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  • Northamber's new narrowline strategy

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    phillips-alex-northamberNorthamber’s new

    'narrowline' plans

    Declining demand causes IT

    wholesaler to reverse direction


    30 Sep’14

    IT wholesaler Northamberhas bet its future growth on what it describes as its "unique" new "narrowline" approach to distribution. Son of founder David Phillips, Alexexplains his thinking

  • Misco managers migrating

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    Misco-peopleMisco managers'

    imminent exit...

    Systemax European B2B division

    recovering,  so why rapid exit?


    30 Sep’14

    We understand from sources that the UK MD and sales director of Misco are set to depart the IT reseller...

  • Pay-LESS Office acquires Federal Office

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    payless-team2Pay-LESS goes

    to Kansas City

    Omaha leader drives south

    with acquisition to top $30m


    30 Sep’14

    Progressive US reseller Pay-LESS Office has acquired Federal Office Products in Kansas City. We spoke with CEO Jim Matgen about his expansion drive from his Omaha base…

  • Synnex Q3'14 Financial Review

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    Synnex soars

    Tech services success

    plus, IBM CRM acquisition


    29 Sep’14

    SYNNEX Corporation the $14Bn business services wholesaler, today announced its financial results for Q3’14 to 31 Aug’14

  • Connect with consumers!

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    businessman-to-Lucy-shiftDealer Alert!

    C-o-n-n-e-c-t with C-o-n-s-u-m-e-r-s!

    Bridge the yawning gap between OP dealers & users

    29 Sep’14 (Complete)

    Time to connect with Lucy, the typical businesswoman. Lucy is responsible for the majority of buying decisions on business supplies, not Sally Saver, the diminished buyer of paper related office supplies. Here’s how

  • Lyreco Managers' musical chairs.

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    musical chairs 1Lyreco managers’

    musical chairs…

    Another high-powered recruit

    fails to make it at leading reseller


    30 Sep’14

    The world’s leading independent OP reseller Lyrecohas experienced difficulty in recruiting and integrating senior management since Eric Bigeardretired 3 years ago…

  • DCC Group integrates Exertis Brands

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    okeefe-exertisDCC integrates

    Exertis brands

    Anglo Irish group to drop

    Micro-P and Gem names


    29 Sep’14

    Nearly a year after the Exertisprefix was introduced, DCC Groupis combining its distributors brands under the same brand name for the first time...

  • Productivity our main purpose

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    productivity-man-hands-2Productivity ourmain purpose...

    A state of mind under self-control of individuals, not by employers

    28 Sep’14

    Companies often fret about the pace of worker productivity. But each of us also frets about the pace of our own individual productivity...

  • Post-It Notes reflect success!

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    post-it-notes-lucy-mirrorPost-It Notes

    reflect success!

    The 2 minutes routine that

    creates happiness at work


    27 Sep’14

    Inc. magazine’s Geoffrey James has published a simple method to train the mind to experience more happiness and success, at work and in life.

  • Blackberry's Passport to profitability?

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    chen-blackberry-passportBlackberry’s Passport to profitability?

    CEO Chen improves profits. Can he increase demand?

    26 Sep’14

    BlackBerry CEO John Chen continued his habit of over-delivering since taking the helm of the Canadian smartphone maker.

  • Alibaba is a copycat, not an innovator

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    Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 17.39.41Innovator or copycat?

    Alibaba apes, not aces Amazon

    Chinese success hard to copy in integrated delivery markets. Needs multi-delivery partners

    21 Sep’14 (Complete)

    All the press talk last week was dominated by Chinese etailer, Alibaba Group’s successful IPO. Most investment analysts are bullish, but don’t run away with the idea that it can beat the original 'everything store' disruptor Amazon...

  • Disruptor's Disrespect from Peter Thiel

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    Disrupters12-Bezos-MeehanDisruptor Disrespect!

    Innovators focus on customer needs not competitors, Mr Thiel 

    20 Sep’14 (Complete)

    This morning on CNBC, the Squawk Boxteam interviewed Peter Thiel, the highly successful tech financier. He trashed Twitter and dissed market disruptors. We challenge his view and explain why with examples…

  • Jim Cramer's crazy take over Staples Office Depot synergy

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    sargent-staples-ship-steers-stormy-watersCramer crazy on SPLS/ODP synergy

    Mad Money man misunderstands toxic merger mix of disintegrating Depot & Staples’ growth strategy

    20 Sep’14

    CNBC’s admired analyst Jim Cramer is usually so on the money with his investment advice. So why does he feel that speculation over Staples’ buying Office Depot would be good for both? Huge synergies or sink the ship?

  • EPIC 2014 Conference Review - Day 2

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    "Stop talking

    office products!

    Start talking productivity for users" ISSA's Trombetta

    20 Sep’14 (10:00 ET Complete)

    The EPIC Conference 2014 swung into serious business mode yesterday, with the opening industry leaders’ panel session. “Be the change” was Cody Phipps’ message reinforced by the quote of the day from ISSA guest Anthony Trombetta.We report and comment on the show, the party and seminars...


  • OfficeSupply.com goes to mobile webstore

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    Horton-Tim-officesupply-webstore-2014OfficeSupply goes mobile webstore

    2 US independent etailer boosts appeal to businesswomen users

    19 Sep’14

    At last a third US OP etailer OfficeSupply.com has optimized its webstore for mobile users, lifting it to 6th place in the Proficiency Index WebWatch league. We spoke with CEO Tim Horton at the EPIC conference... 

  • Amazon myth: unprofitable?

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    amazon-bezos-jeff-leave-in-dustAmazon myth:


    Increased margins by 5%/sales; Now has 50m+ Prime members

    18 Sep’14

    We've heard it almost every day in its 20 years history: Amazon will fail because it doesn’t make money? It’s growing at 30% in business supplies and increasing GP. Don’t believe the skeptics...

  • The age of agile gazelles... beat bigbox dinosaurs

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    Gazelle v BigboxBIG size doesn’t matter in...

    The age of the agile ‘gazelles’

    Flexible, low-cost locals can beat bulky, bigbox dinosaurs

    18 Sep’14

    ‘Where BIG happens’ is the theme of the EPIC 2014 Conference symbolized by a whale. But, is this right in the new web world where ‘lower cost to serve’ is more important. Surely, small resellers are more beautiful if they adopt a more user-friendly marketing approach...

  • Apple iPhone 6+ Review

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    Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 14.38.29Apple: iPhone6+ is phenomenal

    Review: radically redesigned: faster, leaner, powerful, more energy and stamina

    17 Sep’14

    Apple’snew wide screen smartphones featuring the iPhone 6+ (aka iPhad)goes on sale on Friday. But it hasn’t just expanded the screens. Re/code tech guru Walt Mossberg is impressed with “best on the market”…

  • Sony warns of huge losses

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    hirai-kazuo-sony-handsSony is only

    make believe

    Lack of traction in US & China

    smartphones cause huge losses


    17 Sep’14

    Sony today warned of a much-deeper-than-expected loss after it was hit by a $1.7 billion impairment charge for its struggling smartphone division.

  • Jawbone opens Up access for Apple & Co.

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    jawbone-jambox-ladyJawbone opens Up Apple access

    Seeking more funds to fuel

    growth of fitness wearables

    16 Sep’14

    Leading consumer electronics device maker Jawbone will announce this week that it will allow its Up app software to be used on other smartphones, watches and wearables.

  • United broadens its breakroom range

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    Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 06.19.20United broadens

    breakroom range

    Advances assortment to facilitate

    greater employee collaboration


    16 Sep’14

    In response to the burgeoning breakroom market, United Stationers has expanded its range of brands, accessories and marketing support tools.

  • How Now VOW? Geared to grow...

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    baldrey-rob-vasanta-yes2How Now VOW? Geared to grow.

    No shortage of dealers waiting to fill OfficeTeam/Spicers vacuum 

    16 Sep’14 (Complete)

    The merger disruption to the UK’s top OP wholesalers has caused widespread dealer uncertainty. Meanwhile, VOW has continued to expand despite the impending loss of Officeteam'sbusiness. Who will fill the vacuum?

  • WebWars: Will Amazon's #1 threat be Alibaba?

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    Alibaba-DragonWeb Wars

    Is Amazon's #1 threat Alibaba?

    China’s #1etailer IPO set for Fri. Can it hurt office resellers’ turf?

    16 Sep’14

    All the investor and OP leaders talk recently has been about Alibaba Group, the Chinese emassmarketer’s IPO, on NYSE this Friday. Many believe its model is more profitable and will challenge Amazon’s wholesale/direct dominance. We discuss and compare the latest models. 

  • Crystal Rock Q3'14 Financial Review

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    baker-peter-crystal-rock-2Crystal Rocked

    back by Universal

    Core coffee & water sales

    hit by competitive forces


    15 Sep14

    Crystal Rock,the US northeast region beverage & OP distributor reported its disappointing Q3 results to 31 Jul’14 including its Universal acquisition in September’13.

  • 40 under 40: Hottest Young Business Talent:

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    40-under-40-2-Top9-2014Proficiency Index Poll

    40 under 40

    Top list complete for office market's top young  talent

    15 Sep'14

    The 5th Annual edition of the Proficiency Index ’40 under 40’ Pollis complete. The hugely popular feature identifying the rising stars of thePersonal Productivity Services (PPS) marketplace has attracted 172 nominations. The Top 40 list is published below...Leaders (pic left)

  • Industrial Distributors: How to compete with Amazon...

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    Amazon-Bezos-reaches-peopleHow to compete

    with Amazon…

    Industrial Distributors face same Everything Store threat as OP dealers. Will they heed advice?

    15 Sep’14

    Only in the last year has the Industrial Distribution press recognized the threat of Amazon to resellers and wholesalers. Now ID has written an article on how resellers can raise their game…

  • Can Dixons CarPhone save Phones4U people?

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    Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 14.45.30Can Dixons save

    Phones4U people

    Retailer caught in blame game 

    war: Vodaphone v BC Partners


    15 Sep’14

    Dixons Carphone is in talks to secure new jobs for staff working in its Phones 4U concession shops following its collapse into administration. Meanwhile, a war of words wages between VC owners of Phones4U and its vendor carriers...

  • Wearables wonderland _ juniper Research

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    Juniper Research: Market will

    expand 3X in next two years


    15 Sep’14

    A new report by Juniper Research predicts the smart wearable devices market will treble in two years, especially for business people...

  • HP "reckless" alleges Autonomy's Mike Lynch

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    Lynch-Mike-HP-hot-potatoHP "reckless"

    alleges Lynch

    Autonomy $5Bn write down bore

    no resemblance to software sales


    15 Sep’14

    Ex-Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch has hit back over fraud allegations by HP. He’s published documents that contradict misrepresentation claims of low-margin hardware sales. Whatever the legal battle proves it was an obscene amount to pay for a $1Bn in sales company...

  • EPIC'14 Preview - Industry leaders ' debate

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    EPiC-conference-leaders-montage-2014-2Leaders debate

    trends at EPIC

    Business supplies market

    insights & opportunities


    14 Sep'14 (Updated)

    TriMegaand Independent Stationers announced that their joint group convention, EPIC 2014 taking place in Hollywood, FL (17-19 Sep) will feature a panel debate with the leaders in our industry. Don't miss it!

  • BLUR! Markets fuse towards local personalisation

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    businessman-to-Lucy-shiftB L U R! Markets

    fuse towards local


    B2User marketing; Generations
    integrate; Bigboxes go smaller  


    13 Sep’14 (Updated)

    SIZE matters to OP industry players, but ‘small is beautiful’ matters more to users. Today, big players e.g. Amazon are more local, more agile and personalised to users than traditional dealers (focused only on office buyers). How will traditional OP dealers adapt?

  • United Managed Services powers up productivity

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    lloyd-darren-united-largeUnited powers up productivity

    Delivering personalised business services drives 50% sales growth

    13 Sep’14 (Updated)

    United Managed Services, based in Milton Keynes (UK), is a rapidly growing productivity services provider; a progressive model for OP dealers to follow when converting from traditional stationery roots. We spoke with dynamic Darren Lloyd(sales & marketing chief)…

  • Amazon moves up to downtown London

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    Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 16.59.03Amazon moves 

    up town London

    Urban shift to attract tech talent

    near City; 3X workforce by 2017


    12 Sep’14

    Amazon has unveiled plans to build a new London office that could create more than 3,000 extra jobs before 2017 mirroring developments in Seattle and Boston

  • HP back on the takeover trail

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    whitman-meg-cloudHP back on

    takeover trail

    Late again, moving into cloud,

    virtualisation & 3D printing


    12 Sep’14

    HP returned to the mergers market after its disastrous $11.7Bn acquisition of the software firm Autonomy, announcing today that it will buy cloud software startup. Word too that it may buy a major virtualisation company and a 3D leader? 

  • BPGI death rattles rolls...Quantore exits with EOSA

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    BPGI-Austen-ackerman-puppetBPGI death

    rattle rolls...

    Quantore exits, after EOSA

    defection, to join InterACTION.

    Who'll be the last men sitting?


    12 Sep’14 (Complete)

    What’s going on at dinosaur group of groups BPGI? The anachronistic, compliance driven buying strategy is redundant in today’s broadline, wholesaler-driven world, led by Amazon. Stop flogging a dead horse…

  • The protectionist pricing parade

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    protectionists-parade-cliffThe protectionist

    pricing parade

    Papermakers, printer-makers,

    booksellers raise prices; follow

    ‘last-man standing’ syndrome


    12 Sep'14

    It’s not a new strategy for leading players in a declining industry to defend a weaker volume position by raising prices, adding to their downward spiral. Why don’t these leaders learn from the success of the re-inventors? Updated analysis on Monday, sorry

  • Tim Connolly, president United Stationers

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    connolly-Tim-united Connolly connects w/top integrated wholesale service

    United leader’s focus: one order, one delivery, for dealer success.

    12 Sep’14 (Updated)

    Tim Connolly, president of United Stationers, has emerged as the new leader of the OP business under CEO Cody Phipps, Tim is the driving force behind the integration of the wholesaler's ’business essentials’ service. We discuss his plans….

  • United Stationers acquires MEDCO auto parts

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    United-montage-Dec-2013United drives into

    auto aftermarket

    Integrated industrial supplies

    wholesale plans gather pace


    11 Sep’14 (Complete)

    United Stationers has acquired MEDCO, a US wholesaler of automotive aftermarket tools and supplies, including Canadian wholesaler G2S. We spoke with CEO Cody Phipps...

  • Radio Shack back to the brink

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    Radio-shack-closingRadio Shack

    back to brink

    Grim reality: burning cash &

    customers in terminal tailspin


    11 Sep’14

    Radio Shack,the ex-electronics retail leader with 5000 stores faces a rapid road to ruin as it seeks extra capital to survive against the Amazoneffect

  • Amazon Jeff Bezos: Beware the wretched stretch

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    Bezos-unhappy-stretchedBezos: Beware wretched stretch

    Will Amazon lose sight of brand? Can it be everything2everybody?

    10 Sep’14 (Updated)

    Amazonis 20 this year. It was back in 1994 that founder Jeff Bezosstarted selling books online. Now the $90Bn etailer is facing stretch problems in non-core areas e.g. smartphones and faces huge competition with Alibaba’swholesale invasion...

  • Philips Beats Apple with Lightning headsets

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    philips-fidelio-headsetsPhilips Beats Apple

    w/Lightning heads

    First headphone that has a direct

    digital connection to iOS devices


    10 Sep’14

    In a surprising twist, Philipsis first to announce headphones compatible with Apple's Lightning port.

  • Staples hives off Thrive Networks

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    sargent-grasp-nettle-and-MsStaples hives off Thrive Networks

    Exits managed tech services and sells to NY telecom firm

    9 Sep’14

    Massachusetts-based Thrive Networks,a subsidiary of Stapleshas been acquired by New York City-based business telecommunications services firm MetTel.

  • Apple's activity Watch wonder

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    apple-watch-LucyApple’s activity Watch wonder

    Personalised tracker to inspire movement, fitness and health

    9 Sep’14

    Apple CEO Tim Cook paused after launching the iPhone6+ today and said “One more thing”. A wave of anticipation came over the 2000 strong audience as he unveiled Apple Watch the most personal device we’ve ever created”...

  • Apple's iPhone6+ launch

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    Apple-iPhone6back-schillerApple’s iPhone6+: your uber athlete

    Faster, wider, slim & energised. Higher res pix optimise selfies; ByeBye wallet w/safe Apple Pay

    9 Sep’14

    Currently, Apple’sleaders Tim Cookand Phil Sciller(pic left)are wowing the audience at its special event in Cupertino. And so far they haven’t reached the wearable wonder of the new Watch…

  • Amazon Fire Smartphone fizzles

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    bezos-jeff-amazon-down-in-mouthAmazon Fire phone fizzles

    Dismal sales cause desperate discounting down to 99cents

    9 Sep’14

    When Jeff Bezos launched its new Amazon Fire smartphone in June thousands of fans clamoured to listen. But few fans are buying. Has the etailer reached the wretched stretch?

  • Dixons Carphone spluttery cold start

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    dixons-carphone-sign-storefrontDixons Carphone's spluttery cold start

    Integration of stores on plan; mobile business under pressure

    9 Sep’14

    The newly-merged European electronics Dixons Carphonegroup thanked the World Cup for getting off to a good start despite a dip in its mobile business. When will it drop its outmoded and inappropriate ‘carphone’ tag?

  • Can Keurig KO the knockoffs?

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    kelley-brian-keurig-2.0Can Keurig KO the knockoffs?

    Counterfeiters crack the code; copycat compatibles on sale

    8 Sep’14

    When Keurig Green Mountaindesigned the new 2.0 models of its popular K-Cup brewers, it added digital rights management (DRM) technology that was supposed to make it so unlicensed pods would not work in the new machines...

  • Apple home in on personal health

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    apple-healthkit-federigheApple homes on personal health

    Unveil iWatch with sensors to monitor vital signs & fitness

    8 Sep’14

    Apple has disrupted many industries, from music to mobile phones. Now, it’s charging into health and fitness, hoping to bring order to a fragmented mess of wearable devices and scattered data.

  • Twitter: Buy Now button bonanza

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    lucy-tweet-mob-shopTwitter: Buy Now button bonanza

    Brand impulse shopping boosted by test w/19 merchant partners 

    8 Sep’14

    As first reported in June, Twitter, probably the best permission based marketing tool, has announced a big move into mobile commerce enabling users to buy directly from a tweet. C'mon dealers get with the program...

  • Apple's Grand Slam time: New devices inc. iWatch

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    apple-iwatch2Its Apple's grand

    slam' plan time!

    New iPhone. New iWatch. New

    iPad & iOS8; slated for 09/09?


    8 Sep'14 (updated from 28 Aug’14)

    Apple's hotly anticipated "iWatch" will be formally unveiled tomorrow, at the 9th September launch event, where the next-generation iPhone is also expected to debut ahead of schedule...

  • WebWatch 2014 - Round 4

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    webwatch-2014-Round-4bWonderful or woeful webstores

    Wake up! Complacency reigns. Wanted: user & mobile friendly, minimum clicks user experience

    7 Sep'14 (Completed)

    After reviewing 2013’s best webstores in Round 1 and leading resellers in Round 2/3, we revisit more progressives in Round 4, to see if they have optimized the shopping experience for users, especially mobile. Sorry for extended delays, ratings and mini-profiles now complete

  • Wellness wave drives new designs

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    sitting-woman-smokingWellness  w a v e drives new designs

    7 workplace design specialists wax lyrical on the next big thing

    7 Sep’14

    Sitting is the new smoking; rising obesity rates; Michelle Obama's‘Get moving campaign’; proliferation of the LEED rating system and acceptance of practices.

  • HP: "Autonomy faked revenues" accusation

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    lynch-mike-autonomy-shadyHP: “Autonomy faked revenues”

    "Lynch lied repeatedly to cover up phantom sales" eg Microtech

    6 Sep’14

    The HP/Autonomyfraud case is heating up with the tech giant alleging email warnings of falling revenues and 'imaginary deals' from its CFO.

  • HP: Hardens Protection plan again

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    whitman-meg-hp-handHP: Hardens Protection plan

    Steps up guards against grey market temptation by dealers

    6 Sep’14

    HP'snew UK enterprise channel boss, John Ansell, has made stamping out grey activity in the channel one of his key priorities.

  • Plants grow office productivity

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    Lucy-plants-productivityPlants grow


    Landscaping offices lifts

    happiness and morale


    6 Sep’14

    Bosses looking to quickly increase productivity should ditch brainstorming meetings and instead invest in office plants, a study has found.

  • Dyson debuts smarter cleaner

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    Dyson debuts smarter cleaner

    Untouchable 360 Eye robot: higher vacuum suction, battery and sensing power

    5 Sep’14

    Dyson, the king of premium vacuum cleaners, announced its entry into the robot business, facing off against iRobot’s Roomba. But its founder, James Dyson,says he’s been working on it for 16 years.

  • The BIG 50 Industrial Distributors

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    industrial-supplies-invasionThe  B I G  5 0industrial supply distributors list

    Leading MRO/Facilities players move into business supplies

    5 Sep’14

    The Big 50 List published by Industrial Distribution provides an opportunity to review the business supply industry from a different perspective. Players are still concerned with the economy (?) and not their own performance. We analyse and comment…

  • External storage drives in decline

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    cloud-vs-hard-drive-storageExternal storage drives, in decline

    Big players losing share to new  'virtual' and cloud competitors

    5 Sep’14

    Latest figures from analyst IDC paint a picture of continued falling demand for high-end storage in the second quarter, which is now also affecting the mid-range.

  • Amazon Fresh delivery by USPS

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    amazon-fresh-customerAmazon Fresh delivery by USPS

    National carrier keen to win bigger slice of everyday market

    5 Sept’14

    Amazon and the U.S. Postal Service,already partners in Sunday deliveries, have launched a trial to shuttle insulated containers of meat, dairy, produce and other groceries to San Francisco customers

  • Interline Brands Q2'14 Financial Review

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    Interline-Brands-WheelInterline: growth ahead of market

    FM broadliner’s commercial strength. Staples interested?

    6 Sep’14

    Interline Brands, a leading distributor and direct marketer of broadline maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products, reported strong financial results for Q2’14 ended 27 jun’14

  • Otto outpaced by Amazon advance

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    otto-michael-otto-downOtto outpaced by Amazon advance

    World’s #1 etailer now leads UK & Germany business supply market

    4 Sep’14

    Michael Otto’s family has been as omnipresent in German retail as Walmart, Sears, Target, Costco and Stapleshave in the US.

  • 3D Print puzzle, where is HP??

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    whitman-meg-merrygoround3D Print puzzle... where is HP?

    Meg promised June launch? Late again. Make the Stratasys move?

    4 Sep’14

    HP CEO Meg Whitman in March said watching 3D Print projects complete was like "watching ice melt"; quality was lax and that HP's plans "solved both of those problems". Was Meg describing her own glacial pace?

  • Awaiting Apple's iWatch wonders

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    ive-jony-apple-iwatchAwaiting Apple's

    iWatch wonders

    Design genius Sir Jony Ive

    waxes lyrical on look & feel


    4 Sep’14

    AppleSVP of Design Sir Jony Iveput the watching world on notice, by suggesting its new digital timepiece will trouble the traditional Swiss watchmakers...

  • Define your brand's purpose

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    Productivity-stairway-to-heaven2Define your brand’s purpose

    Clarify productivity benefits. Crucial in digital world of emotion, clutter & sameness

    4 Sep’14

    There was a fascinating article:‘What Are Brands For?’ in The Economist magazine this week. It presented a summary of the apparent flaws in the general obsession with brands shown by much of the commercial world. We comment and debate in conjunction with Marketing Week’s Mark Ritson

  • Staples/Office Depot merger talk tosh

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    Staples-sargent-Depot-smith-sawStaples/Depot? Merge or murder?

    Credit Suisse synergy savings speculation move stocks 10%+

    4 Sep’14 (Updated)

    Last weekend, we reported an analyst’s positive view of Staples. On Tuesday, Credit Suisse reckoned there were $1.4Bn savings available by acquiring Office Depot. Why bother, when it can profit more by killing off its disintegrating former rival?

  • Google for Work. Hard for Microsoft Outlook?

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    singh-amit-google-presGoogle for Work.

    Hard for Outlook?

    Strategy to disrupt the cosy

    corporate world of Microsoft


    3 Sep’14

    Rather than rip out rival software, executive Amit Singh seeks to co-exist with new 'Google for Work' software…

  • Keurig: Honest Tea in K-Cups

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    keurig-2.0-honest-teaKeurig: Honest Tea in K-Cups

    Expands product lines with Coke. Is takeover imminent?

    3 Sep’14

    Keurig Green Mountain expanded its deal with Coca-Cola Co to sell the beverage company's Honest Tea pods in its Keurig hot brewing machines in North America.

  • Samsung's new Note Edge, wearables & VR headsets

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    denison-justin-samsung-edgeNote! Samsung’s advanced Edge

    Next BIG thing enables news alerts w/o annoying pop-ups

    3 Sep’14

    Samsung,the electronics giant unveiled the Galaxy Note 4 phablet, its latest hybrid with a 5.7-inch screen and stylus, plus wearables and VR headsets.

  • Staples enhance omnichannel experience

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    Staples-excited-usersStaples exercise easier experience

    Enhances omnichannel options driving destination v Amazon

    3 Sep’14

    Staples,today announced a series of enhancements to its omnichannel experience, making it even easier for customers to get all the products and services they need

  • Samsung takes PrinterOn app

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    samsung-copier-cat-printerSamsung takes PrinterOn app

    Continues drive into corporate market to ape Apple mobility

    3 Sep’14

    Samsung Electronics is buying Canadian cloud-printing firm PrinterOn, as a part of its push to bulk up its mobility presence, particularly in the corporate market

  • Staples: make more happen than ya think!

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    sargent-staples-ship-steers-stormy-watersStaples: make more happen, than ya think!

    Motley: 5 things management wants analysts/investors to know

    2 Sep’14 (Updated)

    Staplesshares rose 6% last week; and spiked another 6% this morning, reversing slightly the 30% fall year to date. Why? Is there a growing realization that the leader knows where it’s headed? We review Motley’s analysis and current speculation...

  • Costco - cheap and cheerful

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    jelenik-craig-costco-rolls Costco: cheap and cheerful

    2 reseiler 47% growth; 134%  stock up 2009. Driving strongly  into business supplies delivery

    1 Sep’14

    Costco CEO Craig Jelinek took over from legendary leader Jim Sinegal in 2012 and has continued to maintain its relentless progress. We update our first profile written in June 2013…

  • The Work Issue: topical trends

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    work-issue-trendsThe Work Issue: topical trends...

    Freelancing; 3 day week; robots; Millennials; cubicles; life balance

    1 Sep’14

    Labor Day evolved as a celebration of the American worker, but especially of the achievements of organized labor. Today, the narrative of working people against greedy plutocrats still resonates strongly. What are the issues?

  • Amazon's Jeff Bezos Bigbox challenge

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    bezos-ice-bucket-challengeBezos’ Ice Bucket Bigbox Challenge

    Amazon chief rivals Bill Gates for originality; makes mighty moves v Google, Staples & Alibaba

    1 Sep'14 (Updated)

    Last Friday, we visited the new Seattle headquarters of 'Relentless Robin Hood' himself Jeff Bezos. Amazon has increased its workforce to 130,000+, 25000 of which work in the South Lake Union district. Here follows the 12 points Q&A session

  • Jonathan Straker - A tribute

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    straker-jon-oyez-strakerA Tribute:

    Jonny Straker: Lovable legend

    Unforgettable BOSS man, the acceptable face of capitalism

    1 Sep’14 (Complete)

    Very sad news. This morning we learned that the gentle giant of the UK stationery industry, Jonathan Straker has died. His career spanned 40+ successful years from his family Straker dealer roots, via Ryman, through to his latter Oyez-Strakerdays...

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