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  • Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly Interview

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    joly-hubert-best-buy-conversationBest Buy talks tanking tablets

    CEO Joly interview with Walt Mossberg re tech & retail trends

    31 Jul’14

    Re/code’s highly respected tech guru Walt Mossberg interviewed Hubert Joly, CEO of Best Buy, the last standing nationwide big-box, bricks-and-mortar consumer electronics retailer, with over 1,000 main stores and hundreds of smaller mobile device stores.

  • CCL Industries Q2'14 Financial Review

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    Avery-easy-peel-labelsAvery labels

    gain strength

    CCL boosted by acquisitions

    and solid organic growth


    31 Jul’14

    CCL industries, the Canadian packaging and label maker, acquired Avery Dennison last year and reported impressive Q2’14 financial results to 30 Jun’14

  • Iron Mountain Q2'14 Financial Review

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    iron-mountain-truckIron Mountain

    scaling smartly

    Storage rental gains in Europe

    with stronger recovery in US.

    5 acquisitions made this year.


    31 Jul’14

    Iron Mountain (IRM), the global leader in information management services today reported stronger sales results for Q2’14 ended 30 Jun’14

  • Newell Rubbermaid - Q2'14 Financial Review

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    Newell-montage-2013Newell renewal

    write on track

    Writing , tools and commercial

    products produce record results



    31 Jul’14

    Newell Rubbermaid,leading maker of business products and consumer brands today announced impressive sales and profits for Q2’14 ended 30 Jun’14

  • CDW Q2'14 Financial Review

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    CDW-team-montage-busCDW: Creative

    Distribution Wins

    IT managed services provider

    gains in SMB/education market


    31 Jul;’14

    CDW Corporation, the $12Bn leading US multi-brand technology solutions provider to business, government, education and healthcare, today announced continued impressive Q2’14 results

  • Imation Q2'14 Financial Review

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    lucas-mark-imation-productsI m a t i o n

    I m p o s s i b l e

    Transformation plan too-little

    -too-late to stem tailspin


    31 Jul’14

    Imation, the former storage media giant, today reported an accelerated rate of deterioration in its financial results for Q2’14 ended 30 Jun’14, plus more action to downsize its redundant businesses

  • Sony Q2'14 Financial Review

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    sony-sinking-ship-ceoSinking Sony

    saved by PS4

    Turnaround tease. Shutters

    PC business, Nothing new?


    31 Jul’14

    Sonysharply cut its forecast for sales of smartphones, one of the ex-tech giant's big hopes to rebuild its troubled electronics business. Otherwise results were encouraging with rare surprise profits posted...

  • Epson Q1'15 Financial Review

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    Usui-minoru-epson-yesEpson exceed


    Terrific growth of premium

    printers in emerging markets


    31 Jul’14 (Complete)

    Epson, the leading printer and visual presentation products manufacturer achieved continued strong recovery in international markets for fiscal Q1’15 ended 30 Jun’14

  • Designing a user-friendly workspace

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    office-design-workers-first-1Designing a user

    friendly office

    Worker-first mentality key to

    collaborative productivity

    31 Jul’14(Updated)

    The office of the future may not be about trappings or technology as much as the exchange of ideas, with a focus on employee engagement--what some experts are calling the "new sustainability."

  • Twitter Q2 Financial Review

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    costolo-dick-twitter-hands-flyTwitter takes off

    in sales & usage

    Skeptics defied as broadcast

    reach & market effect excel


    31 Jul’14(Updated)

    Twitter,the premier permission based broadcasting & marketing service (not social media), reported soaring revenues and usage in Q2’14 ended 30 Jun’14. All dealers should master Twitter, the best promotional tool available...ask Amazon!

  • Vistaprint Q4'14 Financial Review

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    keane-rob-vistaprint-productsV i s t a p r i n t

    ventures forward

    Marketing & price increases 

    drive growth + acquisitions


    30 Jul’14

    Vistaprint,the leading online provider of professional marketing products and services to small businesses once again reported strong sales growth for its Q4’14 ended 30 Jun’14

  • Systemax Q2'14 Financial Review

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    miscoSystemax roller

    coaster continues

    Powerful business sales recovery

    offsets continued retail weakness


    30 Jul’14

    Systemax, the tech-direct marketer including Misco, CompUSA, Circuit City and Tiger Direct brands, reported continuing decline in its financial results for Q2’14 ended 30 Jun’14

  • Missing link in mobile marketing

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    Tablet-broken-link-marketingThe missing link in

    mobile marketing

    OP Dealers & retailers lag behind

    leaders in user friendly shopping


    30 Jul’14

    It’s called deep linking, and it takes a shopper from an ad or e-mail directly into a reseller’s mobile app. However, most top online retailers lack this deep linking capability, according to data provided by Pure Oxygen Labs.

  • Sequana - Antalis- Arjo - H1 2014 Financial Review

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    antalis-delivery-truck-largeAntalis & Arjo


    Added Xerox paper volume

    slows printer paper plunge


    30 Jul’14

    Sequana the parent company of leading European papermaker Arjo Wigginsand distributor Antalisreported continued decline in printing papers to half year ended 30 Jun'14. Like many complacent players it underestimates the market megatrends

  • Acco Brands Q2'14 Financial review

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    Acco-slideAcco slip

    sliding away

    Perilous paper dependency.

    Slack Kensington getting

    killed by lively Logitech.


    30 Jul’14 (Updated)

    Acco Brands, the one time leading OP manufacturer, issued another set of disappointing financial results for Q2’14 ended 30 Jun’14. It has become complacent and reactive to market trends and shows no sign of recovery...

  • Plantronics Q1'15 Financial Review

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    Plantonic-montage-2012Plantronics post

    sounder growth

    Unified Communications (UC)

    and Bluetooth headsets strong


    29 Jul’14

    Plantronics,the global leader in audio communications for business, today reported resounding results for its Q1’15 ended 30 Jun’14

  • Baidu Q2'14 financial review

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    li-robin-baiduBaidu: blowout

    web performer

    Momentum maintained as

    mobile search exceeds PC’s


    29 Jul’14

    Baidu, China’s largest web search service reported terrific results in Q2 ended 30 Jun’14. It will continue focus on apps used on smartphones and tablet computers for search and mapping...

  • Better Capital merge Spicers & OfficeTeam funds

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    moulton-jon-BeCap-handsBeCap merge

    Spicers/OT funds

    How will VC manage ‘distressed’

    wholesaler and dealer in future?


    29 Jul’14

    Friday's bombshell news about Spicers’owner BeCap’sacquisition of OfficeTeamsent shockwaves across the OP dealer community. Yesterday, Spicers CEO Greg Michael quickly reassured dealers of its separateness. Today, comes news of its devaluation and move into a common fund?

  • Arrow Electronics Q2'14 Financial Review

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    long-mike-arrow-presentingArrow electronics

    regains its spark

    Solid components sales gains

    offset by soft server demand


    29 Jul’14

    Arrow Electronicsthe global provider of IT products, services today reported improved sales and profits for Q2’14 reversing previous positive trends

  • Spicers wholly wholesale pledge

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    spicers-montage-july-2014Spicers wholly

    wholesale pledge

    CEO Michael reassures dealers

    overBCap’s OfficeTeam deal

    28 Jul’14 (Updated)
    OP wholesaler Spicers’new turnaround CEO Greg Michaelwas quick to react to the backlash of concern expressed by dealers over Better Capital’s controversial purchase of OfficeTeam. We spoke with him today and analyse its press release and affirm its commitment to dealers…
  • International Paper - Q2'14 Financial Review

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    IP-packaging-aircraft-carrierIP: Printer paper

    plunge persists

    Packaging sales & profits grow

    but, not enough to cover losses


    29 Jul’14

    International Paper,the world’s #1 papermaker reported diasappinting results again for Q2’14 ended 30 Jun’14. Packaging now represent rising 62% of sales

  • Collapsing Conventions driven by upside-down thinking

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    building-dome-collapseC o l l a p s i n g

    Welcome to the no-rules market.
    Structures, divisions demolished.
    Driven by ‘Upside-down’ thinking 


    29 Jul’14 (Updated)

    Conventional wisdom has ruled the OP industry for 30+years. Channel structures; retail/commercial or B2B/B2C differences; survived in a race to the bottom. Now productivity services, delivered same-day, is on the disruptors’ agenda. Can the OP industry adapt? 

  • User Lucy knows what she wants

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    Sally-to-Lucy-2012User Lucy knows
    what she wants

    Businesswomen browse & buy
    survey spells end for catalogs


    29 Jul’14
    A deep dive into users’ buying behaviour in the business supplies category shows they know what they want and how to find it.

  • Dealer suffer reckless endangerment - 10 remedies

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    disconnected-dealer2Dealer Alert! Guilty of...

    R e c k l e s s


    ‘All businesses commoditize

    over time’. OP’s time is over.


    28 Jul’14 (Updated)

    The tremendous growth of Google, Apple and Amazonreported this week are reminders of the deadly dangers imposed by the superstore revolution 30 years ago. Only this time, the damage could be worse with the double-down effect of the paperless office and disconnected dealers. We recommend 10 renewal remedies...

  • Staples pennywise and pounded in NYS

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    sargent-Staples-not-so-easyStaples: penny
    wise & pounded

    Silly NY State contract pricing

    costs$10m+ leaves bigbox

    abused & in'not so easy' state


    26 Jul’14
    Big box OP reseller Staples won the huge NY State contract for office supplies in May 2013. But a penny-pricing arrangement on 200+ items led bargain hunting buyers to fill their boots with damaging effect…

  • Wholesale suicide: Spicers and OfficeTeam plan merger

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    Whiteways-OTair-new-logoW h o l e s a l e
    s u i c i d e !

    UK independents in shock
    as distressed duo, Spicers
    & OfficeTeam plan merger


    26 Jul’14 (Updated)
    I arrived at Heathrow yesterday to a chorus of alarm calls from leading OP dealers in the UK, after hearing the news that wholesaler Spicers’VC owner Better Capital, had bought dealers' arch competitor, OfficeTeam. We spoke to several outraged dealers about this bombshell development...

  • UK economy back on track. Productivity needs lift

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    UK-economic-recoveryUK back on
    growth track

    Services economy the driver,
    but productivity needs a lift


    26 Jul’14
    The positive economic news keeps coming in the US/UK. Q2'14 GDP growth of 0.8% means output was bigger than Q1'08, its previous peak. Britain's economy is now bigger than it was at its pre-crisis peak, after official data showed GDP increased at a 3.1% clip in Q2’14.

  • Xerox Q2'14 Financial Review

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    burns-ursula-xerox-logoXerox sales
    slide again

    Services growth stalled in
    spite of signings success?

    25 Jul’14
    Xerox Corporationreported disappointing results for Q4’13 to 31 Dec’13. The much hyped services drive has not been fulfilled as yet…
  • Ingram Micro Q2'14 Financial Review

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    ingram-micro-montage-2014Ingram growth

    mobilised again

    Strong growth from USA/Europe

    PC refresh and Latin America


    24 Jul’14

    Ingram Micro, the world's largest technology distributor with $42Bn in annual sales, grew sat a faster pace in Q2’14 ended 28 Jun’14

  • Amazon Q2'14 Financial Review

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    Bezos-amazon-river-viewAmazon attack

    advances again

    Sales growth in tech & business

    services 29%+; GP up to 30.7%


    24 Jul’14

    Amazon.com, the world’s #1 eMassmarketer, maintained its mighty sales momentum in Q2’14 with $90Bn in reach in 2014. This Godzilla stealth attacker has grown nearly 4x to $20Bn in business supplies in 5 years, without independent dealers reacting

  • Starbucks Q3'14 Financial Review

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    schulz-howard-starbucksStarbucks strong
    and tasty growth

    Expanding the experience in tea,
    bakery drives destination traffic

    24 Jul’14
    Starbucks,the leading worldwide coffee reseller, announced impressive results for Q3’14 ended 29 Jun’14. sales and profits are accelerating

  • Wesco Q2'14 Financial Review

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    WESCO-TruckOne Wesco’s

    way forward

    Acquisitions fuel growth

    and integrated services


    24 Jul’14

    WESCO a leading provider of electrical, industrial, and communications MRO and OEM products and services, today announced improving  Q2’14 results

  • Acme United Q2'14 Financial Review

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    westcott-pencil-sharpenerAcme’s cutting

    edge sharpens

    Continued strength in US

    dampened by weak Europe


    24 Jul’14

    Acme United today announced strong results for Q2’14 financial results to 30 Jun’14 in spite of falling sales in Europe.

  • United Stationers Q2'14 Financial Review

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    United-montage-Dec-2013United’s growth

    impetus returns

    Stronger FM, industrial, furniture,

    OP sales offset tech decline


    24 Jul’14 (Complete)

    United Stationers,the US#1 business supplies wholesaler, yesterday reported flat sales and profits for Q2’14 to 30 Jun’14. Report and analysis complete

  • Domtar Q2'14 Financial Review

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    williams-domtarDomtar paper

    demand down

    Personal Care sales double

    with production lines boost


    24 Jul’14

    Domtar Corporation reported Q2’14 financial results ended 30 Jun’14. It’s investment in personal care products and acquisitions is a welcome diversion...

  • Canon Q2'14 Financial Review

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    tanaka-tosh-canonCan  C a n o n

    check collapse?

    Printers and copiers demand

    flattens; Camera slide steepens


    24 Jul’14 (Complete)

    Canon reported financial results for Q2’14 ended 30 Jun’14 that disguised serious organic declines in its core businesses, Is it kidding about future prospects?

  • Walmart weak: Bill Simon steps down as US chief

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    Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 20.37.36Walmart weak, Bill

    Simon steps down

    Disappointed, tired US chief exits

    after McMillon appointed CEO


    24 Jul’14

    As it grapples with sluggish store sales, Walmart said that its U.S. CEO Bill Simon is stepping down and being replaced by the head of the company's Asia operations.

  • Amazon Q2'14 Financial Preview

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    amazon-Bezos-drunken-sailorAmazon expects

    20%+ growth in

    business supplies

    Skeptical analysts reckon Bezos

    is spending like a drunken sailor

    24 Jul’14

    Amazon will release its Q2'14 results later today. Continued 20%+ growth rates are expected with $90Bn sales forecast in 2014 ($20Bn in business supplies). However, investments in distribution, drones, cloud and local services will depress profitability short term...

  • Logitech Q1'15 Financial Review

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    darrell-bracken-logitech-signLogitech losing

    core momentum

    Mobile speakers strength offset

    by weaker tablet accessories


    24 Jul’14

    Logitech International,the once innovative leader in personal technology accessories today announced flat sales, but improved profit results in Q1’15 ended 30 Jun’14. Audit Committee investigations have put a dampener on outlook...

  • 3M Financial Review Q2'14

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    rate accelerates

    But, Consumer division saw

    OP demand decline again


    24 Jul’14

    The mighty 3M today reported record sales and profits in Q2’14 ended 30 Jun’14 with accelerating rates of growth in health care, electronic and industrial supplies

  • WBMason - 2nd Education Show - NY Mets

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    WB-citi-mets-expoWBMason: Mets

    Education Expo

    ‘Nobody does it better’ with

    latest classroom technology

    inc. MakerBot 3D printing


    23 Jul’14

    Today, WBMason holds its 2nd Educational Consumer Show at New York Mets Baseball, Citi Field stadium expecting to attract 1000 teachers, principals and department heads. Report later today...

  • CCS Media to break through the £100m sales

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    Betts-terry-CCS-deskCCS success

    in tech services

    CEO Betts invests in sales

    teams to drive rapid growth


    23 Jul’14

    CCS Media, the fast growing UK tech services provider will blast through £100m ($160m) to achieve another record year of growth. We spoke with CEO Terry Betts.

  • Microsoft Q414 Financial Review

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    microsoft-azure-nadellaMighty Microsoft

    higher on Cloud

    Commercial strength offsets

    Surface wounds & Nokia nasties


    22 Jun’14

    Microsoft reported better than expected results for its Q4’14 ended 30 Jun’14. Since CEO Satya Nadella (pic left) took over as CEO market capitalization has increased 24%...

  • Apple Q3'14 Financial Review

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    apple-Cook-tim-forwardApple aces high

    in business market

    Ultimate personal productivity

    tools, to dominate business use,

    boosted by IBM cloud/analytics


    22 Jul’14

    Applethe world’s #1 business tech provider, announced terrific results for Q3’14 ended 28 Jun’14. According to latest research it now dominates progressive companies’ technology usage soon to be cemented by the IBM connection

  • Staples:casualty of Amazon v Walmart war?

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    Bezos-and-sargent-buzzsawStaples: Casualty

    of the Amazon v

    Walmart war?

    Ignorant analyst doesn’t get its

    lead in web & business services


    22 Jul’14 (Complete 14:00ET))

    Yet another simplistic Seeking Alphaanalyst Daniel Jennings joined the ranks of bandwagon bigots yesterday in writing down Stapleswith the above headline. We expose the analyst’s naivety and lack of insight...

  • Mobile Mania:ad spend soars

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    Lucy-mobile-montage-v3Mobile Mania:
    Ad spend soars

    Potential huge, but buyerdoubts

    cause lag v usage by browsers


    22 Jul’14
    After less than a decade of existence, smartphones and tablets will draw more ad money than traditional newspaper and radio media

  • Apple readies iPhone 6 for record

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    iphone-6-concept-whiteApple new iPhad:

    readies for record

    Larger screen formats always

    in Jobs’ vision. Ask Samsung.


    22 Jul’14

    Apple is gearing up for its biggest initial run of iPhones – up to 80 million units – for the model that is commonly known as the iPhone 6.

  • Lexmark Financial Review Q2'14

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    lexmark-rooke-cliff-pushLexmark surprise

    with MPS success 

    Strong software solutions growth

    offsets ink jet printer declines


    22 Jul’14

    Lexmark International, surprisingly reported better financial results in Q1’14 after a long run of downward trends in sales and profits

  • Kimberly Clark Q2'14 Financial Review

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    KC-pro-teamHygiene King

    K-C FORCE-ful

    International sales boost results

    K-C Pro sales progress strongly


    22 Jul’14

    Kimberly-Clark (K-C) the global personal hygiene brands manufacturer, reported solid Q2’14 results

  • Apple Q3'14 Financial Preview

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    apple-magic-2013Apple: it’s all


    High expectations for Mac, 

    iPhone, iPad, iOS8, iWatch,

    BeatsPro, IBM and China.


    21 Jul’14

    Tomorrow is expected to be a blow-out quarter for Applewith market capitalization up 24% since the Q2’14 report. We can’t wait…

  • Clover closes MSE cartridge deal

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    cerclerski-jim-clover-productsClover closes

    cartridge deal

    Reman leaders consolidate

    and ink compatible merger


    21 Jul’14

    Clover, the leader in reman ink cartridges and Micro Solutions Enterprises (MSE), the leader in patented technologies for reman toner cartridges, completed their strategic merger.

  • PCA Q2'14 Financial Review

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    PCA-productsPCA packaging

    power, paperless

    Boise acquirer reports organic

    growth in corrugated volume


    21 Jul’14

    Packaging Corporation (PCA) today reported Q2’14 financial results to 30 Jun’14. Packaging powers forward whilst paper volumes continue to slide

  • Philips - Financial Review Q2'14

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    van-houten-frans-philipsPhilips: LED lights

    the way forward

    Strong personal health/lifestyle

    sales offset healthcare losses


    21 Jul’14

    Philips, the Dutch diversified healthcare, consumer lifestyle and lighting company reported Q2’14 financial results including improved sales but lower profits…

  • SPRichards Q2'14 Financial Review

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    SPR-montage-2012SPR: steps up

    with OP dealers

    GP's higher sales/profits from

    NAPA, Motion & EIS businesses


    21 Jul’14

    Genuine Parts Company (GPC)parent of SPRichards & Co and Motion Industriestoday reported improved sales and profits for Q2’14 ended 30 Jun’14

  • Stora Enso Q2'14 financial Review

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    karvinen-jouko-stora-enso-thinkingStora Enso: paper

    decline deepens

    World #2’s old & new CEO’s

    comment on transformation



    21 Jul’14

    Stora Ensoreported weak Q2’14 financial results and its departing CEO Jouko Karvinendescribed transformation plans to cut paper capacity and investment in new growth opportunities

  • ISGroup wins FSSI JanSan contract

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    ISGteam-gentile-mike-montageIS Group wins

    Federal contract

    New JanSan supplies & equipment

    purchasing agreement for members


    21 Jul’14

    Independent Stationers (ISG), the progressive marketing group announced today it was awarded the FSSI JanSan purchasing contract. We spoke with CEO Mike Gentile…

  • Can retail chemist Cosby cure Office Depot?

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    cosby-mark-office-depotCan retail chemist

    Cosby cure Depot

    Chainsaw CEO Smith continues

    obsession w/nomadic, relic exec


    21 Jul’14

    Office Depot, the beleaguered bigbox, has appointed another old-school retailer to try and rescue a business that is predominantly a contract/web delivery business. You couldn’t make this up!

  • Newell Rubbermaid Ignites renewal plans

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    ignite-avex-contigo-peopleNewell Ignites

    renewal plans

    Writes refreshing move; 

    expands Rubbermaid arm


    21 Jul’14

    Newell Rubbermaidtoday announced it would pay $308 million for a Chicago-based maker of reusable water bottles and thermal mugs, in the consumer-products company's first major acquisition since 2008.

  • Tesco clear desk of clueless CEO Clarke

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    clarke-philip-tesco-headlightsTesco clear desk
    of clueless Clarke

    Unilever’s Dave Lewis takes
    over from last man standing

21 Jul’14
    Tescochastened CEO Philip Clarkeis to step down to be replaced by Unileverpresident personal care Dave Lewis, a former marketer, as the embattled retailer plots a recovery from its recent poor performance.

  • Herman Miller reaches lifestyle Design (DFW)

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    DWR-woman-cat.coverMiller reaches

    lifestyle Design

    Goes back to brand roots by

    buying contemporary retailer


    21 Jul’14

    Herman Miller, the leading office furniture maker, has bought upscale home and office design retailer. What's next for its move towards mobile executives?

  • Join the Movement: Stop sitting killing you!

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    Join the... 

    Movement: Stop
    sitting killing you!

    Please stand up to read this...
    Your dangerous office posture


    19 Jul’14
    Getting off the bottom and moving more might lengthen your life, as well as decrease your risk of dementia, physical disabilities and other serious medical problems.

  • Amazon Cloud chasing leaders

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    amazon-web-cloud-bezosAmazon Cloud

    chasing leaders

    Public SaaS providers close

    in on private server players 


    18 Jul’14

    Amazonwill rake in $5Bn from its cloud computing business this year, according to Pacific Crest Securities.How long before the one-click wonder overtake the private cloud, hardware server leaders?

  • Does Twitter undersell its marketing power?

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    costolo-dick-twitter-arms-wideDoes Twitter under

    sell market power?

    Metric comparisons w/Facebook

    belie huge broadcasting reach


    18 Jul’14

    Twitterhas phenomenal power as a low-cost marketing tool. Ask Amazon. However, Facebookapparently has more users. In business, we doubt this and we’re pleased to see Twitter reviewing its metrics…

  • Knoll Q2'14 Financial Review

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    cogan-andrew-knoll-standingKinetic Knoll

    office moves

    Government & Commercial

    sales boosted by acquisitions


    18 Jul’14

    Knoll, today announced impressive growth results for Q2’14 ended 30 Jun’14 as it moves into higher margin specialty business

  • Google Q2'14 Financial Review

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    google-top-teamGoogle ad sales

    slow in mobile

    Express deliveries expand

    rapidly. Profitability pressured.

    17 Jul’14

    Googleannounced Q2’14 results ended 30 Jun’14 and a significant management loss. The Express delivery division is soaring but at what cost?

  • HP: musical chairs continue

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    HP-musical chairs-2013HP: musical

    chairs continue

    Will Whitworth sad illness tempt

    board to assign Meg in interim?


    17 Jul’14

    Assigning Meg Whitman as Chair-CEO of HP after Ralph Whitworth’s sudden resignation would be a big mistake. She needs to focus as CEO of the struggling giant and develop a coherent growth strategy...

  • Grainger Financial Review Q2'14

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    ww-grainger-teamGrainger gains

    OP market share

    Mobile webstore buys, now 25%

    of business supplies purchases


    17 Jul’14

    WW Grainger, the $10Bn in sales, leading North American broadline supplier of FM, maintenance and office products today announced Q2’14 financial results to 30 Jun'14

  • HON Financial Review Q2'14

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    wbmaso-nyy14-honHON homes in

    on growth plans

    Strength in office supplies driven

    biz offsets slower contract sales


    17 Jul’14

    HNI (HON) Corporation, a leading US furniture maker, reported stronger Q2’14 financial results to 28 Jun’14

  • Pelikan procures brand life support

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    pelikan-loo-hooi-keatPelikan procures

    brand life support

    Malaysian parent’s revival plan

    for dying stationery makers


    17 Jul’14

    Pelikan International the vehicle set up to acquire major German stationery brand makers Herlitz and Pelikan has raised funds to aid their recovery. Will it be enough to stop the rot?

  • 15 Essentials for excellent entrepreneurship

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    entrepreneur-woman-writing15 Essentials

    for excellent


    Work on, not just in, your biz.

    Invest in self improvement...


    16 Jul’14

    “If you want to become a better entrepreneur and successfully grow your business, dedicate time and energy to improve your daily habits’ says Jacqueline Whitmore.

  • OnBuy. on hold, off launch-pad?

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    paton-cas-onbuyOnBuy on hold,

    off launch-pad?

    Amazon wannabe delayed by

    main shareholder disagreement


    16 Jul’14

    OnBuy,the ambitious UK start-up has fallen out with principal investor Centerprise International, causing growth plans to be put on hold...

  • Intel inspired by PC refresh

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    krznich-brian-intel-lrIntel inspired

    by PC refresh

    Weakness in tablets & mobile

    developments; loss $4Bn'14?


    16 Jul’14

    Silicon giant Intel announced profit and revenue growth for the second quarter of 2014, although its Mobile and Communications group stood out as the weak performer.

  • Yahoo Q2'14 Financial Review

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    mayer-marissa-yahoo-walkingYahoo’s Mayer on

    way to highway?

    “We'll do better moving forward”

    but, without misstepping Marissa


    15 Jul’14

    Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer seems resigned to her fate. After 2 years she has acquired businesses that have masked her failure to achieve growth in a hot market...

  • BIG Blue Apple alliance

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    APPLE-BLUE-Cook-Tim-leftB I G  B l u e 

    Apple alliance

    Historic biz app partnership

    threatens HP, Microsoft etc.


    15 Jul’14

    Apple and IBM just announced a blockbuster partnership to help executives add business-specific applications to their preferred mobile devices. The landmark deal was announced by Tim Cook and IBM chief Ginni Romettythis afternoon

  • Microsoft to make mass job cuts

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    nadella-satya-microsoft-cutsMicrosoft to make

    massive job cuts

    Overmanned software giant’s

    Post-Nokia productivity drive


    15 Jul’14

    Microsoft is planning its biggest round of job cuts in five years, as the software maker looks to slim down and integrate Nokia Oyj’shandset unit...

  • PC Continuity move to mobiles

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    apple-continuity-federighiPC Continuity

    move to mobiles

    History saw mobiles mimic PC’s

    now the direction is reversing


    15 Jul’14

    Microsoftdubbed its first mobile contender the “Pocket PC” to emulate a small version of a Windows PC, because this was the way to perform digital tasks. How things have changed says Re/Code’s Walt Mossberg

  • Seventh Generation's impressive move

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    Repogle-john-7thGen-product7th Generation’s

    impressive move

    Environmentally friendly cleaning

    supplier takes refreshments route


    15 Jul’14

    Home and Office cleaning supplier Seventh Generation is acquiring a maker of single-serve coffee and tea brewers as it looks to broaden revenue sources and expand a ventures arm it set up last year.

  • GenM is here! Where are you?

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    Jabra-montage-2013GenM is here!

    Where are you?

    Forget GenX/Y age differences.

    The new everywhere office is

    mobile, ageless and paperless.


    15 Jul’14

    We’ve been writing about the ‘office is where you are’ and the mobile imperative for 20 years. Leading Unified Communications (UC)marketer Jabrahave just updated its 2013 market study, GenM describing the communications revolution…

  • No more paper? Know more CFO's

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    CFO-keyholeNo more paper?

    Know more CFO’s

    Productivity driven managed

    services needs specialist training


    15 Jul’14 (Complete)

    The hot topic in the market over recent years has been managed services e.g. MPS. It seems everyone has a solution. However, it is no good having a great ‘proposal train’ if there are no drivers or ‘C-level’ selling skills, to get on the right track to the CFO. We show you how...

  • Staples pulls USPS partnership

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    staples-unions-winStaples pulls US

    Post partnership

    Unions boycott movement

    thwarts trial destination driver


    14 Jul’14

    Today, the American Postal Workers Union and its allies seem to be making progress in an important battle against Staples partnership with US Postal Service...

  • HP's hapless Protectionism

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    whitman-meg-merrygoroundH a p l e s s


    SMB’s smile over HP’s tantrum

    over Government contract cap


    14 Jul’14

    Small IT resellers claim HPexpressed concerns over government's £100m contract cap proves them right about previous protectionist practices...

  • Samsung stoops low to bite Apple

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    samsung-wall-huggersSamsung stoops

    low to bite Apple

    ‘Wall hugger’ ad attack works,

    but multitasking jab mundane


    14 Jul’14

    Samsung has stepped up the mobile warfare between itself and its much-admired adversary Apple, by taking several shots at its apparent deficiencies. Meanwhile, Apple’s advanced iPhone6 and iWatch may have hit snags?

  • Office Depot discovers mobile movement

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    Office-depot-catch-upDepot discovers

    mobile movement

    Samsung range plays catch-up

    with Best Buy, Dixons & Staples


    14 Jul’14

    Office Depottoday announced a partnership with Samsung to offer the latest in wireless printing and tablet technology, into its Depot & Max stores and online. Late to the party again, we’re still waiting for CEO Roly Smith’sUSP…

  • Pivot to Personal Productivity Services Prrovider

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    Pivot to Personal


    Services provider

    Amazon attack should force a

    rethink of OP dealers' future


    14 Jul’14 (Complete)

    We just read an article in the Small Business section of Business Weekthat we feel is highly relevant to all OP dealers locked into the declining paper related supplies. Start reinventing  yourself now!

  • Proficiency Index - Businesswomen Buying Survey 2014

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    Lucy-mobile-montage-v32014 User-Chooser Survey

    What Lucy wants in business supply

    Mobile friendly web, less clicks, human touch service. Lighter, brighter, cleaner, greener office  

    13 Jul’14 (Complete)

    The Proficiency Index 10th Annual Survey of Businesswomen's Buying (typically Lucy), primarily user-choosers with executive power and influence, is more comprehensive than ever. It provides tremendous insight into the latest trends and how they have adapted to mobile devices and seek more productivity services from local providers.

  • Yahoo: Marissa Mayer AOL move?

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    mayer-armstrong-yahoo-aolYahoo: Marissa’s

    AOL night moves

    Ex-Google Armstrong & Mayer

    schmooze ahead of reunion?


    12 Jul’14

    Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and AOL CEO Tim Armstrong talked over drinks into the wee hours on Thursday at the Allen Confab at a Sun Valley resort. Will AOL be the next Alibaba fuelled play for the misstepping Marissa?

  • Amazon new apps for developers

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    vogels-werner-amazonAmazon apps

    for developers

    AWS launches tools for mobile

    storage, sharing and analytics


    12 Jul’14

    Last Thursday, Amazonrolled out a host of new products that allow developers to more easily build mobile applications.

  • Dixons copies Best Buy model

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    currys-pcworld-2014-storeDixons copies

    Best Buy model

    Connecting health & home

    offices + wonder of wearables


    11 Jul’14

    Dixons’ retail store brands Currys & PC Worldhave started promoting their Christmas promotions. This year will be all about the survival of the fittest and wearable technology…

  • Danwood downward and deluded

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    danwood-turtle-turnedD a n w o o d 's

    upside down delusion. . .

    CEO criticizes industry customer

    centricity; Can he turn tailspin?


    11 Jul’14

    Danwood Group, once the darling of UK document services market has turned turtle, masking its declining performance. Now its CEO Steve Francis, has turned on the industry’s customer service standards?

  • Roy Cowan, Ofrex & UKOS, A Tribute

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    cowan-roy-haywood-ian-UKOSRoy Cowan.
    Mr. Motivator

    Passing of a legendary leader.
    Creator of the original and

    enduring 'Ofrex' sales model.


    11 Jul’14 (Complete)
    Tributes have poured in following the very sad news that one of the great OP originals, Roy Cowanof Ofrex fame, has died. Roy was a much-admired motivator and mentor to so many sales people and progressive dealers that are successful today. We spoke to many of his disciples: “He made horses drink water…”

  • Dealers! Are you suffering market myopia?

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    market-myopiaDealer Alert! Are you suffering…

    Market myopia?

    Fire your worst sales person and

    hire a good marketing manager


    11 Jul’14

    According to latest research dealers focus too much on cost cutting and improving gross margin %’s rather than investing in marketing, webstore development or technology…

  • Fastenal Q2'14 Financial Review

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    Fastenal-Blue-truck-teamFastenal: faster

    vending solutions

    Demand slows in old fasteners

    market; high margins squeezed


    11 Jul’14

    Fastenal Company, a leading US reseller of MRO supplies including office supplies, reported faster growth results for Q2’14

  • Tablets trend towards tailspin

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    samsung-galaxy-noteTablets trend

    towards tailspin

    NPD reports lower sales. Is

    new iPhone 6 set to replace?


    10 Jul’14

    Just days after Samsung Electronicsblamed its weak earnings on the smartphone market’s slowing growth, here comes another worrying sign for gadget makers.

  • Microsoft Nadella's mantra: Mobile & Cloud first

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    nadella-satya-microsoftMicrosoft mantra:

    Mobile & Cloud 1st

    Nadella shake up soon? Hones

    its productivity & platform plan


    10 Jul’14

    MicrosoftCEO Satya Nadella, after five months on the job, today released his definition of Microsoft's corporate mission and hinted that an organizational shake-up is coming...

  • Blackberry Square rooted in the past

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    blackbery-passport-square-chenBlackberry Square

    rooted in the past

    Terminal tailspin continues with

    new Passport to the tech dump


    10 Jul’14

    After several years of being displaced by the likes of Apple & Samsung, bizarre BlackBerryhas given the industry a peek at its new Square smartphone. It looks awful and misses the market again…

  • 3D Printing drives SMB productivity

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    makerbot-inside-store-boston3D printing drives

    SMB productivity

    Why are OP dealers and retailers

    missing huge sales opportunity? 


    10 Jul’14

    Proficiency Post has been highlighting the 3D Printing sales opportunity since 2011. Resellers can provide the sales and service to local businesses to replace fading copy & print demand. Staplesstarted in 2013, where are you?

  • Are analysts anti-R&D investment?

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    hp-meg-deckchair-shifterAre analysts anti-
    R&D investment?

    Do old tech companies invest in
    incrementals or true innovation?


    10 Jul’14
    When Meg Whitmanwas named HP’sCEO in 2011, it was a mess. HP had been slaughtered by the disastrous reign of Léo Apotheker, Meg vowed to invest and invent in true HP tradition. What happened?

  • Container Sore Financial Review Q2'14

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    Container Store

    stalled & stymied

    Blames economy for flat sales

    along with other value retailers


    9 Jul’14

    Container Store Grouplowered its full-year financial projections amid a "retail funk" that has hampered sales growth of the home office supplier that went public last November

  • School Specialty Financial Review Q4'14

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    school-spec-furn-2014School Specialty:

    slow resuscitation

    Can it compete with faster,

    lean and fitter competition?


    9 Jul’14

    School Specialty,the one time leader in educational supplies, reported a better set of Q4’14 financial results to 26 Apr’14. It is now operating 40% lower volume levels than 2008

  • MSC Industrial Financial Review Q3'14

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    Gershwind-erik-mscMSC maintains

    MRO momentum

    Industrial supplies giant boosted

    by Barnes buy & strong outlook


    9 Jul’14

    MSC Industrial Direct one of the largest MRO direct marketers and supplies distributors today reported financial results for Q3’14 ended 31 May’14

  • Michael Dell's endless devotion

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    Dell-michael-loveDell’s endless

    d e v o t i o n

    Post-privatization vows a

    testament to ownership

    over cold, hands-off VC’s


    9 Jul’14

    Michael Dell has opened up to about his commitment to Dell post-privatisation, claiming he will care about it even after he's six feet under. He sounds like a number of progressive successful leaders we know in the office market...

  • The everything web for everyone

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    zuckerberg-mark-facebook-connectedThe everything

    web for everyone

    Facebook’s founder says taking

    internet for granted, we forget

    how much of the world is offline


    8 Jul’14

    New technology has shaped the way our society lives and works. The printing press, radio, TV, mobile phones and the Internet are among these. “In the future we will see the greatest revolution yet, as billions of people connect to the Internet for the first time” writes Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Wilting Walmart's war with Amazon

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    MacMillon-doug-walmart-sizingWilting Walmart’s
    war with Amazon

    Opening neighborhood stores to
    fight etailer’s next hour delivery

    8 Jul’14
    Just weeks after his appointment WalMart'snew CEO Doug McMillon gave his top executives a homework assignment: Read "The Everything Store," the book about Amazon's Jeff Bezos.

  • iPhones overtake iPads in browse & buy

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    lucy-iPad-shopping-2014iPhones > iPads

    in browse & buy

    Ignition 1: Search advertising

    spend 3x growth rate of tablets


    8 Jul’14

    Search spending growth on smartphones outpaced growth on tablets 173% to 47%, according to a new report by Ignition One.

  • Keurig's plan to kill off knock off K-Cups

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    coffee-spillKeurig to kill
    knock-off K-cups

    Imation brewers booming but,
    new brewer will lock them out.


    8 Jul’14
    No company has done more to change the way people drink coffee than Keurig Green Mountain. After the patent ran out 2 years ago hundreds of copycats emerged. Their KO day is imminent…

  • Samsung Q2'14 Financial Review

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    samsung-siv-copies-appleSamsung stung:

    stuck in middle?

    Weaker demand for plethora

    of tablets and smartphones


    8 Jul’14

    Samsung Electronics' warning of a third-straight quarter of profit decline highlights the pitfalls of the giant's reliance on smartphone sales....

  • Managed Services: from DROPS to PROPS

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    Dinosaur-MSPsManaged Services…

    From DROPS

    to P R O P S!

    Journey from dinosaur paperclips

    to productivity services providers


    8 Jul’14

    Whilst it is sad to see the demise of the printer paper and ink market as exemplified at ITEX and Q1’14 results from the ex-tech giants it is exciting to envision the shift towards productivity services. We explore the opportunities for OP dealers…

  • Sitting is the new smoking

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    sitting-woman-smokingSitting is the

    new smoking!

    Please stand to read this:

    Is your office killing you? 


    8 Jul’14

    New study ties too much sitting to risks for certain cancers. Those with the most chair time had worse odds for colon, endometrial cancers, researchers suggest...

  • Apple iWatch leans towards luxury

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    Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 17.30.14Apple iWatch

    leans to luxury

    Cool 'must-have' integral design

    for business people on the move


    7 Jul’14

    Apple’s shares rose to a new high today…28% up since April, in anticipation of the success of brilliant new iWatch and iPhone 6 to be launched in Sept/October…

  • Can Google Express ace Amazon?

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    google-express-woman-deliveryCan Google

    ace Amazon?

    Invests $500m in Express

    to provide nationwide service

    7 Jul’14

    Googleis the undisputed king of search in subjects, but not in objects to buy e.g. products where Amazon is king. Here are Google plans to change this…

  • Union call to stop Staples/USPS partnership

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    staples-stop-call-unionStop Staples!

    Unions combine to target

    US Postal Service partnership


    7 Jul’14

    AFT Massachusetts, a teachers union with more than 25,000 members, said it is joining a boycott of Staplesin support of the American Postal Workers Union...

  • Google Larry Page: Future workforce may be part time

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    page-larry-google-2Future workforce

    may be part time

    Google’s Page “Robotic world

    means increased productivity

    and decreased working time ”


    7 Jul’14

    Economists and investment analysts’ employment reports have been increasingly convoluted by trends in start-ups and freelancing entrepreneurs. Now add the effects of robots and artificial intelligence and the picture gets blurry...

  • Half Year 2014 Market Review

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    Megatrends-2014-LucyHalf-Year Market Review 2014

    M-Power personal

    productivity future

    Post-OP era nigh! Beyond paper,

    beyond buyers; beyond sitting,

    towards a mobilized user market

    6 Jul’14 (Complete)

    As the 2014 half year closes, we reflect on the BIG ISSUES facing OP resellers and identify 12 trends that are defining the future as traditional wholesaler/reseller structures breakdown towards a lower-cost transactional and higher-value productivity services future.

  • Proficiency Profile - iBuy office supply - Ron Weber

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    weber-ron-iBuyProficiency Profile

    iBuy flying high in office supply

    We interview web wonder Weber on productivity success secrets 

    6 Jul'14 (Complete)

    In 2011, we profiled ex-Fellowesexecutive Ron Weber of iBuyOfficeSupply.com of Plymouth (MN) who founded the etail start-up in 2007. He has doubled sales in the past 3 years with plans to achieve $20m+ in 2016.

  • Always Connected world's huge waste

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    businesswoman-always-connectedAlways-on world's

    huge power waste

    Phantom electricity costs $80Bn
    rising. User solution wanted


    5 Jul’14

    Inefficiencies in electronics are costing the world dearly. The waste in not switching off devices in our always-connected world needs to be addressed by user friendly device inventors

  • Is this the final bye bye to BPGI?

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    BPGI fat-pig-what-nowIs this the final

    bye bye to BPGI?

    EOSA exit last nail in coffin

    for redundant buying group


    4 Jul’14

    What’s going on at the diminished buying group BPGI? A new sales-oriented CEO Barrie Hayeswas appointed 18 months ago, but nothing has happened in terms of strategic direction or new members?

  • Stationers' denial over print decline

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    Stationers-Paper-Future-MeetStationers’ denial
    over print decline

    Future of Paper & Print Report:
    Calm call creates complacency

    3 Jul’14
    London’s Stationers’ Hall was packed with key industry figures gathered for the launch of the new European Digital Media Landscape to 2020 – The Future of Paper and Print…

  • Meetings mania mars productivity

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    meeting-boredom-2Meetings mania

    mars productivity

    Case for more participative &

    informal collaboration rises as

    gazelles gain & dinosaurs don't


    3 Jul’14

    It seems, slow growth corporations have been constipated by management-by-committee, forever. That's why it is refreshing to see new agile, lean leaders like Apple, Amazon, Google and Nike marginalize the meeting mired monoliths...

  • BOOOOOM Economy roars

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    Economy ROARS

    UP! Jobs, start-ups, freelancing,

    part-timers, output, stockmarket,

    tech investments & productivity


    3 July’14

    Happy Independent’s Day! Yes it’s all good news in the US/UK with output rising in services, manufacturing and higher GDP trends. CNBCmatches the OP dealers for pessimism, but opportunities to provide ‘personalised productivity services’ abound

  • Sony Vaio withdrawn

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    sony-vaio-fireSony withdraws
    Vaio via Fire Exit

    Smoking hot laptops could
    kill brand relaunch prospects

    3 Jul’14
    Sonysold off its Vaio PC unit in February due to sluggish sales, But for the second time in 2014, a model is at risk of overheating, and even melting.

  • Synnex Q2'14 Financial Review

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    Synnex soars

    Technology services success

    plus IBM CRM acquisition


    2 Jul’14

    SYNNEX Corporation the $12Bn business services wholesaler, today announced impressive financial results for Q2’14 to 31 May'14.

  • Microsoft Surface wounds worsen

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    microsoft-surface-wounds-bloodyMicrosoft Surface

    wounds worsen

    Hard lessons for software giant

    mired in mediocrity, losing share


    2 Jul’14

    Fierce competition has convinced software giant Microsoft to stay out of 8in-screen tablet market, reports claim. Sounds a familiar story following waning Windows, beaten BING browser and Cloud confusion...

  • Refreshments raise productivity

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    raise productivity

    Coffee, water & snacks takeover
    lead sellers from paper and ink


    2 Jul’14

    Hygiene and refreshments supplies boost office productivity; paper related products even supplied 'free of charge' increase costs. WSJ today reported on the huge snacking trend replacing set meals. We discuss…

  • Smaller office space trends

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    office-squeezedSmaller office

    space trends

    Employment back to boom

    levels occupying less property


    2 Jul’14

    The job market is back to previous highs but using far less office space according to real estate data firm Reis. Causes cited were shrinking space but what about the huge paperless, home office, co-working and freelancing shifts?

  • United Stationers CORE Lab report

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    United-montage-Dec-2013United’s CORE

    scores BIG HIT

    with progressives

    HIGHS: Personalized productivity

    lessons & best practice sessions.


    2 Jul'14 (Complete)

    Last week United Stationers held its first CORE Lab session for leading OP dealers in Downtown Chicago. We spoke to over 20 of 160 attending dealers about their impressions and key takeaways...

  • Pinnacle Group adds to new members

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    Johnson-kevin-warehouse-directPinnacle posts

    up big signings

    Peer group adds 2 members

    in NE & Indiana. Who’s next?


    2 Jul’14

    Pinnacle Affiliates, the US large dealer group, as expected in our previous reports has added another 2 dealers with another large one in the pipeline for 2015. We speak to chairman Kevin Johnson(pic left) and the 2 dealer heads...

  • Philips spins off Lumileds lighting

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    lumileds-lightingPhilips lights up

    Lumileds spinoff

    Plans to increase focus & devt

    of integrated systems & services


    1 Jul’14

    Philips said  it is spinning off its lighting components business in the latest stage of the once-diversified Dutch electronics group's plan to focus on a handful of higher-margin activities.

  • Is Crystal Rock about to shatter?

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    crystal-shatteredIs Crystal Rock

    about to shatter?

    Struggling water & OP dealer

    leaking & ready for break up?


    1 Jul’14

    Crystal Rock, the US Northeast water supplies dealer has endured a tough time since moving into OP with Hartford Stamp in 2010 and last year’s acquisition of Universal. We understand times are about to get harder…

  • Microsoft clarifies cloud marketing

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    nadella-satya-microsoftMicrosoft clarifies

    cloud marketing

    Training and channel support

    programmes to be unveiled


    1 Jul’14

    Microsoft UKhas dropped hints about its channel strategy for the coming year, claiming that cloud training and better marketing will be high on the agenda.

  • Wise up for next generation business

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    listening-gen-Y-peopleWise up for

    next-gen biz 

    'Always on’ mentality shifting

    to ‘personal creative spaces’


    1 Jul’14

    Marketing Week editor Ruth Mortimer, just back from the Cannes Lions event warns that older businesses need to adapt to the new generational working needs…

  • Keurig mates with Nescafe

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    keurig-coffee-happyKeurig mates

    with Nescafe

    Partnership helps rescue Swiss

    giant's struggles in US market


    1 Jul’14

    Keurig Green Mountainannounced today that it had reached an agreement with Nestle US company to sell coffee brands in the US.

  • Costco at war with Amazon

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    amazon-costcoCostco at war

    with Amazon

    Ex-chief Sinegal explains how

    etailer copied business model


    1 Jul’14

    In 2008, Costco founder Jim Sinegalbought a Kindle from Amazon with a defective screen. He was so impressed when the company immediately replaced it that he wrote to Jeff Bezos to comment on the seamless customer service....

  • Sennheiser soars soundly ahead

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    sennheiser-momentum-headsetSennheiser soars

    soundly ahead

    Audio specialist reaps rewards

    from new channel focus


    1 Jul’14

    Pro-audio brand Sennheiserhas seen sales through resellers expand from 35% of its business to 70% in under a year in response to its new focus on its partnerships.

  • Productivity Championship 2014 - Leaderboard

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    Productivity-leaders-HY-2014Productivity Championship 2014

    The new leaders in productivity…

    Leaner stockless players, etailers and new entrants set hot pace 

    1 Jul'14 (Updated)

    We’ve completed our half-year review of best practices in one of the most universally accepted measures of reseller productivity and a strong profitability indicator. The 2014 Half-Year Leaderboard is published below...

  • Proficiency Profile - Independent's Mike Gentile

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    EPIC13-GentileProficiency Profile Gentile’s 3D Growth drivers

    Independent Stationers’ chief discusses digital destiny dilemma

    1 Jul'14 (Complete)

    Mike Gentile, CEO of Independent Stationers is about to complete 10 years as leader of the progressive marketing group. We discuss his early challenges, its marketing transformation and its new direction…

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