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  • HP settles over Autonomy deal anger

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    HP-whitman-lynchHP settles over

    Autonomy anger

    Shareholders spare Meg legal

action & agree to co-op v Lynch


    30 Jun’14

Hewlett-Packard (HP) and lawyers representing its shareholders have agreed to settle litigation over its troubled $11.1bn acquisition of software company Autonomy...

  • Relentless.com aka Amazon rising

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    bezos-jeff-amazon-relentlessRelentless.com aka Amazon

    At 20 Amazon is rising rapidly. Can its tree grow to the sky?

    30 Jun’14 (Complete 19:00ET)

    The current issue of The Economist and yesterday, CNBC-TV focused on the ‘Everything store delivered same-day’ phenomenon we know as Amazon. We discuss and analyse their reports here...

  • Westcoast's Joe Hemani honoured

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    hemani-joe-westcoast14Joe Hemani

    h o n o u r e d

    Westcoast CEO/Founder wins

    London entrepreneur of Year


    28 Jun’14

    On Thursday night, Joe Hemaniwas awarded Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 as a result of his efforts making Westcoast, the UK's leading IT wholesaler a sustained success.

  • Nike: Just doing Fit for Women

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    Nike-woman-yellow-mobileNike: Just Doing

    Fit for Women

    NTC call: ‘Today is the day

    tomorrow will love you for’


    27 Jun’14

    Last night, #1 sportswear brand Nikereported phenomenal Q4 results with a clear focus on football, running and women’s fitness. President Trevor Edwardsannounced exciting plans to elevate distribution to women in business...follows shortly

  • Google I/O Conference Report

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    google-io14-glassGoogle goes


    Unveils ambitious vision to

    be in your home, your car,

    your wrist…everywhere!


    26 Jun’14

    Google’s ubiquitous vision became increasingly clear at the search giant’s annual conference for software developers in San Francisco yesterday...

  • WBMason NY Yankee Stadium show

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    WBMason-NYY14-deliversWBMason hits

    Yankee stadium

    Personalised same-day delivery

    service across ever broadening

    business supplies range on show.


    26 Jun’14 (11:00ET)

    WBMason, the US #1 megadealer hosted its 2nd consumer show at a hot NY Yankees Stadium yesterday. We spoke with COO Chris Meehanabout the show and latest expansion plans...


  • Steelcase Q1'15 Financial Review

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    Steelcase-keane-montage-2014Steelcase strength

    in design delivers

    Collaborative workspaces,

    drive growth in US/Europe

    26 Jun’14

    Steelcase,the global leader in office furnishings, today reported accelerated sales growth in Q1’15 with strengths in all major markets and a solid order book

  • Herman Miller Q4'14 Financial Review

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    Herman-Miller-montageHerman Miller: 

    momentum slows

    International sales strength
    slowness in US markets.

    Has the leader lost its mojo?


    26 Jun’14
    Leading contract furniture maker Herman Miller today announced strong sales and profits growth for Q4’14 ended 31 May’14 with a bright order outlook

  • Dixon's Retail Q4/2014 Financoial Review

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    Dixons-montage-2012Dixons down

    trend deludes

    CEO James “excellent year”

    disguises down turn in Q4


    26 Jun’14

    On 15 May we reported on UK’s leading multi-channel electrical retailer Dixons Retail results for Q4/FY'14. Earlier today it confirmed its slowing sales rate, but excellent profits for the year. It is losing market share heavily to Amazon...

  • Ingram Micro Monie on the IT money

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    monie-alain-imIngram’s Monie

    on the IT money

    World #1 wholesaler chief talks

    tech refresh & multiple mobiles


    25 Jun’14

    Yesterday Ingram Micro CEO Alain Monie appeared on CNBC TV to talk about the death and revival of PC’s and age of mobile devices

  • Mills sustains innovation success

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    mills-op-electric-truck-closeMills sustains

    innovation success

    Top productivity services reseller

    wins Vancouver Green Award


    25 Jun’14

    One of the most progressive resellers in the office world, Mills Office Productivityhas won Vancouver’s prestigious Green Award. We speak with creative CEO Brad Mills….

  • Yahoo Mayer's late snooze

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    mayer-marissa-yahoo-thismuchYahoo Mayer's

    late snoozzzzz

    I care this much about clients,

    ad agencies and employees!


    24 Jun’14

    For media companies, the Cannes advertising festival is all about getting face time with top media buyers and advertisers. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer missed a golden opportunity to do just that last week...

  • Google I/O Developers Conference Preview

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    Google-IO-Page13All eyes glued

    on Google I/O

    Dev. confab will touch on TVs,

    cars, watches & thermostats


    24 Jun’14

    Three weeks after thousands of software programmers converged in SF for Apple's developer conference, a similar crowd will descend this week for Google’s version...

  • 12 Powerful ways to raise PRODUCTIVITY

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    productivity-man-hands-212 Powerful

    ways to raise


    The unlikely missing ingredients

    from your personal action list


    24 Jun’14

    Inc.magazine’s Marla Tabakarecommends we kick start our performance into high gear by adopting these outrageous easy tricks…

  • Amazon Firefly's under the radar

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    bezos-jeff-amazon-fireflyAmazon Firefly's

    under the radar

    Beyond ‘buy-everything-from-

    us’ at touch of button towards

    the ultimate apps device  


    24 Jun’14

    Most observers of the launch of Amazon’s new Fire 3D Phone last week were asking why do we need another smartphone? CEO Jeff Bezoswas focused on maximizing the purchase of content, products and services from his army of resellers.

  • Facebook faces fading friendships

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    facebook-zuckerberg-montage13Facebook faces

    fading friendships

    Social Media numbers game up;

    fails to live up to marketing hype


    23 Jun’14

    Businesses are looking more critically at the effectiveness of social media and its influence on the bottom line. They are now refining strategies to stress quality over quantity of friends and fans

  • Most Valuable Global Office Brands

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    brands-brilliant2011Most valuable

    global brands

    Google pips Apple in BrandZ

    list inc. 20 office marketers.

    Who are the office leaders


    23 Jun'14 (Complete)

    Millward Brown Optimor, which compiled this year’s BrandZtop 100 brand rankings, reflect the fact that the developed world is recovering from recession and consumers’ confidence is returning. Who are MVB’s in the Office market? Thanks for your nominations. Results completed here...

  • Most Creative People in the Office Market

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    CREATIVE-OFFICE-TOP-8Most Creative

    People in the

    Office Market

    Top 10 innovators, designers,

    thought leaders & marketers


    23 Jun’14 (Complete)

    Fast Company’s June edition headlined the ‘100 Most Creative People in Business’. We take a close look at the best creative minds in the office market. We publish the Top 10 with ratings here...

  • Apple's iWatch time imminent

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    Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 17.30.14Apple's iWatch

    time imminent

    Jony Ive’s integrated bracelet

    design set for Sept’14 launch?


    20 Jun’14

    Wearable tech is the next big thing. But Samsung and Google versions are limited and not selling well. If anyone can make a truly desirable wearable device, it's Apple

  • Optimism soars for US start-ups

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    Co-working-CIC-cafeOptimism surges

    for US start-ups

    Flight to Freelancing fires up as

    entrepreneurs gain confidence


    19 Jun’14

    Americans were more optimistic about starting a business in than in any year since 2001, according to an entrepreneurship survey released yesterday. Amazon’s Robin Hood Jeff Bezos will be cheering as his potential disciples grow…

  • HP: Hardening Protection in UK

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    HPs-Mission-ImpossibleHP: Hardening

    Protection again

    Preferred Partner program:

    Mass cull of wild, wild web &

    reman resellers moves to UK


    19 Jun’14

    HPconfirmed veteran George Brasher as the new UK/Ireland boss of its Printers and Personal ystems (PPS) division. Does this signal the extension of its disqualification of dealers announced in March?

  • Blackberry Q1'15 Financial Review

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    bitten badly

    Reports small profits surprise

    from deep, deep cost cutting


    19 Jun’14

    Old tech smartphone maker BlackBerry reported on its terminal sales decline in Q1’15, but surprisingly posted a small profit after a string of quarterly losses...

  • Amazon Fire up 3D smartphone

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    amazon-fire-phone-bezos-smileAmazon Fire up
    3D smartphone

    Detailed analysis ofbenefits

    for Bezos' latest content driver

    18 Jun’14 (Updated)
    Amazon announced its new 3D smartphone today. We go through the benefits to users including access to enormous easy 'browse and buy' content...

  • Office Depot CEO Roland Smith interview

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    Smith-Rowland-depot-chainsawSmith disses Depot

    & Max differentials

    Still searching for its Holy Grail,

    the yet to be articulated USP!? 

    18 Jun’14

    ‘Chainsaw’ Roland Smithwas preparing to ascend Mount Everest when he was asked to tackle another daunting task: Get Office Depot back on track. We discuss Wall Street Journal’s interview published today…

  • Amazonification: Can Grainger guard its ground?

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    Can Grainger guard ground?

    How will wholesale slaughter affect office & MRO distributors 

    The May issue of Forbes (PP covered story 13 May) put the spotlight on Amazon in an article titled "Amazon's Wholesale Slaughter: Jeff Bezos' $8 Trillion B2B Bet", focusing on its threat to office & industrial distributors such as Grainger, United and Staples

  • Purge Piranha with Proficiency

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    Purge Piranha
    with Proficiency

    Tomorrow’s news today, not
    Yesterday’s news tomorrow


    At last the press is catching up with the huge threat Amazonification aka Godzilla, represents to traditional OP industry structures. Proficiency Posthas been on its case since 2007, when it first exceeded $1Bn as the first eWholesaler in business supplies, with practical ways to purge its power...later today

  • PC's the new mobile accessory

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    Lucy-mobile-montage-v3PC’s the new
    mobile accessory

    Lucy’s iPhone will be preferred
    business supplies buying tool


    Smartphone shipments are expected to outstrip those of PCs by more than six to one by 2018, according to IDC

  • Native naivety negates ad effect

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    Native-ad-Strategies-MobileNative naivety negates ad effect

    Misalignment with marketing objectives destroys credibility


    While native ads and content marketing are beginning to garner budgets and rival digital display, brand campaigns backfire when relevance not matched. We offer 4 tactics for maximum impact…

  • Crystal Rock Financial Review Q2'14

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    baker-peter-crystal-rock-2Crystal rocked

    back by Universal

    Main water and coffee sales

    drowned by acquisition costs


    16 Jun’14

    Crystal Rock, the US Northeast region beverage distributor reported its progress for the second quarter since it acquired Universal in September’13. It is obviously losing revenues in all categories...

  • Analysts blind to Office Depot demise

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    depot-max-blood-drain-storesShortsighted analysts blind to Depot’s demise

    Fail to get Amazon threat & overstate its recoverability

    15 Jun’14

    Seeking Alphaanalysts seem to be creating a bandwagon of support for beleaguered bigbox Office Depot. They continue to believe that Amazon’s advantage is price not personalised shopping and same day delivery…

  • Personalised delivery same-day by WBMason

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    delivery same
    day by Mason

    WB takes fun shots at Amazon’s
    plan for same-hr-drone delivery


    Amazonhas created a worldwide furore over its vision to deliver everything, everyday in the same hour using drones. WBMasonhas enhanced its leading same day delivery by taking a personalised service route...

  • Can HP reinvent itself & Discover itself?

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    whitman-meg-hp-disc14Can HP reinvent
    & Discover itself?

    Turnaround or more tailspinning
    tales of re-extended treatment

    On Wednesday, HP CEO Meg Whitman took the stage at its annual Discoverevent in Las Vegas to discuss the latest in the company’s turnaround plan

  • Samey Samsung: plastic plagiarist

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    Samsung-Galaxy-S5TabSamey Samsung:
    plastic plagiarist

    Copycat champion launches
    10th current tablet edition

    13 Jun’14
    There are 10 different Samsungtablets on sale right now in the U.S, but I couldn’t really tell you what’s special about any writes WSJ’s Joanna Stern

  • Amazonification! How much is it really hurting?

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    AMAZONIFICATION-Bezos-squashing-RESELLER-brandsAmazonification! How much is it really hurting?

    Bashing bigboxes, whacking wholesalers; injuring indies etc.

    No matter how much we beat the drum about the Amazon threat on OP wholesalers’ and resellers’ lifeblood, the majority don’t seem to get how deeply damaging the beast has become? Apologies, follows this morning

  • UK CEO's slow to adopt BYOD

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    BYOD-mobilesUK CEO’s slow
    to adopt BYOD

    Fears over loss of control, even
    though security apps available


    CompTIAresearch shows UK plc’s prefers to keep the reins of device deployment, despite increased mobility of workforce and the wish to use its own technology

  • Duracell power Starbucks set

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    starbucks-powermat-ladyDuracell power
    Starbucks set

    Powermats recharge mobile
    batteries and café experience

    People have walked into Starbucksfor years to re-charge their batteries — figuratively. Now, they'll be able to do it literally with Duracell's Powermat

  • Alibaba accesses US marketplace

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    Alibaba-DragonAlibaba accesses
    US marketplace

    Amazon’s #1 threat worldwide
    attacks with 11 Main webstore

     Alibaba Group, the mighty massemarketer with $248Bn sales in China (3x Amazon) has launched a new webstore in the US.

  • WHSmith Q2'14 Financial Review

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    WHSmith-slideMessy WHSmith:
    slip sliding away

    Clarke continues cost cutting
    culture & the ‘What Horrible
    Stores' service experience.

    WHSmith, the UK’s #1 High Street and travel location retailer, today updated the market on Q2’14 results for 14 weeks ended 7 Jun’14. CEO Stephen Clarke continued Kate Swann’s10 year defensive commentary of declining sales and cost cutting

  • How the mighty have fallen: UK resellers and wholesalers

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    Amazon-Bezos-chop-tree-reseller-brandsHow the MIGHTY
    have fallen…

    UK superdealers, wholesalers
    hit by double-whammy: Amazon
    effect + terminal paper decline

    After years of complacency and denial the UK reseller and wholesaler community are starting to admit the devastating effect of Amazon.Many felt the sales downturn was caused by recession or declining paper demand. Now they get it, how do they plan to beat it?

  • John Fellowes follows Jamie Fellowes

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    fellowes-john-jamieJohn Fellowes
    follows Jamie

    Master of innovation and
    integrity hands over reins

    Jamie Fellowes, the legendary leader of Fellowes Corporation is passing over the reins as CEO to son John and resuming as chairman. We will be meeting Jamie next week to discuss his 50 years of dedicated service and success

  • Move with the Mavericks

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    branson-richard-virginMove with the

    Solving today’s problems needs fresh entrepreneurial thinking

    Marketing Week’s Marc Mathieu writes “When I think about the future of marketing, my inspiration comes more from start-ups and less from the world of industry". Lessons here for resellers seeking to solve the widening disconnect with office users 

  • Turnaround or Tailspin at Office Depot?

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    ODair-smith-rolyTurnaround or
    tailspin at Depot?

    Investment analysts deluded by
    Roly’s rhetoric, high margin hype
    & speculation re Staples merger

    Steep cost cuts and merger synergies have helped guide Office Depot back to profitability, notes Barron's. No-nonsense CEO Roland Smith has narrowed the focus of the company. Really?

  • Amazon attacks Paypal payments

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    amazon-paymentsAmazon attacks
    Paypal payments

    Single source wholesale service:
    products, web & delivery system

    With the start of a PayPal-like service, Amazon continues to expand its portfolio as the complete service provider on the web.

  • Dixons' smart tech zone move

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    Dixons-bluewater-omniDixons' smart
    new tech zones

    Replicating connected home
    -office lead of BBY & Staples

    Dixons Retail has rolled out special "smart tech" zones in five of its largest Currys and PC World stores. How long before they drop confusion of sub brands?

  • Alibaba' absence of disclosure angst

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    ma-jack-alibabaAlibaba’s absence
    of disclosure angst

    Can secretive private company
    adapt to public glare & scrutiny?

    As Alibaba Group, the giant ecommerce marketplace, prepares for the bright lights of the NYSE, it is keeping potential investors in the dark. There's still time to illuminate the situation.

  • Amazon's new 3D smartphone

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    Amazon-3D-smartphoneAmazon’s new
    3D smartphone

    Launch of unique device that
    tracks user movements for
    accurate camera precision

    Amazon will launch its first smartphone on June 18. The device will be unique in the marketplace thanks to its ability to deliver 3D effects courtesy of four front-mounted IR cameras.

  • Retail: Offering more beyond the core

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    staples-broad-rangeOffering more
    beyond the core

    Bigbox retailers driving store-floor
    optimization or clutter/confusion?

    Top retailers including DIY king Home Depot; office supply #1 Staples and electronics leader Best Buy are betting on consumer basics to attract shoppers and boost sales…

  • WBMason Philly Show

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    WBMason-philly14-brandsuloveMason: Nobody
    does it better…

    Megadealer’s 4th consumer
    show sets attendance record

    WBMason,the US #1 megadealer hosted its 4th consumer day at Phillies MLB Stadium, Philadelphia yesterday. We spoke with CEO Leo Meehan…

  • Tech Wars: Progressives v Protectionists

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    Scrappled-APPLE-HP-Dell-MSTech Wars

    Progressives v


    Microsoft, HP shifting deckchairs

    u/attack from Apple & Google.

    Did MS CEO 'Scroogle' himself?


    6 Jun’14 (Complete)

    Apple’sunveiling of new Mac and mobile operating systems for business app developers yesterday, accentuated the deficiencies of the old tech players…

  • Are you digital dysfunctional?

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    digital-dysfunctionAre you digital


    Digital is hot in ads, but do

    dealers know what it means?


    6 Jun’14

    According to a recent survey by Domus, nearly two-thirds of marketers said their companies suffer from ‘digital dysfunction’ in emarketing and social media

  • Tech Data takes 3D printer route

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    makerbot-inside-store-bostonTech Data takes
    3D printer route

    Broadliner latest IT wholesaler
    to add replicators via MakerBot

    World #2 rech wholesaler Tech Datahas responded to the "rapid adoption" occurring in the 3D printer market by inking an alliance with MakerBot.

  • Tesco Q2'14 Financial Review

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    clarke-philip-tesco-headlightsTesco Clarke too
    clever or clueless?

    Lost share to discounters, Aldi,
    Amazon & premium marketers

    The under-pressure boss of UK#1 supermarket Tesco has conceded he has made some misjudgements in strategy, but repeated his determination to fight on as the supermarket chain revealed its worst performance in decades.

  • Staples: shareholders strike over pay

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    Sargent-Ron-King-Canutes-crownStaples: strike by

    investors over pay

    Own goal? Paying exec bonuses

    for effort over performance


    3 Jun’14

    Staples shareholders have voted their disapproval of a new executive pay package for executives of stalled #1 OP reseller. They also approved a recommendation to instal an independent chairman.

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  • The 5 Point Plan to achieve ENTANGLEMENT

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    CFO-keyholeThe 5 Point Plan to

    Entice & Engage


    The ultimate guide to permeate

    customers & build lasting loyalty

    3 Jun'14 (Complete)

    We have updated and refreshed a classic lesson in how to achieve long term Customer Relationship Management, first introduced back in 1994, under the OfficeSMART RAPPORT loyalty system…

  • Acme makes safety acquisition

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    Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 22.26.00Acme makes
    safe acquisition

    Scissor maker shifts further
    into health care market

    Acme United today announced that it has acquired the assets of First Aid Only based in Vancouver (WA)

  • Apple WWDC'14 Conference Report

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    Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 18.38.41Apple: Cooks up

    Mother of all Devs

    Unveils Mac OS X Yosemite

    plus New OS 8 features


    2 Jun’14 (Complete 1530 ET)

    Appletoday showed off the latest version of its Macoperating system, Yosemite OS X,which includes some redesigning of icons, windows, utility apps like calendar and the desktop’s notification center.

  • Woeful Windows mires Microsoft

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    Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 16.09.53Woeful Windows

    mires Microsoft

    Software market share sinks

    as Apple & Android OS advance


    2 Jun’14

    Don't expect Microsoft to celebrate the latest operating system market share numbers. The installed base of the Windows 8 family is growing but well behind its predecessors

  • Starboard stalks MWV management

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    smith-jeff-starboard-cnbcStarboard stalks

    MWV executive

    Activist ‘Depot’ investor wants

    overhaul of company overhead


    2 Jun’14

    The activist hedge fund Starboard Value is urging an overhaul at packaging leader MeadWestvaco Corporation, disclosing on Monday that it had taken a 5.6% ownership interest...

  • Apple WWDC'14 Preview

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    Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 02.11.56Apple’s prime

    pipeline parade

    WWDC preview: what new devs

    we can expect at iGen festival


    1 Jun’14

    Starting tomorrow, Applewill be unloading a week’s worth of news and resources for software makers at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco at the Moscone Center.

  • Wayfair: webstore wins way to home office market

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    wayfair-shah-conine-chiefsWayfair: winning

    ways to market

    Case Study: How personalised

    emarketing powers success;

    "Amazonification" of promotions


    1 Jun’14

    Boston based start-ups Wayfair and Hubspot are expected to go public this year. Home office furniture etailer and emarketing specialist provide excellent examples on how OP dealers should adapt to the new office user

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