Light event was s tremendous success and timely given rival Spicers’demise. We spoke with parent company Evochief Robert Baldrey...

  • 3M Financial Review Q4'14

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    3M executive and products 2012MMMomentum

    across the board

    Strong sales growth in industrial,

    healthcare & safety; but OP slow


    27 Jan’15

    The mighty 3M today reported record sales and profits in Q4’14 ended 31 Dec’14 with accelerating rates of growth in sales and profitability…

  • Staples stalled by competitive fear?

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    Sargent Ron King Canutes crownStaples stalled by

    competitive fear?

    Analysts and industry watchers

    misunderstand merger mayhem 

    27 Jan'15 (Complete)

    There is an overwhelming view expressed in investment analyst circles about the positive effects of the murderous merger between Staples and disintegrating Depot.Sanity says No. Vulture capitalists say Yes! Bring it on!

  • Microsoft Q2'15 Financial Review

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    nadella satya microsoftMighty Microsoft

    higher on Cloud

    Commercial strength plus strong

    Surface Pro3 offset soft Windows


    26 Jan’15

    Microsoft reported better than expected results for Q2’15 ended 31 Dec’14. Since CEO Satya Nadellatook over as CEO market capitalization has increased 28%...

  • PCA Q4'14 Financial Review

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    PCA products

    PCA paperless

    packgng power

    Boise acquirer's organic

    growth in containerboard


    26 Jan'15
    Packaging Corporation (PCA) last week reported Q4’14 financial results to 31 Dec’14. Packaging powers forward whilst paper volumes continue to slide
  • Grainger Financial Review Q4'14

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    Grainger team montage 2014Grainger gains

    more OP share

    Mobile webstore trade

     biz supplies buys

    WW Grainger,
    the $10Bn in sales, leading North American broadline supplier of FM, maintenance and business supplies today announces Q4’14 financial results to 31 Dec’14.

  • Kimberly Clark Q4'14 Financial Review

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    KC pro teamHygiene King

    K-C FORCE-ful

    International boosts



    K-C Pro sales

    progress strongly


    Kimberly-Clark (K-C)the global personal hygiene brands manufacturer, reported solid Q4’14 results. Continuous improvement processes are working…

  • Esteem excels in managed services

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    connolly joe esteemEsteem excels in

    managed services

    Reinvention progress from IT

    reseller to productivity provider 


    24 Jan'15

    We have been campaigning for OP dealers and IT resellers to transform themselves from box shifters to personal productivity services providers. Here is a great case study...

  • BETT 2015 Show Report - Day 2

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    couch john apple BETT15Apple's Couch

    calls for change

    Personalised teaching tailored

    to individual students needs


    24 Jan'15 (Complete)

    #BETT2015 learning technology show with 800 exhibitors plus the annual BETT Awards was a huge success. Apple's technology chief John Couch was a revelation.

  • Avnet Q2'15 Financial Review

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    hamada rick avnet 15Avnet advances

    fast in electronics

    Electronics marketing sales gains

    offset by slow growth Tech sales


    23 Jan’15

    Avnet Technology, a $28Bn in sales, global leader in technology distribution and services reported improving sales and profitability in Q2’15 ended 27 Dec’14

  • Selling OP free, increases cost, not productivity

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    paper clogged officeSelling OP free,

    increases cost,

    not productivity

    Paper related products raise

    customer communication costs

    22 Jan'15

    Fact: paper-related products demand is down 40% since 2008and will not come back. But, most dealers are in denial with OP sales still over 70%+ of sales mix compared with market demand of <25%. What should they do about it?

  • BETT 2015 Show Report - Day 1

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    Screen Shot 2015 01 21 at 14.31.06The #BETT2015

    Google Hangout

    Promethean launch Interactive

    learning; HP assessment tech 


    21 Jan'15

    The must-do education technology show #BETT2015opened today at Excel Arena in London. Leading brands Promethean. Ergotron, Google, HP, XMA & Viglen were all launching new tech solutions...

  • Dixons Carphone Christmas Trading Report

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    dixons carphone jamesDixons' Black

    Friday fever

    UK electronics king enjoyed

    roller coaster Christmas trade


    21 Jan'15
    Black Friday is now a "national institution" and will "last forever", according to the boss of electronic retail giant Dixons Carphone....

  • Staples to reject Starboard sting?

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    staples depot train crashStaples to reject

    Starboard sting?

    Avid activists call for murderous

    merger w/disintegrating Depot 


    21 Jan'15 (Updated)

    Predictably Starboard have followed up its 6% stake in Stapleswith a letter to shareholders urging a merger with Office Depot.Typically, it reasons on $2Bn savings ignoring the train-wreck that competitors like Amazon & WBMasonwould feed off...

  • Ricoh Leapfrog into schools with 3D Printing

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    ricoh leapfrogRicoh Leapfrog

    into schools... 

    Launching 3D Printing

    partnership at BETT15


    21 Jan'15

    Ricoh has teamed up with Leapfrog 3D printers as it looks to take the technology into schools across the country.

  • IBM Financial Review Q4'14

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    rometty ginni ibm cloudIBM: Rometty

    under Cloud

    Big Blue behind ballgame.

    Can Ginni & Meg make it? 


    21 Jan'15

    IBMcapped a tough year with further declines in sales intech services. Can old tech players like HPand IBM make it in the new agile cloud services world?

  • The beckoning beverage market

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    Cafe-ideasThe beckoning

    beverage market

    Refreshment and nutrition

    drives increased productivity 


    21 Jan'15

    We visited most of the Top 30 resellers in the US/UK recently and sales mix has shifted dramatically to breakroom and cafe supplies. This category is now the lead seller for progressives...later today, sorry

  • Plantronics: new kit for start-ups

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    Plantonic montage 2012Plantronics: new

    kit for start-ups

    Headset maker develops new

    market in face of Jabra attack


    20 Jan'15
    Plantronics has said its new scheme designed to help startups will be the next big opportunity for its channel.

  • HP case against Autonomy dropped by SFO

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    HP whitman lynchHopeless Pursuit

    SFO drop case against Autonomy

    leaving CEO Whitman wounded 


    20 Jan'15

    When HPacquired UK big data vendor Autonomy the deal was seen as a massive $11 billion bet on deep CRM software that would pay rich dividends. Instead it has been another embarrassment for CEO Meg Whitman... 

  • WBMason 2nd Annual Education Show - Edutainment

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    WBmason edutainmentWBMason: That's


    3000 teaching professionals

    attend 2nd Education Show


    20 Jan'15 (Complete)

    They were waiting in line for an hour before the doors opened to WBMason's 2nd Annual Education Consumer Show at Foxwoods (CT) yesterday. The 100+ vendors soon became flooded with enthusiasm for their latest products and technology. We highlight the best...

  • Can glocalization outsmart locals?

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    Amazon-Bezos-reaches-peopleCan glocalization 

    outsmart locals?

    Amazon/Uber personalized

    same-day delivery service

    upgrades business supply 


    20 Jan'15 (Complete)

    There was much written in 2014 about the protectionist de-globalization trend. Too much misunderstanding has been expressed. Starbucks , Amazon and Uber provide more personal, local service than most lazy local dealers !

  • Intel expects flat PC outlook

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    Screen Shot 2015 01 19 at 13.32.25Intel expects

    flat PC outlook

    Tech refresh benefit to chip

    maker in '14 won't continue 


    18 Jan'15

    Intel’sQ4'14 sales rose 6% from a year ago. aided by surging sales of server chips, even as demand for PC's appeared to lose steam.

  • Yahoo: musical chairs continues

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    musical-chairs2Yahoo: musical

    chairs continue

    Mayer appoints Flurry chief

    Fuloria to head key ad team

    18 Jan'15

    Rumours have been confirmed that under fire Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayerhas handed over the  company’s important advertising technology and products team to Flurry execs, specifically Prashant Fuloria.

  • Google reframe Glass strategy

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    Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 04.18.14Google reframe

    Glass strategy

    Nest chief Tony Fadell to lead

    next stage of development


    17 Jan'15

    Google is halting individual sales of its wearable Glass and borrowing a page from Apple’s playbook by developing the next generation of the controversial device out of the limelight that hurt the first version.

  • Amazon: partner or opponent?

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    AMAZONIFICATION-Bezos-squashing-RESELLER-brandsAmazon: partner

    or opponent?

    Local marketplace sellers query

    its wholesale/direct motives


    16 Jan'15

    There are now 2 million resellers inc. thousands of business supply dealers, using Amazon's wholesale service. Understandably, many fear its competitive threat. However, as long as they provide a proactive personalized productivity service there is nothing to fear....

  • WBMason 2nd Annual Education Show

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    Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 15.26.20WBMason’s BIG

    Education Show

    Latest teaching tech: MakerBot,

    Interactive Mastervision tables 


    16 Jan’15 (Updated)

    On Monday, US megadealer WBMason holds its 2nd Annual Educational Consumer Show at Foxwoods (CT) expecting over 3000 teachers, principals and department heads. We caught up with marketing chief Lindsay Picardto preview the big event...

  • BETT 2015 Show Preview

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    BETT14-GoogleEdu Better you

    better you BETT!

    40,000 expected in London

    to view latest learning tech


    16 Jan’15

    Every year we look forward to the must-do British Educational Training and Technology Show (BETT). It starts next week 21-24 Jan at Excel Arena, London. This year Apple’seducation chief John Couch is the keynote...later today

  • Rethink Retail

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    retail-interactive-demoRethink Retail!

    Rocky? Receding? Retreat?

    Relics must recreate theatre

    destination not chore store


    16 Jan'15

    It's been a rough week so far for retailers as share values plummet, causing speculation of another recession?? The real problem is there‘s too much focus on drab product displays and failure to create a user-friendly shopping destination. This is reflected too in a woeful webstore experience. Users want Shoppertainment!

  • BOSS Federation: Ron Wotherspoon white paper

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    Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 22.11.32BOSS: upgrade

    t/Business Class

    Wotherspoon wisdom too
    insular. Go beyond OP/Print
    to productivity services mkt
    15 Jan'15
    Back to the UK on Tuesday. Noted ex-ECI chief Ron Wotherspoon's missive to BOSS Federation about its dinosaur status. Don't disagree, but its been trailing the broader business supply market for 30 years and should upgrade ASAP to the Business Organisation for the Services & Supply industry...
  • Fastenal Q4'14 Financial Review

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    Fastenal-Blue-truck-teamFastenal's faster

    & faster growth

    Demand for vending machines

    offsets slow fasteners' sales 


    15 Jan'15

    Fastenal Company, a leading US reseller of MRO supplies, including office supplies, reported accelerating  growth results for Q4’14

  • Best Buy beaten back by Amazon

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    best buy-BrowseBest Buy beaten

    back by Amazon

    Gloomy outlook: pricing pressure

    expected to depress profitability


    15 Jan'15
    Best Buy’s holiday sales in the U.S. rose 4.1% as the retailer took advantage of shopper enthusiasm for new phones and big screen televisions, a benefit the chain warned it might have to do without in the coming months. Moreover, it lost more ground online v Amazon

  • Samsung's pricey Blackberry pick

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    Blackberry-manSamsung's pricey

    Blackberry pick? 

    Reports indicate $7Bn+ offer

    for relic smartphone maker


    15 Jan'15

    Samsung Electronics has flatly denied a report that it has approached Blackberryabout a possible acquisition. We dont believe it.

  • Amazon kills the Radio Shack

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 23.53.44Amazon killed

    the Radio Shack

    Failure to create mobile webstore

    shoppertainment buries last hope


    15 Jan'15

    Radio Shackshares plummeted more than 30% this morning on news that it could file for bankruptcy protection as soon as next month.

  • Simon Moate leaves office2office (Vasanta)

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    moate-simon2Simon Moate

    moves onwards

    Respected office2office chief 

    leaves Vasanta post merger 


    15 Jan'14 (Complete)

    Simon Moate,one of the most respected leaders in the business services market, has departed office2office, the leading UK contract stationer/outsourcing group following its acquisition by Vasanta Group last year...

  • Annual Business Supplies Spend Analysis 2015

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    "Please don't

    underestimate my

    purchasing power 

    My supplies spend is $1350pa,
    not your $400 stationery rate" 


    15 Jan'15

    Why do OP dealers continue to underestimate the potential spend of users by 70%? It's probably the main reason driving the complacency epidemic killing their growth prospects. "If you want my business contact me personally" appealed Lucy...

  • Office Depot fined $68m re California fraud

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    Sherwin-dave300Depot fined $68m

    re California fraud

    Whistleblower Sherwin's estate to

    receive $23m but Depot in denial


    14 Jan'15
    A California judge has approved an Office Depotsettlement that will pay $68.5 million to 1,000 California public agencies and the estate of whistle-blower David Sherwin.And this is just one of the states systematically overcharged by the errant bigbox...
  • Staples split Ron Sargent role

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    Sargent-staples-starboard-strangleholdStaples split

    Sargent role

    Starboard stake influence or

    just coincidence? 2015 make

    or break with Depot merger?

    14 Jan'15

    Staples board has approved an independent chairman policy. Is this a sign that activist shareholder Starboardis starting to stranglehold with its 'crash and burn' Depotmerger plan?

  • Showrooms or stockrooms?

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    furniture13-ergo-montageShowrooms or

    Wholesalers! Broaden business
    supplies range to facilitate local
    Productivity Services Centres 


    14 Jan’15
    To stock, or not to stock? This is still the BIG question for OP dealers, when all the profitable evidence in the broadening business supplies market, says: ‘Go stockless’ and partner with wholesalers. We make the case for showrooming productivity services v stocking products, wholesalers permitting...

  • Office Depot workers strike in France

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    Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 05.15.49Depot workers

    go on strike...

    Disruption at Ex-Guilbert

    Distribution Centre in Senlis 


    14 Jan'15

    We received reports earlier today of a strike at Office Depot'scontract stationery division, at Senlis in France over the firing of 500 workers (20% of the workforce. More details to follow tomorrow

  • Euroffice losing light and Power?

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    Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 15.04.33Euroffice losing

    light & Power?

    Etailer endures disruptive year

    of poor support & slow returns


    14 Jan'15

    UK based etailer Eurofficesuffered supply issues for its office stuff in 2014, whilst trying to expand its Office Power venture and Germany move. We speak with Simon Drakeford...tomorrow

  • Complete Office US buys contract interiors dealer

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    israel-rick-complete-webpage-2013Complete cracks

    $100m w/contract

    furnisher buy

    West/Midwest expansion drive in

    integrated productivity services


    14 Jan’15 (Updated)

    As reported in December, Complete, the US west coast leader in business supplies with offices in Seattle, LA and Wisconsin has increased its presence in the Midwest with a large Wisconsin furniture specialist. We spoke with chief Rick Israel (pic left) about his future plans…

  • The myth of MPS success

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    MPS-thornThe myth of

    MPS success

    Just a OP dealer fad or

    cannibalizing contest

    for dinosaur tech giants? 


    14 Jan’15 (Complete)

    Managed Print Services (MPS) has been a hot topic for over 6 years now. But OP dealer reps have been slow to step-up and sell professionally to CFO’s. Meanwhile, the top printermakers battle out for a diminishing market...

  • Amazon: piranha or Robin Hood?

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    Bezos-amazons-robin-hoodAmazon: Piranha

    or Robin Hood?

    Press perceptions match general

    market view as rival beast not

    as personal wholesale service

    14 Jan'15
    The industry press is catching up with the threat Amazon represents to traditional OP industry structures. Alternatively, many view Jeff Bezos as a modern day 'Robin Hood' wholesaler, who has facilitated over $5Bn in sales for business suppliers in 2014. Is he friend or foe?
  • Tech spending trending down. HP v Lenovo

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    PC-market-plungeTech spending

    trending down

    Apps/software demand soars

    but, PC’s/devices slowdown

    w/HP catching leader Lenovo


    13 Jan’15

    Gartner has slashed this year's growth forecast for IT spending but pointed to enterprise software as a market set for big things in 2015. Meanwhile IDC reports the PC market in reverse after its temporary 'refresh' respite with HP recovering lost ground...

  • Jabra market attack on Plantronics

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    Jabra-montage-2013Jumping Jabra

    jabs Plantronics

    Headsetmaker aims to grab

    #1 market position by 2017


    13 Jan’15

    Jabra launched an "aggressive" assault on rival Plantronicslast October by offering dealer rebates of up to 6% on competitive deals.

  • SPOT owner's disastrous City Link

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    Moulton-jon-grinchSPOT Better's

    terminal Link

    Moulton's turnaround, tailspinning

    toxic tale, fuels more failures 


    13 Jan'15 (Updated & Complete)

    The outspoken vulture capitalist Jon Moulton, aka Grinch of Better Capital, owner of failing forces Spicers/OfficeTeam (akaSPOT), Fairline, Jaeger and City Link delivery service is having a disastrous run. 2015 looks even worse...

  • Synnex Financial Review Q4'14

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    Synnex soars

    Tech services success

    plus IBM CRM acquisition


    12 Jan’15

    SYNNEX Corporation the $14Bn business services wholesaler, today announced its financial results for Q4’14 to 30 Nov’14

  • Dynamic Dave Lewis detoxing Tesco

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    Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 21.54.24Dynamic Dave

    detoxing Tesco

    New chief’s plans boost

    retail giant’s share price 


    11 Jan'15

    Last Thursday was a day of mixed emotions for Tesco's new CEO Dave Lewis. It's been a stormy beginning dealing with fraud cutting out non core activities...

  • Personal activity trackers boost productivity

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    wearable-tech-band-montagePersonal activity

    trackers boost

    biz productivity

    Wearables wave set for banner

    year with Apple Watch launch


    11 Jan'15

    CES was dominated by personal wearables and new car technologies. Activity trackers dominated 2014 with new wearable categories tipped to grow even faster this year, .

  • Logitech reinvention program

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    Lagging Logitech

    reinventing itself

    CEO Darrell's drive to recreate

    DeLuca innovation glory years


    10 Jan'15

    PC accessories Logitech International is taking a leaf from Microsoft's playbook by pivoting from the business that made it famous to focus on products that piggyback on mobile computing popularized by Apple andSamsung.

  • Samsung Q4'14 Financial Preview

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    yoon-boon-keun-samsungSamsung sliding

    smartphone sales

    Apple, Lenovo and Xiaomi's

    rapid rise dent mobile progress 


    9 Jan'15

    Samsung Electronics’sQ4'14 results preview show continued sales and profit declines as Chinese smartphone makers get stronger

  • HP's legal action v inkjet copycats

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    whitman-meg-hp-handHP's Holistic

    Protection play

    Takes worldwide legal action

    against infringing copycats 


    9 Jan'15

    HPtoday announced a series of worldwide legal actions in its ongoing fight to combat the sale of infringing inkjet cartridges...

  • Apple app storesales soar 50%

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    Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 17.35.07Apple app store

    sales soar 50%

    IOS apps reach 1.2m with

    1m extra jobs created


    9 Jan'15

    Apple reported today that in  the first week of January set a new global record for App Store billings, with customers spending $500,000 apps and in-app purchases. While New Year’s Day 2015 marked the “single biggest day ever in App Store sales history”.

  • Amazon wholesale accelerates in 2014

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    Bezos-amazons-robin-hoodAmazn wholesale

    accelerates in '14

    Fulfilment service grows by 65%

    with 25% transactions via mobile 


    9 Jan'15 (Updated)

    Amazon last Monday reported its Marketplace (aka Wholesale) resellers doubled sales worldwide in 2014. There are now 2 million resellers that account for over 40% of the total units sold with business supplies its largest category...


  • Merger Surge 2014. Merger mania 2015.

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    Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 20.21.16Merger surge'14

    Merger mania'15

    Recession fuelled intermission

    over as dealers join the party 


    9 Jan'15 (Updated)

    Increased M&A activity sparked by the Depot/Max merger took off in 2014 with Staples and WBMason making strategic moves. Now the regional dealers are getting involved. We summarize 2014 activity and discuss 2015 prospects...

  • Systemax Misco UK executive exodus extends

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    Misco missteps.

    Massive unrest.

    Executive exodus extends after

    commission scheme mark down


    8 Jan 2015
    Key employees at Systemax subsidiary Misco UK are understood to be eyeing the exit after changes to their commission plans were unveiled last night. This follows the departure of senior management late last year...

  • Top tech takeaways from CES

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    Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 03.24.33Top tech take-

    aways from CES

    Drones, 4K TV's & Budgee

    robots controlled by apps


    7 Jan'15

    At the International Consumer Electronics Show, it's not just about what's in front of you or even on the table below. Sometimes, to see the best CES has to offer, just look up.

  • Keurig steals deal in soda with Dr.Pepper

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    Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 03.53.07Keurig steals 

    deal in soda 

    Dr.Pepper Snapple addition

    to new cold drink system

    ousting sad Sodastream 


    7 Jan'15

    Keurig signed a deal with Dr Pepper Snapple Group to sell capsules that make its sodas in its planned cold-drink machine, giving the maker of coffee brewers two of the top three soda companies 

  • Bunzl buys Californian safety business

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    bunzl-truck-greenBunzl bundling

    to become FM/

    breakroom king

    Adds Californian protection

    equipment leader to portfolio


    6 Jan'15

    Bunzl plc, the international distribution and outsourcing group, today announces that at the end of December it agreed to acquire a safety business in the US with the acquisition being completed at the beginning of January.

  • Staples Connects with home offices

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    Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 17.00.18Staples Connects

    with home offices

    Apes Apple with remote control 

    apps of light, heat and security


    6 Jan'15

    Staples, today announced the availability of ambient alerts for its home and office automation platform Connect. The alerts provide audio and visual notifications through compatible devices in the home or office.

  • Ryan Seacrest bets on Typo mobile keyboard

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    Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 15.26.50Ryan Seacrest 

    bets on Typo

    Mobile keyboard for fumble

    fingered execs on the move


    6 Jan'15

    TV and radio star Ryan Seacrestwas at the Consumer Electronics Show last night to talk about Typo, the mobile keyboard startup that he co-founded with CEO Laurence Hallier.

  • Fitbit fitness Surge & Charge ready

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    Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 15.01.04Fitbit fitness

    Surge ready 

    Cool Smartwatch & Charge

    activity trackers now shipping


    6 Jan'15

    Fitbit announced its latest and greatest fitness trackers back in October and the company announced yesterday at CES that the devices are finally shipping...

  • Mobile Mania - Christmas Holiday shopping

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    M o b i l e

    M a n i a !

    'Browse and buy' shopping 

    soars 25% esp. via iPhone 6+


    6 Jan'15

    Shoppers...consumers and business users particularly, kept a firm grip on their mobiles this Christmas season as they typed, swiped and searched their way to deals over the last two months.

  • Executive Exodus 2015: The likely losers?

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    Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 18.11.22Exec Exodus 2015:

    The likely losers?

    Poor performers who fool myopic

    market analysts, VC's and press


    6 Jan'15

    The ranks of the corporate cliched, empty rhetoric ramblers, long winded leaders grew in 2014. How many of them will still be in place in Dec'15? Tomorrow

  • AOPD & Pinnacle increase membership

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    Pinnacle-montage-2014AOPD & Pinnacle

    groups on a roll 

    Larger contract dealers shift

    towards peer partnerships


    6 Jan'15 (Updated from 1 Jan)

    AOPD the international contract group has added its 83rd member; and Pinnacle Affiliates,3 more larger dealers making 26 members. We spoke with leaders Bud Mundt and Kevin Johnsonand the dealers involved...

  • The officeless future beckons

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    Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 19.35.07The officeless
    future beckons

    Corporate vacancy rates still
    high as workers stay home

    5 Jan'14
    US companies are adding employees at the fastest rate in years. But those workers aren’t filling up office buildings like they used to. The new entrepreneurs are shifting to urban co-working spaces or operating from home...
  • Innovative makes major acquisition

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    Breaking News!

    Innovative makes

    major acquisition

    Personal Productivity Services

    specialist races towards $100m


    5 Jan'15
    Innovative Office Solutions, one of the most progressive office resellers on the planet, has confirmed initial details of its plans to expand in the Minnesota marketplace. We spoke with CEO Jennifer Smith...
  • PPS Market Review 2014 - Month by Month Review

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 21.29.14

    Paperless path

    to productivity

    m o b i l i z e d

    A month-by-month analysis of

    a powerful year for progressives   


    4 Jan'15 (Updated)

    Time to review another positive year for the personal productivity services (PPS) marketplace with progressive service providers setting an example to bigbox players and independent dealers stuck in a traditional stationary mindset. The commodity cliff looms larger…First Half complete, 2nd half completed tomorrow

  • International CES 2015 - Wearables Wonderland

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    international consumer electronics-show 2013Wearables


    CES 2015: Preview of massive

    move to the mobile tech maze 


    4 Jan'15

    The world's biggest tech show, Consumer Electronics Show (inc. personal productivity tools)  is setting up shop ready for opening on Tuesday 6 Jan. We'll bring you breaking news analysis daily from panels, celebrities and everything you need to know from the show.

  • ECi's Ron Books on 2014 & 2015 Outlook

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    ECi-montage-2013Proficiency Profile

    Books bullish

    for ECi high

    Partnerships with wholesalers

    & tech firms, plus advances

    in web/mobility boost outlook


    4 Jan'15

    OP industry #1 software house, ECi Solutionshas had a relatively quiet, but busy year since being acquired by Carlyle Group in March this year. We caught with dynamic CEO Ron Books today to review progress and get his view on 2015...Tomorrow, sorry

  • Small Business confidence soars

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    Start-up-joySmall business

    confidence soars

    Entrepreneurial revolution takes

    off fueled by creative start-ups 


    3 Jan'15

    The strengthening US/UK economies has caused optimism from small businesses (SMB's = 70% of GDP) to surge. Co-working spaces and hot home-based businesses have never had it so good...
  • The Flight to Freelancing

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    Co-working-CIC-cafeThe Flight to


    How entrepreneural revolution

    is disrupting employment stats

    & creating supply opportunities 


    2 Jan'14

    The rapid rise of the freelance economy gets plenty of attention. How many workers fit into this category is hard to measure, as is the relevance of the 5.9% unemployment stat. We point the way for PPS providers to respond to this huge opportunity…

  • AMAZONIFICATION Advance Plan 2015

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    Advance Plan'15

    Bezos'94 Vision: 'Everything store,

    Everyday next hr reaches reality


    2 Jan'15

    The latest plans revealed today by Amazon, demonstrate how the #1 etailer will build on its personalised local wholesaling service; and expose perhaps its #1 vulnerability: private label?

  • Power Resellers Review - Comparison 2014 v 1984/94

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    Game-Changers-Top-101984-94 v 2014 compared

    Top Resellers Leaderboard

    Power shifting

    to Progressives

    Leaders, rising stars, drop-outs,

    & newcomers. 2020 tips for top

    2 Jan'15 (Updated)

    The bigbox share of the US-UK markets tumbled again in 2014. The messily merged Office Depot and static Staples have now lost an estimated $12Bn in sales over the past 7 years. Progressive independent resellers and mass etailers viz. Amazoncontinued to gain market share...

  • Eatons acquires Integrity of Buffalo

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    eaton-bruceEaton merger

    tops $40m sales

    Top upstate NY dealer

    acquires Integrity Office


    2 Jan'15

    Eaton Office Supply confirmed the acquisition of local Buffalo office dealer Integrity Office with effect from today. We speak with CEO Bruce Eaton...

  • Staples steal deal: copy paper at $1/case

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    Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 7.20.17 PMStaples steal deal: 

    $1/bx copy paper

    Desperate destination drivers to

    increase store holiday traffic 


    1 Jan'15
    Staplesis taking advantage of the turmoil caused by AP&P'sdumping of copy paper, to stimulate holiday shoppers to visit its superstores with 95%+ discounts on sale prices!

  • Paper dumping upsets US market

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    commodity-cliffPaper dumping

    upsets US market

    US papermakers’ weak defence

    causes bigboxes to lower pricing


    3 Jan'15 (Updated)

    Market turmoil! Our inside sources report that Indonesian papermaker APP has dumped huge volumes of copy paper into the US upsetting leading local papermakers. Their defensive reaction has caused them to counter-attack and dump into International markets

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